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The Other Girl *Johnny Storm x Reader* 2/3

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Summary: You’re the other girl to a guy who just doesn’t give a crap about you, although pretends to. You meet Storm on a night out, who for a night helps you think you’re over being the other girl, but you end up in a bigger dilemma.
Word Count: 1809
Warnings:  Explicit (+18) Sex, oral (M) receiving, is there such thing as a Heat Kink? If so, this is it!  & cocky Johnny Storm is a warning within himself.

A/N: The feedback from the first part was… overwhelming. I was writing this for myself because I was fed up of people going on, and on, to me about other things. Thank you for allowing me to write this. Also, thank you to @my-spidey-senses for encouraging me to write this and further more, tell me I should continue it! - Rosalie

Chapter One

You woke up feeling immensely hot, very hot. Too hot to be considered normal. The weight of a body beside you, an arm settled across your stomach and breathing on the back of your neck. You stilled for a moment, not remembering much from last night but slowly the tension slipped away. Johnny Storm. He had come home with you last night, it would also explain why you feel so hot.


His hands were everywhere but also nowhere, his faint touch leaving a scorching hot feeling in their wake. His lips were connected to your collarbone, kissing you gently; his lips hot too. You didn’t know if it was the alcohol, his hot touches or just him that was making you lose control this fast… maybe it was all three at once.

His hands trailed down your body, pulling the zip of the dress you wore with them. The top slipped down and bunched at your waist, legs hooked around his waist still, he didn’t seem to like that and tore the dress off your body letting the torn fabric fall haphazardly to the floor.

Before you can yell at him, his hot hands are on your breasts. “I’ll buy you a new dress.” This must be a regular thing for him to say. You can’t respond and instead a moan slips past your kiss swollen lips, his chuckle vibrates against your chest and you want to smack him but his hands are too good that all words escape you. His lips work along the tops of your breasts, his hands holding your hips tightly to the wall, his fingertips are burning hot but it feels so good.

You open your eyes glancing at him, his dark blonde hair is ruffled and he’s still fully dressed. You wondered how that happened, how you are in just your panties and he’s still in the red blazer and jeans still. You start to push the blazer down his toned arms, he doesn’t comply with your silent request for him to be naked. Instead, his hands slide down to hold your thighs, gripping the flesh tightly as his tongue works your nipple. It’s like every part of him is on fire, yet he isn’t. His tongue, hands, body are rising in temperature but not enough to hurt you… enough to make it on the verge of too hot to handle.

You felt the soft mattress of your bed hit your back, you frowned lightly, when did Johnny start moving and how the fuck did he know where your room was? Before you could ask such questions, Johnny had started to undress. You watched with anticipation as he took off his jacket and shirt. His toned torso on display, glittering with a light sheen of sweat. He started to unbuckle his belt but your hands replaced his own, tugging the leather through the belt loops. He was smirking as you knelt on the bed, unzipping his pants and tugging them quickly down his thighs along with his boxers.

You raised your eyebrows at his impressive length, standing to attention and already leaking precum. You grinned inwardly to yourself, this was going to be a long, fun night, for you both. You lift a delicate hand and wrap it around the base, smirking at the sharp intake of breath he takes. You want to roll your eyes at the fact even his dick is hot to the touch, you momentarily wondered if he knew he was getting this hot if in fact, this was just a reaction to him getting excited and he simply didn’t know he was rising in temperature. Shrugging to yourself, letting all thoughts leave your head, you leant forward and licked from base to tip. He let out a long, loud groan from the back of his throat, hands threading into your hair and lightly thrusting his hips at you.

You wrap your lips around the head, letting your hand do most of the work on his length, lightly bobbing up and down to a slow rhythm in your head. His lights grunts and moans of ‘fuck’ turned you on, even more, encouraging you to take more of him and speed up the pace you set. His hands gripped your hair tightly, borderline painful. You kept lightly sucking the head, hand jerking him hard and fast. His choked moans filled the bedroom along with the light swallows, and slick sound from your mouth.

You knew he was close by the fact he started stuttering and gasping a lot more. His hands clenching your hair in his hands, his hips thrusting into your mouth and hand. “S-stop! I’m gonna cum.” He managed to choke out, not that you listened to him though. In fact, it just made you suck harder hallowing your cheeks and taking him deeper till he hit the back of your throat.

He pulled you off his dick, you breathed heavily as he still had a hold of your hair. You grinned as he tried to regain his composure, his breathing laboured and chest heaving to try and get air back into lungs.

You knelt back up, almost the same height as him and pulled him in for a kiss. His tongue slipping past your lips, deepening the kiss and fighting for dominance with your own, his hands travelled down the length of your body. Toying with the lace of your panties, hands roaming around and holding your ass, the warmth of his hands travelled up your spine and warmed your entire body.

He laid you down on the bed, prying your panties off with an ever growing smirk, you rolled your eyes gently. He teased you slowly, he spent, you don’t even know how long, teasing you till you were ready; despite you being more than ready before his excessive teasing.

“God,” Johnny breathed. “You’re beautiful,” he muttered against your skin. You flushed instantly, you weren’t meant to hear him judging by the way he whispered it.

He lined himself up at your entrance and pushed inside, you moaned loudly, not caring for your neighbours. He started off a slow pace, although he couldn’t control himself and soon he was fucking you hard, fast and brutally into the mattress of your bed. Headboard banging against the wall, hands either side of your head, your legs locked around his waist. Your moans were the only sound you could muster plus the loud slapping of skin.


You slowly push his arm off of your waist, sucking in a breath as you feel him roll over. You silently get up, padding across to the bathroom that’s connected to your room, slowly closing the door and trying not to wake him up. You sighed gently as you turned around, naked back against the cool wooden door. You couldn’t believe that you actually had sex with Johnny Storm last night, not that you regretted it but… it was different. A good different.

He said and done things that you haven’t experienced in awhile, the way he held you and touched you. He ignited a fire inside you, as corny as it sounds, he made you feel alive. That you truly mattered, something he never has done. You shake your head, pushing off the door and towards the sink, splashing cold water on your face. You glanced up to the mirror, bruises and red marks littered your body. You frowned at the marks on your hips, not bruises, red hand prints. You touched them lightly with your own fingertips, they felt slightly hot. You released a chuckle, it’s like you had sunburn but from Johnny’s hands!

You grabbed the purple silk robe from the hook, tying it around your body and exiting the bathroom to see the bed empty. You could faintly hear the coffee pot going, you take a few breaths before walking out of your room and towards the kitchen where Johnny is sat shirtless. He glances up and gives a small smile, almost shy in the way he does it.

“Morning.” He calls softly, voice still laced with sleep. “I didn’t know if you wanted coffee or anything but I got it going, just in case.” You smiled and nodded, “didn’t know where the mugs were and didn’t want to snoop.”

You chuckled and headed straight to the top cupboard, grabbing two blue mugs and poured the now freshly brewed coffee. “Didn’t have you down as the ‘stay for coffee guy’. Thought you would have left by now.” You pushed the mug to him, sitting opposite blowing on your own mug of coffee. Watching as Johnny instantly took a big gulp, not even flinching at the steaming coffee that must be going down his throat.

“Not the first time I’ve heard that.” He admits, “I always like to stick around for a bit, it might just be sex for some but it’s still intimate and leaving straight after always felt… rude or that I was guilty about it.” You smiled slightly at that, “I can leave if you want me to though, completely understand if I surpassed the welcome.”

You shake your head. “No, I just- he… never stuck around after. Always had to leave,” you sighed, kicking yourself for bringing him up again. Your eyes drifted down to the black liquid in front of you, steam floating up and dragging the bitter smell of coffee with it.

The conversation drifted to other things, small talk of random uninteresting things. Till you got a text, from him too. 

‘What you up to? Can I come see you? - Ash

“Remember what I taught you last night?” Johnny asked you dragged your eyes up to meet his with a frown. “Tell him no, that you’re busy.” You sighed and your fingers hovered over the keypad, you wanted to do what Johnny said but you also wanted to see him. “Trust me, he’s a guy, being rejected will be a new concept to him. Especially by the girl who always says yes to him, it’ll be worth it.”

You nod, biting your bottom lip and typing out a quick, simple response. 

‘Sorry, busy. Some other time.’

You looked up at Johnny who was grinning over his mug of coffee before you could say anything a ‘ping’ from your phone grabbed your attention. He never replied this fast, not even a minute after you sent the message. Johnny chuckled as your expression, you shake your head. “He never replies this fast…” you trailed off, wanting to reply to his message, which was asking why you couldn’t see him.

“I told you,” Johnny smiled. “It’s sometimes great to say no, trust me.”

“Now what do I do?” You frown looking at Johnny, he quirks an eyebrow your way, an amused smile gracing his face as he stares back at you. You shift uncomfortably under his stare, he eventually looks away to his coffee before looking at you again.

“Now… you live your fucking life.” He chuckles with you. “Go out, do something fun. Do what you did last night, hook up with people. Hang with other friends, find a hobby. Prove to yourself that you can be more than the other girl,” he smiles a little and you nod, taking in his words.

(I’d just like to say, thank you, for allowing me to write stuff that I want to. I love writing but sometimes, a few series, can become a chore and I never want any of them to turn into that. I love all my series and getting sick of them, is something I can’t let happen, so thank you for letting me take a short break to write this. It’s helped. - Rosalie)

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Sasuke should just have married Hinata instead of Sakura given Sakura doesn't understand Sasuke which is why she asked that question and even at her second confession it was only about her fantasy of having Team 7 back rather than facing reality. Only Sasusaku fans would've wanted them together no matter how bad their relationship is. With Hinata, Sasuke wouldve someone who wouldn't judge his background, someone who can understand his pain (itachi and neji) and understand what clan stuff is

Lol, “clan stuff”! That right there is how you know you’ve got a compelling argument XD

But okay Anon, I’ll humour you.

“Sakura doesn’t understand Sasuke”

No Anon, as I proved in this post, in this post, and in many others, Sakura understands plenty about Sasuke.

“Even at her second confession it was only about her fantasy of having Team 7 back rather than facing reality.”


That wasn’t much of a “fantasy” now was it?

“Only Sasusaku fans would’ve wanted them together no matter how bad their relationship is”

Lol, okay? And I can say that only SasuHina fans would want those two together no matter how random, uninterested and unsuited they are for each other. See? I can make petty and ignorant claims too.

“With Hinata, Sasuke wouldve someone who wouldn’t judge his background”

And when exactly did Sakura judge Sasuke’s background?

“Someone who can understand his pain”

Sorry but Hinata wouldn’t have understood the slightest thing about the pain and hardships that Sasuke went through. The acknowledgement issues that she had in the past serve as no comparison. But hey, at least they’d be able to have fun talking about “clan stuff” right? Lol, goodness gracious.

hello lovely people! It’s moe here and can you believe I am… actually finally doing that follow forever I’ve been meaning to do for… like over a year now? anyways I thought, since it was my blog’s 3th anniversary and also the 10 year anniversary of queens Girls’ Generation AND Jessica recently (even though it didn’t really go the way we wanted it unfortunately) and everyone (including me ofc lol) was dying and crying, I’d finally sit down and do it!

And as you can probably see, I also changed my URL from girlsgenerachen to 17wishes, you know I felt like it was time for a change again, while still staying true to my tash self lol, I thought it was easier to let everyone know of the change like this (we’ll see if I actually keep it tho lol) 

so first of all I’d like to thank my dear Chell @kim-taeyeon for making this cute header for me because I suck lol, you’re the reason this thing is finally happening after so long!

and of course a big thank you to everyone else as well! to everyone I follow, thank you for filling my dashboard with great content, I really enjoy seeing all of you on there every day and also to everyone of my followers, thank your for putting up with me. to everyone, thank you so so so much for making the past 3 years on this blog as wonderful and memorable as you did! here’s to many more!

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and now some cheesy messages for 3 very special people I haven’t included yet

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This is a random and uninteresting question but I remember talking about it and I was kinda curious. Have you ever had to throw something out that you were trying to take across the US-Canadian border? Maybe something you weren't expecting?

I don’t usually eat when I travel unless I’m with my parents and they make me. Whether drink, or food, I just avoid it if I can. I’m not going to die if I have to wait 13 hours to eat or catch a drink of water. And I never buy anything at the duty-free shops, I usually see the same things for cheaper online, so there’s no point for me. So it’s never happened with me

…but my mom and aunt are always risking it with their fresh fruit, hoping the customs guards won’t notice. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, they need to toss it, and then they’re grumpy for the rest of the trip because they hedged their bets on those being their snacks for the trip :P

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Do you ship xiuhan ?

Hahahahahahahaha xD Of course I do! :D 

Let me show you *sprinkles fairy dust and disappears into darkness*

I love how Minseok always let Luhan do anything to him. I wanna see Baekhyun trying this with him, he’d probably bite his whole hand off xD

Forever dorks~

Cute random moment ft. sleepy/uninterested Baozi and confused af Luhan

They both think each other is the most attractive in the group

Look at how much Luhan treated Minseok like a child~ Omg so fucking cuuuuute <3 I could write a 20-chapter fic just on this concept lmao

Exhibit B

Unnecessary staring

Heart flutters (both mine and Luhan’s)

Doing couple things <3

Enjoying the game together… like a couple

Already planning on having children… like a couple

Luhan getting just a little too close.

My absolute favorite…

(Bonus) Minseok being spun around like a princess~

dat sexual tension doe, Xiumin control pls

not so sexual tension, Luhan control pls… god these boys

Gee gee gee baby baby baby ft. top!xiumin 

Awkward hand holding

Minseok pretending to be jealous

Jealous Luhan ehuhruhurhurr

Protective Luhan pt1 hururuheuheeuhu

Protective Luhan pt2 huhuhuruuheehhhuhuh

And finally whatever the fuck this moment was…

sorry i know i’m missing a lot of good ones, and moments that just have never been gif’d for one reason or another, but i just woke up and you surprised me with this message xD you probably weren’t asking for like 10+ gifs and fangirl commentary either but ya know, you asked me xD

i thought it would be obvious from my blog hehe but maybe not. so yes i absolutely adore xiuhan and even if they publicly don’t have contact (my friend thinks they 99% talk privately and i hope she’s right!), i still love them to death and i’ll always cherish these little moments they allowed us to see~ :D goodbye gonna go cry myself back to sleep bcuz xiuhan hahaha. 

Protective or Possessive

A/N: Title from Nick Jonas’ Jealous. This is just a little something for trespast because they demanded, and surprise prompts are pretty much my favorite. Hope you dig it. Sorry it took me so long.

Prompt: Val’s feeling some kind of way about all of these boys in Z’s feed


Honestly, normally, these kinds of things…they don’t bother him much. Most of the time they go right over his head. All perception to the contrary, Val does actually have shit to do, and he’s not online all of the time, he can’t be. He makes it a point to be on when she is, though, and to check in via instagram and twitter both for his fans’ sake and his own morbid sense of curiosity.

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My thoughts about Red Kansas

I care about Ruby. I really do. And I like the way Meghan brings her to life, with all her strengths and insecurities. So seeing her falling in love and being adorable about it first with Mulan and then with Snow touched me maybe more than I expected it. 

But I cannot help to think how much I could have enjoyed this story even more had I give a damn about the other half of this love story. Namely Dorothy. Because I could not care less about her. And because I am easy to please and I am most of the time sense the writers intentions pretty accurately, I have this strange feeling that the reason I did not give a damn about her was that the writers did not give a damn about her either, and they did not even try hard to make me care. Which - I find a bit sad. Wasted opportunity. 

Mind you, I am not complaining about falling in love in 2 days/one episode. We are talking about the “EF” here (more or less, since Dorothy is not from the EF, I guess her “Kansas” is a micro-realm like the 20′s where Cruelly lived or the Victorian England of Alice or the Darling family.) So falling in love at first sight is a norm here, and even if a slow-burn romance is better storytelling, we know that it is NOT OUAT’s biggest strength (understatement of the year). 

So the problem is not how quick they fall in love. The problem is that one of the characters is totally bland and unexplored. Of course, it is again, something that plagues OUAT for a long time. We have a LOT of unbalanced relationships on this show. Which again - something that comes from the fairytales too. In the fairytales there is always one character in the center and their love interest is often bland - the classic Snow White, Cindarella, Sleeping Beauty and other tales put much more emphasis on our heroine and the hero was basically there as a reward for them, not a character on their own. The more recent tales may try to bring more balance into the stories, but the imbalance is still exist. It exists in the Disney movies and it exists on OUAT too. Outlaw Queen (and Rumbelle and even Captain Swan) is a good example where one character is much better explored than the other. But as much as I wanted Robin to get more exploration, more personality, more screentime, it never bothered me that Regina was better explored. Just that they did not explore Robin in a way I wanted. But even Robin was never as flat and bland as Dorothy here. And because of this complete lack of personality and screentime I felt she really served only one purpose: being a token relationship with Ruby, two characters who are not featured in a Disney cartoon, and check with them the LGTB demand. Because sure, those people who are desperate to finally find good representation for them in this show would be happy if they get two random characters, one totally uninteresting and unexplored, seeing them falling in love and never see them again. 

I admit, the bar for any LGBT romance is pretty low right now. They were both alive at the end of the episode, none of them was a villain, their love-story was not over-sexualized, it was presented as any other love-story in the EF and no-one even blinked that it was between two women. I liked those aspects actually. I just think we could have got those same aspects with characters who have more personality and more chemistry (even Mulan and Ruby would have been better than Ruby and Dorothy). 

So as my friend @freifraufischer often says, it was a step forward, it was a tiny one, but into the right direction. Now let’s see if they can do better.