Well the conflict between Sana and Yousef was definitely not what I was expecting, but I like it?

It’s just another example of Sana having to navigate the two worlds she feels divided between and I can’t wait to see how she does it.

Ugh…sometimes I think of how Batfam’s life is so depressing..
all of them are traumatized in some way..
they spend little time in the sun..
they see death all the time
and at the rare times they have fun, at least one of them is not there..
Batman is cool but life with him is hell. I feel sorry for those kids :(
they all need to be hugged on a daily basis..

I’m sorry.

Can we talk about how Danny had an interview that was meant to promote this nomination and he spent a good amount of it talking about how his on-screen partner should be nominated too? 


That is just adorable. 

Me too Danny. Me too. I think Ryan deserves some love too. 

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My fiancee and I were discussing the worst metal to use to make armor, and the obvious answers are lead and gold, but she cunningly suggested mercury. Which is a fair point, but then I wondered if solid mercury is any good. Googling told me that the melting point of mercury is -38° c (-37° f), so first you get it really fucking cold. At that point, it turns out that mercury has a tensile strength of 1900 mpa, compared to lead’s 18 and steel’s ~500-940 (depending upon the kind of steel).

Now, I know that tensile strength is not necessarily the best measure of a material’s ability to function as armor, but I’m a liberal arts major and didn’t care to actually do that much more research before going straight to, “EVIL ICE DEMONS IN MERCURY ARMOR. THE PCS CAN’T LOOT IT BECAUSE WHEN THEY PUT IT ON IT MELTS AND KILLS THEM.”

one day i’ll have coffee with Jesus
ask Him all the questions swimming around in my head
“do you take cream and sugar too?”
“why did he hurt me?”
“are you proud of me?”
“do you see the good in everything or do you get sad sometimes too?”
“can i do both? because most days i do.”

i’ll hug Him
He’ll hug me
the father
the son
the holy spirit
all three

Random observation: It’s kinda funny that the monsters Dean chose to remark on (and those Sam chose to remind Dean about) were Djinn and Sirens. You know, “I’d rather stab myself than live in a world where we were estranged” Djinn, and “I’m not a hot chick but an actual literal stand-in for your brother” Sirens. I mean. Just, you know. An observation. Because “Happiness means nothing if I don’t remember you” wasn’t quite clear enough.