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Below are some random After Story scenes to The Donor Story

They’re not necessary, but I thought they were really cute and funny, so I’m sharing them with you all :> Enjoy~

Scene 1: Inside (and Out)

*Faris recuperates after a few hours of rest. With enough alertness, he and Yousra decide to make an announcement to the others*

Faris: Everyone.. there’s something I need to tell you, especially to you, Papyrus.

Papyrus: *blinks and looks around, then tilts his head, pointing to himself* Eh?

Faris: You remember when I left in a hurry before the transplant?

Papyrus: Ah, yes. You left to tell Yousra about it.

Faris: That was.. only part of the reason. The other reason was because.. I.. sort of proposed to her.

Papyrus: Oh my god, what?? You did??!

Faris: ..Yes.

Papyrus: *looks at Yousra* And you said yes??

*Yousra gives a nod. She’s a little embarrassed of the attention directed at her*

Papyrus: *hands on cheekbones* OH MY GOD!! *he dashes over to the two and shakes both their hands vigorously* Congratulations! I am so happy for you two!! *he then takes a look at Yousra’s left hand, turning it over when he doesn’t find what he’s looking for* Ah.. Eh.. Where is it?

Yousra: Where’s what?

Papyrus: The ring! Faris was supposed to give you a ring when he proposed to you!

Faris: Why would I need to do that? Aren’t there rings exchanged at a marital ceremony?

Alphys: Those are considered wedding bonds. An engagement ring is a pledge to a future life together in matrimony.

Papyrus: Also, it lets others know about your engagement so they can congratulate you!

Faris: That’s a little embarrassing…

Alphys: But why of all days (or nights, I should say), did you propose right before the transplant?

Faris: I… *looks down, ashamed* I didn’t know when would be the perfect time to ask. I tried to ask once before, but I was cut short.. When you two told me about the donor, I had to know for sure if Yousra would stay by my side, even if I was somebody else.

Alphys: But despite it all, she still loves you, right? It doesn’t matter how you may look as long as you’re still you. It is the inside that counts~

Faris: Yeah.. *he looks at Yousra and clasps her hand* I know that now..

Papyrus: But I must say, your good looks is an added bonus! *gives a wink and thumbs up*

Faris: *stares vacantly*

Yousra: *face reddens up* Papyrus, why…

Papyrus: Am I wrong..?

Scene 2: Giving The Talk

*Faris’ health continues to improve. He’s about ready to be discharged from the hospital, but Alphys needs to take a look at his soul to be sure it’s in good condition before he can go*

Faris: So when can I get out of here..?

Alphys: Eager, are we? I-I don’t blame you.. Staying in the hospital for several hours can make a patient stir-crazy, but I’m afraid you’ll have to remain here just a bit longer. I-It’s recommended that I take a look at your soul. There’s also some important matter we need to discuss concerning your new body.

Faris: *sigh* Fine..

*Alphys comes over to examine his new soul. The core of the soul is occupied by darkness that is Faris’ fragment. Andrew had allowed the fragment to spread throughout, giving Faris full access to the body. Only the outer wall of the soul remains untainted by darkness, glowing in orange, green and blue which were once the representation of Andrew’s character. It now serves as a shell to help carry Faris’ fragment*

Alphys: That’s incredible…

Faris: How does it look?

Alphys: Mm… Looks good to me~ *his soul disappears when she’s finished looking it over, and she straightens up* Now Faris.. *she takes off her bifocals* s-since you are a monster now living in a human body, there are some things you need to consider. Normally a human body will continue to go through physical change as they age. Y-You’re aware already that monsters stop aging when the spiritual link to both parents is severed, but can resume aging once their link is reestablished to their children. You are a hybrid of the two, s-so I’m not sure yet if you will be aging regularly like a human or not. I’ll be assigning you to regular checkups to see if anything has changed.

Faris: Okay..

Alphys: There is also a thing that humans experience called digestion. When humans ingest food, it goes through a process of absorption and elimination. Whatever waste is collected inside the system is flushed out.

Faris: Okay you don’t need to give me the details.

Alphys: *smiles awkwardly* S-Sorry. I know it’s an embarrassing subject, but in this case, you won’t need to worry about any of that. Apparently, everything you consume is absorbed and converted into energy. It works similarly to a monster. Lucky you~

Faris: Eh… *he seems bothered by that comment*

Alphys: While we’re on topic about human body functions.. There’s something I’d like you to do for me.

Faris: I’m afraid to ask..

Alphys: I-It’s just a little homework assignment.. Can you read?

Faris: ..Yes..?

Alphys: Good~ *she leaves the room a moment, then returns with a stack of books. They look very much like textbooks you’d find in a school. She wheels around a tray table and sets the books on top in front of Faris* Then I’d like you to read into these books.

Faris: All of them??

Alphys: It’s not much. You only need to read the essentials *she leans in and whispers* I highlighted them for you~

Faris: Uh huh… *stares at the stack of books. He couldn’t believe Alphys would spend so much time reading them from front to back, marking all the ‘important’ information* So what exactly are they about?

Alphys: Mm let’s see *she lists them one by one as she holds up each book* There’s human anatomy, human behavior, health and wellness, sex educa-

Faris: Is this all really necessary..?

Alphys: Yes. Since you are now technically human, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the way the human body function.

Faris: *grunts and falls back into his pillow, rolling his eyes up* I think I pretty much have an idea how the human body works, thank you…

Scene 3: A Pair of Buns

*after that awkward talk with Alphys, Faris can now get ready to leave the hospital. She brought out a pile of folded clothes from storage and placed them out on the other medical bed then left. Papyrus stepped in to check on Faris*

Papyrus: So how was the checkup?

Faris: Fine, I suppose *he sits up* Can you take care of these.. books for me?

Papyrus: Eh..? *he goes over and picks up the first book titled Human Anatomy* What are these for?

Faris: Learning.. apparently.. I wouldn’t look in them if I were you..

Papyrus: Why? It’s got pictures of skeletons in them! *is skimming through the anatomy book* Do you think that we could possibly be related to the humans? I mean, they have bones inside, and Sans and I are Skeletons.

Faris: Hm.. *he ponders on it as he goes over to check out the clothes that Alphys put on the other bed. They used to belong to Andrew. He holds up the striped long sleeve* ..Eehh..

Papyrus: *glances up* What’s wrong?

Faris: ..Is it possible if we stop somewhere and get some new outfits?

Papyrus: Why? Is there something wrong with those?

Faris: They’re fine, but they belonged to Andrew, and striped shirts aren’t really my style.. It’d be nice to have some clothes of my own.

Papyrus: Oooh.. *taps his mandible* I know someone who has a taste for fashion. Maybe he can help us find some clothes for you!

Faris: That’d be great actually.

*the door then slides open, and Yousra steps into the room carrying a tray of snacks she got out of the café*

Yousra: Faris, I got you some sna- *she suddenly freezes. The first thing she sees is Faris still in his hospital gown with his back to her. Between the openings of the gown, she catches a glimpse of his bare backside. Her face steams up, and she drops the tray to cover up her cheeks*

*both Faris and Papyrus look up to the sound of the tray crashing to the floor and turn around*

Faris: Yousra? What happened..?

Papyrus: Wowie, your whole face is red. Are you sick??

*Yousra quickly spins herself around, facing away from the two*

Yousra: I-I’m fine *internally screams* Are you telling me he was wearing nothing beneath that thing the entire time he was awake??!!

Papyrus: … *glances at Faris* Maybe she needs to be admitted to the hospital this time.

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Being Yixing’s Roommate Would Include:

Other Versions: Baekhyun / Jongin / Minseok / Kyungsoo / Sehun / Chanyeol / Jongdae / Joonmyeon

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  • He would be such an amazing roommate, okay? Ok.
  • Like he would do your laundry for you
  • Granted, he would probably accidentally put a red sock in the washing with white clothes every once in a while but haven’t we all been there at least once in our life?
  • Him helping you cook, even if the only thing he knew was that he had no idea what he was doing in the kitchen
  • Dancing to his songs; his band’s songs; dancing to all songs that exist in this world
  • Acting out random scenes from random movies
  • Him being in his little bubble most of the time

“Yixing, can you please order us pizza?”





“Sounds like a great idea! Who’s ordering?”

“I was hoping you would.”
“I’d be honored!”

  • Helping him with his Korean a lot
  • Him teaching you Chinese
  • If you already could speak Chinese, he would tease you about everything you say, just to annoy you a bit
  • Finding song lyrics written on random pieces of paper
  • Guitar playing and singing
  • If you need to be bribed to sing with him then so be it
  • He just wants you to feel like you can trust him and lean on him
  • Sending Yixing to bring milk from the store and him returning five minutes later because he forgot his wallet at home
  • Coming home to find Yixing asleep in the most bizarre places: the floor, the kitchen counter, in the closet
  • You found him asleep with his head in the fridge once and took a photo
  • With most people you could use that as blackmail but this is Mister Zhang Yixing we’re talking about here – he would ask to see the photo every other night and has even showed it to all of EXO proudly

“(Y/n)! Do you still have that picture of me in the fridge?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Can I see? It was pretty funny!”

  • Him doing everything in his power to see you smile
  • Expect aegyo – lots and lots of aegyo
  • Little rants about how much EXO and EXO-L mean to him this cutie!
  • Him being extremely philosophical even though it might seem like he’s high or something

“But imagine if there were no animals on Earth other than humans. No one to domesticate and therefore no pets. How messed up would that be?”

“I don’t know. Pretty messed up probably.”

“Humans wouldn’t survive. We depend on different animals more than we know. And yet everything we do destroys the animals that have helped us to civilizations.”

“…Yixing, go to sleep.”

  • Competitions like who could watch the most episodes of ‘I Remember You’ or ‘Go Fighting!’ without falling asleep
  • TV-show marathons
  • Him falling asleep two episodes in, on the floor
  • Him being late to pretty much everything until you find out a way to wake him up on time – he sleeps like a rock, unmoving
  • Telling each other about your day every evening
  • Like it would mean so much to him to hear to wholeheartedly telling him about your annoying boss and those red shoes that you really wanted
  • Him introducing you to EXO once he felt like he was ready  for it – it’s such a bit step for him
  • Zhang Yixing is full of surprises
  • Like once he came home with a hedgehog

“It looked so lonely so I thought I’d bring it home.”

“Yixing, you can’t bring random animals home.”

“But look at him. How can you say ‘no’? Do you not have a heart??”

  • Then Minseok met the hedgehog and convinced Yixing and you to let him take care of the hedgehog instead bc he fell in love with the tiny spiky thing
  • He now visits you every Saturday with Daisy the Hedgehog but enough of Kim Minseok WHO AM I KIDDING THERE’S NEVER ENOUGH KIM MINSEOK
  • Being the first one to hear his new songs – even if he ever got a girlfriend, you would still be the first one to hear
  • Losing Yixing at the grocery store because that boy would just wander off to examine the new packet design of this cereal he has seen Baekhyun eating
  • Really thoughtful gifts
  • If you ever got nightmares, Yixing would whip out his guitar and make up a lullaby to help you fall asleep again
  • Late night conversations
  • Strangely he has never fallen asleep during those – that’s when he’s the most alive
  • I feel like you would fall asleep before him

“-And then like- Hey, (Y/n), are you listening to me?”


“Oh well. Good night, little butterfly.”

  • Him patting your head out of nowhere because he just wants to know what your hair feels like
  • If you got mad at him for patting his hair he would give you full permission to do anything with his hair.
  • Pigtails, bows, spiking his hair up – do whatever, just don’t be mad at him
  • Complimenting him to help him gain confidence
  • Cuddles
  • He would make such a great roommate, even if he is the tiniest bit forgetful. He just wants the best for you and even if you don’t end up dating (which I’m guaranteeing you will if you are confident enough to let him know you like him), he’ll always be your best friend and you will always mean something for him

Aria: Who’s your stage manager?
Ezra: Ah, a couple of kids I’ve asked, why?
Aria: Well… we’d be spending everyday afterschool, and weekends, so if I’m stage managing we could see each other all the time.
Ezra: On campus.
Aria: Off campus too. It’ll give us an excuse to have coffee outside of this little apartment…
Aria: I love this little apartment! I do. Alot!

Pretty Little Liars 1x18 - The Badass Seed


Remember when he said that and laughed. Re-watching that scene now, after everything, I couldn’t help but be like ‘if it came to that you actually would Doctor…yeah just to save her you would!’.

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thoughts on “ace discourse”

Alright. Okay. I’ve stood in my little corner of this godforsaken site and have mostly kept to myself. But goddammit I am about to get out of my lane like a rogue eighteen-wheeler because what I’ve been seeing and hearing is utter bullshit that must be addressed.

So. “Ace Discourse.” A lot of people think that Aces and Aros (I’m going to apologize right now for expressing this argument mostly in pov of Aces, simply because I am not Aro. Any Aro who comes across this, though, feel free to add your thoughts.) don’t belong in the LGBTQ+ Community. Which, let’s face it, is complete bullshit. I’ll do my best to make this argument as sound and simple as I can, but I’m a bit pissed off and ready for blood, so please excuse any possible ramblings.

Let’s start with the most obvious point: the acronym of LGBTQ+. As we all (hopefully) know by now, there’s an ‘A’ at the end! And what in the great wide fuck could that ‘A’ possibly stand for??? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not for allies. It’s for Asexual and Aromantic folk. Simple as that. Now, I sort of understand where all the confusion comes from. Once upon a time the acronym was this: LGBTTQQIAAP. That’s a lot of letters. You’ll take particular notice of the double ‘A’s. One was for allies, yes, but the other was for Asexuals and Aromantics. When the acronym was later reduced to LGBTQIA, the ‘A’ began standing for Asexuals and Aromantics. Not allies.

(@ allies I’m not saying y’all suck. Thanks for the help. But let us Aces and Aros have our space)

It’s obvious that Aces and Aros do have a place in the Community, a place that we are continuously being shoved away from.

Now, you’re probably thinking “Aces/Aros don’t belong! They’re not being oppressed! We’ve got people being beaten for being gay and being killed for being trans!” Well, that’s true. We’re not typically being beaten and killed (I don’t think). However, (and this is where I’m speaking as an Asexual, apologies that I’ll be leaving Aros out.) there’s this thing called “corrective rape.” Definitions vary, but what it boils down to is: a person raping another person in hopes to make them straight. Now, I understand that this happens all across the LGBT+ and not solely to Asexuals, but when someone says “I don’t want sex,” one of the first replies is “I bet I could fix that.” Sometimes it escalates, sometimes it doesn’t.

Need another example of oppression? Most people don’t think Asexuals exist. Or, better yet, it’s a psychological/physiological problem. Hell, when I came out to my father he laughed, told me that sex is a what makes us human, and said that one day I’d meet a nice guy who’d fix that for me. I’ve got some qualms with his argument:

1) “Sex is what makes us human.” Seriously. Seriously??? So all other emotions should be null and void. So a deer is a human. A turtle is a human. A fly is a human. Well it’s obviously true, because sex is what makes us human, and deer and turtles and flies all have sex, so therefore they must be human as well. In fact, if sex is what makes us human, just how human are we? It could be argued that the average wild rabbit has more sex than a human does in a month during it’s mating season. Is the rabbit more human than humans? Are we being out-humaned?

2) Asexuals don’t need to be fixed. There is abso-fucking-lutely nothing wrong with us, no matter what end of the spectrum we’re on.

Asexual but like sex? Congrats, you’re an Ace! Had a trauma and are now Asexual? Congrats, you’re an Ace! Asexual and sex-repulsed? Congrats, you’re an Ace! And everyone in between – as long as you identify as an Asexual, you are an Ace. There’s no “being Ace enough.” That’s utter fucking bullshit.

Heteroromantic? Biromantic? Aromantic? Panromantic? Any-other-romantic? Hey, as long as you’re Asexual it doesn’t matter what your romantic orientation is – you’re Ace!

I’ll be honest – I get it. I get it when people say that Acephobia doesn’t exist. I get where they’re coming from. But Acephobia does exist. The society we live in (in the US, at least) is incredibly obsessed with sex. We’ve got TV shows where every ten minutes someone is nude and/or getting it on. Movies have random sex scenes (not to mention random romances) thrown in just for the hell of it. When someone says “I don’t want sex,” or “I don’t feel sexual attraction,” the majority of the reactions are going to be rude, incredulous, and/or creepy (ie: “I bet I can fix that”). So yeah, the hatred of Aces is a bit easier to overlook, a bit harder to detect. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

Like, come on. We’re people. We’re humans. When something doesn’t fit the status quo, we lash out at it and hate it. It’s what we do.

And goddamn, it’s so incredibly disheartening to be kicked out of what is supposed to be a safe space. Then, when Aces do make their own space, they’re still kicking people out who “aren’t Ace enough.”

For fuck’s sake. We’re nothing more than a speck of dust floating on a tiny rock in a small solar system. In the grand scheme of things, we’re miniscule. We’re nothing. What we do doesn’t matter unless we make it matter, so we’ve got to stick together. We’ve got to make ourselves matter.

tl;dr - So get off your high damned horse. If you say you’re Asexual, you’re asexual. This “not Ace enough” bullshit is just that – bullshit. Asexuals belong in the LGBT+ community. Our battles and hardships may not be as big and obvious as, say, being Gay/Lesbian, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have them. Some of us still can’t come out to our families. Some of us look over our shoulders after coming out, hoping that one of our friends doesn’t decide to take it upon themselves to “fix us.”

Asexuals belong in the LGBT+ Community. That’s all there is to it.

(And feel free to disagree, but for the love of all that is holy, contribute an actual argument. None of this “ding dong you are wrong.” Back yourself up. Defend what you believe in. Hash it out with me. That “feel free to fight me” I have in my bio isn’t just for show. Seriously, let’s talk some of this shit out. Let’s grow up.)