random turkey

Well, this is based off a dream I had that I couldn’t resist drawing. Basically, Aku discovered Thanksgiving, but since he doesn’t understand the concept of friendship or families coming together, all he gets out of it is that you eat turkey. Curious, he decides to try some even if he doesn’t have to eat (I think…?) At first he claims he doesn’t like it, but once everyones backs are turned, he takes a dozen more turkeys and hordes them for himself. What a goof.

It was overall a very amusing dream, kind of wish I got to talk him, though.

anonymous asked:

What hobbies would link pick up post calamity since there really isn't a threat anymore?

△  cooking and baking is a given, he still enjoys it and it’s nice being able to cook for flavor and not just sustenance/specific effects anymore

△  even though he spent a lot of time exploring Hyrule, he still enjoys traveling, and takes frequent trips to peaceful places like Lurelin Village or the Hebra Mountains

△  I could see him getting pretty good at carpentry - maybe he asks Bolson for some tips and crafts furniture and a proper desk for Zelda so she can do her studies in comfort at the house in Hateno. He can also use his woodworking skills to help repair some of the furniture from Hyrule Castle, and help with rebuilding houses in Castle Town!

△  it’s embarrassing but he really likes birdwatching and will tend to point out random birds “pheasant. turkey hen” as him and Zelda are adventuring and she just kinda smiles and nods back at him like… yep…. but she can’t really talk because she does the same thing with plants, so they’re even

△  he takes some time during the day to meditate and clear his mind as well, he would probably have PTSD from constantly fighting and running from so many scary monsters… but a little quiet time before bed and first thing in the morning tends to help or maybe some hyrule herb 

TalesFromYourServer: People who don't read the menu: WHY?!

I have plenty of scrambles, Benedicts, and other egg dishes for your brunch pleasure. No where on the menu is the word “omelette” printed. When you order an omelette and are SHOCKED that we don’t offer such fare, please don’t take it out on me.

Same for lunch, I get this all the time: “I’ll have such and such sandwich, add turkey.” THE MENU CLEARLY STATES WHAT YOU CAN ADD. Not a single item on my menu has turkey. There is no random turkey laying around in the kitchen.

WHY, people, WHY?!?

By: gracejuliana208


Turkey: “Oh Egypt and I? Were great buddies!! But uhhh again… friendsjust friends…”

Random person: “Hey Turkey!”

Turkey: “Huh?”

Random person: “I heard Egypt has a crush on you!!”

Turkey: *bushies and covers face* “You dident see that did you?”


Khadgar’s Tower, Zangarra, Talador, Draenor.

Lots of books and scrolls. A random discarded turkey(?) leg on a pile of notes. A tank that seems to hold only starfish. That purple, star-studded wizard hat. Enchant materials. Floating lanterns and candles. Random bursts of energy in places.

Just a few of the doodads and things going on here.