gif request meme » Borderlands + favorite minor character


“f(x) is a mathematic symbol and when you input different ‘x’ you can let different outcomes. So, as f(x), we want to be the kind of group that can change and adapt to different situations. ”

‘you know, i’m one of the people privileged to be ‘in the know’ and…i suppose it’s not such a wild idea or unbelievable concept to wrap your mind around, if you think about it. ideas, hopes, dreams…all that may be intangible in the beginning, but they translate into actions that move and shake our world, don’t they? and so, out of our imaginings and ideas, we fashioned them, made them in our image- in flesh and bone, with all our morals and ideals and hypocrisies and sins. but the one thing i’ve never got used to…that i can’t help find unnerving- is how young those two look.

children, but not-children; behind that youthful face, in their eyes, the weight of the decades, the centuries.’

  • Alfred randomly sending Ivan Putin memes during World meetings.
  • Imagine. Everyone yelling and arguing with each other. Germany getting frustrated-- about to snap. When suddenly, over all the yelling, you hear "I AM GAY GAY GAY. I LIKE LONG BIG COCK. IM A SUPER SUPER GAY. I LIKE LONG BIG COCKS." Then all the nations turn to look at a frantic and flustered Ivan trying to quickly turn the video off, while Alfred is in the background slowly dying of laughter.