random tidbits

i like creaky wood floors and messy, windswept hair. i like blueberry stains on my fingertips and feeling my pups lean against my legs when they lay at my feet. i like it when people feel comfortable enough to put their feet on the table and when they don’t ask for a glass of water — they just grab one. i like to always have a candle burning and have a baked good made in case anyone gets a sweet tooth. i hug people goodbye twice and i like seeing other people sitting in solitude at coffee shops when i’m doing the same. i like naps in the sun and mudfights with the kids i nanny. i like sunday mass and freshly baked bread. i like white bed linens and sleeping with the windows open.

My friend was telling me about this teacher she had who was on the verge of divorcing her husband because they had a major disagreement over toothpaste.

The teacher lady squeezed out the paste from the middle-out, while the guy started at the bottom of the tube.
And the teacher was just going on about how huge of a problem this was and how they both argued so much about it, and one day this kid was just like “why don’t you just buy two tubes?” And she looked like she had just heard the word of God.

a few things that have made me smile today:

- dinner [and drinks!!!] @ our favorite restaurant downtown on Saturday night

- my husband who always ends his texts with I Love You and 3 enthusiastic exclamation points

- a new striped dress! how cute will that be paired with a (faux) fur vest this fall!?

- finally discovering a pair of knee-high, stacked heel boots [!!!] that I’m pretty sure I adore.

- oh, and a new sweater (in bright blue). I hope that jerk from last week isn’t still keeping track of my purchases because I clearly put a bit of a dent in my wallet today.

- creamed honey; discovered from one of Melissa’s Instagram posts, I’ve started smearing this delicacy on my morning toast [Ezekiel 4:9 FTW!] and boy am I hoooked!

- falling out of my chair at the office today. it was hilarious- and absolutely no one saw (which makes the whole incident even better).

- tomorrow is Friday. ‘nuf said.


my face is asymmetrical and i have an old habit of letting fear take over. i rarely eat breakfast, but it’s my favorite kind of food. i sometimes choose solitude over spending time with others. i sleep on top of my comforter with two blankets over me. i always have a glass of water on my nightstand when i go to bed and i don’t always remember to bring it to the kitchen in the morning. when i really love a song, i’ll listen to it on repeat when i’m by myself. i’m barefoot any chance i get. i’m indecisive and i’m worried it’ll drive loved ones away. sometimes i need people to fight for me harder than i’m fighting for them. i forgive very easily and get hurt just as fast. i kinda like going to bed before 10:00p. i’m an open book. i’m pretty sure candles and flowers bring life to any setting. i talk about coffee too much. i drive way faster when i’m by myself than when there are other people in the car. i get unreasonably upset (internally, and sometimes externally) when assumptions and generalizations are made (about me or anyone else). i’m a sucker for good lighting. i wish others were bolder and more honest. i will always and forever be a ‘dogs rule, cats drool’ person.

So in my bathroom, I have this one big window and the bottom half has that frosted-look so that people can’t look inside, but the top half of the window doesn’t have that. That’s okay because my bathroom is the on the second floor and it’s facing woods anyway.

But just in case, the other day, I looked out the clear half of my window, pointed at the trees, mouthed the words “I know.” and then proceeded to close the shades..

Just in case there was some secret camera.

I’m expanding my horizons and want to know who your favorite bloggers are. Currently I frequent Damsel in Dior (my personal favorite), Cupcakes & Cashmere, The Pink Peonies, Sequins and Stripes. (update: add Atlantic-Pacific to that list as well) So- pray tell, readers. Who else should be added to my daily reading rotation?

Also- do you tweet? [I’m @ephorning- for those that were curious]

Blake is home from work today. He [the overachieving hard worker that he is] has 10 vacations days to use by Friday. Clearly we know this isn't feasible so he’s taking today for a very exciting new DIY project in our kitchen. Stay tuned for photos. When I left this morning I asked him what the househusband of the day was planning for dinner tonight. I was only half kidding. 

My second #StitchFix arrived over the weekend. Catch a sneak peek here and a full update later this afternoon. 

I’m ob. SESSED with this rug- which I actually could use to jazz-up our new espresso hued hardwood floors. But alas it’s sold out online. Woe is me…

The older I get, the sexier I think a one-piece swimsuit is. And since I’m a newly minted member of the thirtysomething club, this may be the year I finally invest in a non-bikini. I’m loving this Kushcush ikat suit, this Cynthia Rowley mesh number, and this little Marc by Marc ditty. Also, the fact that swim suit season is right around the corner makes me reconsider the mint cookies and cream milkshake I scarfed down yesterday on our [road]trip home. Nah- who am I kidding? It was worth every calorie. 

This concludes the most random Monday morning post.

x’s and o’s to you all.


sometimes i cry when someone is especially kind to me. i love tacos. i’m equal parts terrified and excited to leave in a few weeks. my mama is my beautiful role model of what sacrificial love looks like. i sleep with six pillows on my bed. distance has gotten in the way of far too many of my friendships. i dream of walks with you in uptown during the twilight hour. i prefer skyping over talking on the phone. i’m absolutely positive that my dad gives the best hugs — the kind that assures you that you’re safe and things will be okay. i would like nothing more than to share a morning with you.

tuesday musings [as I navigate my new computer]

I once ordered a magazine subscription for Countess Elizabeth [redacted full married name] because I wanted to see how my name looked with “Countess" preceding it. #truestory 

I get to move back into my house tomorrow. While I’m sure exactly zero of you feel sorry for my displaced living situation, I seriously can’t contain my excitement just to get home. To my bed. And my schedule. And fresh coffee every morning (don’t ask). Heavenly.

Which reminds me- anyone have any dust detox treatments they can recommend? Operation Deep Clean the H House begins post haste. 

Lent starts tomorrow and I’ve yet to determine what I’ll be giving up this year. Last year I came up with a super idea that I implemented for approximately 4 days and then left for dead on the roadside. This year the theme is simplicity.

We’re going to New Orleans this fall. Which leads me to the hankering for King’s Cake I’m currently warding off. That baby would be good luck for a year already off to a pretty swell start. 2013- you hear me? This ”up and up“ you’ve got goin’ on is pretty appreciated over here. 

Laissez les bon temps rouler, y'all. 

Troll Marina and the Diamonds Was a Thing

She was a cobalt blood but her alter ego “Electra Heart” was a fuchsia. She didn’t use the exact same names but I think diamonds and heart were turned into quadrant puns? Might’ve been a play on words that gets lost when translated from troll to human. I was a really big fan of hers.

I don’t think there is a single person on this planet who could sincerely dislike dragons. Like, how could you hate a dragon? They’re just so awesome think about it:

A giant lizard that may or may not fly that can or can not breathe fire or other elements all over the land and any settlements on said land.

How could anyone dislike something so rad?

random monday tidbits

No matter how strong I am, there are a few things I won’t ever be able to handle: 

  • talking, reading, or hearing about anyone dealing with the death of a dog. It will always make me think of Windsor (and Bella) and it will ALWAYS cause a cascade of tears. Especially when I have a wave of post-miscarriage hormones racing through my body.
  • unnecessary meanness
  • saying goodbye to my parents- even if it’s just for a few days I always end up in tears
  • the cream onesie sprinkled with tiny white stars that is sitting on the nightstand in our guestroom. I found it YEARS ago and I’ve been saving for our first child. I think it’s time to pack this away again- in hopes of unearthing it a little later down the road. 
  • acceptance speeches at awards ceremonies. They get me EVERY time!
  • slicing red onions. Okay this one might be a little more of a physical reaction. But still. 

Is there anything in particular that tugs at your heartstrings? 

Esfir genuinely loves ugly christmas sweaters but she doesn’t know that they’re ugly and that people are actually making fun of them so she gives them as gifts to everyone. Faas and Eli don’t have the heart to confront her about her tastes and accept them anyways. 

Random Tidbits

• I’m very tired. I think that’s why I overslept this morning.
• The last time I “dip dyed” my ends, it was with a temporary spray color. When I get my hair done next week, I will be using a semi permanent color.
• The color is called Purple Haze.
• Dipset, bitch.
• Lol. I’m excited.
• Almost booked a flight today.
• Cancelled the reservations though because…???
• Still sleepy.
• Doing these tidbits as I wait for my mom’s husband to finish up his chemotherapy. I had to take him today.
• This shit is sad.
• My kid got detention for calling a peer a “dumb ass” at recess today. SMH.
• Got a serious date tomorrow morning with the treadmill. Can’t wait.
• Wish I had a serious date TONITE. It’s lovely outside and I would love to dress up and be wined and dined. I know that that is too much to ask though.
• Why is gas 3.75 here?
• I’m ready for Spring.
• I’m flawed. Tremendously. On the surface and inside.
• I wish I weren’t.
• Anyway, how are you all??
• Sending love and positive vibes your way!!!
• Oh, and Happy Steak and Blowjob Day!!! Cook em’ a steak and then suck his soul out of his body!! Celebrate!! Lol.

The fiber optic cable somewhere in our neighborhood that carries Internet and cable to the H house was severed sometime between 02:37 (last email I received on my cell phone) and 06:00 (waking time) Eastern Standard Time. I’m curious as to why this happened overnight [WHO DOES UTILITY WORK IN THE FREEZING DARK DEAD OF NIGHT?!] and when my beautiful cable will be restored. I feigned enthusiasm this morning listening to “Babel” when in all actually I wanted to yell at the television TURN ON THE TODAY SHOW, DAMMIT! 

[sorry for the yelling]

My computer at work downloaded a virus over the 3-day weekend. Which isn’t that big of a deal because Brandon in IT fixed it all up real nice for me. Also, I didn’t have to push out overdue emails for at least 30 minutes which was pretty sweet. 

I’m going to see a Psychiatrist and I’m actually really excited about it.

I’m wearing stripes and chambray together today

Oh, and here’s a recipe I found for homemade American cheese [you’re welcome, Julia]. 

Happy Tuesday, suckas. 

Quick Note

Hello followers! I just wanted to let you know that when we receive asks from you all we may not answer them within a day. This is because we have a few people in this blog so the unwritten rule is when you see a new ask and you don’t know which fic it is, you leave it for another one to see and possible answer. If you can answer it, then go ahead. After about 2-3 days of sitting in our inbox, then we do the whole “Does anyone know?” thing.

I’m just putting it out there since we do get quite a few people sending in the same ask saying that we didn’t answer it the first time. If after about 3 days if you do not see us answering your question then feel free to ask again, but please don’t expect a response within a few hours.

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