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“I would tear down the stars for you,” said the dragon. 


No one asked for late night doodles but here I am uploading them anyway. Just wanted to do a personal take on them. Evidently, my take on them is mainly BTAS with hints of other iterations. I dig it. Have a good week ahead folks. :)

You weren’t suppose to leave. I wasn’t suppose to be in the pain I am right now. We were suppose to be together doing everything we loved to do, like go on random trips to random places and eat all the food we loved. I’d be holding your hand as we drove, and sneak over the occasional kisses. We would have our amazing dates where we would dress up, as well as our staying in dates, where we would watch all your favorite shows and movies. Even though I didn’t like some, you know I would always do anything for you. We would have our late night conversations about the most random things like aliens and mermaids. Or about the universe and how we both believed we were soulmates. I’d be admiring the sleeping figure in my arms as your breathing evened out. I’d be observing you as you slept, and not to be creepy at all, but I would always do it any chance I got because dear God, you were so perfect and so unaware of it. I could have sworn you were the one. You brought so much happiness to my life and you made it complete. You encouraged me and believed in me when no one else did. But what happened? How did I end up in the corner of my room sobbing as you left and took my life with you? How did it end like this?

you used to be my home
used to be the one I would come to when I was hurting, when I needed to laugh, when I needed a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold.
You were the person that made me smile everyday, the one that made my heart feel complete.
You made me feel less alone and like I was normal and the things happening to me were okay and that I’ll be fine.
Now you hardly talk to me, you don’t respond.
I try and try but I get nothing.
Once and awhile you’ll text me, but nothing important like you used to.
No more cute little reminders of how much I mean to you and that you need me as a friend or how much you miss me and want to hang out soon.
Now I don’t even know if you care anymore.
I sit here and read the old messages you would send me, the nights we stayed up late talking about random things. the nights we became closer. you made me feel beautiful, something I never felt before in my life. now i just feel like I’m nothing
you’ve seem to have just left my life and it hurts, you made me feel so special, so happy, so needed, and oh so very loved.
Now I feel like I’ve lost my home, and I’m out on the streets begging for money. wishing you would come find me and bring me back.


The moon signs as random things they remind me of.

Aries Moon: comedy shows, late night dancing, red lip stick.
Taurus Moon: red roses, the smell of lavender, writing in a journal.
Gemini Moon: bubblegum, endless conversations, cartoons.
Cancer Moon: slow songs on a lonely night, long text messages, that one piece of jewelry they still wear.
Leo Moon: singing loudly to their favorite song in the car, dare devil, winged eyeliner.
Virgo Moon: fancy pen, straight hair, coffee stains.
Libra Moon: fancy lingerie, old music, silk sheets.
Scorpio Moon: denim jeans, horror movies, sharp contour.
Sagittarius Moon: moon light, movie nights, late night thoughts.
Capricorn Moon: payday, pointed toe heels, books.
Aquarius Moon: window cracked open on a chilly night, candles, picking out flowers.
Pisces Moon: art canvas, warm weather, romance novel.

Dating the Avengers

Dating Steve Roger head-canons:

- you two cuddling 24/7…like he’s a big fan of cuddling and so whenever y’all have the chance you guys are holding each other whether it be watching a movie, sleeping, just chilling with the others, etc. 

- you guys always spoiling each other with little gifts and being one of those cheesy couples…the others complain about it but they love both of you so it doesn’t bother them that much

- Steve being super possessive/protective of you. Sometimes it gets annoying but other times you can’t help but love him for it

- forehead kisses 

- always holding hands, it helps keep both of you grounded and relaxed 

- being big fans of board games, which leads to y’all being super competitive 

- the Great Duo when out on missions together 

- going on all kinds of dates daily, you two are never busy to spend time with each other (with the exception of missions of course) 

- sharing your food which leads to feeding each other 

- him playing with your hair 

- workout partners 

- cute little nicknames for each other 

- y’all are best friends and a couple so it’s really such a beautiful relationship

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Dating Bucky Barnes head-canons: 

- he loves kissing your cheeks, and you like it too, especially sometimes when he does it when his scruff is growing 

- him always calling you “doll”, “my love”, “darlin’” 

- running your fingers through his hair (Bucky enjoys this tremendously) 

- him always interrupting, giving you really passionate kisses no matter where y’all are at (on the battlefield, talking with friends, eating food, watching a movie, just any time anywhere really…)

- you’re fascinated by his metal arm, and super attached to it too 

- you guys are both major foodies and just enjoy eating at all times 

- taking showers together 

- always sleeping on top of him, his arms wrapped around you

- sharing long lasting hugs 

- flirting 24/7 with each other (aka dirty talk) 

- you wearing his clothes 

- loyalty at its finest

- he loves marking you with hickeys (if you’re not into hickeys, just ignore this then) 

- both of you are super clingy 

- sharing mostly everything with each other (towels, a plate of food, drinks, blankets, pillows..you name it) 

- you guys are just so deeply in love with each other it hurts 

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Dating Sam Wilson head-canons:

- being major goofballs 

- he’s always kissing your neck for some reason, but you like it

- introducing each other to new things 

- hugs from behind 

- binge-watching all kinds of movies 

- teasing each other, which leads to make out sessions (you guys are almost always interrupted) 

- praising each other 

- jogging partners

- you wearing his clothes almost always 

- baking together, which leads to a mess in the kitchen and soft kisses 

- spooning (sometimes y’all switch off, each being a big spoon or a little spoon depending on the mood) 

- jamming out to music 

- night drives 

- Sam always defending you, he puts you first over everything and so do you

- when y’all are sitting together, Sam somehow always ends up sleeping on your lap 

- both of you can’t help loving romance movies/books

- hanging out at Starbucks (that’s like where half of your dates are spent) 

- you guys are always caught (individually) gazing at each other lovingly by the others 

- foot rubs 

- I love the idea of Sam being a big romantic so he loves showering you with gifts, giving you flowers everyday, being super cheesy, and always complimenting you

- you both love each other so much and always make sure you both know that 

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Dating Pietro Maximoff head-canons: 

- calling you “princess” 

- he loves marking your body and making sure others know that you belong to him (and he belongs to you)

- that boy is one kinky motherfucker, let me tell you that 

-  super speed leads to a lot fun 

- he loves when you come and wrap your hands around his waist from behind 

- you guys are always planning fun nights out whether it be bowling or night swimming (it’s just always fun with you two) 

- he also loves sitting in front of you in between your legs, his back facing you, as you run your fingers along his hair and softly rub his face

- his kisses are always sweet, soft and unexpected 

- Pietro loves when you’re in control 

- always eating ice cream (it’s kind of like your go-to food) 

- sleeping on the couch together, your face nuzzled into his chest as his arm is wrapped around your waist protectively 

- Pietro goes out of his way to spoil you 

- holding hands every chance you got 

- amusement park dates!!

- he always has an arm wrapped around you and he rubs the small of your back with his thumb 

- long hugs 

- late night talks about random things 

- lots of adorable pictures with each other 

- Pietro is always there to protect you when you need him 

- he’s always DTF 

- him giving you piggyback rides 

- dancing in the kitchen 

- watching Disney movies to pass the time 

- Pietro always surprising you with flowers 

- you guys love each other so much you’re willing to do anything to keep the other smiling 

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Dating T’Challa head-canons: 

- he gives you the nickname “kitten” 

- him showing you around Wakanda 

- he cares a lot about the people he’s closest to, so he’s always showing his affection for you

- T’Challa is sort of into PDA 

- so he’s always giving you rough kisses on the lips (he doesn’t care who it’s in front of), making sure it lasts especially when he’s about to head off to a meeting or a mission 

- him giving you back rubs, and you massaging his shoulders 

- T’Challa is always touching you (nothing sexual) whether it be with his shoulder, hand, leg, etc. 

- he’s always giving you extravagant paintings as gifts 

- his biggest fear is losing you, you’re afraid of losing him too 

- he also gets jealous easily, but he knows that you love him, he just can’t help it though 

- whenever he has free time he’s always spending it with you

- he loves cuddling with you on his big, luxurious, silk sheet bed

-kisses on the top of your head and your hands 

- it’s such a peaceful relationship, and y’all love each other so much 

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Dating Tony Stark head-canons: 

- okay, not saying that he’ll spoil you, but he will spoil you

- like BIG ASS gifts, he goes all the way. He’s just so fucking extra like that

- you always try to deny his gifts and tell him you love him for him not his money but he always says “sweetheart, but I cherish you” 

- he doesn’t want you to feel guilty or anything so sometimes he arranges lowkey dates

- but he’s Tony Stark, so those dates don’t last very long 

- you buying him flowers, because hey, he deserves them 

- late night slow dances 

- Tony buying you a promise ring, because he loves you and wants to be with you for the rest of his life 

- you buying him a promise necklace (don’t know if that’s a real thing, don’t care) because you love him just as much, probably even more 

- Tony is not all about sex, like how most people make him out to be

-He likes his relationships to go slow and be filled with passion (that’s not only sex) 

- you’re down to get your hands dirty with Tony in his lab 

- eating takeout and watching thriller movies 

- always being the shoulder of support for each other on everything 

- you always showing Tony how much you love him, wanting him to know you’re there for him and that he’s wanted 

- Tony and you are just that one rad relationship, and it also goes deeper than that because you guys understand each other on a higher level and have a personal respect for one another 

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Dating Shawn Mendes Would Include (Part 2)

~Shawn having conversations with his dad about you
~“I’m in love with her, dad.”
~you surprising Shawn at one of his shows even though you told him you wouldn’t be able to make it
~the smile on his face when he sees you being so PRECIOUS, BLESS HIS HEART
~you just love watching him perform because he looks so incredibly happy and you live for that smile of his
~bear hugs when you haven’t seen each other in a while
~“Shawnnn you’re crushing me.”
~“Sorry sweetheart, I just missed you so much.”
~wearing Shawn’s merch because you’re a proud girlfriend
~never really getting into big arguments
~the only time you guys really bicker is because Shawn overworks himself too much and you get worried
~on the rare occasions you guys do get into an argument, both of you usually just need a little space and an hour later you guys say sorry and make up
~Shawn not even giving girls that flirt with him the time of day because literally no one compares to you in his eyes
~you not even noticing when a guy flirts with you because Shawn is your one and only
~noticeable hickeys
~“These are gonna be a bitch to cover up,” Shawn grumbles while looking in your direction
~you just winking at him and planting a kiss on his cheek
~you being one of the first people to hear his new music
~“Your fans are going to freak when they hear this masterpiece Shawny”
~constantly supporting each other in any new endeavors
~late night talks about random things
~“If a pizza pie is a circle, why are the slices triangle?”
~going to get food at 2am because why not
~late night drives with the windows down singing your hearts out
~you actually really enjoying hockey ever since Shawn explained all the basics to you
~it definitely didn’t take like 2 hours or anything
~“Shawn?” you mumble as your head is laying on his chest
~“I love you. Forever and always.”
~“I love you more princess, forever and always,” Shawn says, a light smile playing on his lips as he kisses your forehead

Hi guys! So this is part two to my post from yesterday. I was thinking about doing a part 3 because there is some things I wanted to add, but this was super long already. Let me know if you guys would like a part 3 or if you would want to see another one of these with someone else. Suggestions are always welcomed.
To find part 1, go on my blog and search the tag ‘dating Shawn Mendes would include’.

pancakes and waffles.

“Jug, are you awake?”

Jughead shifted in bed as he rolled onto his stomach. “No.” His voice was muffled from the pillow.

“Jug.” Betty whispered, poking at his side. “It’s important.”

He sighed, taking another moment to build up the strength to open his eyes and look at her. He was squinting in the dark as if that was going to help. “What is it?”

“I really want some pancakes.” She told him with a soft giggle. 

“Pancakes?” Jughead lifted is head from the pillow to look at the clock. “Betty, it’s three in the morning.”

“And,” She scooted over to his side, sharing his pillow so their noses grazed. “Denny’s is open twenty-hour hours, seven days a week.” The boy grumbled. “Come on, Jug, it stopped raining and you’ve never turned down food. You can get waffles.” 

He hummed, his eyes closing again. “I do like waffles…”

“Great! We’re going, get up.” Betty was giggling again, hopping out of bed to pull on some sweatpants and one of Jughead’s sweaters.

It didn’t take much for Betty to will Jughead out of bed. He got out and shrugged on a shirt and some sweatpants as well, finding his wallet and phone. He pulled his beanie over his head as Betty was already waiting by the front door, bouncing on her toes like a kid at Christmas. 

They had a booth at Denny’s, one in the back corner that was next to a window. It was always the booth they picked since this seemed to be their thing now: late night breakfast. There was always random pockets of people that came in but as they sat in their booth with their pancakes and waffles, everyone else seemed to melt into the background. 

“Eating a stack of pancakes at three in the morning probably isn’t healthy.” Betty mused as she cut into her strawberry pancakes. 

“Probably not.” Jughead agreed, shoving an oversized piece of waffle into his mouth. “There’s no one else I’d rather be here with, even if I was rudely woken up during my precious slumber.”

Betty grinned. “You love me, Juggie.”

“More than you know, Betts.”


a post-doomsday almost drabble (123 words)

It’s the smell of the honey wafting out of the cup of chamomile someone had made for her on the second night in the wrong universe that tipped her over the edge. Tears welled up in eyes that had been dry and empty for hours and Rose barely managed to put the cup down before burying her face in her hands and letting the tears escape.

It smelled just like him, just like the scent she could catch beneath the wool and the engine grease. The scent that was infinitely stronger when she was curled against his bare chest in their bed, sleepy and sated.

It was just a cup of sweetened tea. It was just another reminder of everything that she’d lost.

Sometimes…I wish I could write a fic…but at this point, I am too afraid to even attempt it. Hell I’ll probably get lost into my own story and ask myself dafuq I just write and where the hell am I… xD

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Hc for when the Paladins and their S/o hold hands for the first time? ^U^

aaaah i apologize for the short break, i’m exhausted and my brain and legs are worn out istg
- it would after a mission
- him and s/o would be having some alone time
- they’ll be in a deep yet not a really serious conversation
- while getting lost in the castle
- he’ll just casually take their hand in his
- he would turn a bright shade of pink but still be able to keep his cool
- s/o would squeeze his hand
- he'a grin brightly and squeeze back
- they both would keep on walking and talking
- he’d occasionally swing their intertwined hand
- when they reach s/o’s room, shiro would turn and face them
- not letting go of their hand
- and twirls them around, laughing
- before planting a goodnight kiss on their forehead

- him and s/o were canvassing a new planet whilst shiro and allura makes an alliance
- he would be throwing jokes and puns and occasionally pick-up lines whole time
- whilst s/o either rolls their eyes because it was cheesy or laugh lightly
- and for some reason lance decide to scare s/o for fun
- resulting them to fall on their butt
- he’ll laugh as they whine
- lance will come up to them and offer his hand to help them
- but when s/o was back up on their feet he doesn’t let got of their hand
- he’ll just turn bright red and scratch the back of his neck
- s/o would smile and plant a kiss of his cheek
- before pulling him to another part of the planet

- s/o and keith would be training
- he’d be helping them improve a few tricks and teaching them a bit
- they both will spar for fun after
- and while they do, s/o trips and grabbing keith as they fell
- keith would blurt out laughing and s/o would do the same
- when the laughter died down keith picked himself up
- he’d extend a hand to s/o smiling brightly at them
- as they take his hand he’ll turn bright pink but is still able to hold his gaze on them
- keith’s smile would be even more blinding when s/o doesn’t let go of his hand as they walk out of the training deck
- he’d smile for the whole day just because of it

- s/o would be chilling next to pidge whilst she does tech stuff
- they would occasionally peek at what she’s doing and asks questions
- pidge would suddenly groan out, startling s/o
- they would turn to pidge and asks her whats wrong
- her hand would be face palming her face
- s/o would laugh and would try to pry apart her hands from her face
- but pidge keeps covering her face jokingly
- but soon stop when s/o places their hands on hers firmly
- pidge would blush slightly and she intertwines her fingers with s/o’s
- they would smile back and her, squeezing her hand

- s/o would be sitting on the kitchen counter as hunk makes a late night snack
- they would ramble about random things and hunk would reply back
- after he made the snack he would join s/o at the kitchen counter, handing them food
- they would thank him and both would continue their light banter
- as they were finishing up their snacks
- hunk would help them to get down from the counter
- one hand gripping on s/o’s hand and the other holding her hand
- s/o would giggle and thank him with a small peck
- he would giggle as well, squeezing their hand gently

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Can you do some bonrin headcanons please?

Ooooooo yussssss XDDD

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  • Bon would totally call Rin Princess or some other teasing nickname
  • Rin can always make Bon plush and it kills him on the inside
  • They have a million inside jokes
  • They tease each other non stop
  • Bon has convinced Rin to go on morning jogs with him
  • In return Bon has to help Rin cook
  • This has lead to many a food war and a huge mess, with both of them laughing on the floor
  • When they go to movies Bon will keep his arm around Rin, and tease him if he cries during the film
  • They go on the silliest dates ever, like to carnivals or laser tagging with their friends
  • At night Rin is a major cuddler and doesn’t let Bon get up when they are watching tv
  • Rin will pack them both lunch every morning
  • Bon hassling Rin to work on training his flames and Rin whining about it until Bon starts to bribe him with dates or food
  • Bon getting Rin to actually do his homework, and on occasion Rin talking Bon into skipping school a day to spend time together
  • Bon always holding Rin somehow in public be it his hand or having his arm around Rin’s shoulders
  • Them being there for each other through everything
  • Both actually opening up about their problems with each other
  • Late nights spent talking about the most random things and regretting it when there is school the next day
  • Them staying at each others dorm on weekends and sometimes during the week
  • Them constantly making sure the other is safe during missions and playfully worrying when they get a bruise
  • Rin always perking up noticeably when Bon enters a room 
  • Shima making fun of them constantly but in a nice way sometimes calling thema Disney couple, Izumo saying they make her sick because they are so happy

More default replacement maternity clothes! This time for the University Life expansion pack. :D (Please click the pictures if you want to enlarge them!)

I shaped each of these twenty-eight pieces individually in Milkshape in order to achieve a smooth, non-lumpy morph that fits the standard size and shape of EA’s baby bumps. Additionally, I corrected the bone deltas on all of them so as to reduce the clipping that typically occurs with custom maternity clothes/morphs and EA’s pregnancy animations. I tried very hard to keep them all scaled to Maxis proportions, but a few of the tops and outfits still show a tiny bit of clipping on a fully progressed pregnancy. However, I promise you it is much better! :) Finally, I added stencil free presets to the clothes that were lacking one, and I enabled a hidden stencil on the suspenders outfit. Oh, and I recategorized a couple of pieces and disabled some things for random, similar to what I did with my Late Night maternity defaults. These are default replacements, so you must have the University Life expansion pack installed to use them!

Download University Life Default Replacement Maternity Wear HERE.

Thank you all so much for following me! <3 If you have any questions or run into any problems, please let me know. I’ll try my best to help! :)

Credits: CmarNYC for the meshing toolkit, Peter and Inge Jones for S3PE and s3oc, and Wes Howe for the MS3D plugins.