Did that get your attention now?


Grab a chair, get comfy, and let’s talk about the figure skating fandom. Fear not, this will be short.

I have noticed my dashboard exploding with Yuzuru Hanyu, and I figured it’s about time people noticed figure skating. The sad thing, FS is a dying sport. Not a lot of people take it seriously. The fact that FS is gaining the attention of fans because it’s Olympic season makes me happy, but at the same time, it also frustrates me because most people just go ‘Oh Yuzu is cute, very anime, such kpop, blahblahblah’.

I am not blaming new fans. They’re just finding out about Yuzu’s adorableness. That’s okay, I understand.

What’s not okay is reposting gifs, and making insensitive/flat out rude remarks that seriously hurts the longtime fans. In fact, most Yuzuru fans plan to be on hiatus until this whole 'Tumblr is in love with Yuzuru’ craze goes down.

'But I’m really interested and I want to know more about FS!’

We’re gonna get along. Go to these two forums, Golden Skate and ISU Figure Skating Forum . It’s okay to lurk first. And once you sign up, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some elitist fans will probably ignore you, but trust me when I say that there are enthusiasts who would be happy to teach you about axels, lutzes, ina bauers, etc. If you want to go somewhere a little less serious, try ONTD Skating. For a FS related blog with witty and infectious writing, I recommend you check out Morozombie.

'I’m just interested in Yuzuru, really.’

Got it. Go to this site: Yuzuru Hanyu Translations.  Visit his international forum.  Participate, discuss, cry over Pooh.

'I wanna stay on tumblr.’

No problemo. magicaleggplant, 9ri, yunamao-gifs, jardinaquatique, heltra91, nonchan1023,&  theicedancekingdom are good places to start. There are a lot more blogs dedicated to FS, but if you’re serious about immersing yourself in the slippery ice of FS world, you’d soon find them by yourself.

'Other stuff plz.’
Figure skater siblings Alex and Maia Shibutani have a youtube account (ShibSibs) where they upload their crazy adventures on and off-ice. There’s also a yearly ice show called ’The Ice’ which features my queen the most adorable and most determined girl in the world Mao Asada, as well as prominent and up-and-coming figure skaters.

'I only like FS every 4 years, teehee!’
I’ll fight you.


TL;DR: Take this time to know more about the wonderful world of figure skating, but never forget to give respect to the skaters and the fans.



Top Panic! At The Disco songs;

Oh, how it’s been so long, we’re so sorry we’ve been gone, we were busy writing songs for…you don’t have to worry ‘cause we’re still the same band.

He can be my first aid personnel all day everyday ~


The signs as “WTF, spn?” moments

Aries: All of Changing Channels.

Taurus: The fact that they used Paris Hilton in an episode and it worked beautifully.

Gemini: The unicorn that farted rainbows.

Cancer: All of Hunteri Heroici

Leo: Everything about the books, from finding them in 4x18 through the fantastic musical in 10x05.

Virgo: All of The French Mistake.

Libra: The talking, suicidal teddy bear in Wishful Thinking.

Scorpio: The slow-dancing alien in Tall Tales.

Sagittarius: All of Dog Dean Afternoon.

Capricorn: Clap Your Hands If You Believe and this little moment right here.

Aquarius: This.

Pisces: This two-gif moment.

despite any joking posts I reblog I want everyone to know that for s12 I will always be pro Mary Winchester being suuuuper skeptical of Cas the first few episodes and being very disapproving of him being around because he’s a supernatural being at the end of the day, and only eventually growing less weary of him/fond of him when she sees just how much he cares about Dean and Sam, and Dean and Sam caring about Cas 


“I will hunt you down wherever you are hiding, and I will eliminate you.

I am justice.”