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I’ve redone this about sixteen times *takes large bite of cold eggs*

I’m in love with this Hannibal Trucker AU by @joanielspeak and had to do something. I’m not used to the facial hair but it gave me the urge to try my sloppy background crud too - pick your poison…cause I couldn’t…lol i hope i have not shamed your glorious blessing 


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Wait what's the difference between this blog and justjames? You have a pun blog, a personal blog, and a blog just for kicks?

Pun blog for puns, this blog for dank memes and justjames for my random thoughts and things I make at 2am at night

You Promised - Harry Styles Imagine

“Can you promise me something love?” Harry grabbed Y/N’s hand with both of his large ones and looked into her Y/E/C eyes. God they were so mesmerising. It was so easy to get lost in them. “Yes H, anything.” Y/N patiently waited for his answer but he remained silent. “You’re doing that thing again where you zone out when you look me in the eyes.” Y/N laughed. Harry laughed along with her. “You know I can’t help it. Anyway I just want, no I need you to promise me that no matter how hard this becomes, you’ll stay with me through it all. This amazing job comes with it’s cons. I know I’m away a lot and the paparazzi are a huge pain. Love, you can back out now. I won’t stop you from walking out that door. But if you do stay, you have to know how hard this is going to be.”

“I know what I’m signing up for. I know that our relationship will come with many hardships but you will be worth it. You are worth it. I care about you and I want to stay. So Har, I promise.”

Y/N didn’t mind being alone but after a while it started to take its toll. There’s only so much loneliness a person can take before it drives them insane. The coming home to an empty house after a long day, the making dinner for one and the worst thing - sleeping alone. The bed was constantly cold and the smell of his cologne seemed to dim with each passing day. All the late night cuddles and 2am random talks were definitely missed. Phone calls, text and facetime are okay, at times. Not quite the same however. You can hear them or see them but having them right there with you is a completely different thing. He was definitely worth all of it, every single second of loneliness. Y/N thought she’d be okay with it. She did promise him but slowly she started to regret that promise and she really fucking hated herself for it. Y/N didn’t want to do this over text - such a shitty thing to do but she couldn’t bare to even let the words leave her mouth.

It’s over.

Y/N hesitantly grabbed her phone and brought up her text messages. Well, here goes, she thought.

Harry Y/N

Hey I was wondering if we could talk.

Yeah love, want me to call you? x

Just text please.

Okay shoot.

I really miss you okay and I know that this shouldn’t be done over text. I’m a shitty person for doing it but I want you to know how much I love you.

Y/N sweetheart you are worrying me. What’s going on? x

I just don’t think I can’t do this anymore.

Wait what? Can’t do what anymore?

Us Harry. I can’t do it anymore.

You’re breaking up with me? Over text? Are you fucking kidding me?

I know I’m a coward.

This better be some sick joke, I’m calling you.

In an instant Harry’s name popped up on her screen. Y/N was tempted to hit ignore. She was scared of what she was going to hear on the other end. She’s rarely seen or heard Harry really angry because he rarely gets angry at all. It takes a lot to really piss him off but if you do, it’s scary. Y/N took a deep breath and clicked accept. She hit the speaker button and laid her phone out in front of her. No one talked for a good few seconds before she heard Harry’s voice. “Y/N. Please tell me this a joke.”

With a deep breath, she responded. “I wish it was a joke Harry. It was indeed very cowardly of me to mention that over text, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it. To hear the words out loud. I thought that I could do this. The distance and everything, but I can’t. I have never loved anybody as much as I love you and not having you here…it’s terrible to say the least.”

“You don’t think I miss you either? You don’t think I don’t want you here with me either? I’ve been counting down the days until I get to see you and that helps, somewhat. I’m hurting too. You aren’t alone in that pain.” Harry’s sniffled, giving the indication he had already started crying.

Hearing that made Y/N tear up. She hated this. Hated hearing him hurt. “I know baby.”

“Is there anything I can do to change your mind? I’m arriving home in 8 days, we could actually talk about this in person?”

“Harry, I’m so sorry. I hate that I’m hurting you and I’m incredibly selfish, that I know. I couldn’t wait any longer to tell you. Talking about this in person won’t change my mind. I don’t think I know how to deal with what comes in being in a relationship with you anymore.” Y/N’s voice started to crack.

“You promised. You fucking promised me!” Y/N started sobbing. “You told me I was worth it. Are you really going to throw away the 2 beautiful years we had together? Well Y/N, are you?! You know what, you are right. You are completely and utterly selfish. If you can’t handle it anymore then fine. I thought we were stronger than this and that we could get through anything. I know I’ve really been trying. The pain has a way of consuming you, becoming almost impossible to bear. I did it for you though but where did that lead me huh? To this? How is that fair?” Harry started to cry.

The phone call ended shortly after with painful goodbyes. They were each other’s world and now they’re alone.


The world had finally picked up on the fact that you and Harry were no longer together and that sucked. Harry was being bombarded with questions about Y/N interview after interview. With Y/N, fans were doing the same thing. Some were rude and some were sympathetic. There was also the paparazzi which bothered the both of them. Breakups are hard enough but having people ask you about all day and everyday was making it harder to move on.

Y/N had just gotten home and was unpacking the groceries when she heard a knock at the door. After putting the apple juice in the fridge, she went to the front door, revealing Niall.

“Niall what are you doing here?” Y/N asked as she let him in.

“I just wanted to see how you were doing.”

That made her smile. Niall and her had always been close so it was nice he was doing this.

“I’m alright I guess.” Y/N said as she walked into the kitchen, Niall trailing behind her. “You want a drink?” Niall shook his head. “I know you’re not alright, you’re doing about as well as Harry.”


“He loves you so much and I know you love him. I hate seeing two of my best friends hurting.” Niall walked over and gave Y/N a hug which Y/N gladly returned. Nialler always gave such great hugs. “Um, I was also wondering if you wanted to…I don’t um, maybe come over to my house tonight. I’m having a little get together and I would love it if you would come. You know to help get your mind off things.”

“Harry’s going to be there isn’t he? I know because you are getting all nervous and scratching your head a lot.” Y/N sighed.

“Okay yes there’s a chance he’ll be there. You don’t have to talk to him or anything if you don’t want to. You don’t even have to look at him. The other boys miss you and so does Lou. Ever since you guys split, we haven’t really seen or heard from you so I thought that it’d be nice if we all just hung out. Like old times.” Niall said, sadly.

“Alright fine. I have a feeling I’m going to regret this immensely though.”

“I’m the biggest asshole you will ever meet. I will tease you about things and make snarky comments. My first language is sarcasm. But if I decide I want you in my life and you make me happy, I will do whatever it takes to keep you. If I know you’re having a bad day I’ll go to the store and buy your favorite ice cream and surprise you with it. Need a ride somewhere? You got it. Let me buy lunch today just because I want to. I’ll send you funny memes or pictures of baby animals to cheer you up. Lets sit and watch your favorite show even though I can’t stand that one actor. I’ll gladly proofread your paper at 2am the night before it’s due. I’ll call you just to tell you about something I saw that reminded me of you. I’ll send you a random paragraph about something you did three weeks that I found adorable and can’t stop thinking about it. I will keep a running list of things you mention you want, so I can get one for your birthday. I’ll make a playlist with songs we both like so we can listen to it in the car. I will draw you a picture everyday for a month and then cover your walls with them. I’ll read your favorite book in a day just so I can see what it is you love about it. Want a list of the things I love about you? Great it’ll be about 60 things long. I’ll write you a letter when I’m bored and mail it to you even though I see you in class. I’ll learn how to make your favorite meal. I save every picture you send me, even selfies, so I have something to look at when I miss you. If I see something that I know you will like I’ll buy it for you without a second thought. I will go ice skating with you even though I can barely stand up. I’ll drive 20 hours round trip just to see you for 2 days. Need help with your homework? I’ll do my best. You’re performing in something? Great when is it. I’ll go to that concert with you even though I have no idea who the band is. I will love you with my whole being. And I will still be the biggest asshole you ever meet.”

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I want her to be cute, but I’m the nerdy kinda shy and unnoticed way. The way most people see normal girls. I want her to sing randomly and dance around her kitchen at 2am. I want her to grab my hand on street corners and turn my face to her and say “can I have a kiss?” I want her to text me memes and funny things and random thoughts she had and I don’t want anything to be weird. I want ya to fight about music choices in the car, but kiss and make up at the stop light. She’ll be perfect.

Of course She will be perfect! She will be YOUR girl :) I hope you meet her soon. All the best to you 💫💫

Brag about your girl. Go on anon (or not) and tell me about your girlfriend. How do you know she’s the love of your life?

Appreciation post

@keelime-pies for being one of the most supportive folks I’ve run into.

Kee supports me in my art (like every thing I tend to post art wise on tumblr Kee will find and reblog). In my writing! Like I can express a concern I have with something I’m writing and Kee will sit down with me and help me figure it out.

Kee also supports my random Headcanons I make for Martin and Kee at like 2am that I toss at her. And random shit I tag her in.

The love and support she’s given me is a big hype train straight to my heart.

I love youuuuuu

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Zatanna for blog ask???

their blog url- magic-and-mayhem or anything else that similarly blends being adorable with the fact she could kill a man with a few words and a wand

the kind of posts they reblog- i feel like z would reblog a lot of cutesy pastels AND spooky witchcraft stuff, meaning her blog is marketed to a pretty obscure crowd but she loves it… also she’s shamelessly into asmr

the first person they followed- lots of the tumblr magic blogs, then she built her follow list based on tumblr recommendations

what kind of theme they’d have- fairly minimalistic theme with lots of glitter and gradients… the cursor is a magic wand!

what kind of text posts they make at 2am- usually text posts about random things that have happened to her that day or about how she should be sleeping, although she’s also a repeated offender of making angry vague posts about a certain john constantine at two in the morning

send me a character and i’ll tell you about their tumblr!

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coughing that post u reblogged that said to send a character-- poison ivy

Oh man oh man, this’ll be interesting.

Their blog URL: Probably something like ‘ivyisley’ or ‘plantpoison’ or something along those lines regarding plants or her name. 

The Kind Of Posts They Reblog: Ivy hardly ever reblogs anything. She probably only has like 2 or 3 posts, two are of plants from some aesthetic blog and the other one is ‘I don’t exactly understand this “blogging” thing but hello.’

The First Person They Followed: Harley for sure, who is also the only person she follows. Only because Harley is the person who showed her what Tumblr is.

What Kind Of Theme They’d Have: She has literally no theme. None. Her icon is just a blurry picture of her face from a low awkward mom angle.

What Kind Of Text Posts They Make At 2am: Again, Ivy never really posts. So there will be no random In The Middle Of The Night posts. (Thank God)

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

So, as you can see, this is a Undertale ask blog dedicated to a few skelebros from different AUs. It seems that everyone has a different opinion on how different skelebros act, and so no one gets confused or anything, I made a list of things I think their personalities are like…. YAY USELESS INFORMATION!!!

•SwapFell Sans tries WAY too hard to be edgy, and is pretty bossy

•SwapFell Papyrus is actually a giant cinnamon roll, even if he looks intimidating 

• UnderLust Sans x @theycallmelazuli shall be a ship just because it pisses her off

• UnderFell Sans blasts MCR songs almost every night at like 2am so Mark made him share a room with Fresh in an attempt to make him shut the fuck up

• Mark is a random being that silently watches everything and only comes out when needed 

• UnderSwap sans is a bit less innocent than Original Papyrus

• Fresh is barely ever here but when he is, he likes annoying the shit out of the edgy skeletons

• UnderFell Papyrus has a soft spot for fluffy animals

• UnderSwap Papyrus calls UnderFell Sans ‘The Edgiest Edge to ever Edge’ to annoy him

• Red’s nickname for Fresh is ‘The neon headache’

• everyone except Blueberry and Papyrus are uncomfortable with Fresh being here

•OuterTale Sans visits a lot… why is he even here?

• Fresh is the only person who can stop Lust for some reason

• Mark is the leader of the innocent squad

• there are nsfw asks so be warned children

• Sans is just memes, puns, sadness, and ketchup

• Fell is the loudest Papyrus because his voice is full of ange r

ALSO, I’ll be giving the skelebros nicknames because I’m too lazy to write the AU and then their name so YAY NICKNAMES!

Original Papyrus & Sans are just Papyrus and Sans

Swapfell Sans is Raspberry and SwapFell Papyrus is Mutt

Underfell Sans is Red and UnderFell Papyrus is just Fell

Underswap Sans is, of course, Blueberry and papyrus is Carrot

UnderLust Sans is Lust because originality

Fresh is just Fresh because I’m soooo original

OuterTale Sans is Starry cause why not

Anyways, this blog is like an ask page for the characters in a fanfic I’m still writing… my writing skills are trash so don’t expect a lot from me. 

K byeeeeeeeee

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Hey mimi!! it's me Mari! how have you been? :3 just wanted to ask you, do you know any good sasusaku fanfics set in post-cannon? Ç_Ç i'm dying to read some

Mari!! <3 Of course I know who you are :3 

I’ve been good! 

And ahhh yes!

Here are some post-canon SS fics I really liked/reblogged!

interim by stannide

returning home by stannide

Can you write about SasuSaku. Where after a tiring day, they just lay in bed and just talk. It can be anything random really, like how they’re raising Sarada or how Sasuke’s day was or how happy Sakura is. 2am kind of things. Thank you. by sasukekuns

whispers of the past by ebondeath

a letter: from ino, to sasuke. by lilmikomiko

laundry day by blanket-fictions


ss prompt: im staring right at the other half of me by stannide

the waking by blanket-fictions

the homecoming by blanket-fictions

Is it possible for you to write more jealous sasuke? The rejection one was great :) by ebondeath

mine, mine by windsilk

Uchiha Sasuke: Rejection Ejection Specialist by ebondeath

with a little help of my friends by sasukekuns

happiness by sakurah-chan

sasuke is utterly and undeniably enamoured with his own creation or how sasuke won’t share the baby. drabble. family fluff. by fer-aligtr

omg! you are making me cry so much with your daddy sasuke fics!! T.T by sun-summoning

a return by blanket-fictions

sasusaku with “I’m trying to flirt with you, okay?” :P by lossie92

in his wanderings, sasuke encounters someone from sakura’s past. sasusaku, post-war. by stannide

speechless by angel-chu

I know there are plenty of more but I think I overwhelmed you enough ;)

I need a girl to
  • go hiking with me
  • explore abandoned buildings with me
  • take random road trips with me
  • sing obnoxiously with me
  • go to six flags with me
  • go to concerts with me
  • sleep in with me
  • make food at 2am with me
  • learn new things with me 
  • listen to new and old music with me
  • call me when she can’t sleep and talk with me
  • be spontaneous with me
  • laugh with me
  • make messes and then clean them up with me
  • yell and get angry and talk things out with me
  • play video games with me
  • figure out life with me
  • hold hands with me
  • work out with me
  • experience new things with me
  • curl up and stay indoors  for lazy days with me
  • just be with me
Seduce me. Not just with your touch but with every atom of your whole being: from your head to toe, from your thoughts to the way you call my name and the way you look at me. Make me break these rules, limitations that I’ve set for myself. Make your presence and touch be both my weakness and strength; to have me powerless and melting in a blink of an eye. Make me want you in a way that I never wanted anybody else. Be the rare kind because that’s what I seek. I find it hard to settle for the norm or the convenient. I’m not sorry that I just won’t settle for anything less than what my heart and soul desire. What I desire is beyond the depth of imagination; it’s madness. Love is out there and I have stumbled upon it so many times. People can fake an “I love you’ nowadays. The fire eventually runs out. I seek mutual closeness, affection, compassion; a never ending togetherness of when our minds either perfectly fit or collide together but still I’d feel so riveted to you nonetheless. You would be waking me up at 2am telling me to make you a hot cup of coffee because you can’t sleep and I would give you a frown that’s intense enough to burn you into ashes yet in seconds I’d be making you that damn coffee the best way I can exactly the way you want and stay up the rest of the night with you watching some dumb random movie on the T.V. because your love will have me so easily enlivened in each moment that even the most boring, commonplace thing would still be fun, remembered and not be simply replaceable by someone else. That is love. That is what I seek; something unmatched, something that I just don’t feel for every body else around me but you. I don’t want to wake up one day and come to realize that life is the same routine like it was and at the end of the day that I’ve just settled for convenience with just some person when I could have waited for a soul that’d be able to captivate not just my body but every ounce of my existence as well. So if and when you want me, seduce me with your ways, your charm and make me tell you I want you. Because then, you know when I finally tell you "I want you”, that there’s no going back; I’m already yours for as long as the sun rises and burns on this earth.



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What's it like in a day at your job?

depends on whats going on! everyday is different which i appreciate. on a typical day with no shoots happening i come in early around 8 so i can have some quiet time to myself, go over any emails i got in the middle of the night from london or paris offices and just get myself together. i print out WWD daily reports for the editors/directors and leave them on their desk, sort through mail. i get shoot concepts and do research (this is fun, lots of art history/fashion archives) and make mood boards. editors will email me throughout the day with their correspondence from brands with the looks they want and i facilitate in making sure that they get here via messenger services etc. set up run throughs, go to market appointments for our accessories editor when she can’t make it which can sometimes result in me being in a car alllll day going from appointment to appointment, i go to a lot of high end vintage shops and do pulls if we need a specific look/piece for a shoot which is fun because i get to use my own taste and discretion. i take desk side appointments which is like when new designers come in and show me their stuff / pitch themselves in hopes of us calling in for a shoot. if we’re using an outside stylist i work with them to make sure they have everything they need. i work with production to make sure they’re on the same page as the fashion team. hmm lets see  …. i run the closet on top of all of the random little things going on- so making sure samples are going in and out flawlessly, kind of delegating tasks to my coworkers. i also arrange trunk pick ups and flights for shoots in LA or abroad which is why sometimes (like last night) i’ll be on the phone with an airline in paris at 2am lol.

on a shoot day i’m on set at 630/7 and assist the stylist / handle & unpack all the wardrobe, dress talent, manage credits, eat all the catering, etc. 

i hate to be like oh lol the devil wears prada but that is literally the best example of what i do, it’s annoyingly accurate .i have to fix every problem before it happens.

i’m so done with all the “everyone’s beautiful in their own way”,“a pretty face and body is not everything” and all that bullshit..the truth is,if you don’t have a pretty face or a nice body,then boys won’t look twice at you,appearance is EVERYTHING in society these days,not only to get boys to like you, but even to get a job and being pretty makes life 100 times easier.

☆    5SOS SHIPS!  ◕‿◕    ☆

Hiii, I’m BACKKK!! It’s vacation and I hit 4k a couple weeks ago so it’s the perfect moment to do cute ships for youu ^^ 

Originally posted by teenagedclifford

What you cutie patootie have to do:

  • follow me because this is for my amazing followers
  • reblog this so everyone can see it
  • send me a message (you can ship me, tell me what you think of me/blog, ask me a question,…) ps. I love long messages :))
  • have a face page or tell a litle about yourself
  • have patience with this, it can take a litle longer because I have loads to do and my arm is in plaster but I wille do my best to be the fastest that I can. ^^
  • smile, enjoy the moment because you are so freaking gorgeous and I love you ♥

What you amazing person will get:


Ship: dog | kangeroo | penguin | kitten
Best friend/brother: dog | kangeroo | penguin | kitten 
Cuddle buddy: dog | kangeroo | penguin | kitten
Secretly likes/loves you: dog | kangeroo | penguin | kitten
 2am McDonald’s Run Buddy: dog | kangeroo | penguin | kitten

Who says ‘I love you” first: You / Him
Who makes breakfast: You / Him
Who made the first move: You / Him
Who makes a bigger mess: You / Him

he’s fave thing about you (compliment):

random gif of your cutie pie:

litle blog rate:

url: ??? | nice | pretty great | cAN WE JUST | SWEET SWEET LEMONADE

icon: ??? | nice | pretty great | cAN WE JUST | SWEET SWEET LEMONADE

theme: ??? | nice | pretty great | cAN WE JUST | SWEET SWEET LEMONADE

posts: ??? | nice | pretty great | cAN WE JUST | SWEET SWEET LEMONADE

do i follow you?: no (ily tho) || yes! || why didn’t I before?! || FOREVER AND ALWAYS

ps. I will tag you in it so you will find it easy back and have a good night/day <3 xoxo 

do you ever just stop and think of how weird languages are? like right now my roommate is watching TV and the people on TV are using their mouths to make what I perceive as random noises but to her it’s a system of noises that each mean specific things and she grew up with this system of sounds whereas I grew up with a completely different system of noises just because we were born on literal opposite sides of the world