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Okay this is random … .but like… I love the way jaebums Stubble/5 o'clock shadow grows…like it doesn’t come in all the way across his upper lip it only grows on the sides and then stops before his cupids bow and like iss just cute

Here’s a random headcanon relationship with villains. I love them so much. I’ll probably spam all these headcanons and get creative, requests are open too. Also thanks for following, reblogs and likes guys, It means a lot. I hope to make this a huge blog someday. 


  • Chisaki/Overhaul is not a very romantic person, he is very distant with you due to his organization goals and mainly because of his ability to burst things/people.
  • The relationship itself can make him feel quite different/weird, since he has not put much thought into being one. He’s always focused on the organization goals rather than love. Love is a weird feeling and subject for him.
  • However, if he does show affection, he would show his s/o by kissing on the forehead, cheeks, lips, kissing your neck (oya oya), nuzzling your neck, petting your head(if he’s careful), etc when he feels like it.
  • Despite that he doesn’t show much affections towards you, guarantee that he WILL protect you and send his subordinates to rescue you whenever you’re in danger. That’s only IF you really mean that much to him, though. 
  • He may sometimes spoil you if he feels like it and if it doesn’t bother him, he can distant but doesn’t really mean he will never do anything special or nice for you. He may spoil you with clothes, jewelries and whatever you want once in awhile. 

Tomura Shigaraki 

  • Similar to Overhaul, he isn’t the most romantic type of boyfriend to have. You will have to be VERY cautious of your actions and how you treat Tomura. He is very unpredictable. Most times he gets upset quite easily.
  • Because he has never had affections in his life, do not expect him to be affectionate either. He wouldn’t have a clue on what to do when you try to kiss or cuddle him. He would most likely flinch and retreat while you attempting.
  • Because of his ability to turn everything to ashes, he is also VERY cautious of not to touch you. This reminds him and upset him that he is made of destruction and that he cant have much happiness in his life.You would have to bear not having him go near you.
  • If he’s really careful with physical contact, he will caress and brush with the back of his hand against your cheek softly, twirling your hair in his index finger and all that cute stuff. 
  • Tomura has dry lips and he is sensitive about that, he doesn’t want to initiate kisses with you because of that. He sometimes will be shy about initiating things with you.
  • An overly-protective boyfriend, he wants all your attention on him and all your affection. He can be very childish and whiny if he doesn’t get them, so prepare to get a cold-shoulder or ignoring from him.


  • Compare to most of the villains, he can be a very chill boyfriend. So coodles for you if you want kisses, cuddles and everything from him.
  • Dabi is mainly focus on Stain’s goals though, so there will be times when he’s on a mission a lot and he’s not really around much. He will feel bad about it, so when he had days off, he will give you cuddles and all that good stuff.
  • He likes to tease you a lot and even in a lewd way, his weird way of showing affections sometimes. He will purposely nibble your ears while you’re off-guard, bite your neck and more. If he isn’t feeling frisky, then he would cuddle you to bed and couch and whisper sweet-nothings into your ears.
  • Will treat you like a god/goddess/queen/king, because why not? He wants you to feel very special. 
  • He isn;’t the type to care for anniversaries, seeing them as another normal day in life. However, he would celebrate your birthday if he is available. (why is there too much cuddling in this one.)

Himiko Toga

  • Toga is a very clingy and bubbly girlfriend. She likes clinging onto you no matter where you go. Expect getting a lot of kisses, nuzzling and licking from her. She’s like an adorable, blood-thirsty kitten,. 
  • She will chat with you non-stop, whether it’d be how her day is going, Stain, what she did today, Stain, what her new favorite food is, Stain, etc etc. Stain stain stain. 
  • She likes playing and pranking you a lot, she takes thrill in your reactions and she finds them very cute. 
  • She may have a yandere/obsession side to her, if you are ever hurt by another then she will go berserk on them without hesitation, so be warned. You may have to calm her down or else she’ll massacre.
  • Treat her to some treats or bring her to some places, she likes getting awards from you a lot. Also pet her head because again, she likes getting award or affections from you.
  • Doesn’t tend to get jealous as much, but if she doesn;t like seeing you near anyone she doesn’t like or anyone trying to take you away then she will most likely eliminate them. No mercy.

Flug- “You can’t be ugly if you don’t show your face”
BH is just regular “I H8 U ALL”

It was a pleasure painting them public and share with world.

(Also little Anxiety Person in bottom corner painted also by me lol)