first-year overwatch recap

happy anniversary, overwatch!!! god i can’t believe how attached i’ve gotten.
i’ve been playing this damn game since the day of its release, and it started out pretty damn different from what we have now. if you’re newer to the party, here’s what went on, roughly chronologically:

  • tracer’s butt controversy 
  • shield-shatter pharah
  • turret bastion with a fucking reinhardt shield
  • swift-strike bleed effect
  • weekly brawls
  • 150hp zenyatta
  • gremlin d.va
  • that fucking impossible zenyatta achievement
  • d.va dying in her own ult
  • the bug with spawning as a random hero in lucioball and murdering the defenseless opposing lucios
  • tracer recalling inside the payload
  • roadhog hook with extremely questionable mechanics
  • getting competitive mode
  • d.va just being an incredibly shitty hero overall
  • ANA
  • everyone trying to prove shrike ana is sombra
  • the fall of genji
  • ana changing practically the entire metagame
  • getting laugh and sit emotes for everyone
  • canon gremlin d.va emote
  • generous ana/the candy fairies
  • photobombing the bosses in junkenstein’s revenge
  • everyone predicting/drawing ethereal decaying cloaked glitch-ghost sugar skull mask sombra 
  • sombra’s shitty arg
  • actual sombra design leaking. two separate times.
  • SOMBRA [proper character/short release]
  • that first like week on PTR sombra could glitch out of map boundaries
  • d.va still being a shitty hero even after multple buffs
  • roadhog’s hook still going through walls
  • getting arcade mode
  • no longer being able to choose duplicate heroes in QP 
  • gee symmetra how come blizz lets you have TWO ults
  • tremendous amounts of salt over symmetra’s rework
  • “why is mei-rry a legendary”
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E83CtWFkQW0
  • roadhog’s fucking hook
  • n u t y a t t a
  • the glitch in 3v3 where d.va ejected into the void
  • mei escaping watchpoint antartica with her walls
  • blizzard getting upset that people liked getting hit by the cars on oasis more than its jump pad
  • roadhog hook FINALLY getting fixed so it stops going through walls, only to make roadhog 10x more lethal because tagets of hook 2.0 had zero hope of escaping
  • d.va getting a nerf right after she finally became Good
  • gency discourse
  • YotR mei’s glitched ass
  • getting custom servers (and capture the flag!)
  • doomfist doomfist doomfist
  • the bastion changes that were live for two days before getting altered because it allowed him to survive practically every ult in the game
  • ORISA, coming out of nowhere
  • using custom servers as nsfw rp rooms
  • the rise of SPEED BOOSTIO; we all dspstanky now
  • shimada nipple 2 blackwatch boogaloo
  • ingame reyes shrug victory pose

there are A L O T of little balance changes i didn’t list; honorable mention to the 3x consecutive fan-the-hammer nerf, the invulnerable mercy rez patch, and the [almost] fall of ana, and the phrase “fixed a bug allowing reaper to shadow step to unintended locations in x map” appearing in pretty much every single patch since the beginning.
and some onging fanstuff honorable mentions to “hanzo is a fucking furry [and into vore]”, “can we go one fucking event without tracer getting a legendary skin”, “torblefeet” [and just. torbjorn in general.], and the whole dad76/family dynamic among the characters that quickly took hold among fans [and even blizz to an extent!]

the meta is a far cry from where it was in the beginning and there’s so many more ways to play overwatch now than when it’d first started, but it’s always been that same fun game with fun characters; here’s to another year of its evolution, and enjoy the event y’all!

Highlights from Michael Chu’s AMA
  • Fareeha ‘Pharah’ Amari is a classic rock fan (’I am the Rocket Queen!’)

  • About the family Reaper was looking at in Reflections, Chu states that ‘it’s not a random family’.

  • Not every hero will get a short. But all of them will get new interactions

  • Someday they’ll actually do the birthdays of the heroes, “but probably not soon just to make sure we don’t accidentally make some date mistakes in continuity" - Chu

  • Chu states that he would also love to explore more of Hanzo’s story, both before the fight with Genji, and after Dragons, to see what his reaction to confronting his brother again is

  • Genji’s father gave him the nickname of Sparrow, and Sparrow was actually the nickname the devs used for him while Genji was in development

  • It’s still up in the air who answers Overwatch’s recall, and who doesn’t

  • The omnic language is not easily translatable to English. It’s not intended to be a language that humans (who haven’t been augmented) could read easily

  • The Hero short takes place right around the time of the Recall

  • Tracer is apparently, a fan of Diego Costa (and maybe even Chelsea?)

  • There is, apparently, a lot of lore that has been worked out but not
    revealed to the public

  • Examples of this include when they create a new hero/map/story, there is a lot of backstory behind it that they don’t reveal, and will reveal over time

  • Mei and Efi are the best ‘doodlers’ (drawers) in the game
  • Mei loves beef noodle soup
  • Apparently, Torbjörn has a pretty interesting cat that may or may not have a jetpack on it

  • Lúcio gets intense whenever Brazil plays Argentina. (Maybe he’s just tired of hearing Decime qué se siente so much.)

  • Chu also says that moving forward, some of the characters who have been underdeveloped will see some attention, and there will be a focus on Talon as well

  • There will also be further exploration of Widowmaker, and her tragic backstory

  • The Human Hating Gorillas on the moon, like the moon more than they do the earth. So they don’t want to come back down here

  • Revisiting the subject about who knows Reaper’s identity in the current timeline of Overwatch: “To clarify about the Reaper/Reyes thing, yes it is because they have not met in the ‘current day’ of Overwatch. The interactions in the game are meant to be what ifs. I do think that McCree would known that Reaper was Reyes if he encountered him.”

  • And finally, the answer to the most important question of all was never answered:

The world may never know.

The full AMA is right here if you’re interested in reading it.

overwatch hero concept: magician lady. defence hero. wears a tuxedo and a bowtie. very impractical for combat. looks good though.

carries a magic wand. primary fire is a sustained zap. secondary fire is a focused zap.

her shift ability is a dodge where her top half moves left and her bottom half moves right for a couple seconds, splitting her hit box, as a play on the Sawing In Half magic trick.

her E ability is that she pulls flowers from her sleeve. they dont do anything. its just cool

her ultimate is called Pick A Card and it actually just gives her a random ult from another hero which she can deploy instantly. like maybe she’ll suddenly have a dragonblade. maybe she’ll have a teleporter. there’s no way to know until you Pick A Card


Still makes me laugh to this day. :)

I miss Dunn.

anonymous asked:

question. In Luthors why did Kara have to make it a point to say to Lena that Kara Danvers believe in her. Supergirl has saved countless lives and people but never once said oh Kara Danvers believes in you to them.

Well, for personal reasons, no matter how you look at it. It wasn’t like… a part of Supergirl’s job.

**Gay reading**: Kara was being her own wingman.

*What the writers intended*: Kara says it because it was a question Lena has toward the middle of the episode- if Kara believes in her- based on the exchange below:

Lena: “Okay so… tell me. What people are saying?”

Kara: “That you also may have visited… Metallo.”

Lena: “You think that’s something I would do.”

And Kara struggles to come up with an immediate response:

And Lena takes that as confirmation.

Lena: You know Kara you are starting to sound a lot like a reporter and not a friend right now.”

Kara: “I don’t mean to.”

And then Maggie comes in to arrest Lena before Kara can emphasize that she doesn’t think Lena did it.

Now, during the course of the scene, we see that Kara really doesn’t think Lena would do that.

Especially since the immediate reaction to this:


Kara: “Hold on, Maggie, slow down. Let her explain.”

Which are just not the words of someone who was suspicious thirty seconds ago. And we, as viewers, can ascertain from that alone that Kara believes in Lena. But as we can see from Lena’s earlier defensive reaction to Kara just telling her what other people are thinking Lena might have done that Lena is slow to think that people might believe in her.

And Kara knows how important her consistent friendship and support are for Lena because of this. Because Lena has so few positive connections. 

And so when Kara saves Lena, she wants to make sure that it’s not just the Superhero whose job it is to save people and to get down to the truth who believes her.

That who believes her isn’t just a random hero who is already supposed to believe in people, but someone who knows her. Her friend.

So what I think happened, truly, was that from the moment she realized that Lena doesn’t know for sure that Kara believes in her, Kara vowed to make damn sure she figures it out.

“Kara Danvers believes in you.”

“Well that’s what friends are for.”

“Well now you have someone who will stand up for you. Always.”

okay so this is kinda random but, I really like how Horikoshi draws smiles? Like, we all remember Izuku’s shining smile from back in the provisinal licence exam, and one of All Might’s difining features is his blinding grin.

Then there’s Bakugou’s manic smirks, Ochako’s adorable smiles, Tsuyu’s sweet little up turn of the lip, Kirishima’s big unabashed grin that shows off all his teeth, etc.

He draws smiles really well is whatI’m saying and his happy smiles make me happy.

PS: the day we see Eri smile with unrestrained happiness will be the best day of my life, I will take that panel and make it my phone backgroud, my lock screen, my desktop background etc.

What am I even…

Ok so there is a long story behind this gif…
First I wanted to just draw a random OC stretching (first pic of the gif) but due to the difficulty it gave me to draw it, I ended up deciding on just doing some stretching drawing training. And when I ended up adding the details (hair/face/shirt), the hair reminded me so much of Todoroki that I just ended up doing a whole Todoroki stretching collection… T ^Tb

On a side note, he is supposed to yawn on the first pic of the gif… ;;