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Our Inner Apocalypse - Chap. 1

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader (BTS)

Genre: Angst/(soon also) Smut

Word Count: 2,5k

Warnings: Apocalypse!AU and all it includes, Gang!AU and all it includes, Violence.

You roamed the wasteland, accompanied by your trusty backpack in which you carried all the items you needed. Your knife, ammunition, a flask of water, a flask of tequila you grabbed on the road, and of course, a spare gun. In the world in which you lived these items were required.

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Long Awaited Events

Some sort of Sirius imagine lmao

“So, tell me (Y/N), what’s it like being on baby sitting duty to a man who’s in his mid thirties?” You laugh at Sirius’ question, handing him a mug of tea before sitting opposite him.

“It’s bittersweet. You’re good company, but your jokes are awful.” You tease, taking a swig of your own drink and looking at him over the rim of your cup. Sirius smiles in response, shaking his head and looking down at his lap.

You’d been keeping Sirius company for a couple weeks now, while Harry and the others were back at Hogwarts. You were twenty one, having left Hogwarts a few years ago. You’d been helping Arthur out at the ministry, his sort of assistant if you will, and you’d volunteered/been chosen to keep an eye on Padfoot during his time alone at Grimmauld place.

“You shouldn’t view yourself as a burden, Sirius. I like spending time with you.” You feel your cheeks getting warm as you say the words, your fingers tracing the random logo on your mug. You can feel his eyes boring into you, but you don’t look up, knowing that his gaze is enough to have you melting in your seat.

Sure, he was fifteen years older than you, and he probably didn’t see you as anything but a little girl, but you couldn’t deny the warmth in your chest whenever you were with him. The butterflies in your stomach whenever he would laugh, the ripples through your body whenever your body accidentally skimmed his. You were completely besotted with him.

“I’m thankful for your company, (Y/N). I’d probably be going mad without it.” You look up at him, his eyes swimming with the ghosts of his past - A/N: I had to lmfao - your heart aching at the sight. You stand up, sitting next to him on the sofa, wanting to reach out to him but not really knowing how to.

You decide to nudge his body with yours, trying to lighten the mood. “I’m the one that’s thankful, god knows how you’ve survived two weeks with me.” You smile to yourself as you hear him chuckle, his head turning to face you as you look at him. Your face feels hot as his eyes roam freely, moving from your eyes and flickering down to your lips.

“You’re so beautiful, (Y/N). So pure and youthful…” You feel like you can’t breathe as he moves a piece of hair away from your face, too scared to ruin the moment. You watch him, begging him to do something, his brows knotted in deep thought.

Abruptly, he pulls away from you, standing and quickly moving across the room to put some distance between the two of you. You watch as he paces a couple times, your body feeling cold and unsatisfied without his touch, before he leaves the room completely, his footsteps loud as he climbs higher and higher. You hear a door slam upstairs, your eyes shutting as you fall back against the chair.

How confusing.

You hum as you dry off from the shower, the droplets disappearing into the fabric of the towel. You wrap the towel around you, cursing yourself for forgetting to bring your pajamas into the bathroom, before grabbing your dirty clothes and unlocking the door.

You pull open the door, stepping out on to the landing and listening our for Sirius. You hadn’t seen him all evening, him doing the disappearing act after your whatever it was moment.

Your heart almost falls out of your ass as you hear his door being pulled open, you standing still as he comes out of the room right opposite you. You smile shyly at him, his eyes roaming your body, the small towel covering just enough.

“Sorry, I, ugh, forgot my clothes.” Sirius looks up to you, his eyes catching yours as his attention finally leaves your barely covered body. He doesn’t say anything as he walks carefully towards you, you standing still, waiting.

As he reaches you, his hand slides up your arm, goosebumps appearing instantly from his touch. He smells so intoxicating, your heart beating out of your chest from the proximity; you’d never been so close to him before. The tension between you two is unbearable.

He grabs your chin softly with his fingers, his thumb tracing over your bottom lip as you submit to him, letting him control you in any way he wishes. You were his; you had been from the moment you first laid eyes on him.

You grab his shirt in your hand, holding him close incase he decides to try and leave again. “Kiss me, Sirius.” Your words are a whisper, but it’s enough to trigger his actions.

Your eyes flutter closed as his lips meet yours, his hands sliding into your hair as he kisses you. You feel like your whole body had been electrified, his shirt getting even more crumpled in your hand as his plump lips work with yours. The feeling is so wonderful. You’ve never felt more alive.

His hands move down your body, sliding over your curves and settling on your waist, his fingers on your skin, only separated by a thin towel. Your hands creep into his curls, pulling teasingly at the locks of hair, Sirius biting your bottom lip and grunting sexily. You almost lose control at the noise, your tongue slipping into his mouth.

You separate reluctantly, your lungs feeling empty from the events that have just unfolded. He rests his forehead on yours, his hands squeezing your hips reassuringly.

“You’ve got no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He breathes, a beautiful smile gracing his lips.

“I think I can imagine.” You tease, kissing him once more, the feeling being one you never want to live without.

A/N - I don’t even know what to class this tumblr as anymore😂 sons of anarchy, the walking dead and now harry potter. Whatever floats my boat I guess lmao. Hope you liked! Sirius is such a babe😍 Feel free to request HP imagines! Marauders Era or Golden Trio x

K Project Random Crack And Normal Head Cannons Made by Me! Part 1 HOMRA

Cause I couldn’t sleep when I thought of these and I could picture these just a little bit. They are meant to be funny and random.

Originally posted by akashis

 Crack Cannon Totsuka: A long time ago Mikoto,Totsuka and Izumo got drunk and had a dare contest, one of the dares was singing karaoke. Totsuka sang quite a bunch of Cascada songs he nailed them and even sang power of love and nailed that one two. 

 Normal cannon Totsuka: Totsuka Tried making a dress for Anna though it didn’t work so he bought her one instead.

Originally posted by hanamiyaslips

 Crack Cannon Mikoto: Secretly Mikoto is a fan of cute simple life Anime that revolves around animals like Hamtaro and Chii’s sweet home. (Though personally this isn’t much of a crack Cannon, well to me at least since I can actually picture this just a bit)

Normal Cannon Mikoto: Likes the Anime HunterxHunter and his favorite character is Killua.

Originally posted by s-aeko

Crack Cannon Izumo: One time out of curiosity stole a pair of his girlfriends under wear and wore it for a day wondering how it would feel. Personally he kinda liked it.

Normal Cannon Izumo: Izumo when he was 10 began to study on how to maintain a bar.

Originally posted by xxxhorikku

Crack Cannon Anna: Secretly pairs the main ABC boys of HOMRA with there partners and even writes fan fiction of how they could get together. Her favorite Ships in order is Sarumi/Misaru, Izuri (Izumo and Seri) Chiwa (Chitose and Dewa), Furic (eric and Fujishima), Shoban (Shohei and Bandou). She also can’t Decide which pairing she likes more between Mikototsu or Mikorei.

(I personally don’t know the official pairing names of the ABC boys so I came up with these ones. if anyone does know please tell me)

Normal Cannon Anna: Secretly has wanted to die her hair red like Mikoto’s, when she asked Mikoto if she could Mikoto told her no she was never allowed to dye her hair, even when she was an adult.

Originally posted by juniipurr

 Crack Cannon Yata: unbeknownst to everyone Misaki writes awesome Erotica but no one knows and Misaki wants to keep it that way. 

Normal Cannon Yata: Looks up random recipes on the internet usually super hard ones and tries to master and remember the recipe by heart in 1 week. He fails every time and it takes 2 weeks for him to remember the recipe by heart.

Originally posted by nekohiko-remade

Crack cannon Kamamoto: Likes to sing to female English singers when he cleans. He doesn’t care what genre they sing they just have to sound good.

Normal Cannon Kamamoto: Kama here is an awesome break dancer but doesn’t get to show off his moves cause the last time he did, he broke so many of Izumo’s wine bottles. Kama was never found out but he refuses to break dance in the bar in case it could happen again. 

Originally posted by kaagerou

Crack Cannon Eric: Secretly likes to play pranks on Fujishima while Fujishima has no clue who keeps pranking him.

Normal Cannon Eric: Secretly likes the animals Fujishima brings in to take care of but wont admit plus there apartment is no pets allowed so they cant keep them.

Crack Cannon Fujishima: Fujishima is into furry cosplay but won’t admit it to anyone. 

Normal Cannon Fujishima: Keeps asking Eric if they can get a pet once a week, but Eric always says no.

Crack Cannon Chitose: One time he ate 2 big cakes by himself and later that evening when he was having sex he puked all over his partner. ever since then hes sworn off cake and never speaks of it again.

 Normal Cannon Chitose: One time he burned Dewa’s hat by mistake and it took him 4 days to find one that looked exactly like Dewa’s old one. Fortunately during those 4 days he convinced Dewa it was lost.

Crack Cannon Dewa: Dewa actually knows Ballet and is really good but wont admit it to anyone the only one who does know is Chitose.

Normal Cannon Dewa: Dewa knew Chitose burned his hat he just didn’t say anything because he thought it was funny seeing Chitose run around and trying to cover his tracks as he found a new one of the same brand.

Originally posted by tatsupyon

Crack Cannon Shouhei: Has a secret obsession with Alice in wonderland art. the only one who knows is Anna because sometimes he draws for her.

Normal Cannon Shouhei: Likes creating cool random logo designs. He also created the design of his HOMRA hat.

Crack Cannon Bandou: is secretly a super famous model hence why he wears sunglasses and a hoodie most of the time. 

Normal Cannon Bandou: Has sensitive skin so unless he uses a good sunblock he needs to cover himself in layers or else hell get sun burnt.