Willa Monday (Maddie Hasson) The Finder (2012)
Leo: Are you pregnant Willa?

Willa: I’m a virgin Leo. So unless I’m carrying the Messiah, no.


Patience Phillips (Halle Berry) Catwoman (2004)

The day I died was the day I started to live. In my old life, I longed for someone to see what was special in me. You did, and for that, you’ll always be in my heart. But what I really needed was for me to see it. And now I do. You’re a good man, Tom. But you live in a world that has no place for someone like me. You see, sometimes I’m good. Oh, I’m very good. But sometimes I’m bad. But only as bad as I wanna be. Freedom is power. To live a life untamed and unafraid is the gift that I’ve been given, and so my journey begins.


Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults) The Finder (2012)

I'ma risk it.


Kara Zor-El/Linda Lee/Supergirl (Helen Slater) Supergirl

Kara: [in response to Zaltar’s pessimism about escaping the Phantom Zone] You’re right. You’re absolutely right. There is enough doom and gloom in the air already. And, it is better to accept defeat than to take a chance and try like fools to redeem ourselves, and save our city and all those who we love there, plus all the people on earth that this wicked sorceress is going to make suffer, just because of us. Cheers. 

[raises nozzle in mock toast]

Zaltar: We could die trying.

Kara: We won’t. We won’t. Come on!


Kate Lockley (Elisabeth Röhm) Angel the Series (1999-2001)

He forgot how to be anything but a cop a long time ago. And maybe - maybe that’s-that’s why I became a cop, too. After Mom died, you stopped, you know. It was like you couldn’t stand the sight of me. Her face, her eyes looking up at you. But big girls don’t cry, right? You said, gone’s gone and there’s no use wallowing. Worms and dirt and nothing, forever. Not one word about a better place. You couldn’t even tell a scared little girl a beautiful lie.


Jane Grant (Charisma Carpenter) See Jane Date (2003)

I somehow let myself be convinced that a woman is not normal unless she has a boyfriend. But you know what? I am normal . At least I am the same amount of normal I would be with a boyfriend. And it’s not about the boyfriend. I have a really good life. I have a life that’s full of more meaningful things than depleting  the world of the color ‘precious peach’! I’m not gonna let anyone make me feel less of my life because I don’t have a boyfriend.


Selina Kyle (Michelle Pfeiffer) Batman Returns (1992)

Life’s a bitch, now so am I.


Isabel Zambada (Mercedes Masöhn) The Finder (2012)

My love life is the opposite of crazy-stupid. It’s sane-smart.


Tegan Walker (Charisma Carpenter) Gr33k

Tegan Walker: Casey, why do you think I took this job? It’s my way of staying a part of this world that I cared about. But I am not a sorority girl anymore.
Casey Cartwright: You are the mentor.
Tegan Walker: Yes. Which means I’m the bitch that everybody hates. But riding the girls makes them better sisters.


Ann Rebecca Sewell (Charisma Carpenter) The Lying Game (2012-2013)

Yes I did, and I held you one in each arm, and you looked up at me, both of you with you’re big beautiful eyes and… You were so quiet, so full of live, and then I kissed you, each of you and um… Yeah, I gave you away…


Heather (Charisma Carpenter) Voodoo Moon (2006)

You can’t just pluck me out of my life to have me fight some psychic holy war against the devil.


Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza)The To Do list

Brandy: I’m engaging, smart, once I add sexually experienced to the package he’ll totally want me.


Laura Clifford (Charisma Carpenter) Flirting with Danger

Random dude: How come you aren’t married to one fo those tycoons?

Laura Clifford: Because I’m very, very, very selective