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I know they hurt you. I’m sorry. I know you’re mad at them. I get that. I know it feels like the anger in your heart is warming you up. It’s not. Forgiveness feels good, y’all. Besides, if God can forgive us for every single sin we’ve committed (and He can and He does), for every time we’ve gossipped or lied or cursed or hurt ourselves or hurt someone else, we need to at least try to forgive others.

“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” - Ephesians 4:32

mini pointless stories from my Korean class

in my Korean class yesterday my teacher was explaining how to use the word  유행이다 which means “ to be in fashion” or “to be popular” and she asked us what do we have here in Canada that is  유행이에요 and at first no one said anything but then, one girl pulled out a fidget spinner and my teacher spun it a few times and just gave us the most un-amused look and was like “ wow i’m angry that something like this is popular” 

also in one of the example sentences we were practicing the word 놀라다 came up and none of us knew what it meant, it means to be surprised but my teacher was like “ it means SHOOK” everyone laughed so did she. I think she was trying to say “Shocked” but with her accent it sounded more like shook and someone explained the meaning of shook to her and she just laughed and said “ well year they’re pretty much the same thing.

idk i thought theses were funny

I’m not dead yet but my wifi has been!!! For the past couple of weeks my wifi has been down, so the only time I’ve actually had stable connection was at other people’s houses or work 

So basically I haven’t been able to get on tumblr, line, discord sry zine, or any other stuff that requires it I’ve had time here and there but nothing permanent

Anywayssss, IT’S FIXED NOW ♥ And I’ve come up with a schedule for answering match-ups

Monday-Friday: Normal headcanons, scenarios, etc


So, for everyone asking, the weekends are now going to be spammed with match ups :D 

that’s all for now!! ♥ kaylee

Here’s a very late thank you to my followers! 

Thanks so much for supporting me and my blog! I never thought I’d get this many people following me. For every like, reblog, and message given to me, I’m forever grateful. You guys have no idea how happy it makes me to know that people like what I make ૮(꒦ິ ˙̫̮ ꒦ິ)ა It makes all my hard work worth it. I hope you guys continue to follow and support me from here on!

This was a nice early birthday present actually haha.


Really quick Batman comic I call “Days after Release of Pokemon Go:Gotham City crime rate at all time low”