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While I’m bored and on the subject of random RWBY things. 

One thing I really love is the idea of Weiss and Yang being team caretaker. Like even for their friends. 

Weiss is always making sure everyone is doing their homework and taking notes in class. She’ll help any of her friends with their work, but she’s the type that will NOT do the work for you. She’ll make you do it and help when she feels necessary. 

Meanwhile Yang is the “you just put in a workout, you need to drink some water and eat something” kind of friend. Or if someone has had trouble sleeping Yang will make them warm milk, sit and talk or just go running with them to help them burn off some energy. 

Weiss and Yang also have kind of flighty partners, for different reasons. I think there have been many nights where Yang has had to drag Blake out of a book and remind her that she needed to go to bed. Just as Weiss has pulled Ruby away from weapon maintenance because they had a big test the next day. 

Then it gets more serious when Yang (as we’ve seen) has to reach Blake to make her stop thinking she needs to save the world with every breath she takes. That it’s okay to relax and do things for herself. Many nights have come and gone where Yang is up texting Blake even though they’re on the same bunk beds, just listening as Blake opens up about all the things she wants to fix and all the things she cares about. As determined as Yang is to help her with them, she’s just as determined to make sure Blake doesn’t get lost in them either. 

Then there’s Ruby, who has her own hero complex and wants everything to be right or wrong and that can sometimes be frustrating. Like Blake, I imagine Ruby sees bad things in the news and instantly wonders why she couldn’t fix it. Why she wasn’t ready yet to help more people and do more things and Weiss has to keep her grounded. 

Not to mention that I still believe they had a very good few moments together at the end of V3 before Weiss’ father came for her where Blake was gone and Ruby was still out and it was just the two of them and they both knew bad times were coming and they had a definite bonding moment. I think that’s part of why I wanted them to find each other first in the reunion. If anyone can get shit done. It’s Weiss and Yang. 

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Some bumblebee/spike and rumble/spike/frenzy headcanons? :-D go fcuking nuts!


you have unleashed the monster in me



- This is the most trust-filled relationship you could get. They both trust each other to a point it’s almost gross, and are aware of it. Spike and Bee are best friends as much as they are boyfriends.

- At first, it doesn’t really seem to be a romantic relationship to them. While, to everyone else, it looks like they’re the cutest fucking couple this side of the desert. Bumblebee and Spike are also extremely oblivious to the way the other feels, despite obvious, cartoonish slip-ups here and there. (romantic pet names, mabel-style quite “hahaha i love you so much” “What?” “I didn’t say anything haha silly”) 

- Once it’s officially established, though, it’s a breath of fresh air. Kisses and hugs become more prominent, there’s a lot of happy moments of “Jeez, you’re wonderful!”, and Spike being a worrywart over Bee 24/7. Though Bee does call out Spike’s shit on this because he’s brought Soundwave into the base like 16 times.

- Bumblebee is like a protective bear. He’s definitely larger than Spike(the boy reaches around mid-chest of the ‘bot) and by natural instinct believes he’s the Big Guy of the relationship. Which, he kind of is, but don’t tell Spike that.

- Every time they hug the others swear that angels start singing and halos appear over their heads.


- Hellish.

- At first, it starts as boredom. The Autobots’ local human friend seemed like a good target to cure such boredom, and as such, began the slow descent. 

- They’re like highschool jocks. Shoving Spike around and making fun of him, flicking his forehead, throwing his stuff to the ground, threatening his life, etc. Spike gives them the reactions they want, they poke fun at him for a bit longer, and then leave. Exactly a week later, they’re back doing the same thing, but it’s much more playful.

- Spike is getting picked up and swung around lightly, sandwiched in random headlocks, and followed around while the twins make offhanded(and obvious) comments on him and his “cute aft”. Spike is rightfully confused and terrified.

- It gets to a point where he’s being bothered almost daily. But now the twins are bringing gifts. Flowers uprooted from the ground(”Hey, these looked cool, but I got bored with them. Here you go.”), random shiny objects(”Don’t humans like these things? You do like shiny things, right?”), and the occasional well-thought gift. (”I remembered that we ripped your bag the other day, and that humans apparently need those for things, so we stol–” “Got you a new one. You’re welcome, loser.”)

- Spike is flat-out lost. Until a fateful Saturday family night, the twins are outside his window, blaring “Hooked on a Feeling” on a boombox that looks suspiciously like Soundwave. Oh, and they’re also asking him out on a date. There’s that too.

[headcanon] Jason Todd

This is a little bit short because I know very little about this sword of his (I have yet to do my research unfortunately!) so it’s purely random stuff. This was requested by @red-hippos and thank you for sending this in! I do apologize for this being short but I hope you enjoy it!

  • Jason would totally be such a dork right after he gets his magic swords. You cannot even begin to imagine the things he does whenever he gets bored while at the safe house. Randomly starts a sword fight with everyone and then he will probably make star-wars references.
  • Roy is more often than not his go-to-victim! Roy is easily riled up too whenever Jason brings out his sword so the two of them would be playing around, rough-housing with each other until you or Artemis put a stop to it because “boys, if you put a hole in the WALL ONE MORE TIME, I SWEAR TO GOD!”
  • So Jason and Roy stops goofing around for a good hour. Then it starts all over again because they get bored easily and you just sigh, muttering to yourself, “why did I even agree to join this group in the first place – oh, right, I didn’t! I GOT DRAGGED IN” you shouted the last few words in Jason’s direction causing the latter to laugh.
  • You have to always be constantly on guard cause sometimes you don’t know when Jason would pop up and wield his swords around. The last time you had been inattentive, you almost lost an inch of your hair though unfortunately, you did lose your favourite t-shirt that night. Jason had to buy you a new one the following day.
  • Expect Jason throwing random sexual innuendos your way. “Would like to see my long sword in action, Y/N?” Jason winks at you exaggeratedly and you would roll your eyes before telling him, “you better be showing me your sword because I doubt your actual one is that long.” And Roy has a blast laughing at this
  • That is also a common occurrence; whenever Jason throws a random innuendo at you, you are always firing back with your own comebacks. The house is just filled with crazy, random things whenever all of you get together.
Best Friend!Bambam

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A.N. This was one so much fun to write. Lets begin! I such a special place for Bambam in my heart, he’s like a little hyper active puppy that can be so adorable but annoying. lol

  • You know those friends that are so extra?
  • You know the ones that are so out there(in a good way) that you feel second hand embarrassment?
  • That’s Bambam always doing things that you make you feel like the embarrassed one.
  • He would constantly talking to random people and you would have to listen to their conversation while you were just looking around being bored out of your mind.
  • He was such an extrovert
  • Always doing new things and taking you everywhere with him
  • He wanted you to be out there experiencing life
  • He knew you were too comfortable in your own little world so he always made you do new things
  • You never really minded though because he’s just trying to do new things with you
  • Even though you never tell him you love doing these things with him.
  • Because if you did he would hold it against you
  • But when he’s not acting like a total weirdo in private he would be 25% less crazy.
  • He would constantly be bored if you just were watching tv/movie.
  • Somehow he would create this weird game is “guess how many times this character says this one word. Who ever guesses the right number or close to the number, the losers has to buy the winner food.”
  • His rules would be too complicated, so you lose interest quickly.
  • It was only near the time where he would fall asleep is where he would be insanely calm.
  • But whenever he would spend the night at your place, he always wanted to cuddle with you so he could fall asleep.
  • But instead he would constantly hit you while he was asleep so you would have to sleep on the floor or the couch.
  • “Bambam you’re not allowed to sleep over anymore.”
  • “WHAT!? Why!?”
  • You would always nag at him
  • You were like his mother but like how could you not? This kid is always doing something stupid.
  • Like taking selca’s/selfie’s with random strangers, complimenting strangers, randomly dancing in the middle of the streets, buying matching shirts so you and him could match and look like best friends even though people think you’re dating but you really aren’t.
  • You pretty much have to protect him from all things at all times.
  • He always told you great things about you because he loves you.
  • Never doubts your friendships.
  • Usually an open book with his feelings with you but theres days where he doesn’t want to talk about it, so you have to remind him that you’ll there wit him till the very end. You appreciate him for being his weird true self and he would appreciate you for basically being his rock.
  • “Y/N what would I do without you.”
  • “You would probably get arrested for being too much.”
  • “Okay. Look. Im trying to have this nice moment you don’t need to shit all over it.”

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(Part 1) Castiel is a high society omega who is bored beyond his mind. He hates the way the other omegas fawn over him, just to get close to his brother Gabriel who is one of the most eligible bachelor in the country. He also can't stand leering alphas, and the ones that are after him just because they want to make connections and what better way to do that than getting in with the Novak family? He hates socializing an gets bored at all the parties, that is until he hear the rumors.

(Part 2) there is a thief going around steeling from the rich and giving it to the poor. And Castiel is amused at the outrage that all the victims express. It is obvious to him that the thief is someone from the inside. The thief is amongst the high society and that makes Castiel smile at the irony. Then his house is targeted. His brother Michael is beyond furious. Michael’s gold plated gun (insert eye roll) is gone, as well as Lucifer’s favorite silver knife, several of Anna’s jeweled combs

(Part 3) and Several of Gabriel’s valuable trinkets. Castiel tries hide his giggles and goes to inspect what’s missing from his room. However when he gets there he finds that there is nothing missing and instead there is the limited edition book he’d been lusting after and a beautiful red rose on his nightstand with a note that says “For the bluest eyes to ever blue” and Castiel blushes and laughs at the note. The next party he attends, he tried to look around to see who the thief might be

(Part 4) none of the faces there scream “Robin Hood” to him and his mood drops. Then the doors burst open as two handsome young man walk in. It takes some time but he eventually recognizes them as Dean and Sam Winchester, brothers who had left to live with their aunt and uncle after their parents passed. The younger brother Sam was clearly an omega, but he seemed a lot more clever than the other and Cas looked forward to striking a friendship with him, however the eldest Dean left Cas breathless

(Part 5) the alpha was beautiful and charming, he left Castiel feeling flustered. Gabriel had shoved his way to sam and had led him and his brother towards Castiel. Castiel had smiled at Sam and blushed furiously at Dean’s greeting wink. He’d escapes as soon as possible and tried to hide for the remainder of the party. He was startled as he saw that Dean had follows him into the garden. And he was even more startled when Dean casually asks if he’d liked the Vonnegut book he’d left him

(Part 5?) Cas is surprised to find out who the “Modern Robin Hood” is but can’t say he’s displeased as Dean sneaks through his window to have his way with him. A month later they are engaged and 6 months later married. Sam also marries, and surprisingly enough chooses Gabriel as his husband. Dean continues with his hobby, which becomes a family thing until Cas and Sam both fall pregnant. Dean and Gabriel refuse to let them help which makes the omegas pout and thigh bitchfaces around

(Part 6?) Dean and Gabriel laugh and make sure to bring home precious books and random cravings. And from then on Castiel is never bored again, whether is laughing at silly people with his brother-in-law, or catching his husbands wink from across the room or rubbing his hand across his pregnant belly to calm the precious baby!

Ahh! I love the idea of Dean stealing from the rich while being one of them and seducing Cas, and even better if it’s a/b/o with side Sabriel!