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Sometimes, after a particularly dangerous mission, Keith is unable to calm down. The excess adrenaline continues to course throughout his body, and he just… can’t stop moving. It’s not in huge, obvious ways, but more in the sense that his fingers keep twitching unless he taps them against his thighs; in the sense that he can’t stand still and has to continuously shift his position.

On these days, Keith burns off the adrenaline by heading straight for the Training Room and fighting with the bots. Lance catches him once; he scoffs and says that Keith needs to take a break (and mutters something about how “this is why I can never beat him”). Keith agrees with this sentiment; fighting after such a harsh mission is hardly the way to recuperate, and he knows resting is important. But he also knows that he won’t be able to sleep, that he’ll be restless, turning and twisting in bed. There’s no point in staying up and doing nothing, so he may as well get some training in.

On another day, Shiro catches him. Keith doesn’t notice until his simulation is done because unlike Lance, Shiro watches him until the end.

“It’s late,” Shiro says.

Keith nods. “Yeah.”

Shiro approaches him and takes his hand (as Keith drops his weapon), running his thumb across Keith’s knuckles. Until then, Keith hadn’t realized that his hand had still been twitching. But in Shiro’s grasp, it stills for a moment, and Keith no longer feels the irresistible need to move around.

Stumbling a bit, Keith leans into Shiro’s hold.

New Girl - Three

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“No, no! It’s like this.” I shooed Tom out of the way and showed him how to grade the paper again. He groaned and put his hands on the back of the chair I was sitting in.

“Why don’t you just do it then?” I sighed, turning to face him again. It’s been three months since the bar incident, and Tom and I have been getting along quite nicely. We bicker here and there – but, like we’ve noticed, we’re completely different people. It’s expected. We’d go to lunch together, go grocery shopping together and we’ve even gone a couple of, non-successful, double dates.

“You said you’d help grade the homework! I have to make this test that I forgot I assigned tomorrow.” Tom looked at you, his eyebrows pulled in. “What?”

“If you don’t have the test ready,” his hand came up to pinch the bridge of his nose, “why don’t you just reschedule the test?” I opened my mouth to say something, probably to call him an idiot like I usually did, but noticed he had a point. I turned back toward the homework Tom was grading and reached toward my laptop, quickly hitting the ctrl + s keys and saving the work I had already done before closing my laptop. I heard Tom scoff above me, I looked up to see him shaking his head. “Idiot.”

“Shut up, Holland!”

“Well, you’re welcome.” It was my turn to scoff.


“Um,” he gave me a look that could only be a duh look, “for saving you time?”

“Oh, you’re right,” I said sarcastically, “thank you, Tom. For having common sense – for once.” He nodded his head, pursing his lips.

“You know what, (L/N)?”

“And they’re fighting again.” Tom and I directed our gaze toward the front door, seeing Jacob and Harrison walk through with a couple of boxes of pizza. I walked over to help Jacob with the drinks as he closed the door.

“We’re not fighting, we’re bickering,” I nudged Harrison’s shoulder, “it’s good for moral.” He rolled his eyes, a smile on his face as he passed me a plate.

“So, you going out with your boy-toy tonight?” I looked up at Jacob, sticking my tongue out at his childish tone.

“Don’t call him that, his name is Tony! And, no, it’s a school night.” I had been seeing Tony for about a month. We started out as just bed buddies and one day something just snapped. When we kissed we didn’t rush it, and he started to stay over more and then he asked me out – he broke the bubble.

“Well, don’t have too much fun with all that homework, tiger,” Tom grabbed his plate and winked at me, grabbing a beer and heading toward his room. I watched as he left, trying to ignore the burning in my cheeks after he winked at me. I tried to replace Tom’s face with Tony’s. Tony, Tony, Tony.

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Don’t sit here and tell me Adrien doesn’t love Marinette because he was nothing but a flirt in Evillustrator. He took that opportunity. He also took that moment to bask in everything Marinette is, something he never got the chance to do for longer than a few seconds. He saw her as the brave, stunning, and calm girl she is and he loved it. He loves her.


Summary: Sometimes you are up in bed wondering if you will ever be enough for the man who you love so much. 

A/N: here’s me attempting to write because I literally only write when I have random angsty/fluffy urges too. This idea popped into my head from personal experience and how most of us hope things would go. 

For: @sad-af1121 @bxckyfxcknbxrnes @thewintersadie @serzhantkris @thatawkwardtinyperson hoping to be as talented as you guys one day. 

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Rain usually is a welcome calming factor in your life. For as long as you can remember rain has always been associated with warmth in your life. 

Rain meant cuddles on the sofa. Rain meant a warm cup of hot coco, wrapped up in a blanket and a book on your lap. Rain meant fantasies of recreating kisses only movies deemed possible. Rain meant peace. 

But now, the rain was keeping you up. 

You’ve tried your hardest not to let your thoughts get to you. You tried harder to close your eyes and tell yourself that everything is fine. But you can’t. Your mind won’t shut off. Your thoughts keep going back to the one thing you have been trying to avoid for weeks.

You feel movement next to you and you turn from the window and see the reason for your restless thoughts. In his sleep, Bucky looks as peaceful as a sleeping baby. 

You lift your hand to caress his cheek. Bucky Barnes is a force of nature. He is everything a father would want his daughter to marry. He is gentle and kind and most undoubtedly a good man. And to add onto the ever growing list of the perfect Bucky Barnes, he’s also incredibly handsome. 

So why…why is he here with you?

You aren’t naive. You might be the newest Avenger but you know of his past. You know who his heart once belonged too. You know that you can never be her. 

Natasha is everything that men lust over and women would die to be. She is gorgeous, she is self-less and she is everything you strive to be. She’s the whole package. 

Your heart wrenches and tears build up in your eyes. You know, you just know that if there comes a day when Natasha wants Bucky, Bucky won’t hesitate to go to her. They are like kindred souls. Waves who keep crashing into each other but drops that keep missing each other but desperately trying to fall into the same place. They have a past, they have a present and if God willing, they’ll have a future.

“Baby-doll, what are you still doing up?” Bucky’s gravelly voice stirs you away from your thoughts and your greeted with steel blue eyes and his furrowed brows. 

“Nothing, I was just thinking about the ocean.”

“The ocean? We could go to the beach after we get back from the mission” he sighs as he wraps his arms around you. 

You lean your head against him and listen to the beating of his heart. You wrap your arms around him and bury your head against his chest. “Bucky….”


“I think…I think we should break up, before you- no stop listen to me before you get offended. I’m not..I’m not enough for you. I will never be enough for you. I’ll let you down if I already haven’t and I…Bucky I’m just not enough.” 

Bucky is looking down at you as you finally meet his eyes and try to pull away. He shakes his head and wraps his arms tighter around you. “I’m not letting you go. You’re being ridiculous. You are more than enough for me.”

“Am I though? Because I will never be Nat. I know, I know you are here with me, in this bed. But is that where you want to be? Because I see the way you used to look at her Buck, before we got to where we are now. If Nat, if she ever asked you to try again, I know…I know that you would choose her. Because I’m not your drop in the ocean Bucky. I am not your one in a million. She is. She has been and she always will be.”

Bucky’s lips are turned down in a frown and his arms are still wrapped around you. This time before you could even try to get away, he flips you over. You’re on your back and you’re about to question him when he cuts you off “Bucky–”

“Listen carefully for what I’m going to tell you right now Y/N. Before you, before I could even wrap my head around the possibility of you, I only knew what love was or what I thought it was because of Nat. But you…you came along with your adorable laugh and your stack of books and sarcastic humor and you…you knocked me off my feet. I loved Nat, but you? You crashed into me like a tsunami that I wasn’t expecting. You took me under. You made me forget how to breathe. You drowned me in you and I never want to come up for air. So get it in this thick skull of yours. I am yours. You are mine and no ocean can ever compare in size how enough you are to me.”

He kisses you gently and smooths the tears running down your cheeks with his metal hand. “I love you.”

You sob/laugh into him and wrap your arms around his neck and tug him down for another kiss. “I love you too Bucky Barnes.”

“Good, because I plan on showing you for the rest of our lives how enough you are to me.”

did u notice that in Voltron there are only 4 mice and lots of ppl are saying they kinda match the colours of the lions except there doesn’t seem to be a black/dark mouse so like ha ha ha wouldn’t it be wild if they were like the spirits of the previous paladins and there’s no black one because Zarkon is still alive


I decided to make a lil list of things involved with OCD for reference

  • Obsessions (”A robber is going to break into my house if I don’t check to make sure Iocked the door”)
  • Compulsions (*checks to make sure the door is locked*) 
  • Overlapping and repeating thoughts (this video explains this well)
  • Intrusive thoughts (unwanted thoughts that pop into your head pertaining to things that are against your morals/things that you find shameful or disgusting or are afraid of)
  • Intrusive impulses (same as the above, only with an urge to do something, often with the feeling/thought of “I could do this thing right now…”)
  • Random fears (”what if I’m not really in love with my datemate?” “what if I was adopted?” “what if my friend’s school is being bombed right now?” etc.)
  • Dissociative symptoms (e.g., shoving down emotions and thoughts, consciously or subconsciously, because you consider them to be impure and toxic)
  • Over-analyzing (this tends to go along with/be caused by everything else, but I figure it’s a notable mention)

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Random thing that popped in my head while looking through your blog, can we get big bro Slug meeting childhood friend Dementia? :,D Both dynamics are really cute!

This meet up would be super cute XD

Mistakes and Erasers (Part 3) | Jeff Atkins

Summary: After a campus party you found yourself awake in another bedroom that isn’t yours. Naked.

Warning: Mature Language.

Note: I’m sorry for the long wait. I’m really busy with college and I’m trying to find an internship. But I definitely don’t forget about you! This is the last part of Mistakes and Erasers! I didn’t want to drag it out too much. Thank you so much for the amazing response! I really appreciate it! You may request anything you’d like if you have an amazing idea!

Read part two and part one.

Sighing, you walked into the campus library. Even though the semester just started, it was though. Deadlines were set and it took you a lot of self-control not to break out into tears because you were stressing a lot. It didn’t help the guy from a few nights ago couldn’t escape your thoughts either.

As you were heading upstairs, someone grabbed your arm. Your lips parted and your brows were furrowed, making your left eye seem bigger than the other. You turned around and your eyes met Jeff. ‘I need your help.’ he demanded while he didn’t let go of your arm.

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As long as we are in our home dimension does Grillby marry Lucidia in this reality as well? How about Fuku fire and the other hotland girl ? Is Gaster Sans and Paps father as well?

Who the hell is lucidia?xD sorry that was the first thing that popped in my head reading this ask

Random Thing

(No one asked for this. It just popped into my head, and then I had to write it. So here it is!)

What would the Egos wear outside of their signature outfits?

Bim—big pastel sweaters, no glasses, and ridiculous shorts (FLAMINGO SHORTS). He’d just want to be comfortable, but he also has this quirky, adorable style. His hair, however, is always perfect.

Wilford—his pink polka dot pajamas, hands down. He just wanders around in them all day long when he’s not filming a new episode for Warfstache Tonight, and he even has a matching pair of bunny slippers.

Host—flannel and jeans like in his days of being the Author. The way an old pair of jeans fits just right and the wood smoke scent off his old flannel is very comforting. It takes him back to another time.

Dr. Iplier—actually likes to dress nice when he’s not at work in the clinic—which is pretty rare. Slacks and a nice button-up for taking walks and window-shopping just to help him relax.

Silver—cosplays as other heroes all the time. He’ll sneak out to conventions when they’re in town and get lots of compliments that he plays down but secretly really appreciates because he works so hard.

Ed—will walk around in nothing but a bathrobe and freak everyone else out.

Google—owns a lot of really comfy clothes. Ever since his upgrade allows him the ability to change outfits, he’s been obsessed with buying things that are soft and breathable instead of wearing the same stupid t-shirt every day.

Dark—secretly likes wearing just a shirt and sweatpants from time to time, though he hates for anyone else to see him that way. He has an image to uphold, of course. But it’s hard keeping up appearances all the time, especially with Wilford Warfstache causing trouble for him 24/7.

Anti—would definitely steal the flamingo shorts and prance around in them for the sole purpose of teasing Sean.

You'll Be Okay, Lance

I posted this before on my side blog, but after Tumblr enabled the safe mode thing I deleted it. Now I’ve finally gotten around to reposting it here. Enjoy!


Quiznak, Lance thought. He picked his foot up and looked down with a wince. “At least I found it,” he muttered to himself. Lance bent down to retrieve his MP3 player from the ground. The screen was cracked and the button in the middle had popped off. He tried turning it on, but the device didn’t respond. “Aw, man.” Lance sighed and plopped down on his unmade bed. One of the only things he had left to remind him of his life back on Earth, was broken.

“What am I gonna do now,” he grumbled. There was no way he could fix it. Lance considered just throwing it away and attempting to move on. But, then he remembered something.

Remembered someone.

A certain friend who was great with gadgets, and just so happened to be right down the hall. “Pidge!” Lance exclaimed to no one in particular and jumped up. “She can fix it! Well, probably … hopefully.” Lance excitedly shoved the broken MP3 player in the pocket of his jacket and crept out of his room.

The castle was silent.

He knocked on Pidge’s door three times. The noise echoed in the quiet hallway. “I hope she’s not busy,” he wished aloud. A moment later the door slid open to reveal Pidge standing before him in her pajamas. She offered him a sleepy smile. “Oh, hey Lance. What’s up?”

“Uh…” He took note of her sleeping attire and immediately regretted coming to ask her for something. He hadn’t considered that she might be trying to sleep. It was late. Of course she wouldn’t want to help him right now.

“I’m sorry, were you getting ready for bed? I-I didn’t mean to bother you. I can just come back tomorrow,” he started to back up and turn away. His face felt hot. “No, Lance, it’s okay,” she called out and he stopped. “I was actually having some trouble sleeping,” she rubbed her eyes and readjusted her glasses. Little strands of hair stuck out in odd places around her head.

“Did you need something?” Lance felt relieved that she hadn’t turned him down. “Yeah,” he answered and took a deep breath to try and calm his nerves. “Actually there was something I was hoping you could help me with.” His fingers curled around the crushed object in his pocket.

“Sure. I’d be happy to.” Pidge led him into her room and the door closed behind them with a hiss. The only light source was the lamp that sat on top of the desk. One look at her bed and Lance could tell Pidge had been tossing and turning in the sheets. He wondered how long she’d been trying to get some sleep. He’d have to ask her later.

She sat down in her desk chair, leaned back, and propped her bare feet up on a stack of books by the bed. “Soooo, what do you need?” The drowsiness that had tainted her voice earlier was completely gone now. Lance reached in his pocket and brought out the reason he was there. Pidge held her hand out and Lance placed the small device in it.

“Yikes.” She looked it over then looked at him. “What happened to it?” Lance rubbed the back of his neck and explained. “So, you can fix it, right?” She scoffed and pushed her glasses up her nose. “Of course I can. I’ll have it better than new in no time.” Pidge swiveled around in her chair and began working on his MP3.

Lance sat down on the floor, legs stretched out in front, and rested his back against the bed. He watched her as she tinkered away. Lance had always secretly admired how smart she was. Back at the Garrison, he thought she was a little weird at first. Maybe because she was trying to pass as a boy. He chuckled at the thought of how many times he’d tried to set her up with a girl that had turned him down. Back then, Lance just couldn’t fathom why Pidge kept rejecting his efforts. But now he understood.

“What’s so funny?” Pidge looked at him for a moment waiting for an answer. Lance met her gaze. “Remember when you told everyone you were a girl?”

Pidge laughed, recalling the memory, and turned back around to continue working. “Yeah. Everyone was so cool about it,” she paused and glanced over her shoulder. “Except you. You totally freaked out.” Lance blushed. “Hey! How was I supposed to take it?”

Pidge shrugged.

“Well, what if I told you I was a girl? Hmm?” Almost immediately she answered with, “I could see that,” in a rather serious tone. “And I support your decisions completely,” she added. He could practically hear her smirking. The pink in Lance’s cheeks darkened. “Whatever,” he huffed.

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

Lance couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward as he sat there on Pidge’s floor. Should he try to make conversation? He didn’t want to distract her from whatever she was doing, but the lack of communication was killing him. He had to say something.

Um … The weather’s been nice lately? No. We’re in space, and that’s stupid, he scolded himself.

Started any new projects lately?

How are things with your lion?

Learn any more Altean words?

Lance laid his head on the bed, racking his brain for something, anything really, that would strike up a conversation. Then, a previous question popped back into his head. Lance cleared his throat and spoke up.

“You uh, you said you were having trouble sleeping? Is everything okay?” She halted for a moment and threw her head back, letting out a long sigh. Pidge seemed to contemplate her words before speaking them.

“My brain always picks the most random times to go on overdrive. It’s like, as soon as I finally lay down, I get a million ideas all at once.” She leaned forward and resumed working. “Yeah, I know the feeling,” he said softly. Lately he’d been having problems sleeping too. And Lance just wasn’t Lance without his beauty rest.

“Well what about you?”

“Huh?” Lance stared at the back of her head and raised a questioning eyebrow.

“It is late, and you’re not even in your pj’s yet. What’s keeping you up?” Her voice sounded slightly concerned.

“Oh.” All of a sudden, a wave of sadness washed over him, and he felt as blue as his lion. What was keeping him up? Causing him to lose countless hours of sleep?

Lance was homesick. Simple as that.

He was glad Pidge wasn’t looking at him when he spoke. Her friendly smile probably would have been enough to make him cry right then and there. “I just, really miss Earth. My family, and my old friends.” Lance tried not to let his voice quiver. He chuckled to cover his uneasiness. “I think I even miss Iverson back at the Garrison.”

“Wow,” Pidge giggled, the sound making his heart feel a little less heavy, “you really do miss Earth.” He heard one final click before she turned around to face him. Pidge held out the MP3 in her palm. There were no more cracks in the screen and all the buttons fit exactly where they belonged. It looked like it had just come out of the box. He was going to ask her how she fixed it, but decided not to question the tiny miracle.

“That’s incredible,” Lance marveled, instantly feeling better. He stood up and took his device from her small hand eagerly. “An easy fix. It’s not that big of a deal.”

It was to Lance. Her act of kindness meant more to him than he could even comprehend.

“Thank you.” He tucked the MP3 player into his pocket. “It really means a lot Pidge.” Lance gave her a small, sad smile, then averted his eyes to the floor, not quite sure what else to say. Pidge lifted herself out of the chair to stand in front of him.

He didn’t need to say anything, she understood perfectly.

Pidge wrapped her arms around his waist tightly, and placed her small head on his chest. This took him completely by surprise and he started blushing.

“You’ll be okay, Lance. I know you will.” Her words were slightly muffled by his shirt. He didn’t realize how badly he needed a hug until he found himself enveloping Pidge in a warm embrace. Lance rested his cheek on top of her head and smiled. “Thanks again. I needed this.”

“Me too” she responded. They both sighed contentedly.

“Hey. Do you wanna, maybe, have a sleepover?” Pidge pulled away just enough to look up at him hopefully. Lance couldn’t suppress the smile that spread across his face.

“I’d like that. A lot.”

A/N: I just want my space babies to be happy, yaknowwhatimsayin? I cannot be the only one who would like to see some more Pidgance development. Maybe not necessarily in a romantic sense, but I feel like they would have a really great friendship. I think this ship needs a little more attention. But anyways … Until next time, my lovelies


Request: I just found your account and I love your writing! let’s be friends omg but for a requests, what about Draco being paired up with a ravenclaw in class and they somehow manage to work together fairly well which leads to him talking to her more and more?

I’d love to be friends! Thanks so much for this request, it means a lot :* P.S. THIS IS BEING SET IN SIXTH YEAR :) (not my gif)

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A Night In (charliesfairy)

Genre: Smut & Fluff

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

#55: “It’s just you and me tonight.  I was thinking we could have a little fun.”

Requested By: @goddessofdestruction

is this too long to be a drabble? oops

     Quiet nights in with Jimin was all fluffy hair, cuddling, laughing, lots of hand holding and backhugs that sometimes turned into more.  You were planning to keep it limited to appropriate skinship because the boys were still in the dorm with you, but you weren’t able to keep it that way for long.

    Jin had walked into the room about on hour ago to find you two laying on the floor together, Jimin face down and your back pressed against his as you stared at the ceiling and talked about whatever came to your mind.  He was confused but not surprised to see you two in such a weird position and laughed at you, causing you both to jump which resulted in you falling off Jimin and hitting your head on the floor.

    “We’re all going out for dinner if you guys want to join.” Jin offered, completely ignoring the commotion in the floor because he knew you were going to decline anyways.  Who could really blame you, though?  You hadn’t seen Jimin for weeks! With the invite in the air, Jin left, shutting the door behind him, offically telling you that you were alone.  Jimin smirked and hovered over you, leaning down to leave a short kiss on your lips.

“It’s just you and me tonight.  I was thinking we could have a little fun.”

    “Ah, get off me, Jimin!” you laughed and playfully hit his chest, making him fall back. “Get off!”

    “Aish, Jagi, no need to be so mean!” he said as he rolled onto his back beside you and started to clutch his chest in a comical fashion, “You’re making my heart hurt!”

    Another hour flew past, filled with laughs and giggles and stupid little games you conjured up.  You were now sitting on the bed together, you in Jimin’s lap.  He had his legs loosely crossed so you could sit comfortably, and you were facing him with your legs wrapped around his waist.  It was all filled with innocence.  You were just talking about random things that popped into your head, but in the middle of you talking about something you had written the other day and what it meant to you, he kissed you.  He pulled back with his adorable, embarrassed smile on his face.

    “I’m sorry, jagi, I just couldn’t help it.” he explained, “You’re just so beautiful when you talk about things you care about.  I could get lost in the way you look when you’re like this.”

    You felt you’re cheeks grow red, and you couldn’t fight the smile forming on your lips.  His hands found their way up your sides slowly, his eyes following them, as if he was trying to scan your body with his fingertips so he could remember it forever.  When his eyes met yours, they were no longer the light shade of chocolate they were before but rather darker and filled with lust.  He brought your lips together again, and his grip on your waist tightened.  The kiss soon turned more heated, lips being bitten and hair being pulled.  You were both fighting for dominance, and when you started grinding your hips into his, earning a soft whimper from him, you were sure you had won.  But he wasn’t letting that happen tonight.  He flipped you onto your back and drove his hips into yours harshly, making you gasp loudly. 

    “Not tonight, babygirl.”

Things to do when a customer stares at you for too long

- Stare back

- Blow them a kiss

- Ignore them

- Wink

- Stare even harder

- Slowly tilt your head to one side while grinning like a psycho

- Lick your lips

- Have a staring competition

- i g n o r e

- t h e m

- Throw coffee beans onto them like confetti

- Offer them a lap dance

- Do a cartwheel or two

- Lick your fingers and rub your nipples

- Throw coffee on them

- “Can I help you?”

- Meow like a cat

- Psycho grin while holding up a teaspoon

- Lick your nipples

- i  g  n  o  r  e

- Flare your nostrils several times in rapid succession

- Sit on the floor in front of them and stare back

- Pick your nose

- More coffee confetti

- coffetti

- Psycho grin while picking nose

- Give up ignoring them and serve them anyway bc both customer and boss have noticed the ignoring. Both are getting pissy

- stare instead

A Cutesy Day Off - Cole Fluff

Request: Lol could I request some fluffy imaginey type thing about sleeping/waking up next to cole?? It would END me

Warnings: None :)

Notes: None :)

Tag List: @xbobaaa @superoriginalteenwolf @jbrhs-princess @kindfloweroflove @katshrev @itsbee63 @lost-in-wonderland-x @princessal @love-darren-criss1234 


I groan as I feel myself beginning to wake up. My waist had something semi-heavy resting on it, and my legs and arms stretched out, but they accidentally kicked something next to me, causing my sleepy eyes to open and to look over at the bedside table, where my phone was. I reached over and checked the time, smiling as I remembered that Cole and I both had the day off of work. I rolled back over, to face Cole - who was still peacefully sleeping. His arm was still draped around my waist, and I did my best not to wake him.

“You can stop staring now,” he mumbles, his voice sounding groggy - but still very attractive. 

“But you’re pretty,” I giggle, poking his nose - which causes it to twitch. His eyes flutter open, and a smile to appear on his face. He leans in and places a gentle kiss on my lips. 

“Are we staying in or going out for breakfast,” he asks as he pulls away and props himself up on his elbows, resting his head on his hand, whilst his other hand played with my hair. 

“More like brunch, but I don’t mind. What do you feel like doing?”

“Let’s go out. We haven’t been out in a while”

“True,” I giggle. “Well, in that case, I’m going to go and have a shower,” I smile, turning my face in toward his palm and giving it a small kiss before getting up and going into the wardrobe to figure out what I wanted to wear. 


Cole and I walked hand-in-hand to a cute café a few blocks away from our apartment building. We talked aimlessly about random things that popped up in our heads, until we noticed that we had arrived. Cole, being the gentlemen he was, opened the door for me, to which I thanked him and walked in. The waiter took our order a few minutes after we sat down and we began chatting aimlessly again. 

Originally posted by aestheticsprouse

Once we finished brunch, we went in and out of the cute little shops that were around that area. There were furniture shops, cute thrift shops, a few dress shops and a few more cafés. Cole and I kept walking, exploring the area, when we found a park. Giving each other a look, we both decided to go there. 


“Well, today was nice,” Cole smiled over at me as I took my jewelry off, placing them on the dressing table. 

“it sure was. We need to go out more often”

“Hey, if it works out with our schedules, do you wanna make Saturday nights our date night?” Cole suggests. I turn around and flash him a big smiled and a nod.

“I would absolutely love too!”. I walked over and crawled into bed next to Cole, cuddling myself in his nice, warm body, draping my arm over his stomach. He kisses the top of my head, running one of his hands through my hair and the other arm hugging me back. 

Sleepless (M)

Originally posted by kunpimuak

Characters:  Bambam (GOT7) x Kim Yugyeom (GOT7)

Genre:  Smut

A/N:  Hi it’s me again!  Another random drabble (?) that popped in my head in the middle of the night.  Please take note that this is pure boy x boy smut so if this ain’t your thing please don’t proceed :)

Hi bestie @wearkpop​  Goodnight! :-*

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