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can you help me w/ style advice please? how can i get a style similar to lily rose depp?

i was gonna say this is really vague but her style is really easy to pinpoint + kinda fun so why not. it’s very 90s model off duty type (so very cheap to do bc you can get everything @ forever 21 if you wanted + thrifting)

her staples easiest to cop are like a good pair of raw natural high waisted denim (light/true blue) black chelsea boots/doc marten platforms, leather jacket, jean jacket, white + other solid color basic tshirts, cami crop tops, high neck sundresses in pale colors, bardot tops + crops ( means off the shoulder basically-this one too) anything w stripes! everything pretty oversized/not form fitting. and then go find some stand out pieces bc she brings in a lot of quirky things to her simple wardrobe like her heart shaped sunglasses or a pink straw hat. also a lot of random band/graphic/logo tees that you can just go thrifting / use etsy for :~) 

i want them to just start fucking with dataminers, put in random songs/logos/short victory fanfare from all different games named like they were for ryu/roy’s leak a while back.

put in a budokai track, put in instrumental snake eater, a bayonetta track, fuck put in a midi of the xmen cartoon theme. get xander mobus to record shit like “BATMAN”, “YU NARUKAMI”, “EBONY DARK'NESS DEMENTIA RAVEN WAY”, “SONICHU”, or “DANTE” and put Half-Life or Assassin’s Creed or Halo logos or some shit. don’t ever acknowledge it. every patch put something new in that makes no sense.

I LOVE how all of these companies are putting random rainbows in their logos bc it is pissing my homophobic dad off and he LOVES capitalism

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I’ve seen tattoos of the Apple logo, and random Pokemon, your good ;p Also I suggest those little Free! Animals you made for your charms.

I’m planning on making cute little figures of all the animals and 3D print them. Once I get my 3D printer down the road, create them in all different kinds of colors! But for now I’m still working on the models but I’ll upload them on shapeways store!

You can still buy the Free! Charms at my store as well.

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hii, i'm new in the top fandom, can you tell me some stuff i need to know?

hello friend and welcome to the clique, here are a few random things:

  • the band logo |-/ is related to their song kitchen sink, and they both are about finding purpose. tyler created it and he isn’t planning to tell anyone about what it means. he said he should stay alive because he’s the only one who knows what it means.
  • the band name is from a play tyler studied in college, named “all my sons’, by arthur miller. its about a man who killed twenty one pilots in world war II.
  • tyler had a solo album in 2008 called no phun intended
  • tyler plays bass on ride and josh plays trumpet on we don’t believe what’s on tv
  • josh SINGS in not today and the judge!!!!!!!!!!!
  • josh is also called spooki jim, jersh, jishwa, jish
  • tyler loves climbing. do not stop him from climbing even if it’s for his own safety, he’ll be mad af
  • tyler doesn’t curse
  • sadly, zack (tyler’s brother) is transphobic but that clearly doesn’t mean tyler is. tyler and josh support all genders.
  • tyler and josh are christian, some of their songs are about their religious beliefs and god
  • ty-guy and jishwa won’t publicly say what their tattoos mean because of privacy but they’ll tell you if you met them and asked them personally
  • do not believe tyler when he says we don’t believe what’s on tv isn’t about josh. just don’t. he is lying.

i hope this was a bit important to you?? also just remember, do not let anyone tell you they’re a better fan than you are just because you’re new/you dont know much about them yet. by time you’ll know A LOT more. xx

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What do those posts with the apple logo and random celebs mean?

You must not have an iPhone or iPad rn like we’re going through some things rn


How NOT to get a job, in two photos. Let’s see. We have…garish colors, highlighting over colored text making it extremely hard to read, a skillset entirely irrelevant to the job being applied for, “shift availability” on a resume for a full time salaried management position at a BANK with only four days of availability and the rest being night availability, more garish colors on the resume, and a footer crammed full of apparently random clipart, from corporate logos and social media badges to cartoon characters, pokemon, sports logos, and a footer bar from a website (why???). Also the entire thing is in comic sans. (Which I’ve heard is a good font for dyslexia? But is still not considered a “professional” font and is kind of hard to read imo.) This is a whole new low for things I’ve seen. And I’ve had resumes with selfies attached and people talking about how much they can bench in their cover letter. But this…this takes the cake.

Last One!

This is the last project before the final, big logo challenge (a 2 week one as opposed to the usual 1 week challenge)! For some reason, I was just an entire stump for like an hour. I couldn’t decide what my prompt and company was going to be. I think because I was so caught up in making sure each challenge was different and even more challenging, that I tried to keep at that pace. And now I’m suddenly stuck and having artist block. So after an hour of researching random logo design projects and artists, I just came up with a random thing: a coffee shop. Because I just had coffee in Germany, and it’s been a while since I had a cup. Apparently in Europe, they just like straight espresso shots. The stronger the better right?

Anyway, because I’m missing some of that caffeine in America, I decided why the heck not just do one for a coffee shop. This is definitely the most basic challenges of the ones I’ve done thus far. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a platform for effective visual identity and branding. As I was researching, I became very drawn to minimalistic designs. In particular, the ones that utilize negative space cleverly. The lesser the elements, surprisingly, could really trick the eye. This is what I’m hoping to achieve in this challenge. BE MINIMAL BUT CLEVER. 

The name that I came up with is CUPS (coffee). Simple and to the point. I really want to keep the name as short as possible so that I can utilize as much of the design elements as possible with the limited amount of working, physical elements. This will be an interesting process for sure.