I ship this…..shut up It’s never going to happen

I mean I am dude who’s like 5% straight,  She a girl who, I think, is 200% for the gay IDK anymore But Senpai noticed me I having a manly Fangasam and that is all that is impotent

And to answer that question, no, it’s not me I would love to spam her house with fan mail and gifts but i am not a starker or anything…


Random Asks

Posting a bunch of asks like this because I’m so bad at replying and they just keep piling up. Most of these are anon, some are not. Sorry for not replying straight to you but a lot of them are kinda old so you probably forgot you wrote me anyway.

-   Do you do commissions?’

-   Love love love your style! Do you ever do commissions?

Nope, sorry, I’m too busy for commissions! I might do some in the future but I don’t really plan on it. we’ll see what happens.

-   How do you skan your sketchbook drawings? Ps I LOVE YOUR STYLE OD DRAWING ITS SO AMAZING 💕

ok, I don’t understand this question. I put my sketchbook in a scanner and it scans? usually at 300 or 600 dpi. and then I use “levels” in photoshop to adjust the white/black ratio, is this… what you wanted to know?

-   can we use your art as icons if we give credit? its very cute i love your art so much!

yeah sure! I feel a bit weird if ppl use my self-portraits (like my ootd drawings) for icons though. just because, that’s me. but if you credit it’s all good I guess, ha.

-   Hi sorry to bother you but I was wondering how do you go about drawing? Do you use any kind of guidelines? I would really appreciate if you could give an example but you don’t have to if it’s too much. I love your style by the way<3

-   You’re art is so nice and awesome! Please, will you teach me how to art?

I’m not a tutorial kind of artist, sorry! and I think my technique is pretty regular too. I sketch my drawings out in coloured pencils and then I ink on top of that. I don’t have any examples on how I sketch but I try to capture the whole thing before getting into details…?  @veesdumpingrounds has some good art tutorials. as does Norman Lemay @grizandnorm

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dick-hell-zone said:
but the combat is so much worse and less varied. millions of enemy combinations, yet no meaningful differences. ground melee guy/ground ranged guy/flying melee guy/flying ranged guy is all you get… and then terraria actually has more things to find which actually do different things, and since you’re on one world you’re incentivized to make it a home and improve it instead of just hopping around.

sorry, i know people love terraria and that’s fine, but none of that stuff matters if i’m bored to tears within the first hour of gameplay. it’s just not for me. there are so many little things that bugged me, from the art style to the fact that you have to use separate shit to build in the background to the fact that terraria just has… absolutely no soul. it’s cobbled together from bits of other games. the gameplay of minecraft, the sprites from the snes final fantasies, a bunch of random generic fantasy elements, etc. playing terraria just reminds me of other games that i’d rather be playing

the worse combat doesn’t really bug me in starbound because i’m not playing it for the combat. if i wanted good sidescrolling combat i would not be playing a survival/crafting game. i’m in it for the adventure, and starbound has that in spades

and the fact that you probably won’t be sticking around on one planet in starbound is why you have a ship that acts as your home base, and i think that system works a million times better than building a home base in terraria. it allows you to relocate while taking your home with you

After having devoured the soul of the queen’s watchdog, Sebastian kept his human name and roamed around the Earth aimlessly and in lonely searching for a special soul to fulfill his void once again. 
He couldn’t say he missed any of the human meals that he once served, Ciel Phantomhive, but he would be lying if he said he was not attached to his playing butler and certain characters he had met here and there. 

He no longer felt like serving and his once hollow self returned again as if it never left. There were those that had the misfortune of encountering Sebastian and to save their own life, would serve him whatever he needed. Amused and bored, the demon took them in to bring him random humans as meals.

I struggled and fought back viciously at the pathetic scums who forced me into this enormous, ice-cold mansion. The men threw me on the ground and I glared hatefully up at the raven-haired man-no monster sitting on his throne, dressed all in white. 

“Here is today’s soul sacrifice, master.” One of them hissed and scurried out the room. @demon-crow666

hey so do you ever just become so aware of the simple beauty of a moment that you become overwhelmed almost to the point of tears? sometimes I’m with my friends and we could just be sitting in silence or talking about something random and I’ll be sitting there thinking “wow this is so good, I love you guys” and I get so emotional and want to hug everyone but obviously I don’t because we’re talking about something boring like a test we just took or where we’re gonna go for lunch that day anyway the point of this post is that I’m just so full of affections it’s kinda gross

ok but dating soccer!calum would mean packing lunch and snacks for him to bring to practice because he likes showing off the bomb ass food his girlfriend made to his teammates and boasting about how great of a girlfriend you are. you would always try to make his games especially if it was for a big league and whenever he felt tired or unmotivated on the field, he would look up at the stands and see you in his over-sized jersey cheering him on and he would immediately break out into a smile. but dealing with post - defeat calum would be heartbreaking. he tends to beat himself up and sulk in the locker rooms after the game. and after the games you would solemnly walk into the locker room, giving consolating smiles to his teammates as they direct you to a sad calum to just sit with him while he gets changed. and the only thing that would make his day better is seeing you so comfortable with his environment. seeing you help him go through his cool down routine and pack up his stuff makes him realise how lucky he is to have a girlfriend who is supportive and will give him cuddles when he needs it even if he was still sweaty.

Imperial Septum ring

I’m bored so I made this quick septum ring. This is a fancy septum ring, found in the accessories category, enabled for T-E F/M. It’s categorized as a left nose ring so it will not interfere with other accessories and can be worn with earrings and other jewelry. It has 4 color swatches and has been disabled for random. Download below the cut!

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Neil buying Matt a dog for his birthday

  • Before the foxes Neil has never had anyone who he wanted to buy a birthday present for so he doesn’t really understand the range of presents that’s acceptable 
  • He just remembers Matt telling Neil that he really wants a golden retriever
  • And Neil loves Matt so dearly so of course he’s gonna get him the cutest most wonderful golden retriever 
  • also neil knows that Matt visits the animal shelter frequently 
  • so neil spends many days there getting to know all the dogs and finally settles on a golden retriever that is a year old
  • and to go above and beyond neil researches the best kinds of beds and chew toys and buys those as well 
  • when andrew finally notices what neil is doing he casually mentions that neil should probably check with dan before giving Matt the dog 
  • and andrew rarely gives advice so neil immediately checks with dan who is unsurprisingly ecstatic and gives neil the green light to give Matt the dog
  • so on the day of Matt’s birthday everyone goes all out with the decorations and cake
  • and neil is anxiously waiting to give Matt the dog who is currently in a small basket on Neil’s bed
  • when it finally comes time to open presents Dan suggests Matt open Neil’s present last and they both share a small smile 
  • when it’s finally his turn Neil rushes to grab the basket making sure he doesn’t move it too much so that the dog doesn’t wake up
  • his smile is so wide and happy when he places the basket in Matt’s lap and honestly Matt doesn’t even care what it is he is just delighted that Neil got him a present
  • but as soon as he opens the basket Matt let’s out a little gasp and looks up at neil with the most adorable surprised smile 
  • so all the other foxes crowd around Matt as he gently lifts the puppy up and cradles it against his chest
  • he places a kiss on the dog’s forehead before passing him around to everyone who is eagerly waiting to hold him
  • Matt gets up and lifts neil into a bone crushing hug all while mumbling into Neil’s hair how grateful he is to have a friend like neil
  • and neil is so overcome by emotion that all he can do is return the hug and tell Matt that he deserves the dog
  • by the end of the night all the foxes are trying to come up with a name for the dog (who is going crazy with excitement to have so many people vying for his attention)
  • finally Renee suggests “Fox” and everyone agrees so the dog lowkey becomes their mascot
Bleach has ended.

Welp, that’s the end. Bleach finally ended after 15 years.

I just want to say that Bleach was the first anime that I ever watched. I have been a fan for 8 years and it’s what got me into anime in the first place. I was immediately drawn to the idea, the story line, and the interesting characters.

Three years ago I stopped following Bleach as much as I did because it started to go down hill. The constant fillers, random ass extra characters, the pointless fights. The show that I loved had turned into some generic fighting anime and frankly, I grew bored with it. Bleach’s ratings continued to plummet for years, and I think that’s why SJ told Kubo to wrap up the manga (since the anime had already been discontinued) so the ending was rushed.

I don’t understand how he could end a fight with some all powerful villian, who took like 10+ chapters to even weaken, and defeat him in one rushed chapter with a 10 year time skip on top of that? Like…What?

But the final nail in the coffin for Bleach was the PAIRINGS.

I know that Bleach wasn’t a romantic anime. But you want to know what annoys me? The fact that Kubo used romance to pull in his audience because lets be honest, probably more than half of Bleach fans were only still following it to see if either IchiRuki or IchiHime became canon. I’m annoyed that he constantly dangled the prospect of IchiRuki having a chance, providing us with MULTIPLE scenes, color spreads and even a MOVIE dedicated to their relationship. The fact that Ichigo spent an entire arc moping about because he missed Rukia, how these two are literally bound at the SOUL and have an unbreakable bond. How Rukia basically changed his world and gave him the power to achieve what he wanted the most; the ability to protect the people he cared about.

Originally posted by seraph-fighter

Why hint all of that only for Ichigo to end up with a girl that he hardly EVER interacts with?? I don’t understand. Tbh, I wouldn’t be annoyed with this if Kubo had at least developed Ichigo’s relationship with Orihime. What trips me out is that even in the final chapter Ichigo STILLS PAYS MORE ATTENTION TO RUKIA THAN ORIHIME?? And Rukia STILL PAYS MORE ATTENTION TO ICHIGO THAN RENJI?

RenRuki and IchiHime were not even developed, it was like Kubo just made a last minute decision.

But you know what? I’m not angry. Just…disappointed? Perhaps if this were 3 years ago I would have been pissed. It’s just that IchiRuki had so much potential and made so much more sense. (especially with Ichigo’s dad being a shinigami and his mom being a human/quincy.) It would have made sense for the story to come full circle with Ichigo (Human) and Rukia (Shinigami) being together?

Originally posted by cherylgifs

But hey, those are my thoughts on Bleach ending. Such a good show did not deserve these past 3 years of bad story telling and a rushed ending with such unpopular ships. That is my opinion, you don’t have to agree. I’m glad Bleach is over though. It was fun while it lasted I guess.