Aria: Who’s your stage manager?
Ezra: Ah, a couple of kids I’ve asked, why?
Aria: Well… we’d be spending everyday afterschool, and weekends, so if I’m stage managing we could see each other all the time.
Ezra: On campus.
Aria: Off campus too. It’ll give us an excuse to have coffee outside of this little apartment…
Aria: I love this little apartment! I do. Alot!

Pretty Little Liars 1x18 - The Badass Seed


- I knew that when I kissed this girl..I would be forever wed to her. So I stopped… I stopped and I waited, I wanted for a moment longer.

- He knew that his mind would never again be free to romp like the mind of God. That falling in love would change his destiny. Forever.

- Then I just let myself go…

This movie is so fucking perfect.

As side note of the post I made some hours ago, can I mention that my fav thing of the Kalos League at this point is Team Rocket actually rooting and worrying for Ash in each battle he’s been on so far.

It all started when he almost loses his match for an absence and barely does in time. As soon as he shows up they go like

Like???? My hear is melting????

Then on lastesr episode it’s worth remarking James worrying about Pikachu.

And openly getting hyped and celebrating when Pikachu takes Metang down!

(let’s not even mention the scene where they contemplate Ash finally winning a league).

Besides Pikachu, Team Rocket are literally the ones that have known Ash for the longest time so I bet it really is a thing for them to be spectators of this.


get to know me : (1/10 tv shows)  the originals (2013-?)

We defeated my mother, and her witches, because we stood united. That is how we will face all our enemies. As a family.

But what if in Revelations we get to meet all the moms of the Nohr Royals too. Instead of like 4 filler battles with Arete, we could have it condensed into one chapter and have the rest of the fights up to Queen Mikoto be mini-bosses with Nohr’s mothers. Elise’s mom would be first, then Leo’s and so on with the last being Queen Katerina, and they would have the S-ranked weapon of their child’s class that you would get if you defeated them instead of having those weapons be found in random chests. There would be all this cool backstory shit and not all the moms would be loving towards their respective children, and we could see like different emotional facets of each kid and how they were effected. We’d see the trauma the Nohr Royals experienced and how they all deal with their mothers instead of all that just being glossed over in the supports and hot damn let the Nohr kids meet their moms too nintendo you missed a gold mine of emotional development and interesting gamEPlaY

I was rewatching The Hobbit Trilogy...

… and come again over this scene:

Tauriel: “If this is love I do not want it. Take it from me. Please. Why does it hurt so much?” 

Thranduil: “Because it was real.”

You know what? I relate this to what people in fandoms feel about fictional characters. People keep saying that they are not real and that these feelings are not real. But they are. As Dumbledore said, just because it is in your head does not mean it is not real, and when I watched this scene (for the billionth time) I saw Thranduil as one of my friends who always despised my feelings for fictional characters admiting it was real after I caught her crying over the death of a fictional character.

Random Mass Effect headcanon -

(a century after the Reaper War)

Her brow furrows. The echo is faint but still distinct. “It would be easy for a single ship to get lost out there”

“It’s been years. A century. And you’re still wondering.”

She lowers her head slightly, regarding her untouched drink, and smiles. “You’re one to talk, Dad.”

Aethyta shrugs, looking away from her daughter and blinking out over the city. The congestion, the hum of activity and life, compact and yet empty. “You got me there. Guess we’re suckers for that true love shit, eh?”

She raises the glass to her lips finally, but holds it there, suspended and still. “Or we can’t let go of the memories.”

“Just a bunch of ache to drive us to drink or to punch things.” Aethyta ventures a glance at her daughter, at a profile lost in thought, or regret, or a hundred other emotions that feel a mirror image to decades she herself would rather forget. "Aw hell, babe… if you had left–”

“I know.” Liara puts the glass back down with a sigh, a strange pendulum of movement. “It would have just been a matter of time before they found us. There was no escaping what was coming. We… she… had to face it directly.”

“You had some good years. Rough, but–” Her tone is soft, tentative.

“I know.”

“More than most.”


Aethyta scratches at her forehead, a nervous twitch of frustration. “Dammit. You know I’m no good at this. Diplomacy, saying the right thing… that was Nezzy’s specialty… well…”

She turns to her, one eyebrow arching high.

The matriarch gives a loud grunt, half laughter, half cough. “Yeah, yeah. Inappropriate. Look. I’ve said it before, and it all comes out wrong and too weak to make a difference–”

“Dad. Why do you think we talk about it so much?”

“Cuz we’re gluttons for bittersweet punishment?”

She inhales slowly, then reaches over to grasp her father’s hand. “Because it makes a difference. Each time. A little bit each time.”

Aethyta looks down at their hands, at the entwined fingers. Family wasn’t something she had ever been seeking, but… “Well, shit. We’re going at it slow, huh? At this rate–”

Liara smiles, a little more at ease now. “It’s okay. Maybe it just needs to take as long as it takes.” She raises her glass and takes a sip. “For both of us.”

When he was done with them, we walked over to the table and sat down. I cut my steak into pieces and ate them. Garrid cut his in half and ate it. He eventually started tapping his foot waiting for me. 

“I’m sorry I’m being normal,” I stated and laughed. 

“You’re not normal! You’re a mermaid vampire that’s lost her skill over the years,” he chuckled.

see, I started out thinking this was just excessive detail, like, why do we need it explained that they walked to the table before sitting at it, or that they ate their food in bites, or the precise number of bites.

and then it started sounding like it was a supernatural thing, and now I just want more detail.  Like.  Garrid ate his steak in two bites because he was a mermaid vampire?  How did being a mermaid vampire contribute to this? Did he just tip back his head and shove two giant steak halves down his gullet within seconds?  Does his jaw unhinge?  THIS IS THE KIND OF INFORMATION I WANT TO KNOW.

For quite some time after arriving in the new world, Hope would often have nightmares about his life during the Crystal Age - sometimes they would revolve around his mother’s death back then, but mostly they were desolate dreams about a God who had taken and tormented him.

When his relationship with Lightning deepened, the nightmares tapered off, especially when they started spending the night together. It was as though she really was some form of light to chase his mind away from the darkness.

But even so, some slipped through.

Return to me, my vessel…


I will recreate you, pure and untainted…


You and the new Goddess will be mine…

“Hope, hey. Come on, you’re dreaming.”

His eyes flew open with a sharp gasp. It took him a moment to gather his bearings and calm his racing heart. He had the vague sensation that Lightning was curled up against him, her chest against his back and her arm around his waist.

Seconds later, he heard a murmur in his ear, the familiar voice tinged with concern. “Hope? Are you okay?”

He let out a long, shaky breath, letting his eyes fall closed again as he concentrated on the feel of Lightning’s skin against his and the way her fingers automatically tightened in his when he found her hand.

“Yes,” he finally replied, sounding much calmer. “I’m okay now.”