Misha Collins interview with Luis Angel



Incredibly successful AMOK day one.

Happily passing the baton to Misha Collins. We can’t wait to see what West Coast AMOK has in store for day two!

Our undying devotion/gratitude goes out to Justin Guarini, @mkhunterz, and Michelle for organizing this event and all of its successful parts.

Incredible thanks go out to @habitatfordeanwinchester, Patty, Renee, Chuck, From the Lab, Purina Cat Chow, and all of our knitters for making this possible.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, knit/crocheted, donated, wrote letters, and volunteered. Thank you to everyone who did something kind today.

It’s hard to believe that you guys could top this, but you never fail to amaze us. Same time next year? We’ll see you then. @randomactsorg

Happy Random Acts of Kindness day 💫

Be kind, always~

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Paying it Forward

So like most of the SPN Family, I just followed along with Misha’s panel at VegasCon. I am reminded of why I adore this man so much.

He came from nothing. He was homeless at one time and he actually breaks down when he remembers acts of kindness towards him and his family when he was a child. It is no coincidence that his charity is called Random Acts and that his motto is ‘one act of kindness at a time’.

We can all learn so much from a man that has spent a good part of his life paying it forward. Now that he has the means, and the platform, he uses it to give kindness to others and to encourage the rest of us to do the same.

Misha Collins makes me want to be a better person. He inspires me to want to give back to the world and pay it forward more often. 'Get Kind’ shouldn’t just be a slogan, it should be a way of life. Something we strive for every day.

Thank you, Misha! I am proud to be your fan and one of your kindness minions. Don’t ever change


Misha Collins is a real life angel and this video made my eyes watery and love him even more. I can’t explain how seeing him communicate with these people, go out and get them what they needed, and his kind and encouraging words; his instinctive reaction to hug the lady when she started crying, and his interactions with Maison made me feel. This man is an inspiration to become a better person and I hope I can be at least half as kind as he is. This reaffirmed my love, admiration and respect for him.

His physical attractiveness is just a little glimpse at the breathtaking beauty of his soul. Let’s be kind and be Mishas 💕