Beyond love

Come alive

Angel Eye

Forever watching you and I

You are the night

You are the ocean

You are the light behind a cloud

You are then end and the beginning

A world where time is not allowed

There’s no such thing as competition

To find a way we lose control

Remember love’s our only mission

This is a journey of the soul

Computerized (feat. Jay-Z)
  • Computerized (feat. Jay-Z)
  • Daft Punk
  • Random Access Memories

Jay-Z - Computerized (feat. Daft Punk)

This mysterious track is just that: Mysterious. Nobody knows where it came from, nor do we even know if it’s real or fake. Supposedly it was going to be on “Random Access Memories”, but was cut in favor of being included on “Magna Carta Holy Grail”… Which was also cut from that album as well. Because of that, the track was nowhere to be found until it was finally leaked today by Satan’s asshole himself, Daftworld.

Either way, it’s fucking awesome.