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so i bought closer last year, and while i was rooting through my books for a law text i needed, i ended up finding it again and gave it another read and it's still as good as the first time around i love it!!

oh my god /// this means so much really THANK YOU 💕 i’m happy you still like it after all this time and that it’s still enjoyable after reading a few times

but i hope it didn’t distract you too much from studying (???)

All we seem to do | Lexi & Shayla

Never in her life did she hate ice cream as much as she did in the moment. Okay, hanging out and just talking about random ass things was find with her, she had a brain and loved to talk but when they add in eating ice cream, that was her biggest mistake. Because when she would look up from staring longly at her cup, Lexi’s tongue would slips out and to catch the reminds of the cream on her lips and it was like Satan himself was punishing her. “Yeah, my place is pretty cool, Tabitha and Delilah aren’t like the worst people to be with and you? How isn’t here?” 

15 characters into a randomizer

Which you can find here. I was tagged by @a-slightcatchoflightning and @casual-laurie so thanks :)

1) Your mum/dad: Caleb Knight (Not going to lie, that would be brilliant! Although not even the dashing Cal could make me want to swap my actual parents!)

2) Your sibling: Rita Freeman (That’d cause some serious sibling rivalry because those cheekbones are perfection!) 

3) Your grandma/grandpa: Zoe Hanna (I think she’s far too young to be a grandma, but I’d happily add her to my family tree!)

4) Haunts you: Jacob Masters (I think I’d rather be dead thanks XD that’s terrifying)

5) Your boyfriend/girlfriend: Lily Chao (I’m down for that tbh!)

6) Your ex: Charlie Fairhead (serious age gap there…I’d rather him be my grandad tbh!)

7) Your best friend: Honey Wright (I think she’d be a lovely best friend! I would love love love that!)

8) Proposed to you: Robyn Miller (Meh, I wouldn’t mind!)

9) Your boss: Connie Beachaump (WHY!!! I guess it’s not that bad)

10) Random person you met at the bar: Noel Garcia (I wouldn’t mind really, he seems alright!)

11) Your rival: Big Mac (o-kay….I suppose that could work!)

12) Gave you your first kiss: David Hide (That seems alright, not ideal, but I could live with it!)

13) Drunk and singing karoke: Ethan Hardy (I would pay serious cash to see this happen! YES PLEASE)

14) Played 7 minutes in heaven with: Louise Tyler (I think she’d probably murder me tbh, so that’s not entirely ideal! Or we could bitch about people which I’d prefer)

15) Gave you your favorite desert: Max Walker (Considering his track record with Curly Wurlys, I reckon this is plausible! Thanks Max!)

I’m tagging @lisaduffin @agender-rapunzel and @nikkinicolei99

tips on how to travel (by bangtan)
  • sleep for 12 hours
  • share your cereal bowl with bae to avoid extra dishes.
  • find a random kid and take a selfie
  • buy starbucks
  • when buying tickets: round trip = up and down
  • ‘taking a break is the best part of hiking’
  • dont be too excited or you’ll die first
  • buy starbucks
  • if you ask for help looking lost enough, people will give you food
  • feel tired? start dancing!!!!!!!!!
  • visa card is your saviour.
  • call foreigners ‘foreigners’ in their own country
  • buy starbucks
  • lose your bag (dont give a damn)
  • lose your tickets (dont give a damn)
  • lose your friends (let them find you lol jungkook)
  • call foreigners ‘foreigners’ in their own country
  • rap for money
  • buy starbucks
  • eat well