i’m laughing tbh this shitton of new information about skaters is coming out and there’s l i t e r a l l y nothing on victor besides his goddamn skating abilities chart LMAO at this point i’m convinced everyone in staff is just sitting there like ‘who the fuck is victor’ omgfomg

so what about victor’s past?

his childhood?

family? parents?

victor’s literal entire life besides the one (1) year we’ve been able to see?

Five Things Tag

I was tagged to do this by @ellieljade (mah bitch) and @war-of-hormoan (the sweetest person ever, tbh). So I’m doing it lmao.

Five Things You Will Find In My Bag

  • Contact case (because my contacts love to fuck around with me).
  • Glasses (both seeing and sunglasses).
  • Charging cord
  • Wallet
  • Chapstick (them lips be dry).

Five Things You Will Find In My Bedroom

  • Makeup bag.
  • Hair supplies.
  • A kick-ass, handmade Friends poster my friend brought me from Vietnam.
  • A map of the world.
  • My cat.

Five Things I Have Always Wanted To Do

  • See the Northern Lights in Iceland.
  • Pay off my students loans :’’’’’’)
  • Travel around Europe by train.
  • Visit my family in The Netherlands.
  • Skydive. 

Five Things That Make Me Happy

  • My family. I am, without a doubt, outrageously blessed with a family that loves each other. My parents stressed the importance of loving and forgiving each other when we were young and it’s paid off. I adore my family. I miss them terribly and can’t wait to see them this year.
  • Coffee. Coffee is love. Coffee is life. You take my coffee away from me and I will cut you. 
  • Writing. I’ve always been into writing, even as young as seven or eight. I grew out of it for a while because of working early and school. I mean… who wants to write when you have 7 different essays do all at once? So, it’s been absolutely refreshing to get back into it.
  • Sleep. I don’t get to nap too often nowadays. And it’s quite sad. So, when the stars align to allow me time to snooze away the afternoon, I capitalize on that. 
  • As she spoke of me, I will do the same for her. @ellieljade has become one of my dearest and closest friends over the last year. She knows me better than my closest of friends back home, including things that will never ever leave the two of us lmfao. She knows what to say to make me laugh and she knows how to encourage me. We’ve joked many times that we’re like twins separated at birth, but seriously y’all. She’s become the sister I never had. We’re on the same wavelengths in almost everything (coughBSBcough). We finish each other’s sentences and we know what the other is thinking. Trash Husband better be ready - because come the end of this year, Nicole and I will finally meet in person. THE OTP WILL REIGN SUPREME! (this totally turned into a love letter to you lmfao)

Five Things I Am Currently Into

  • Old Whose Line Is It Anyway clips. I watched this show all the time when I was younger and so much flew over my head. Rewatching the clips gives me a stomachache 9/10 times from laughing so hard.
  • Finding new, obscure music. Like a hipster~. Tbh, I’ve always been interested into the more obscure stuff, but I’ve just been doing it more often lately. 
  • Translating lyrics from Korean. I’m really trying to hammer down my Korean comprehension and building up my vocabulary. Translating Korean lyrics into English is a great way to do so because I have an interest in the music and being able to figure out the meaning on my own is exciting. 
  • Hiking. I’m from the part of Texas where there are mostly flats and maaaaybe a hill or two. Living in Korea is fantastic because of all the mountains you can hike! Have I done any intense ones? Fuuuuck no. Maybe someday though. :)
  • Teaching. I’m 8 months into my teaching career here in Korea. I adore pretty much everything about it. Last week was a bit of a tough one for multiple reasons, but this week has more than made up for it, including today when my most troublesome class finished by saying repeatedly, “Today was so fun!” It makes my heart skip a beat to know I was able to successfully teach my kids and make sure they had fun while learning. 

Five Things On My To-Do List

  • Clean my apartment…..
  • Downsize in clothing and donate what I don’t want/wear.
  • Read more. I bought like 5 new books. In January. They’re gathering dust on my bookshelves. Not okay.
  • Figure out my future. Lol.
  • Plan for my schools’ summer camps.

I tag…. @btssmutgalore and @noona-la-la-la because Nicole, Rams, and @jeonjagiya have already done this. Oh! And @jeolla-jagi. Because I can. >)

about season 5

its been a while since i finished it. i gotta tell you what i think though. and you do too please!! it was a bit slow in the beginning but in the end i loved it. i thought it was a bit boring like the first 5 episodes or so because nothing really happened, they just runned around in the prison but later on i realized that it was “good information” and was buildning up to something really good. i really loved it but my fav season is still s 2 i think. sad thing is we gotta wait one more year now… ugh. 

rip poussey <3