Still makes me laugh to this day. :)

I miss Dunn.

Today is a very special day for all us. Today our Random-hero would be turning 39. He’s not here with us anymore but i’m pretty sure that he is receiving our love and good wishes wherever he is right now. He deserves be honored everyday for all laugh that he give to us. Ryan, you have a special place just for you on all the hearts from the people that you one day make laugh! Keep resting in peace, we miss you and we love you. And thank you for the great and happy moments.

Day 7: Your Reaction When You Found Out About Ryan Dunn’s Death.
I can’t believe it even now… I miss him so much and in this period i’m very sad because I have my grandpa at the hospital and think about Ryan completely destroys me. But I’m trying to smile because Ryan before his dead said:«Don’t be sad for me, ‘cause I’m not sad. I died with a smile on my face».
It’s weird to see him in Jackass,Haggard,Viva la Bam and in Cky because after you realize that he isn’t with us anymore….
I love you and I miss you Random hero…❤️