random things late at night

You weren’t suppose to leave. I wasn’t suppose to be in the pain I am right now. We were suppose to be together doing everything we loved to do, like go on random trips to random places and eat all the food we loved. I’d be holding your hand as we drove, and sneak over the occasional kisses. We would have our amazing dates where we would dress up, as well as our staying in dates, where we would watch all your favorite shows and movies. Even though I didn’t like some, you know I would always do anything for you. We would have our late night conversations about the most random things like aliens and mermaids. Or about the universe and how we both believed we were soulmates. I’d be admiring the sleeping figure in my arms as your breathing evened out. I’d be observing you as you slept, and not to be creepy at all, but I would always do it any chance I got because dear God, you were so perfect and so unaware of it. I could have sworn you were the one. You brought so much happiness to my life and you made it complete. You encouraged me and believed in me when no one else did. But what happened? How did I end up in the corner of my room sobbing as you left and took my life with you? How did it end like this?
Dating Shawn Mendes Would Include (Part 2)

~Shawn having conversations with his dad about you
~“I’m in love with her, dad.”
~you surprising Shawn at one of his shows even though you told him you wouldn’t be able to make it
~the smile on his face when he sees you being so PRECIOUS, BLESS HIS HEART
~you just love watching him perform because he looks so incredibly happy and you live for that smile of his
~bear hugs when you haven’t seen each other in a while
~“Shawnnn you’re crushing me.”
~“Sorry sweetheart, I just missed you so much.”
~wearing Shawn’s merch because you’re a proud girlfriend
~never really getting into big arguments
~the only time you guys really bicker is because Shawn overworks himself too much and you get worried
~on the rare occasions you guys do get into an argument, both of you usually just need a little space and an hour later you guys say sorry and make up
~Shawn not even giving girls that flirt with him the time of day because literally no one compares to you in his eyes
~you not even noticing when a guy flirts with you because Shawn is your one and only
~noticeable hickeys
~“These are gonna be a bitch to cover up,” Shawn grumbles while looking in your direction
~you just winking at him and planting a kiss on his cheek
~you being one of the first people to hear his new music
~“Your fans are going to freak when they hear this masterpiece Shawny”
~constantly supporting each other in any new endeavors
~late night talks about random things
~“If a pizza pie is a circle, why are the slices triangle?”
~going to get food at 2am because why not
~late night drives with the windows down singing your hearts out
~you actually really enjoying hockey ever since Shawn explained all the basics to you
~it definitely didn’t take like 2 hours or anything
~“Shawn?” you mumble as your head is laying on his chest
~“I love you. Forever and always.”
~“I love you more princess, forever and always,” Shawn says, a light smile playing on his lips as he kisses your forehead

Hi guys! So this is part two to my post from yesterday. I was thinking about doing a part 3 because there is some things I wanted to add, but this was super long already. Let me know if you guys would like a part 3 or if you would want to see another one of these with someone else. Suggestions are always welcomed.
To find part 1, go on my blog and search the tag ‘dating Shawn Mendes would include’.

Sometimes…I wish I could write a fic…but at this point, I am too afraid to even attempt it. Hell I’ll probably get lost into my own story and ask myself dafuq I just write and where the hell am I… xD


a post-doomsday almost drabble (123 words)

It’s the smell of the honey wafting out of the cup of chamomile someone had made for her on the second night in the wrong universe that tipped her over the edge. Tears welled up in eyes that had been dry and empty for hours and Rose barely managed to put the cup down before burying her face in her hands and letting the tears escape.

It smelled just like him, just like the scent she could catch beneath the wool and the engine grease. The scent that was infinitely stronger when she was curled against his bare chest in their bed, sleepy and sated.

It was just a cup of sweetened tea. It was just another reminder of everything that she’d lost.

I miss you. I don’t know how to stop feeling this. I always think of you and the thing we shared. I miss our random talks and late night conversation. I miss being with you, the way you smile, you laugh, they way you look at me and the way you call my name. I miss seeing your name on my phone. I really want to call you but i don’t want to bother you anymore. You seem so fine and happy without me. And i know that i never cross your mind and you don’t miss me. I still care for you. I wonder why we ended up as strangers again. I really miss you.

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Hc for when the Paladins and their S/o hold hands for the first time? ^U^

aaaah i apologize for the short break, i’m exhausted and my brain and legs are worn out istg
- it would after a mission
- him and s/o would be having some alone time
- they’ll be in a deep yet not a really serious conversation
- while getting lost in the castle
- he’ll just casually take their hand in his
- he would turn a bright shade of pink but still be able to keep his cool
- s/o would squeeze his hand
- he'a grin brightly and squeeze back
- they both would keep on walking and talking
- he’d occasionally swing their intertwined hand
- when they reach s/o’s room, shiro would turn and face them
- not letting go of their hand
- and twirls them around, laughing
- before planting a goodnight kiss on their forehead

- him and s/o were canvassing a new planet whilst shiro and allura makes an alliance
- he would be throwing jokes and puns and occasionally pick-up lines whole time
- whilst s/o either rolls their eyes because it was cheesy or laugh lightly
- and for some reason lance decide to scare s/o for fun
- resulting them to fall on their butt
- he’ll laugh as they whine
- lance will come up to them and offer his hand to help them
- but when s/o was back up on their feet he doesn’t let got of their hand
- he’ll just turn bright red and scratch the back of his neck
- s/o would smile and plant a kiss of his cheek
- before pulling him to another part of the planet

- s/o and keith would be training
- he’d be helping them improve a few tricks and teaching them a bit
- they both will spar for fun after
- and while they do, s/o trips and grabbing keith as they fell
- keith would blurt out laughing and s/o would do the same
- when the laughter died down keith picked himself up
- he’d extend a hand to s/o smiling brightly at them
- as they take his hand he’ll turn bright pink but is still able to hold his gaze on them
- keith’s smile would be even more blinding when s/o doesn’t let go of his hand as they walk out of the training deck
- he’d smile for the whole day just because of it

- s/o would be chilling next to pidge whilst she does tech stuff
- they would occasionally peek at what she’s doing and asks questions
- pidge would suddenly groan out, startling s/o
- they would turn to pidge and asks her whats wrong
- her hand would be face palming her face
- s/o would laugh and would try to pry apart her hands from her face
- but pidge keeps covering her face jokingly
- but soon stop when s/o places their hands on hers firmly
- pidge would blush slightly and she intertwines her fingers with s/o’s
- they would smile back and her, squeezing her hand

- s/o would be sitting on the kitchen counter as hunk makes a late night snack
- they would ramble about random things and hunk would reply back
- after he made the snack he would join s/o at the kitchen counter, handing them food
- they would thank him and both would continue their light banter
- as they were finishing up their snacks
- hunk would help them to get down from the counter
- one hand gripping on s/o’s hand and the other holding her hand
- s/o would giggle and thank him with a small peck
- he would giggle as well, squeezing their hand gently

I feel so sad for the young boys that are taught from their fathers that if they cry, or express any sort of emotion, they are considered “weak” or not a “man.” It makes these young boys grow up into men that don’t express their emotions to the world because they are scared of society judging them for being human.
Expressing emotion isn’t just a “girl thing”….it’s a human thing.

“Roles Reversed”

Book/ or show: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Alec and Magnus (Malec)

Fanfiction genre: Alternate Universe, Fluff and Romance

Idea from: @alec-imstraight-lightwood (https://alecgaywoods.tumblr.com/post/159186907189/imawriteriwrite-only-1-a)

Prompt: We all know and love the story of Alec and Magnus who fight demons together in the Shadow World. But where would they be if the Shadow World didn’t exist? This follows the events of the alternate universe in season 1, episode 10. 


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Gonna find me a girl that wouldn’t mind driving around with me late at night as we talk about random things, eat, and just honestly relax.
—  For once.
at 15 i fell in love with a boy who burnt like a star
who touched my body and left trails of fire in his wake
at 16 i fell for a boy  who whispered he wanted to stay with me forever 
but the only things left were the memories of the nights i spent in tears
now at 18 i fell in love with a boy who thinks my smile is the best thing he has ever seen
and listens to me ramble late at night over the most random of things
—  i just hope my luck with love has changed (these-words-i-speak)
vmin Headcanons
  • Kisses. Lots of em. Whenever wherever.
    • Kookie refuses to go with them anymore because of it
  • Dates at playgrounds
  • Playing pranks on sleeping Yoongi
    • “Tae why is Yoongi shooting death glares at us?” “Don’t ask just run”
  • Stealing food while Jin’s cooking and feeding it to each other
  • Tae can’t resist buying Jimin things
  • late night talks about their future 
    • Hobie starts tossing pillows at them around 3 am
  • Jimin wearing Tae’s clothes
  • Jimin supporting Tae 2000% in anything he does
    • “Jungkook, you can take your loud chip eating ass outta here. I’m trying to hear my darling’s soap commercial . 
  • Tae talking nonstop about Jibooty
    • “Like dammmn, that ass would make Kim K’s ass jealous” “KIM TAEHYUNG HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO STOP TALKING TO JUNGKOOK ABOUT MY ASS”
  • Tae’s into some kinky shit
  • Whispering sweet things to each other on the phone
    • “ChimChim, I didn’t wanna fall in love, not at all. But at some point you smiled, and, holy shit, I blew it” “… did you get that from a tumblr post” “… maybe… but I meant it” “.. I can’t believe I’m in love with such a dork”

I only have you

[ENG TRANS] [BTS FESTA 2016] BTS 내가 쓰는 프로필 Ver.3

Name BTS

Unique report Idiots

Members JIMIN V, Jungkook, Rap Mon, Suga, Seokjin, Hoseok

Nickname Idiots

2015/2016 BTS Self Evaluation

J Hope ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Min Suga I’m still a long way away

Jin The beginning of HYYH

Rap Mon You’ve worked hard. Let’s work hard.

V I’m very happy to be a part of the group called BTS

Jungkook You should have done better…

Jimin I think we’ve worked hard for each other than anyone and for BTS.  Cool dudes.

2016/2017 BTS Goal

J Hope Win Daesang Award!!!!

Min Suga I want to win the Daesang Award!

Jin To shoot 3 food advertisements

RM To be a cooler team

Kim Taehyung To be a group that’s respected

Jungkook Do better

Jimin Let’s become a team who can receive more love from more number of people

Name Kim Seokjin    Hashtag #EATJIN

Position Handsome  Body size Broad shoulders

My level of education is peerless in BTS.

Talent Driving in MV Hobby Looking in mirrors

A line that gives me strength “We’re all working hard to eat (to make a living) so let’s eat.”

Something I did recently that makes me very proud I memorized the entire choreography

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for dancing funnily

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for dancing stylishly

When I’m drowsy  I sleep

Happiest moment is concert

My recent concern is dancing

Something that has changed from last year J Hope said my dancing skill has improved

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is You are my one and only sun

A new modifier I created for myself is Young-face Seokjin

I will compliment myself I look younger than my age

My goal in 2016 To grow taller

2016 Bucket-list To live a life that makes other people envy

To have people who support me is like the full feeling you get after a good meal when you actually haven’t had anything

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> Relation between us -> Reason

Rap Monster   Leader   Wow, he’s the leader

Suga   Roommate  He shares the room with me

J Hope  Dance teacher 1  He teaches me to dance

Jimin  Dance teacher 2 He teaches me differently from J Hope

V  Younger brother  He’s my younger brother

Jungkook  Dance teacher 3  He teaches me differently from J Hope

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

Leader = Dance soulmate

Roommate = He’s quite in the room

Dance teacher 1 = Leader of progress

Dance teacher 2 = Teacher with repeated studying technique

Younger brother = He likes hamburgers

Dance teacher 3 = Leader of details

Name Jeon Jungkook    Hashtag #SensitiveVocal

Position Muscle pig  Body size 115~120

My extreme stubbornness is peerless in BTS.

Talent Can’t wake up (from sleep) Hobby Photography, drawing, exercising, playing games

A line that gives me strength OhAhnChi (OHneul AHNmoo CHIso = Choreography practice is cancelled today)

Something I did recently that makes me very proud I installed music software

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for teasing someone

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for sleeping early

When I’m drowsy  I should sleep heoheo

Happiest moment is when I’m on stage and looking at ARMY of course

My recent concern is I’m worried because I can’t wake up from sleep (I wouldn’t even know if ARMY kidnaps me when I’m asleep)

Something that has changed from last year I think I’m a bit more thoughtful

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is  Please put your hands out for me, Save me Save me

A new modifier I created for myself is Sensitive Vocal

I will compliment myself Although I might not express well and seem thoughtless, I’m not so cold inside!

My goal in 2016 I will be the best sensitive vocal.

2016 Bucket-list  To create a song, learn how to play the drum, improve my singing, learn kick-boxing! that’s all for now…

To have people who support me is like Having people who make it possible for me to keep dreaming. It’s terrible when I image that they don’t exist so I will work hard and not let the people around me to leave.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster Gosiwon friend  He’s my roommate but our room is too small so it somehow feels like we’re living together in a Gosiwon.

Suga  Lamb skewer friend We often go together to eat lamb skewers. Yang~ ggeu~ chewi~? (lamb skewers)

Jin Raw fish friend Jin hyung likes to eat raw fish so we often go togther and eat a lot

J Hope Foodie friend He’s often beside me when I’m hungry so we eat together a lot

Jimin  All-nighter friend Two of us always do something in the night. I don’t know what we’re doing

V  Foolish friend We’re like Dumb and Dumber. We understand each other a lot so it’s always fun.

(Gosiwon is an accommodation facility where examiners often stay to study. Something like a uni dorm but it’s not run by any schools)

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

Gosiwon = clothes, sleep, fretful

Lamb skewer = corn noodles, glutinous rice flour tangsuyuk (sweet, sour and crispy pork)

Raw fish = Spoon Worm, flatfish, sea bream

Foodie = Cafe, beverages, rice noodles

All nighter = Random things, phone, late night snack, games

Fool = Funny videos, bicker

Kim Namjoon    Hashtag #RM #KimDaily

Position Brain, rap, music, seriousness, dance, etc Body size Tops 97, Bottoms 30 (waist)

My clothes + height is/are peerless in BTS.

Talent Choosing Hobby Buying clothes, Korea tour

A line that gives me strength You’re sexy, you’re cool

Something I did recently that makes me very proud I made a complete song 100% by myself, decorating my workspace

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for not caring about what others think when I choose what to wear, being sentimental

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for bad dancing

When I’m drowsy I sleep while standing

Happiest moment is concert, when we release our album

My recent concern is I don’t have time. I want to write a song..

Something that has changed from last year Now I’m the track producer (confident)

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is Forever~ We are young~

A new modifier I created for myself is I’d like to change my name to RM

I will compliment myself You’re cool, you’re sexy, you’re good at what you do no matter what others say. It’s going to be fine if you improve.

My goal in 2016 create 100 songs, release 2nd mixtape, Daesang

2016 Bucket-list RM 2, read 100 books, travel to more than 10 places, be loved by Rapmonnie, write 100 songs, buy 100 clothes, spend time with family

To have people who support me is like I can keep on living for now.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Suga Neighbour Everyday he plays the bass loudly from his workspace which is next to mine. Noisy…

Jin Elementary student who lives next door He’s just like an elementary kid… He’s a 2002-er.

J Hope Neighbourhood fool hehauthaeheut HEY heheheahahaheutheut…

Jimin Owl He doesn’t sleep

V Con artist Whenever we take photos these days he ends up looking taller than me. (he’s shorter than me)

Jungkook Obstacle  He keeps his clothes on the upper bed… Stop hanging your clothes, I want to see the sunlight, Kook…

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

(North) “Forest” with Jimin on the tree and Jungkook below the tree.

(East)  Jin

(South)  V

J Hope is in between Suga and V

(West) Suga

Name Min Suga    Hashtag #Genius

Position Grandfather Body size My heart is 180cm

My ability to stay still (it’s like being in a corner and being lazy) is peerless in BTS.

Talent staying in bed Hobby staying in bed

A line that gives me strength Go sleep

Something I did recently that makes me very proud is writing a song

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for being staying in bed

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for moving around

When I’m drowsy I sleep

Happiest moment is when I’m performing at concert

My recent concern is These days I have no trouble in writing songs

Something that has changed from last year I’ve grown a year older

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is Don’t try so hard, it’s alright to lose

A new modifier I created for myself is Top Genius

I will compliment myself I live my life fiercely

My goal in 2016 Release my mixtape

2016 Bucket-list Release my mixtape, travel to New York

To have people who support me is like  They keep me moving.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster 7 years together under one roof We know what we’re thinking about even when we don’t talk much

Jin Roommate  Most compatible roommate

J Hope Sop Hwagae Marketplace

Jimin Passionate guy  I gain passion by looking at Jimin

V Younger brother who has no worries  It seems like he doesn’t have any worries so my worries disappear

Jungkook  Lamb skewer duo  The duo that’s always with lamb skewers

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

(top) Roof, Rap Mon (Rap Mon keeps us sheltered)

(inside) Jin, Suga, Jimin, V, Jungkook

Name Kim Taehyung    Hashtag #TaeTae

Position Honestly, the Cool guy Body size XL, Oversize

The life I’ve lived is peerless in BTS.

Talent Boxing, judo, taekwondo, jeet kune do, kendo, the art of using a stick as a weapon, martial arts, 17: 1 HobbyRiding helicopter, travelling to Moon, making hobbies

A line that gives me strength Beautiful words make us smile

Something I did recently that makes me very proud is I watered the pots

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for taking care of Namjoon hyung

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for my ability to look smart

When I’m drowsy I should sleep haet

Happiest moment is when I become a useful person to someone

My recent concern is To not disappoint their expectation when I’m given a task

Something that has changed from last year  sense of responsibility

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is But I’m still happy to be who I am today, For being able to make someone scream

A new modifier I created for myself is Consistent Cool Guy~

I will compliment myself I’m going to do my best for BTS so the 7 of us can reach higher

My goal in 2016 To be approved as an actor

2016 Bucket-list To film a movie, cycle travelling, trip with members, build a house (a house where my dad, mom and younger brother can live at Ilsan lake park)

To have people who support me is like  They are the biggest strength in my life. They make it possible for me to gather my strength again when I’m exhausted.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster alliance, friend  It’s annoying when he comes to me all the time when he’s doing something but he’s a friend like hyung who I think is cute.

Suga Business Business kekekeke He smells quite like business when we’re working but at home he’s like the next door uncle

Jin Ice cream buddy This hyung always looks for me when he’s eating ice cream

J Hope Not a rival, he hits me  I want the hitting to stop TT

Jimin Friend We’re 95ers but because I’m few months younger than him he looks down on me

Jungkook  Lion and rabbit  Please don’t kill me. Whenever I play prank on him he carries me and throws me down TT

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

Line (-) represents alliance

Dotted line (…) represents enemy

Arrowed line (<->) represents love

Name Hobie    Hashtag #Hopie

Position Visual Body size Medium size

My tummy fat is peerless in BTS.

Talent Ability to annoy Jimin Hobby Interior design, collecting figures

A line that gives me strength Hope is always behind you…

Something I did recently that makes me very proud is I decorated Bangtan Room… (Overspent…)

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for my positive mind kekeke

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for staying quiet

When I’m drowsy I eat food items around me

Happiest moment is when I’m singing at our concert

My recent concern is I have to read books but I feel so sleepy whenever I’m reading….

Something that has changed from last year I become more professional and… I get tired faster ㅠㅠ

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is Burn everything up Bow wow wow

A new modifier I created for myself is Watching with trust

I will compliment myself Everyone likes you~ You’re working hard

My goal in 2016 Make yourself shine brighter music-wise this year

2016 Bucket-list Buy a house, release a mixtape

To have people who support me is like The reason why I’m still alive…

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster A friend who’s like a friend but not like one too At times he’s like an older brother but sometimes he’s seriously like a younger brother

Suga Grandfather like hyung I respect him very much.  Hmm but I do feel uncomfortable when I stay with him for too long

Jin Hyung who is like a newborn infant  Unlike an elder brother he whines and he’s loud

Jimin Toy 1  He’s fun 1

V Toy 2 He’s fun 2

Jungkook Toy 3 He’s fun 3

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

Boring people

(starting from top right)

Rap Mon = Hmm… He’s just a cool leader

Suga: No fun, lame jokes

Jin: Our humor code doesn’t click


Interesting people

Toys = Jungkook, Jimin, V

Park Jimin   Hashtag #ParkBboong

Position In charge of being dilly dally Body size L

My hair brushing skill is peerless in BTS.

Talent Getting my eyes swollen Hobby Daydreaming

A line that gives me strength Follow your dreams like breaker

Something I did recently that makes me very proud is Giving birthday presents to members

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for dilly dallying

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for being the worst game player

When I’m drowsy I use my phone until I drop it on my face or sleep while doing something I should be doing

Happiest moment is when I’m at the concert with ARMY and Bangtan members.

My recent concern is My only concern is that I want to always provide good music for you to listen.

Something that has changed from last year I like ARMY more.

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is Smile for me

A new modifier I created for myself is Ddong-gaeae (poo puppy)

I will compliment myself I could praise myself for my  perseverance.

My goal in 2016 Project to make myself a cool person

2016 Bucket-list Concert, travel, win Daesang, upload cover song, send presents for my parents and younger sibling, make my members and ARMYs to smile

To have people who support me is like

To have people who help me get on my feet again whenever I’m exhausted, lonely, feel like giving up and want to run away or cry-

To have people who makes me happier when I’m happy and make me smile more-

To have people who I wish to repay more than anyone-

“I” am  so blessed to be such person.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster Uncle He’s like the uncle who takes care of me. Like a person who really cares about his nephew and knows a lot about me.

Suga Grandmother A talkative grandmother who can’t be bothered

Jin Elder sister He’s older than me but he somehow feels like my friend and he’s somewhat fussy

J Hope Hyung Hyung who cares about his younger brother

V Younger brother I’m raising him

Jungkook Pet Jungkook I’m raising him every year

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc


<Uncle> Rap Monster, <Hyung> J Hope, <Younger brother> V, <Pet puppy> Jungkook, <Grandmother> Suga, <Noona> Jin

Translated by PEACHISODA

Take out with full credits!

Things to remember

- Men will tell you anything you want to hear when they lust after you. Also, people lie.

- It feels good in the moment but the aftermath isnt worth it.

- You are worth more than how you’ve been, and are currently being treated.

- You are capable of changing the world for the better and nothing can stop you.

- You are loved always.

- You are never alone.

Headcanon time:  Pidge will stay up late into the night tinkering with random things in the hangar.  The Voltron team has since gotten used to this and will check in on Pidge from time to time.  When Pidge does fall asleep, someone will come along and cover them with a blanket due to how cold it can get down there.

its probably Shiro tbh

House Aesthetics
  • <b> Slytherin:</b> Bloodshot eyes and dark circles; wearing sunglasses at night; doing the opposite of what you're told to do; making smart remarks under your breath in serious situations; smirking with no specific reason; daydreaming about the places you'll visit one day; staying up until 4am with plans on starting a dictatorship; saving money for traveling; taking pictures of seemingly silly things, even a water bottle; listening to music so loud the person next to you on the bus can hear it; having few but precious friends; having late night conversations about random things;<p/><b>Gryffindor:</b> sneaking out in the middle of the night; getting drunk on cheap wine in the woods; pulling the silliest pranks; fighting over ways to overcome economical crises; sleeping over at a friend's house and acting like it's yours; truth or dares getting out of hand; kiss cam in the train station; going out with friends on a rainy day; having surprise parties on birthdays; expecting your college acceptance letter; swearing a lot; talking too fast;<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Soft sweaters; getting excited for fall; stepping on dry leaves just to hear them crunch; finishing a good book; paint all over your face and hands after painting; the strings of the guitar beneath your fingers; eating popcorn and watching corny movies with friends; painting your nails in your favorite colours; your favorite fictional character has a happy ending; being awkward in social situations; old pajamas and new books; being awake at 3am in wikipedia, learning seemingly useless facts;<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> laughing hard with friends; the smell of freshly cooked cookies; telling stories over the fireplace; making bad puns; realizing you're alive; your mother's smile; complimenting strangers; going through family pictures; siblings playing together at the park; people smiling at the ground; hugging your best friend; noticing little things;