Well, I subscribed to MotoGP VideoPass for the rest of the season. I accidentally tripped and fell into the MotoGP fandom and there is no going back. *insert I Regret Nothing gif here*

And just…VIDEOPASS. F1 was my first motorsport (or sport of any kind, really), so this is my first experience with a different series. And this is one of a number things that have made me go WHY DON’T WE HAVE THIS IN F1?

It’s so NICE! For like $6 per race you can watch every session (of MotoGP and the lower categories!) plus interviews and press conferences and everything live and on demand. It works on mobile too! Like F1, there’s no way to watch in the US if you don’t have a TV or cable, and this is SO much nicer than laggy, ad-plastered illegal livestreams, and you can watch sessions later instead of getting up at 3am to catch FP1 live because it’s your only chance!

And on top of that you get access to over 20 years of full races and interviews and reports! I’m an intensely nerdy fan and I devour Wikipedia articles and old videos. I want to know the context of current situations and understand all the references. I’m constantly looking for video of a classic overtake a commentator mentioned or a press conference moment from two years ago that I read about in a fic. So this is heaven for me. I’ve been an F1 fan for nearly 3 years now and I think I’m pretty knowledgeable about the previous several years, but it’s mostly from reading. So many notable races and moments I’ve heard about, often there’s nowhere to watch them. FOM wants to take down every little video clip, but they don’t provide any other way to watch them! 

I would be SO HAPPY to let FOM or whoever TAKE MY MONEY for this kind of access to F1. Like, in a heartbeat. But no, they’re too busy restricting broadcast rights and viewing options more and more, jacking up ticket prices, forbidding people to post a 10-second snapchat from the paddock, and filing copyright claims on a 23-second clip of a post-qualifying press conference from 2007. And then they moan about how F1 is dwindling in popularity these days.

Everyone gets all emotional and stressed and salty about the racing and the politics of F1 and I get that, but THIS kind of thing is what REALLY infuriates me about F1. Because while it has plenty of issues, F1 is still a great sport and so much fun (emotional distress notwithstanding), but there are just so many OBVIOUS things that would make it SO MUCH BETTER for fans. Because fans are why the sport even exists, but it’s like they TRY to make it as hard as possible to even BE a fan. I love F1 and F1 doesn’t seem to care in the slightest about me as a fan, and that makes me MAD.

So anyway, sorry for the rant but I’m just kind of in love with MotoGP’s VideoPass because it’s just so….NICE, and easy to use, and it makes it so EASY to watch things how and when I want them! It’s like…they actually WANT me to be able to watch and enjoy their sport! Imagine that! Compared to the time I spend as an F1 fan looking for crappy livestreams and wrangling with dodgy VPNs at uncivilized hours of the night, it’s freaking amazing.

I realize that with F1 the answer is usually “because that would actually make sense,” but….WHY DON’T WE HAVE THIS IN F1?

I had this really weird dream last night and I just remembered it. But basically, Len saw a truck carrying the (canon) Flash/Barry Allen figures and he really wanted all of the figures, so he froze the entire road and looked the driver deadass in the eye and said “It’s MY truck now”

lagraziana  asked:

1, 13, 36 and 57 ♥ ?

1: Top 3 ice cream flavors:

Mint Choc Chip - Lemon - Banana

13: Top 3 tv shows:

none, I don’t watch TV unless it’s sports xD

36: Top 3 books from your childhood:

ohhhh man…I have no idea xD I rly liked this book that features a family of mouses, cause the drawings were so nice (in one of the stories there were LOTS OF CAKES and they looked so yummy!) then um, maybe the rainbow fish? And there was a horse series for kids, I really liked it but I only ever got to read like 2 of the books :/ and I really wanted to know what happens to the girl and that cute guy (whose name was Rufus I think, which is a name I’ve grown to love xD)

57: Top 3 cheesy romance movies:

I recently watched this super old movie, You’ve Got Mail! And I love it ;_; also old and cheesy, tho probably not 100% a romance, is one of my fave movies ever, Clueless! And then…I honestly haven’t watched enough romances…just dance and music movies and teen stuff xD so if anyone has recommendations…hit me up!


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buang (ng wika)

“Wait lang, I’m just making asikaso something in the banyo.”

“Alright.” Sergio simply says, eyeing his best friend’s bare back, blatantly displayed from the wide open bathroom door. Manoy’s movements are sharp and heavy at the same time, propelled onward by an angry energy. He’s making tampo and Sergio would roll his eyes if he weren’t the cause.

“Is something the matter?” he asks, instead, trying not to laugh when Manoy temporarily sputters in indignation before continuing his little beauty routine, running a comb through his floofy hair.

“Wala. Nothing.” Manoy replies, through poorly concealed gritted teeth. “Why? Do I look like I’m making dabog? I’m not making dabog. Swear.”

Sergio feels the corners of his lips curl up in a small smile, amused. For a short second, he contemplates putting off the surprise for a little while longer, just to hear Manoy butcher both the English and Filipino language further (perhaps, if he played his cards right, he’d get him to say “You’re acting like such a nakakainis na dumi” again), but then his best friend very nearly throws down his Bulgari cologne bottle (his most prized possession) in irritation, and Sergio thinks– 6 billion people, and I’m in love with this baby damulag?

“Hey.” Sergio says when Manoy finally whirls around to look at him. He’s glaring one of those reserved for unfair profs glares again, and it would be a little frightening if there wasn’t such a clear undercurrent of hurt simmering beneath. “What?”

“You forgot.” Manoy whines, like a kicked puppy. “We’ve been sending each other cards every year since we were ten, but now that we’re here and actually together, Serg, you fucking forgot.”

He shakes his head. “What makes you think I forgot?”

Manoy throws his gaze to the floor. “Where were you this morning, then?” he demands, the glare gone, replaced by such a lost look. “I woke up to check on you and you weren’t anywhere.”

Sergio swallows, heart lodged in his throat. He’s always the first person on Manoy’s mind in the morning, and although he’s convinced Manoy does this with everyone, it’s still something Sergio isn’t used to.

“I went out.” he explains, taking a step forward, and another when Manoy makes no move to pull away. He’s standing there, rigged, and Sergio reaches out to cup the back of his head. He wants to put the hand on Manoy’s cheek, but he resists the urge and instead gives Manoy’s nape an affectionate squeeze. “I went out to get your gift.”

His best friend perks up at the mention, wariness written in his eyes. “What?”

“I couldn’t pick it up yesterday, so I had Carlos get it for me.” Sergio explains, smiling when Manoy begins to relax, leaning into the touch of his hand. “He thinks it’s a good gift– ‘It’ll satisfy his need to play god’ that’s what he said.”

Manoy frowns. “Carly is so nice.”

“He is.” Sergio agrees, removing his hand. Immediately, Manoy whines at the loss of contact, and Sergio grins, bringing out the parcel from behind his back. It’s a rectangular gift, wrapped in manila paper with unintelligible words scribbled across one side– plain, really, but Manoy’s eyes light up when he sees it, like he had just been presented the most precious thing on the face of the earth.

Instantly, Sergio feels sheepish.

“It isn’t much,” he says, when his best friend takes it from him and starts ripping through the paper. He steels himself for disappointment, and shoves his hands in his pockets. “You just kept on complaining about your chess board and how you keep losing pieces so I got you this magnetic one–”

Before he can finish, he’s wrapped in a tight, tight hug.

“I love it.” Manoy says, the words a soft whisper in the crook of Sergio’s neck. “You’re amazing.”

Sergio colours, but he wraps his arms around his best friend anyway, careful to forget that fact that the other boy is pretty much half-naked, and rests his chin on Manoy’s shoulder.

“I could never forget you.” he says, feeling a little breathless. “Happy birthday, you ass.”

Manoy laughs and hugs him a little closer.

AHA! I figured it out!

There has been something nagging in the back of my mind ever since seeing the Stranger Things posters downtown a while back. 

It isn’t the hype that interested me, it isn’t the reviews, it was something else. When I saw this poster I actually thought it said, Stephen King and it was nagging at me why it screamed his name. 

I was an avid kind reader in the 80s, I could be seen walking around school with a book in my hand, devouring one book after another. I also have a good memory for covers. Just today I suddenly realized why this image made me think Stephen King before reading about it online and here it is. 

The font used for his name on the cover of Needful Things of all thing looks very similar to the one they made for Stranger things. It is silly that something like this would gnaw at me like this, but at the same time I’m happy to see that I was right, that it wasn’t my imagination about the font. 

The dumb things I get excited about. Now I’m actually interested in this. It brings back memories of when I used to write about the connections between all his works and draw up maps relating his works to Lovecraft… yeah… I was that kind of kid… and yes, before you ask, I was the head of the RPG club back then too. 

Anyways, that is enough out of me and my musing. 

I had an Idea for a action figure custom to take the basic Marvel Legends teenage girl body mold (seen here with the Anya Corazon Spider-girl) and turn it into a fully posable Ladybug from Miraculous Ladybug. However since I don’t have the money nor talent to pull it off, I’ll just leave this here in the hopes that someone who is better skilled at customizing can pull it off. Basically the idea is a full repaint of the Marvel Legend figure, and adding the Ladybug head to the body (though some modding might be needed to make the head fit, I’m not sure). 

hinotorisan replied to your post “I see ask meme and I’m meme trash and clearly I don’t know enough…”

High pitched voice feelis here too. Today I looked masculine enough to see something clicking inside the pipe dudes head but probably got ruined by the fucking voice.

God yeah, fucking VOICES man OTL Like, you dress to impress (upon the fact that you’re male, or presenting as such in any case) and almost get the point across, only to speak and suddenly it’s “oh, hello mam” and “thank you miss” or “have a good night young lady”. FUCKING END ME. THIS DRIVES ME INSANE. And the worst part is, because of my current environment, I can’t even correct them because I’d probably lose my job, and my name tag has my birth name on it since I can’t change that either yet even though it sounds somewhat feminine…just shoot me please. 

Random bit of trivia for you though, since it occurred to me that you might be curious, but I chose the name Tavia because one, you can shorten it to Tavi or Tav, both which sound male and are cute, I like ‘em~, and two, because I was originally going to be named that at birth! The reason being it was the name my mom had for her most treasured teddy bear as a young girl, but they changed their mind at the last minute and I got stuck with…well…something else; my birth name has no actual significance, unlike all my siblings, so yeah feeling the love. I like Tavia because my mom never saw a gender for her bear, she still doesn’t refer to it as “he” or “she” when she reminisces, and seeing how it was ALMOST my name ANYWAY, well, I have a bit of attachment to it. Yay for nonbinary bear ahahaha~♥

it had been a long week. a very long week. he’d gone to a funeral for a man who had apparently cared enough about liam to have left him with an inheritance of sorts, he’d done a photoshoot to earn about a thousand dollars - would’ve been more but he refused some more intimate shots out of respect for ace. and now, in his second week, he was preparing to meet a family he’d thought to be deadbeats for longer than he could remember. he looked over at ace as they sat in the car looking at the house across the street from them. “we should go. like let’s go to the hotel or the beach or anywhere but here. they could be serial killers and they’re luring us in. we don’t know anything about them. let’s go somewhere and we can spend time together and i can do that thing you really like,” he said looking at ace hoping he’d take it and they could just leave. “c'mon, i’ve got a tan on my ass and i know you’ve missed me.” @ssssssteph


         robb never had any problem inviting him to sit anywhere and with alec, it wasn’t much different. not the first time, hardly the last. “can i pay you to do my homework? he questioned, taking a bite of his apple as if it was the most casual thing in the world. i’m kidding.”