• Widowmaker: so, did you catch him?
  • Reaper: no, he got away
  • Widowmaker: Really? I figured some random Monkey would be no match for the world’s greatest detective, no, wait, that’s BATMAN!
  • Widowmaker: and you’re not Batman are you? You will NEVER be Batman
  • Reaper: HEY FUCK YOU!
  • Reaper:
  • Reaper: that…cut surprisingly deep, well played
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Context: The DM had a pocket dimension set up for half the dungeon. The players decided to Dispel Magic while inside the pocket dimension. Unknowing of what was happening, they turned to look at the DM, who was just sitting there, poker-facing his way through it all. 

“Okay,” he said. “This should be a TPK, but I’m going to roll and use a randomized list to figure out where you all end up.”

Now he has to re-plan the second half of the dungeon. 

Another drawing challenge where I continue a previous challenge, but add a new rule to it. In this case, I wanted to draw sketchy poses that were messy but still readable, but wanted it to be sequential poses rather than random poses. I figured I may as well turn it into an animation while I was at it.

Since I rarely animate, I wanted to mix things up and tried to animate straight ahead in a way I normally never do to see how it felt. Usually the way I animate is doing very loose key sketches to see the movement (Which you can see me fall back on around the 40 min mark), but here, I just wanted to see if I could wing it without much info. 

Also, uploaded this video in real time so you can see how painfully slow I draw sometimes.

How to Make Wigs for your Sims

This is kind of a random tutorial, but I figured if you want to switch up your sims hair colors for different outfits without all of them changing, you can use it.

What you’ll need:

  • Sims 4 Studio
  • Blender

                                                Read under the cut!

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crossroaddreamer  asked:

Kinda random thing that I figured I'd ask. A close friend of mine who is heavily active in the lgbt community describes me as nonbinary because I don't give a crap what gender I am described to be. Like...I'm ok with being nonbinary yet I still don't care? Does not caring about gender still count, like not wanting to be either gender does?

Honestly, it’s all labels anyway. Pick whatever label you want to have. And if you don’t care, then pick one arbitrarily. Or don’t pick at all.

I mean… I’m a person who’s attracted to men and women and nonbinary folks. I have decided to label myself as Bisexual. I could easily have labeled myself as Pansexual or Polysexual but I decided not to. And that’s all there is to it. Cause at the end of the day it’s just a label meant to communicate an idea to the world and give you a sense of belonging. It’s a bumper sticker on the car that is you. They’re nice to have sometimes but ultimately don’t define you.


Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

Summary: Where Y/N ends up in a love triangle with Bobby & Mino. Well there’s only one way to result this right?

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @ygboys-ot11 for the gif

Members: Bobby & Mino from MOBB x female reader

Rating: Mature

Words: 1595 

Notes: based off this request

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*smh* The average adorable New Fan™ these days is so blissful they sometimes make mistakes on the sport’s very name. Y’all, it’s called figure skating, not figure jumping, yeah? 

If you insist on thinking of it as figure jumping anyway, you might want to at least make sure you’re talking about jumps like this:

Step-jump-spin, in speed and in style, in seamless transition, with a dash of choreography to liven up the landing, yeah?

Or, in the words of a certain Mr Kurt Browning, four-time World Champion:

He has a flippant way of getting into his jumps, a carefree, off the cuff way of skating down the ice, reaching back, change edge, tilt the shoulder, whoosh, do a triple lutz. It’s like a magician who goes, look over, look over here, poof, a rabbit.  

One Of Their Siblings Walks In On You The Morning After ♡ Preference

Daniel; Waking up with Daniel kissing your neck, you smiled instantly. “Good morning, beautiful” He smiled, you trying to wake yourself up a little more. “God, You’re so beautiful, you know that?” Daniel smiled, even thought you look like you had just been to hell and back, but he still thought you looked like the most beautiful girl in the world. He had just gotten home from tour, his manager letting all the boys go home for a week or so, and of course, you had to come visit him while he was home. “Baby, I look like trash” You chuckled, as Daniel shook his head, disagreeing. “You’re” “Beautiful” He said, in between kisses. You shook your head, wanting to disagree more, but before you could, Anna barged into the room, having plans for the day. “You slept in, Daniel. Mom wants us to go to a fami- wait, y/n slept over?” She questioned, shocked that she didn’t see you come in. “Hi” You smiled, awkwardly waving your hand. “Can’t you see we’re in the middle of something here?” Daniel gestured towards the both of you.”Wh-Ohhh. Well still, Mom wants to go out for lunch, y/n, feel free to join” She smiled, leaving you two alone and exiting the room. 

Jack; The sun shining in your face you opened your eyes, revealing a still sleeping Jack. You smiled to yourself, taking in all his small features, like the freckles on the bridge of his nose, spreading out to his cheek, how his hair still seamed perfect, even though he was sleeping. You roamed your hands around the bed for your phone, not knowing where it went from last night, everything happening so quickly. Getting up off the bed, you where quickly pulled back, Jack pulling you back towards the bed. “Babygirl, where are you going?” He questioned, his voice raspy from just waking up. “I-I’m leaving. You don’t want your family to know about us, I’m just trying to leave before your mom or one of your sisters walks in. “Just come cuddle, five more minuets” He propositioned, eyes still closed. 

You gave in to his protests, snuggling yourself back into Jack’s arms. Isla somehow saw you sit up in Jack’s bed, instantly rushing over to see if you wanted to play with her. She rushed to your side of the bed, pulling your arm. “Oh y/n! You want to come play dolls with me?” She questioned, eyes lighting up at the thought. “Maybe Later” You smiled, trying to get her to leave the room before something happened. As she continued to beg for you to get up and play dolls with her, she somehow moved the blanket from your upper body, revealing you’re not wearing any clothes. “Mom! Jack and y/n are naked in bed!” She screamed, instalty running away from you and Jack and into Jack’s mothers room. “Well, our family knows about us now” Jack whispered, smiling as he kissed your nose.

Jonah; “Jo, Mom made breakfast, she wan-” Esther barged into Jonah’s room, waking you both up quickly. “Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?” Jonah hissed, covering up his upper body, you doing the same. Her gaze instantly went to the floor, a blush appearing on her cheeks. “uh, hi, yeah, um, Jo mom made breakfast, u-uh, hi y/n” She rushed, slowly backing out of Jonah’s room, not being able to get out fast enough. “That was a way to wakeup” You chuckled, sitting up in the bed. “You’re really going to leave me?” Jonah fake pouted, you turning around giving him a quick peck on the lips. “Breakfast sounds amazing, Jo” You smiled, throwing on one of Jonah’s oversized shirts and your shorts from the night before.

You both making your way downstairs, Jonah’s mother had already set your all your food at your designated seat, always placing you and Jonah next to each other. Making your way to the table, you noticed everyone’s eyes on you and Jonah, Ester must have said something. Jonah must have not noticed, because he went straight to his seat and started eating. You felt so embarrassed, his whole family now knowing of your actions. “Jo-Jonah is that a trail of hi-hickeys trailing down your stomach?” His mom choked out. All eyes turned to Jonah, watching as he finished his pancake. “Yeah?” He questioned, shrugging it off as if it was nothing. 

Corbyn; “That was..” Corbyn trailed off, not being able to finish his sentence, just wanting to enjoy the time he had with you while he could. Living in LA had it’s perks, but it also had it’s downs. Corbyn was moving out in a few months, forming a band with his four best friends. Corbyn couldn’t wait another month until he moved to LA, he wanted to see you now. He randomly bought you a plane ticket at one in the morning, just a spur of the moment thing. “I missed you” You smiled, smile forming on your lips. Corbyn’s door swinging open sent you both into a panic. You flew in late, so Corbyn’s mom didn’t know you and stayed the night. Lucky for you both, It was Corbyns sister; Ashley. “So, I was thinking, today we could go to the mall, since you always want another pair of shoes,” She walked over to his swivel chair, spinning it a few times as she continued her thoughts. “And then maybe we could go to the carnival? I heard it ends tonight, so we should 100% go.” 

While she was talking, your face turned bright red, while Corbyn jus sat their, watching as she rambled on. “You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed” Corbyn chuckled, giving you a quick kiss on the cheek, Ashley just continued to ramble on about the plans she had for the day. Finally finishing her thoughts, she finally noticed you in Corbyns bed. “Oh my god, y/n, have you been their the whole time? I thought you wren’t coming until tonight” She confessed, you just nodding your head. “Nope, I flew in late last night.” “And why are you- oh my god” She blushed, “She slept over, what else did I expect” She laughed, “We’re leaving in 20 minuets, you both better be ready” She stated, finally leaving the room.

Zach; Zach’s alarm waking you up, you turn towards Zach, snuggling into his chest, struggling for warmpth. Zach propped himself up on this shoulder, using his free arm to draw random figures along your arm, causing you to finally open your eyes. “So?” Zach chuckled, you both not breaking eye contact. “So?” You both said nothing, just staring into each others eyes, until you where interrupted by Reece. “Zach, Mom wanted me to tell you-” You both turned towards her, trying to cover yourself up as much as possible. She just stops in her tracts, before turning and running out of Zach’s rom, calling for her mom down the hall. “Well that’s a way to wake up” Zach chuckled, giving you a quick kiss on the neck, seconds later, Myta walking in, completely oblivious to you and Zach. 

“So, I was thinking you could we-” Finally noticing you and Zach tangled up in the covers. “You didn-” Myta exclaimed, raising a brow at you both. You and Zach exchanged a glance, before Zach looked back to his mother, not saying a word. “Zachary Dean” She exclaimed, tossing the button down shirt she had in her hands on you and Zach “Well that was quite the way to wake up” Zach chuckled, you hitting him on the shoulder, before getting off the bed and starting to get dressed.

a/n: another preference! I actually got this idea when I was drifting off to sleep last night, and thought it would be a really good idea, so I wrote it down, and of course, didn’t go to bed for like 2 more hours :’). and, as always, feel free to leave feedback/requests here :)

Hello Haikyuu fandom!

For this exchange, you will be given a fantasy/mythical creature or figure at random. This will be the creature your gift has to be based on. (We are still accepting creatures to be added to the list)

To sign up as a creator/receiver: Please fill out this FORM so we can keep track of the entries and pair people up. 

To sign up as a pinch server: Please fill out this FORM. These are the people who are willing to create an additional gift in case someone drops out, or if there’s an uneven number of participants. You do not have to participate in the event to join as a pinch server. 

Additional info, as well as rules and the types of gifts acceptable, can be found here

This exchange does require an email, it is strictly for contacting purposes and will not be shared with anyone. 

Some rules and guidelines:
1) We will try to pair you up as closely as possible to your interests. If for some reason you feel like you were not paired correctly, please contact us and we will try our best to fix it.
2) If you would like to change the creature you were given, please contact us and we will randomly select a new one for you. You can do this as many times you like.
3) Nsfw must be put under a ‘read more’ and be tagged as such.
4) Everything must be tagged appropriately.
5) Any and all questions will be answered, just go here, or contact us on our email (fantasyhaikyuuexchange@gmail.com)
6) The gifts will be due in October. Posting is scheduled to be October 15 to October 31. If there are any changes are made, we will contact all participants. 
7) If you cannot make the date, or want to drop out of the exchange, please tell us before August 18th. Please also tell us if you change your url during the duration of the exchange.
8) We will be tracking the tag #fantasyhaikyuuexchange so please make sure to have it in the first five (5) tags.

***EDIT: These forms will be open until June 1st so please reblog to spread the info! ****

Hell’s Fire

genre: Lay Demon!Au Smut
type: drabble/scenario
characters: Lay, EXO, reader
Do not re-post without permission or use in any way, this is my work.
This was requested by our lovely Yixing Anon. love chu baby. Xoxo, Ara~

It burns, the way he touches me. It burns, every time his hands wander through my body, every time he draws random figures with his fingertips over my skin.
It burns, being the same room as him.

The first time I saw Yixing, I never expected him to be what he turned out to be. Of course you never expect anyone to come from the underworld; but him, specially him, he couldn’t be from there.

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chemistry, part 3

Originally posted by stilesstilinski37

pairings: teacher!dylan o'brien x student!reader.

warnings: cursing.

a/n: took me long enough, but it’s out! I really hope you’re enjoying this series as much as I’m enjoying writing it.

word count: 3,6k+

part one - part two

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genre: Chen [Not smut but eh intimate xD]
type: drabble/scenario
characters: Jongdae, reader
Do not re-post without permission or use in any way, this is my work.

I never imagined that feeling his touch would become so important to me. Never imagined I would only look forward to that day in the week when we meet. 

When we started this, I never imagined it would stop being so casual for me; that it would become so meaningful. The way he kissed my lips, passionately as it was. The way he stared into my eyes, as we both undressed in silence. 

The way Jongdae made love to me in so many different positions. The way, my heart beat every time I heard his voice. 

I was falling in love with him, I was falling in love with someone I agreed to have no strings attached.

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anonymous asked:

Idea I've had and spent too much time thinking about; So there's this chocolate game called bite the bullet. Villain!Izuku gets ahold of that (or a bunch of sets of it) and decides one ridiculously spicy chocolate isn't enough. So he goes through them to get 5 super spicy ones and 1 normal one (through trial and error, he can get a 1000 cacti he can get a lot of these things). He doesn't tell any of the players he did this switch. Que shenanigans. For extra hilarity Bakugou gets the normal one

Anonymous said: Have you heard of those russian roulette chocolates? Where one of them has a super spicy thing inside? Imagine villain Izuku handing out those at random, or figuring out which ones are spicy and challenging several people with a 6 pack of spicy ones.

he would do it. he invites himself to a class 1-a hangout and proudly presents them with the box of chocolates as a gift, says, “one of them is a little spicy, so watch out!” and disappears. class 1-a is slightly suspicious, because figuring out the trap in izuku’s actions is never this easy, is it? but also, it’s chocolate, and it seems benign enough, so they take some chocolates anyways. 

the chaos that happens when everyone discovers their chocolate is spicy, is nothing compared to when they find out that everyone’s chocolate but bakugou’s is spicy. this is god-tier shenanigans and i approve of it

anonymous asked:

Junkrat x male s/o soul mate au where they have tattoos of each others names from birth.

Finally wrote this!

- You were born with the name, so you knew your soulmate was older than you

- The name Jamison Fawkes is written on your left arm in red; a brilliant red, the color of fire

- One day it turns blood red and you don’t know what it means

- The color fades back to what it was before but the color still seems angrier than before, and there’s a metallic sheen if you catch it just right in the sun

- You look everywhere but can’t find him

- Then you see his name on the news. He’s a wanted criminal from Australia, on a crime spree across the world

- You don’t know what to do. You don’t tell anybody, hide the tattoo, and pray nobody remembers the name on your arm and makes the connection

- You decide to make a plan. You look down at the name on your atm, wondering what you should fo

- Five minutes later you’re throwing your things in a small bag

- He’s your soulmate, you’re gonna go to him. You feel like his name on your arm is calling to you, telling you to go

- Surely it will work out between you, you’re soulmates. Even if it doesn’t, you’d never forgive yourself if you didn’t try

- You track their movements, figuring out where they’re going to strike next. It’s random there is no figuring it out, you realize.

- Dumb luck drops you into their path when they’re robbing a bank

- Without knowing what else to do, you yell your name at him. He looks over at you as you’re motioning to the name on your arm

- He has no idea what to do, he didn’t think soulmates were real

- It’s Mako who grabs you and drags you with them. He may gate the world, but he’s not going to stop soulmates from meeting

- So there you are, on the run with two dangerous criminals. The winds in your hair, there’s gold in the back seat, danger in the air, and you’re with your soulmate

- He’s not what you imagined, but you have the suspicion that’s it’s going to better than you ever dreamed