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You live close to me, but I'm too shy to go drink a cup of coffee with you.😕 Could you list your interests?

I love watching movies, going for walks (when it’s not cold), talking lots, and finding random new places to explore. I love making new friends, especially if they are close! Feel free to say hi :) 

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  1. attack hugging them
  2. falling asleep on or next to them
  3. giving them the best back massage they’ve ever had
  4. holding their hand for the first time
  5. hugging them from behind when they weren’t expecting it
  6. hugging them way too tightly
  7. kissing their forehead or cheek
  8. kissing their neck
  9. kissing them softly on the lips
  10. playfully whacking them with a pillow
  11. sneaking up behind them and blowing a raspberry on their neck
  12. surprise kissing them
  13. telling them they love them for the first time
  14. tickling them
  15. waking them up by holding them and playing with their hair

   ㅡ I finally got the 300 followers   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ♡*:・゚✧

So this it’s my gift, it’s not that perfect because I’m still learning how to make poses xDD I suck at put original names tho LOL  I hope you all like this n_n 

They came for PoseList and if you don’t want the 7 poses you can just use the “Pose By name”. I put the same pictures in the folder so you can see them with the name n_n 

The plant one was made for pose with plants obviously, but I don’t know if you want to use big or little plants so that’s why that pose have 2 variations xD

And the Pouting and  Resting have the same face preview because I forgot to take the pouting one and they are basically the same so yeah…

The makeup and eyelashes maybe will look awful because of the happy eyesmile of the poses.

Well, enjoy the poses! ♡ *:・゚✧


You know what I’d find really interesting? Seeing the average player storyline from all the Dragon Age Keeps. Like, gather all the data people have put into that, all the choices players have made for their canon storylines going through the games, and work out the average game experience. For every important game choice, to see what most people ultimately went with.

I feel like it would be really interesting to see. There are some things I’m sure I could guess the outcome of: I’d predict Alistair would almost certainly be on the throne of Ferelden…I’m sure more people would side with the mages than the Templars in all the games…I’d bet good money that those who chose to desecrate Andraste’s ashes are in the small minority.

But then there are other things I find it more difficult to guess. Would most players execute Anders at the end of Dragon Age 2, or let him live? Who is the most common person to end up as Divine Victoria? The most common person for a Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor to romance?

The Dragon Age series is intended to be all about player choices, so what did we, as the vast fandom of this franchise, collectively decide to choose to be the story?

The Dragon Age Keep presumably has all this data, and I WANT TO SEE CHARTS AND STATISTICS GOSH DARN IT.