the history of hip-hop class i took freshman year was predominately white men. i remember one time we had to do a presentation on some type of social issue that was covered in hip hop music and this group of four guys did “Feminism in Hip-hop.”

So they started the presentation with"In hip-hop, the female race is underrepresented…“

Random anecdotes

1. Chansung was tone deaf when he auditioned for JYP. He had never considered being a musician because of his tone deafness. But he worked really hard to be a better musician.

2. Usually security is not allowed to talk to idols unless the idol asks them something. During their tour in Indonesia, security guards would stay quiet most of the time however Taecyeon initiated conversation with security staff and talked with them…a lot!

3. Jun.K is a perfectionist. Not saying it cause he produces/ composes and writes 2PM’s songs. If he is there, he will make sure every performance is exactly the way he wants it to be. Often times in concerts, staff has to change stage acts because he wanted it to be done a certain way. In a fairly recent interview he mentioned that he was correcting and redoing takes during his MV making to the point where the director said that he should go ahead and direct the video himself. 😜

4. No surprise now but Nichkhun and Junho are the most quiet members among 2PM. And the member who interacts with fans at fanmeetings or fansigns the most is Jun.K. He talks to fans easily and isn’t as shy at first as the other members are.


"You stand like a Ballerina"

On the first Friday of every month my city has an Art Walk. Several blocks of downtown are closed to traffic while tables and tents filled with all manner of art and goodies are set up. Food carts and different bands/solo musicians are set up on every other corner.

Last night while walking around we came by this band group that would make up a song in an instant for any topic you shouted out. I shouted out “ballet”. I wish I could remember the lyrics that the singer came up with, but they sure were better than I would have been able to create in about 5 seconds. After he finished his impromptu ballet song he asked me if I did ballet. When I nodded back to him he said “I could tell! You stand like a ballerina!”

Things like that always take me off guard and just fill my heart with joy that is similar to a six year old girl being told she’s about to become a princess! Haha!

Random anecdotes

1) Because of his weak eyesight , Taecyeon was considered ineligible for the compulsory two year military duty. But he, purposely, underwent eye surgery in order to be able to carry out military service. After three attempts, he was finally given approval to perform the two year military service. He also terminated his US green card to be able to carry out this responsibility.

2) At musicbank in 2013, Junho bought lunch for 300 attending fans as he promised on twitter. The card on those lunch boxes read “2PM ❤Hottests”.

3) Junho often asks fans if they have eaten. (It is a common thing to ask to show that you are concerned for the other’s well being).

4) Junho (still) can’t really get over the fact that some fans hide their faces from them (on fansigns or upclose) because of the complex about appearance. [His face goes like… “What is this…? Ah, shy … Okay… But…” ]

Just got asked out and once again, I respond with uncontrollable laughter.

That’s my quirk. And the laughter is always because I don’t expect it. I’m not just laughing in the faces of men after they ask me out. Just never been something I’ve gotten used to.

Queen Sized Bed

A few months ago, Mom bought me a twin sized bed for my new apartment. My old bedroom, albeit smaller than my apartments’,  had a queen sized bed. It never came across as weird, but now that reality has presented two situations worth comparing, I had to ask my mom.

Me: Mom, why did you buy me a Queen sized bed? My room at home is so small… I mean, it probably didn’t make sense to buy me such a big bed, right? A smaller bed could have saved so much more space. (My brother and sister also have queen sized beds. And they share a room. Yeah, it’s pretty cramped in there).

Mom: laughs sheepishly. You’re right… but when you guys were young, I was afraid ya’ll would roll out of the twin sized bed and hit the ground. So instead, I bought queen sized beds.

And this is made me realized how such a simple explanation revealed mom’s complex and borderline - obsessive behavior to protect us. My mom has always been a step (or two) ahead in making sure me, my sister and brother will stay out of harm. From little things like making sure I get my eight cups of water a day, to sacrificing her time to give us rides to places so we didn’t have to take the bus … she has always been there to make sure we could have it easier. 

After hearing her response, it pained me a little. When will she learn to let us go, so we could face the harsher realities of the world? I guess it’s not for me to say, but for her to decide. It’s a mother’s intuition that I have yet to comprehend. 

Nevertheless, I love you, mom. As I grow older, I feel like I understand you more. Perhaps we are both understanding each other more. I hope so. 

anonymous asked:

one time in highschool a sorta friend called in a bomb threat at our school to get out a math test. school was cancelled for that day and the test was postponed to the next day but for the following week he kept pulling the fire alarm every day before class started and the test was moved back for a week and he ended up breaking his leg and had to stay in the hospital for a while and I don't think he ever took that test.

Omg hahahahahahaha at least he got away with it i guess?

im gonna tell you an anecdote: last year someone thought creating a handmade bomb was so funny so they put it in a bathroom but someone got them or something happened but they got caught and they locked themselves with the bomb in a toilet booth refusing to go out - so i knew about this because the janitor in my uni knocked on my class, told whispered something to my professor and left, said professor just sat calmly in his chair and was like “well, there’s a bomb threat in the building but they’ve already called the police so let’s keep on with the lesson” and i think i hadn’t been more scared in my life 

recently when talking with my mother, we came across the topic of slav squatting and i told her about how it’s a funny thing in the internet. she then told me that when she worked in jail that, i was told, has many russian inmates, she always saw inmates slav squatting in a circle with the leader of their gang/group in the middle. 

Random anecdotes

1. Back in 2009, t-ara was going to perform their song “Bo peep bo peep”. Jun.K was backstage with 2PM. When the song began with “Bo peep Bo peep”, he began to sing too, in Chansung’s ear, with a mic in his hand….. which he thought was off…but it was on. He was playing with them backstage so he didn’t know. He realized that soon and stopped singing. People thought there was some mistake with the sound. Nevertheless, Music core aired the performance and it still has Jun.K’s “Bo peep Bo peep” part in the beginning. It’s very very brief, but loud and playful enough to catch your attention .😝 It was later confirmed when Taecyeon and Seulong posted about it.

2. During “Wild Bunny” days, 2PM went to Ulsan??(I think). Nichkhun mentioned that they met with some elementary school children. Nichkhun turned his back to a child to write something on the back of his shirt…. The kid wrote “f*** off”, while smiling. 😝

I meant to comment on something earlier, but didn’t want to get too worked up about the shit.

Saw a post of Lebron James and his family that featured some caption along the lines of, “Since everyone thinks the Curry family is the only beautiful family” and it irked the entire fuck out of me. No one said that. The general tone of that post is in the same class of shit that racist white people do in response to Black Lives Matter. “So you’re saying white lives don’t matter?” No, jackass! The Curry family is not the only beautiful NBA family. But when you are discussing the Curry family, typically, you aren’t discussing anyone else. So when people say they’re a beautiful family, how does anyone gather that people are saying Lebron doesn’t have a beautiful family?

I think people reach entirely too much on social networks, and no one can convince me that wasn’t a reach. It seemed to want to play into that, “So the lighter people are considered beautiful, but not the darker ones” shit. One, I think that shit is weak. People say the family is cute, which I believe is largely due to the adorable little girl they have. They’re a cute couple, but Riley clearly rocks. Lebron isn’t being snubbed or called ugly, especially since no one is talking about him. As a darker skinned Black woman, I don’t automatically feel insulted when someone who isn’t my skin tone is complimented. Everything isn’t an attack. True, colorism exists, but in that particular moment I think that was just some needless fuckery being stirred up.

Again, I am reminded why I choose to stay away from celebrity worship or just becoming too fixated on famous people. Probably the most you see me obsess over someone famous is Prince, and I shamelessly promote anything related to Killer Mike. But if you pay even the slightest bit of attention to my blog, you see I concentrate on myself, my interests and other people who offer interesting perspective on things. It’s not perfect by any means, but I get the best out of using Tumblr the way I do. There’s no way I’m going to wake up one day and see people doing what I do all across this website. And if I was only interested in seeing shit the way I see it, I’d only follow my own blog. Like I said, though. I didn’t want to reblog it and get myself worked up or into a heated discussion that would melt into some bullshit later. Y’all be easy. One.

Peace, Hip Hop & Purple Rain

So I follow this blog.

The title of name of the blog is @lesleylloyd and, for reasons unknown to me, people send her anonymous messages with the time of day and whatever they have on their mind. And normally it’s heartache stuff. So lesleylloyd gives them very kind advice, never too assertive, just gentle nudges in what seems to be the most rational direction.
And I love that kind of stuff. I like it when people are open to others, sharing their gifts however they can. But then it occurred to me, why can’t I do that? Why can’t I give advice to others? But firstly, why don’t people tell me about their troubles? Like, ever? 
So I went into my archives to look at the kind of persona I’ve established and then realized that about half of it for the past five months is me poking fun at a girl’s every decision, absurd comments to otherwise serious issues, and me publicly inviting Tumblr users to punch me under the mistletoe. 
And then it dawned on me, that’s why.

A moment that could have been a creep move.

At work today, I saw someone who was rather handsome. He was looking for a change of pace. Someone referred him to me. I have to ask questions to gauge his interest in the field. I asked how old he was. He said 18. Bruuuuuuuuuh. I immediately shut all of that shit down. He. Looks. So. Much. Older. But a young thug is not out here living that cougar life. Give me about 8 years, though. Then I’m gonna be like 👀