With the “Wanted” event coming up I’m going to talk about something that’s been bugging me about su that I don’t see many other people talking about and the reason I am preemptively pissed off about the whole thing: Backgrounds

When su started the backgrounds where always really nicely done and a huge part of why i loved the show as it really didn’t look like a ton of other shows out there. Even with other shows that had more detailed backgrounds like gravity falls (especially towards the end) I always felt that su’s had the most stylistic cohesion which I admit is a personal bias but what the hell.

Backgrounds were creative, very nice looking and fit with the character designs very well and they still look really pretty.

I mean look at these! they’re so nice and sparkly and detailed! there was effort and style and substance and it looks great.

Back when homeworld had just been introduced i saw a lot of fan concepts about what it would look like and i was super pumped to see it since it would be an entirely new and creative environment that a talented group of artists would be creating and visualizing. Now we’re actually going (technically for the second time) and what do we get?

literally just colors in geometric shapes for character to float around in.

even in the more detailed shots they still don’t try that hard

they’re still messy and not quite as detailed.

su has been suffering from backgroung-sucking-itis for a while now and in my humble opinion watching this happen over the seasons it’s been a downward slope of less effort being put in and a reliance on the soft lined gradient style of the backgrounds.

not only have the backgrounds become less detailed but now the characters don’t even blend in with the backgrounds and just kind of.. float

the sharp thick lines and bright colors of the characters and the soft thin-lined pastel backgrounds don’t… really,, blend anymore and no one has shadows and where both the characters and bg are steadily looking worse its just.. sad at this point.

i started this post planning to rant and honestly? im just sad and disappointed and the backgrounds aren’t shiny and sparkly and nice anymore and all the characters look really ugly and homeworld looks like some random abstract screensavers and im.. tired.

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1. Someone like you - Adele
2. Born to Die - Lana Del Rey
3. Some nights - Fun
4. Shake it Out - Florence + the Machine
5. Neon Lights - Natasha Bedingfield
6. Love so Right - Bee Gees
7. Shouldn’t come back - Demi Lovato
8. Rehab - Amy Winehouse
9. The Winner takes it All - ABBA
10. Sara - Fleetwood Mac
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[ image: jake the dog in his blue shapeshifter form, his body stretched out and spines pushing from his back. he’s curled slightly in a ball, one arm around him and another bent in two places in front of him. he looks to the viewer with all five eyes. behind him are shapes, squiggles, circles and swirls in so many colors, forming abstract and random patterns behind him. ]


I have been getting pretty bored at work sitting and doing the work-related work so I have decided to do this daily stealth-poster series, which I’ll be making when the boss isn’t looking.
The poster will be pretty random, minimalistic and abstract.
The whole point of doing this is to try new things daily and have fun while doing it secretively…
Here is the first one!


@mistressminako pointed out this adorable Tarkin pin to me and i just had to buy him!

( if anyone wants an imperial cardigan, heruniverse.com is selling them )

most people i work with aren’t SW fans, so they interpret the rank badge as a random abstract design.

I just woke up and my dash has exploded with caryl goodness and at first my sleep fogged brain thought no way…this can’t be real, someone just did a really good manip, they are so skilled….BUT THEN I UNDERSTOOD IT IS REAL.

The first promo pic of the season is a photo of Daryl staring adoringly at Carol. I could not be smiling any wider right now.

Didn’t we used to get random abstract shit like rocks on the ground, crates of fruit and a fence as promo pics?

Someone needs to be promoted for this decision.  I am suddenly so hopeful.

Edited to add: He may or may not be looking at her, use your judgement on where you think his eyeballs are looking which might be hard because someone needs to corner him with scissors asap. (please cut his hair this season, Carol)