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Is it normal amongst DID/OSDD systems to not remember a majority of childhood but also have small snapshots where you vividly remember these tiny things, like they're completely random tidbits, but you remember them clearly?

Hey lovely,

Yes, that is very common in those with DID/OSDD.

Using myself as an example, my first memory was around 10 years old, there is nothing before that and still big chunks after that too. 

Despite this I have extremely detailed memories of random things. I could, for example, tell you exactly what my partner was wearing, what she drinking, who she was with etc when I first met her and that was 9 years ago. Yet I can’t remember much more recent events.

That’s just one example but there are also more mundane things that for whatever reason I remember well.

Hope this helps :)

Last night I was talking to my therapist about how I don’t like saying the actual word therapist, rather I refer to her as “my person” when talking to other people. I told her I don’t know why, I just seriously get very uncomfortable saying the word. Other people can, I just can’t.

I also told her that I don’t like thinking of myself as her patient, or being referred to as a patient, because I don’t believe I am sick. I said that it’s weird to think of her as a doctor, because I associate doctors with other things, not emotions. But I can refer to a psychiatrist as a doctor. Just not her, or any other psychologist who legitimately has a doctorate.

We have interesting conversations.

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fr the senpai ask headcanon thing, wakatoshi??

-dislikes all forms of academics except P.E.
-secretly plays with Pyo-kun dolls
-knows every random tidbit about Pyo-kun
-loves getting into mischief with Hinata and Ai
-has a silent respect for Kyouya
-spends hours on his hair
-uses too much body spray
-tries to look tough, but isn’t
-master prankster
-looks up dirty words in the dictionary for fun

hello world - my name is EJ, and i’m super hyped to be here at idolkrp for the first time ever! i have lots of muse just about to spill over, and i look forward to writing and getting to know you all soon. you can check out “about lee taehyun 101″ below the cut (or for more specifics, here and here), and hit this post with a like (if i don’t get to you on my own anyway lol) for some good ole plotting fun. i apologize that i don’t have any plot lines written down on paper, but i promise you they’re alive and floating around in my head. k thx fam!

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i’ve had this blog for less than two weeks, and already there are over a hundred of you guys following me. this is crazy!

never in a million years did i expect so many people to be interested in these random tidbits, and so quickly. madridistas are just – the fucking best, man. 

anyway, i wanted to thank all of you for your interest. i’m so excited to have people to laugh/scream about this old stuff with again! there’s a lot more to come. get ready for:

  • random tv ads that even the players probably have forgotten
  • classic gifsets that others far more talented than me created in days gone by
  • a compendium of the worst sweaters in real madrid history
  • more of my furiously complicated feelings about xabi alonso
  • and, of course, more twink cris

thanks for following, and stay tuned!

Random character tidbit: Amaranthine may have told her family that she stayed in the clan for extended military training… but she maaay have also stayed bc she had a baby crush on Des.

So what I think I’m gonna do with Alex is turn this purely into a character development blog. That means no more RPs are to be done here. It’ll be more me gathering resources for him, posting art of him, and dumping random tidbits of information here and there.

It’s always been really hard for me to write replies for RPs for him anyway, and I’ve grown tired trying to generate enough interest in him for interactions, so I’m foregoing interactions entirely. 

He’ll still have what relationships he does have with other characters (ok, like… the one character lol) because those relationships have all been pretty developed outside of tumblr, but that’s kind of it.

So yah :^D

sorry for all the OOC but also, not sorry. random tidbit about palossand:

Shirodesuna may be read literally as 城ですな shiro desu na (That’s a castle, huh). 

himashi fucking named it in japanese

So. I make art sometimes and occasionally show it here. I’ve decided to make an Instagram just for my art, with insight into my creative process and a bunch of random tidbits about working in science (since that is a major one of my inspirations for subject matter.)

So if you’re interested, check out @special.k.arts


If you’ve reached this page, then that means you ran into me on MSPARP! Nice to meet you, hope you’re having a good day. >:)

Anyway, here are some main important points:

–Terezi is about 8 sweeps old.

–She is an alcoholic, and has been for at least half a sweep.

–Topics such as abuse and alcoholism (obviously) are likely to come up, so if that is a touchy subject for you, then you should probably leave. 

Physical Description: As a human, Terezi would be at least half Chinese. She’s about 5′2″. She is slender, but has thick thighs (as you may have guessed).

Random tidbit of information, she is fluent in East Alternian (Chinese), and it is her first language.

That’s about it. I look forward to RPing with you!

soo…. the power went out last night at my house (i’m typing this at work lol) and that means that the heat died for my baby tiny room of concrete floors and coldness….

combine that with the fact that i want to do a much longer chapter for the next bit (there is a lot to explain) and stuff i wanna do. so…. we’ll probably get somethin out monday instead, givin me this weekend to touch up this chapter and maybe work on a few others. there’s some,,, random missing tidbits here and there i wanted to get in

but yeah, sorry abt the early weekend, fuckin crazy weather amirite?