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“Is this the real reason you didn’t want guests?” Takuya continues on, as ruthless as ever. “You didn’t want them to see how trashy you’ve let your life become? That’s pathetic, Shinji. How am I supposed to call you my brother when you-”

“Hey,” a soft voice rings out, cutting off his brother’s diatribe.

Shinji’s eyes are drawn to Shigeo, who is now standing just a few feet from Takuya, staring, no glaring, up at him.

Takuya cuts himself off with a confused, “huh,” and stares down at the small, plain boy, not even Shinji’s age, in front of him.

“You’re being a bad brother,” Shigeo says with such simple conviction that it’s almost staggering.

Sleeping Dogs by @fightmemogami

I’m trying to practice my paneling and whatnot by picking random scenes out of random fics that left an impression on me, and drawing the whole thing in under like. Two hours. 

So. Speed comic I guess? Please don’t judge on overall quality. And lack of toning. And, in this case, background of any real type. And anatomy. 


Yes! Remembered to record the process for this. ;)


Get to Know the Classmates: BTS Edition

Other Versions:  GOT7  /  EXO

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by beuits

  • Majors in culinary
  • Minors in business
  • Wants to open a restaurant with Kyungsoo
  • Force-feeds his friends
  • Always has spare snacks
  • The professors seem to love him
  • Makes a lot of dad jokes and now his professors like him even more
  • Sings and plays guitar to little kids that have gotten lost on the campus
  • It happens so often that people are starting to suspect him of kidnapping
  • The professors give him high grades bc of his handsomeness
  • Sometimes he’s annoyed by it and just turns in blank papers instead of actual projects as a protest
  • The face of the campus
  • Tried to start a club for handsome people but didn’t find enough members to qualify as a club
  • Rants to his friends Low-key flirts with everyone

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by jeonbase

  • Majors in music
  • Minors in psychology
  • Hoseok is his sunshine
  • Shares an apartment with Youngjae and Vi
  • Sleeps between classes
  • Or mixes tracks on his laptop under some tree
  • Late to his morning classes
  • One of the top students
  • Captain of the basketball team
  • Somehow becomes the host of each party he attends, which isn’t often
  • Argues with professors over basic truths
  • Doesn’t truly wake up before his third cup of coffee, most preferably americano
  • Ready to attack anyone that dares bother him before that
  • Sehun almost convinced him to join the dance club
  • Min Holly is his main source of motivation

Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by syubto

  • Majors in dance
  • Minors in music
  • Everything he does has to do with music or dancing
  • Ray of Sunshine
  • Captain of the dance team
  • Joins dance battles for fun
  • Goes to dance competitions as a solo act or as duo with either Jimin or Jongin
  • Everyone loves him
  • Screams for all of it’s worth
  • Half of the campus is in love with him
  • Brings flowers and chocolate to everyone on their birthdays
  • Cheers absolutely everybody on
  • Was offered a spot on the cheerleading squad but refused bc he didn’t think he was pretty enough to be on the team
  • The cheerleaders beg to differ
  • Draws little comics between his notes to illustrate the point of the lecture
  • Always turns in his projects a day too late but the professors don’t mind

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by ksjknj

  • Majors in philosophy
  • Minors in music
  • Breaks everything in his path
  • Accidentally throws out, burns or breaks his books
  • This is the fifth textbook he’s had to buy this month
  • Actually really really friendly despite his intimidating looks
  • Student #1
  • The teachers love him
  • Doesn’t take notes and still passes
  • Confuses people with philosophical debates to get out of answering questions
  • Questionable fashion choices
  • Shares an apartment with BamBam
  • Bambam refuses to let him out of the apartment in his clothes so Namjoon now sneaks out of home before Bambam wakes up
  • Works a part-time job at a local record store
  • Buys his friends snacks before morning classes

Park Jimin

Originally posted by bangtan

  • Min Yoongi’s #1 cheerleader during basketball games
  • Majors in dance
  • Minors in social studies
  • Respects Baekhyun for surviving the classes and passing his exams
  • One of the key members of the dance club
  • A squishy ball of fluff until he gets too confident and blinds the girls with his abs
  • Voted best smile
  • Ready to buy anyone lunch just so they stay healthy
  • Gets scolded by Jin and Jackson for not eating enough
  • Shares a room with Jongin and is incredibly happy with it
  • Jamming sessions with Youngjae and Chanyeol
  • Goes to the gym every two days
  • Treats Jungkook like a child
  • Actually kind of scared of Jungkook and Yugyeom
  • Looks especially small in the mornings
  • Works a part-time job at a local dance studio
  • Carries two extra large sweaters with him wherever he goes just in case someone is cold

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by bwipsul

  • Majors in acting
  • Minors in psychology
  • Pretends to believe in laundry fairies that do his laundry so that one of his roommates does the laundry for him
  • Shares an apartment with Jungkook, Yugyeom and now you :)
  • Respectfully voted the second best dressed male
  • Follows fashion trends like a religion
  • Shares his lunch with Jimin and Jungkook
  • Spends all of the breaks and weekends on the countryside to rest from the city noises
  • Life of each party
  • Smiling 90% time
  • The teachers enjoy teaching him
  • One of the best students because he asks a lot of questions
  • Sings in the shower and wakes up everyone in the building
  • Acts out random scenes from random movies during classes and earns the professors’ affection
  • Spends a lot of time with his many friends

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by bangtan

  • Majors in politics for the fun of it
  • At first it was because he had lost a bet but then he started genuinely enjoying it
  • Best student in all of his classes
  • Minors in music
  • Your shy roommate
  • Almost lives at the gym
  • If you don’t look out for yourself, he might end up using you as a weight soon
  • Joined the gaming club with Baekhyun and Youngjae
  • The living meme of the campus
  • All of his notes are on different pieces of paper so he always looks for them
  • If you see a piece of paper with Jungkook’s initials on it and some other writing on it, please do return it to either him or one of his roommates.
  • Has to be the very best in everything
  • Plays PokemonGo on his way to class
  • Gets really excited whenever he spots his favorite pokemon
  • Looks like a player most of the time but runs away each time someone he doesn’t know initiates a conversation
  • Communicates in memes, strange noises and facial expressions

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Random Scene #18

(Another adventure for Cat!Rip. I was feeling a bit sorry for Ray and how I’ve been treating him so here is some Ray and Cat!Rip.)

Ray stood in the Waverider’s library staring up at a bookcase, his eyes large and pleading.

“Rip?” he called out hopefully.

He wrung his hands together, shifted from foot to foot, and tried again.

“Come on, Rip. Please?”

His lips twisted into what was meant to be a smile but came out more like a grimace.

“Pretty please?”

From the top shelf of the bookcase, beside a painted urn and several large volumes bound in leather, a long, stripey tail hung down. It swung violently back and forth.

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Scene cut from a thing I’m writing...

I really wanted this in there, but it doesn’t actually fit.  It’s pure self-indulgence.  So I’m gonna share it with you guys anyway, and hopefully post the (totally unconnected) fic tomorrow.

Caleb sighed deeply as he fitted the helmet over his head and allowed it to obstruct his vision.  Behind him, before they pulled on their own helmets, he could feel the heat of his two friends’ glares.  The extra training was his fault, and it was going to be some time before he heard the end of it.

He fired up his lightsaber and closed his eyes; it wasn’t like they were much use to him anyway during this particular task, and leaving them open only left him frustrated as he strained to see around the obstruction before them.

He really hated this particular exercise.  There was going to be no point in his life as a Jedi where this would be relevant; there was nowhere in the galaxy dark enough that the glow of a lightsaber couldn’t provide some illumination.

It wasn’t about that, of course; he knew that.  He knew it well enough that he had never even needed to ask the question, the answer had simply come to him.  It was about learning to trust what you could learn from the Force over the information provided by your senses.  Caleb knew that, he understood it.  He just really hated not being able to see.

pinkrosestelena  asked:

What did you think of the TVD finale?

Before we start I have to clarify which one, the real one (4x01), or the bloopers one (8x16), and I’m going with the second one since is complete bs. 

The finale redefined the word peace for me…I’ll only use sins bc logic doesn’t take place in TVD and bc I had so many thoughts I literally could write an essay.

  1. What’re the criteria for going to hell really? Like if ur generally, a bad person do u go to hell like Vicki and Kelly? bc hey see ya all in hell
  2. Bonnie was killed temporarily, and I literally lost count of this over-recycled plotline
  3. Some ppl say Delena was hot, Stelena was steamy, BUT STEFERINE WAS IN FLAMES (pun intended)
  4. Nobody checks anyone's damn pulse when they die, idiots, medically talking.
  5. Caroline is usually standing there like a medusa child (which if you’re wondering means like a rock)
  6. Did they try to recreate the Harry&Dumbledore at King Cross scene in the end of Deathly Hallows bc they totally forgot Harry was naked GEE
  7. I bet the directors had some kind of ‘to shit list” b4 shooting that scene like: Random woods? Check. Random white bed? Check. We had no funds so we got this terrible wig? Double check.
  8. Elena and Bonnie met bc Julie is a bitch to logic and she has been one since 4x23
  9. So Elena’s lack of judgment hasn’t changed on the course of 3-4 years, she immediately accepts the fact that Bonnie is with Enzo who b4 Elena fell asleep was one of their enemies, like okay she already slept with Damon so I shouldn’t really be that surprised.
  10. How does Enzo bring Bonnie back? Is he God? Is he the Devil? Or is he simply Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore?
  11. Who the eff requested the Donovan family reunion screen time?
  12. Datherine reunion had more emotion than the Delena reunion
  13. Katherine’s wig is a perfect representation of CW’s low budget
  14. How did Katherine straighten her hair does Hell have an exclusive hair salon?
  15. Aw Stefan finds Elena, even *after all this time* Stefan will keep his promise to *always be there for Elena* (that bitch deserves nothing (and that’s all she got))
  16. Are you telling me that Katherine spent countless of minutes to dress Elena up with a shirt and jeans? And if so why… She wouldn’t have known that Stefan would be the one to find her,, but I guess it was obvious Damon would spend more time complaining so…SIN
  17. Idk it felt like Julie Plec came over and slapped me when Katherine said that Elena would choose Stefan bc any woman would…
  18. You remember how Klaus got on people’s heads? Then Markos, Kai, Cade, Hawtie (I mean Silas), now watch Katherine do the same thing. Harry Potter already created dementors stop raising awareness for recyclable plots
  19. Stefan left Care on the night of their wedding…no I’m not crying, water’s just oozing out of my eyeballs
  20. why isn’t every human being traumatized by now, the bell has been ringing for ages but like STUPID MUGGLES KNOW NOTHING (right Jon Snow?)
  21. the crow lands on,, omg Lord of the Rings, how could we have possibly forgotten you, 
  22. Genuinely asking how does Bonnie know where hell is? 
  23. That damn fire can destroy Mystic Falls but not the tunnels to hell apparently
  24. How come that if a person gets the cure he can’t be cured by vampire blood but he can be compelled?
  25. Where did Stefan get all those delusions about Damon? Is the way to that Elena TB dimension a full flashback movie of Damon being a good guy?
  26. Is going to war on 1860 that big of a deal? I mean every boy use to go to war during that time, as if Damon suddenly became Mulan and saved China
  27. I’m not racist (but this show is), are you telling me that ALL the Bennett witches are black, no one married a white guy? And if so are they racist?cause I ain’t buyin’ it
  28. That scene was powerful and hot only bc of the fire 
  29. U can become the better man by… trying to do smth decent in a single century, sounds right
  30. A big fuck you to Stefan dying CW, Stefan’s still alive in my book
  31. Delena reunion had such an amazing conversation, to be honest, I was crying the whole time
  32. Name a more iconic duo than a trash can and Delena, can u? nope
  34. Jeremy teaches… How to get tattoos on your chest (only works if ur parents are dead so u don’t need permission, oops)
  35. The peace worlds look like a much idiotic version of the prison worlds
  36. How did Klaus know that Caroline wouldn’t be with Stefan when he wrote the letter, is he psychic too now? Gee
  37. And the biggest problem that I have: Look u can’t be saying that after almost 21 years of evil suddenly everyone became human and lived a happy ever after life because I ain’t buyin’ it, like literally, they’ve been facing evil for years now I can literally picture any villain coming over to their house later on
  38. They all achieved nothingness

Final Thoughts

Being Yixing’s Roommate Would Include:

Other Versions: Baekhyun / Jongin / Minseok / Kyungsoo / Sehun / Chanyeol / Jongdae / Joonmyeon

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

  • He would be such an amazing roommate, okay? Ok.
  • Like he would do your laundry for you
  • Granted, he would probably accidentally put a red sock in the washing with white clothes every once in a while but haven’t we all been there at least once in our life?
  • Him helping you cook, even if the only thing he knew was that he had no idea what he was doing in the kitchen
  • Dancing to his songs; his band’s songs; dancing to all songs that exist in this world
  • Acting out random scenes from random movies
  • Him being in his little bubble most of the time

“Yixing, can you please order us pizza?”





“Sounds like a great idea! Who’s ordering?”

“I was hoping you would.”
“I’d be honored!”

  • Helping him with his Korean a lot
  • Him teaching you Chinese
  • If you already could speak Chinese, he would tease you about everything you say, just to annoy you a bit
  • Finding song lyrics written on random pieces of paper
  • Guitar playing and singing
  • If you need to be bribed to sing with him then so be it
  • He just wants you to feel like you can trust him and lean on him
  • Sending Yixing to bring milk from the store and him returning five minutes later because he forgot his wallet at home
  • Coming home to find Yixing asleep in the most bizarre places: the floor, the kitchen counter, in the closet
  • You found him asleep with his head in the fridge once and took a photo
  • With most people you could use that as blackmail but this is Mister Zhang Yixing we’re talking about here – he would ask to see the photo every other night and has even showed it to all of EXO proudly

“(Y/n)! Do you still have that picture of me in the fridge?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Can I see? It was pretty funny!”

  • Him doing everything in his power to see you smile
  • Expect aegyo – lots and lots of aegyo
  • Little rants about how much EXO and EXO-L mean to him this cutie!
  • Him being extremely philosophical even though it might seem like he’s high or something

“But imagine if there were no animals on Earth other than humans. No one to domesticate and therefore no pets. How messed up would that be?”

“I don’t know. Pretty messed up probably.”

“Humans wouldn’t survive. We depend on different animals more than we know. And yet everything we do destroys the animals that have helped us to civilizations.”

“…Yixing, go to sleep.”

  • Competitions like who could watch the most episodes of ‘I Remember You’ or ‘Go Fighting!’ without falling asleep
  • TV-show marathons
  • Him falling asleep two episodes in, on the floor
  • Him being late to pretty much everything until you find out a way to wake him up on time – he sleeps like a rock, unmoving
  • Telling each other about your day every evening
  • Like it would mean so much to him to hear to wholeheartedly telling him about your annoying boss and those red shoes that you really wanted
  • Him introducing you to EXO once he felt like he was ready  for it – it’s such a bit step for him
  • Zhang Yixing is full of surprises
  • Like once he came home with a hedgehog

“It looked so lonely so I thought I’d bring it home.”

“Yixing, you can’t bring random animals home.”

“But look at him. How can you say ‘no’? Do you not have a heart??”

  • Then Minseok met the hedgehog and convinced Yixing and you to let him take care of the hedgehog instead bc he fell in love with the tiny spiky thing
  • He now visits you every Saturday with Daisy the Hedgehog but enough of Kim Minseok WHO AM I KIDDING THERE’S NEVER ENOUGH KIM MINSEOK
  • Being the first one to hear his new songs – even if he ever got a girlfriend, you would still be the first one to hear
  • Losing Yixing at the grocery store because that boy would just wander off to examine the new packet design of this cereal he has seen Baekhyun eating
  • Really thoughtful gifts
  • If you ever got nightmares, Yixing would whip out his guitar and make up a lullaby to help you fall asleep again
  • Late night conversations
  • Strangely he has never fallen asleep during those – that’s when he’s the most alive
  • I feel like you would fall asleep before him

“-And then like- Hey, (Y/n), are you listening to me?”


“Oh well. Good night, little butterfly.”

  • Him patting your head out of nowhere because he just wants to know what your hair feels like
  • If you got mad at him for patting his hair he would give you full permission to do anything with his hair.
  • Pigtails, bows, spiking his hair up – do whatever, just don’t be mad at him
  • Complimenting him to help him gain confidence
  • Cuddles
  • He would make such a great roommate, even if he is the tiniest bit forgetful. He just wants the best for you and even if you don’t end up dating (which I’m guaranteeing you will if you are confident enough to let him know you like him), he’ll always be your best friend and you will always mean something for him
Random Scene #20

(A random Timeship scene for Timeship week with some Jax & Rip friendship)

All in all the Waverider had seen better days.

There was currently no part of the ship that wasn’t warped, cracked, singed, or dented. Pieces of bulkhead littered the floor, broken cables hung loosely from the ceiling, fallen girders leaned against the walls. Everywhere exposed circuits sparked and fizzled.

I guess that’s one thing you can say about us Legends, Jax mused. When we crash a ship, we really crash a ship. Well, it’s not like they hadn’t had lots of practice.

The team had come through the crash pretty much okay, nothing more than a few bumps and bruises. The Waverider, not so much, but the damage was fixable. The whole team was chipping in on the repair efforts and Jax was in charge, which he had to admit was pretty cool. Hopefully, they’d be flying again in a few weeks. It was going to take a hell of a lot of hard work but it was all fixable, at least, almost all of it.

Jax grimaced as he peered into the bridge.

Sitting on the floor, elbow deep in wires and circuits beneath the room’s main console, was Rip Hunter who currently looked not much better than his ship. His skin was pale, his clothes torn and blackened by grease and fire, and his normally tidy hair stuck up at odd angles.

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