What I would love right now.

I would love for a guy to text me right now and tell me to be ready by 11am on Saturday so we can go to the zoo or play putt putt, then to go get lunch and a movie after that. When all that’s done we drive around for an hour or so, find some random place to park and just talk about anything and everything, we could go get snacks to eat in the car while talking, we could just go walk a trail while talking. I just want a nice date. Hell he doesn’t even have to pay for me. Just someone that enjoys being with me as much as I enjoy being with him.

concept: random men stop finding ways into my life. me, not letting them in. me, no longer wondering about what people want from me or what someone’s intentions are. me, no longer letting my hopes override my reality. me, at peace.

kikychandesu replied to your post “I feel like all the flags are pointing towards Seido not getting to…”

I kinda think that sensei want to make this ‘anything’s possible’ situation. I kinda imagine there’ll be another kouhakusen but in more random way to find the best players from a bunch of members, including those from regulars and non-regulars. They really need to do something with the batting line-up

this chapter last chapter kinda confirmed the changes are coming and there are few things that needs to be addressed. I was craving some direct battling for regulars position and new blood showing up so I’ll be really glad if that happens. as for not making it to koushien this summer, for sure nothing is certain. and now when I’m thinking about it at this very moment i have the feeling like even if they got there they would be dead in first round anyway …and mei woud stay shut in his room forever muhahaha

can ya’ll believe natsu said lucy is precious to him that one time 
can ya’ll believe movie natsu was written to have feelings for lucy 
can ya’ll believe natsu uprooted a pretty tree and sent it passed lucy’s house cause she was sick and wanted to cheer her up
can ya’ll believe lucy said she’s lonely without him 
can ya’ll believe they have done that forehead touch thing 
can ya’ll believe the amount of hug scenes there are
can ya’ll believe nalu almost kissed that one time
can ya’ll believe drunk lucy is like overly affectionate with natsu
can ya’ll believe that asuka thought they were married 
can ya’ll believe how proud natsu is when lucy fights 
can ya’ll believe that natsu wants to give lucy gifts of random things whenever he finds something cool 
can ya’ll believe how many characters reckon they’re in love with each other
can ya’ll believe natsu cried when he saw f!lucy die even tho present lucy was right there and well
can ya’ll believe lucy was being beaten up by kain but never left natsu when he told her too bc ‘its always more fun when we’re together’

when will your fav otp ever