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The Donald Duck Weekly’s Instagram posted this on Father’s Day and honestly if you’re not following this account you’re missing out.

Now excuse me while I just… lie here on the floor, consumed with duck feelings.

The D Joke
  • Wilford: Hey Bim, spell ME!
  • Bim: Okay, M-E?
  • Wilford: You forgot the D
  • Bim: There's no D in ME
  • Wilford: *wiggles eyebrows* not yet
  • Bim: wha-
  • .
  • Wilford: Hey Google, spell ME!
  • Google: M-E
  • Wilford: You forgot the D!
  • Google: There is no D in ME
  • Wilford: Not yet!
  • Google: ...no really, there isn't and there will never be a D
  • .
  • Wilford: Hey Doc! Spell ME!
  • Dr Iplier: Why?
  • Wilford: Don't ask just do it!
  • Dr Iplier: *sighs* M-E
  • Wilford: You forgot the D
  • Dr Iplier: What D?
  • Wilford: ...
  • Wilford: Nevermind
  • .
  • Wilford: Host! Spell ME!
  • The Host: ...as Wilford Warfstache asks the Host to spell the simple word "me" the Host answers with a simple "I'm blind, not stupid"...
  • Wilford: God why
  • .
  • Wilford: Hey Dark! Spell ME!
  • Dark: No
  • Wilford: Why not?
  • Dark: I know this joke
  • Wilford: *grinning smugly* So you don't wanna have a D in you, mmh?
  • Dark: *looks Wil directly into the eyes*
  • Dark: Wil...
  • Wilford: Yes, dear?
  • Dark: ...
  • Dark: ...no, I don't wanna have sex with you. Now fuck off.

edited a little bit and decided to just,,reupload///

Sketchbook pen doodle ft unrelated song lyric!!
I’ve only got 3 copic markers so pls bear with me omg
Cherry belongs to @glumish


 (Some old and new doodles of my girl!!!)

I’m sure I’ve used this trope before in my own writing at least once so I’m not throwing shade, but can anyone explain why “kiss-swollen lips” are so prevalent in writing? Has anyone’s lips ever actually swollen after kissing? That seems like something you’d get checked out. I’ve had my fair share of makeout sessions, some of which were far from gentle, but I’ve never had that happen.

The weird things you wonder while reading a lot of fanfiction, guys. 🤷‍♀️

I just want to say the following headcanon thing LEGITIMATELY was inspired by this thing I saw on a random Google search I don’t even know how it was there, Google is watching me. I typed it all out in a caffeine-fueled frenzy. If you know who made this pic/headcanon thing, let me know so I can give credit. This is the offender:


We need to examine this more. Brace yourself for the headcanon feels train. Choo choo, bitches.

  • I don’t think Jason just adored and was respectful to her, no no, he fucking worshiped her. When every Robin has met the others of the Trinity it’s always said something about them. When Jason met Superman, he was appropriately awed and flustered, you know, as boys do. It’s Superman for shits sake, he’s like a myth. How do you talk to a mythical freakin’ god?
  • But Diana? Now she’s a bit different. Sure, she flies, she’s fast, she’s got super strength and sword skills no one can touch, but she doesn’t shoot lasers from her eyes or sneeze and make a tornado. She talks to kids, she treats them with respect, as equals. Jason likes that. He grew up fast. He hates being talked down to.
  • But this really didn’t start with Diana being his favorite just because she doesn’t ruffle his hair and ask if his studies are going well. No, this goes back to long before he was a Robin. When he was just a little kid with an abusive father and a mother that loved him but couldn’t fight back.
  • Jason has always been a tootin’ masculine character. Look at him, he’s got all the traits, up and down. Bad boy look, check. Guns, check. Fast cars, check. Street rat punk, check. He’s the tallest out of the Robins, and so much goddamn muscle he’s got fifteen pounds on Bruce. (Suck it, old man.) There’s memes about his thighs ffs. But on the same token he’s always related to and sympathizes more with women than any other Robin. Why would that be?
  • Because his mother loved him. Really, deeply, adoringly loved him, even if he was adopted. She probably always wanted kids and a family but she just chose the wrong man to do it with. Things probably weren’t always so bad, they never are when you start out but it got worse steadily, it snuck up on her and by the time Jason was five, she was a convenient punching bag whenever Willis Todd had a bad day at work.
  • It didn’t take long before every day was a bad day at work.
  • So Jason grew up in a place that started out as pretty nice, they were poor as hell but he never lacked for love from his mom. She made games for him so he wasn’t afraid. Charity clothes weren’t shameful, they were adventuring gear and he could be anything he wanted, even a wizard or a ninja. She didn’t eat her portion of dinner because a spell had been put on her and the only way to break it is if he ate everything instead, and then defeat the dragon guarding her and give her a kiss before bedtime. Then she would eat. When they couldn’t pay the utility bills, the candles were the only light they had and they were adventurers exploring ancient caves and had to be very careful to sneak around and find the magic stones she’d hidden everywhere.
  • Catherine Todd loved her little boy and always sacrificed whatever she could to make sure he wasn’t afraid at night. While he slept, she’d cry very quietly.
  • But no amount of pretend and stories could really hide the fear in her eyes when his father came home. Jason had to hide under the table his arm the around a street mutt, Sparky, and a phone clutched to his chest while his mom tried to hold back her screams as the leather belt, then the fists and the boots came down on her again and again.
  • His mother ALWAYS took the beatings from him. When Jason was getting a little older and taller and starting to outgrow his clothes faster than they could steal or trade from the charity banks, he started looking like a target. But she never allowed his father to beat him, she wouldn’t have it. She made a deal, she’d take the beatings and he wouldn’t touch Jason dammit, not him, not her little boy.
  • Afterwards, when his scumbag father sat down in front of the TV with a beer and some food while his wife cried on the floor, Jason would crawl out of his hiding place and put band-aids on the cuts and bruises. Then she’d hold him in her arms, sobbing, and tell him it’s okay, she loves him and she’d never let anything bad happen to him.
  • But things always got worse for Jason. He loathed his father, he felt furious he couldn’t fight back but he knew if he did, his mother’s sacrifice would be for nothing. He learned to control his rage early, he had to. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t burn.
  • The look of defeat and apathy in her eyes is what hurt him most. He wished she wouldn’t just lay down and take it all the time. He wanted her to get up. Fight back. He’d have these dreams where his mom beat down her husband and told him if he ever touched her or her son again, she’d kill him. But he always woke up.
  • Catherine Todd was Jason’s first real hero. Even when she started taking heroin to get through the day, to not feel hunger and not feel pain.
  • And then there’s Wonder Woman. Princess of Themyscira. Amazon Warrior. She was the best fighter in the world and she fought with a grace like poetry and a savagery like vengeance. She was amazing. A woman that was strong enough to throw monsters through walls. Monsters just like his father. He wanted his mom to be more like Wonder Woman.
  • He wanted Wonder Woman to be his mom.
  • Now lets fast forward a bit. When his father abandoned them, Jason became the man of the house and his mother was so deep into addiction she could barely function. She’d lost so much weight over the years, pushing her food onto his plate. She’d always cared for and protected him, now he could finally return the favor. He was an 11-year old with a baseball bat and zero tolerance for any assholes that wanted to hurt his mom. She couldn’t fight anymore but he could. Any drug dealer stopping by learned that the hard way.
  • But he couldn’t protect her forever. The will had been beaten out of her for over a decade. While he was out stealing food, she overdosed. The pain had been too much. He failed her.
  • Fast forward again. He’s Robin now, he’s learned to survive on his own before now, he’s not shy about sticking up for himself because dammit, he’s not going to sit on the sidelines ever again. That was a helpless feeling he never could get away from. He meets Wonder Woman for the first time and he’s just struck dumb. Alfred and Bruce are amused, because this Robin has never held back what’s on his mind or given any ground. But after he gets over the awe of meeting his childhood idol (nevermind the fact that he’s still technically a kid) he can’t stop talking to Diana. He chatters eagerly to her.
  • Soon it’s clear he’s something of a fanboy. He asks how she threw this punch from this battle and how she disarmed that villain in that fight. She’s more than happy to show him. Then he asks other things, like if she can be such a great fighter, other women can too, right? What if the best way to defeat crime is by preventing it? Like giving women and other common targets of criminals the ability to defend themselves. Couldn’t women and children’s shelters offer training and classes for free? She loves the idea and promises to see what she can do.
  • Jason probably writes letters to Diana whenever he can and she responds when she has time. It’s not often because they’re both so busy, but it’s a slow sort of pen-pal thing they have going on. She’s easier to talk to than Bruce and learns more about his family from before.
  • Even though he loved his mom, he also resented her. She let herself become a victim and he’ll never quite forgive her for that. He’s bitter about it, the idea of ‘What if she’d fought back?’ always in the back of his head. He’ll never know and it’s her fault and he misses her but he misses what they might have had. One day he accidentally lets this slip in one of his letters and Diana sends him two pages back, all of it laying out that a mother’s love thinks nothing of sacrifice and it’s okay for him to be angry but he shouldn’t let it taint the good memories he has. He was loved right up until the end. Instead of being angry, be inspired. It wasn’t fair, to her or to him, but he can still make his mother proud by making sure no one else has to go through what he did.
  • How would she know his mother is proud of him? Because Diana is proud of him. Very proud. And she knows what mothers want for their children.
  • Had she not been off-planet at the time, Diana would’ve noticed the lack of his letters when he started feeling displaced and needed family to connect to. When he found out he was adopted. When he left to go search for his real mother – maybe a mother more like Wonder Woman.
  • When Jason died and Diana found out several weeks later, she was furious with Bruce. Absolutely. Livid. She refused to work with him or speak to him for a month. It was a major cramp in their relationship, as friends and as colleagues. 
  • She did go home and cry in her mother’s arms because he was such a fine boy, dammit. Man’s World was cruel and savage and did the worst things to the most innocent people and it turned them into beasts. It broke their hearts and twisted their minds. But not Jason. He came out stronger and more determined than ever to be better. Yes, he was lost and hurt and didn’t know where to direct his righteous anger but he was learning so fast and she was so proud of him for it. Crime wasn’t a vague thing to him, he grew up in it, lived in it, and he knew exactly why it should be put down. Just like she knew the stakes of war and why it must be fought. He was a warrior. And he died because he was still a kid that wanted a mother who loved him.
  • She blames herself a little because if she’d been there more for him, given him the mom he really really wanted, he might still be alive. She neglected him, just like everyone else and she will never forgive herself for that.
  • When Jason came back as the Red Hood, she’d only heard vague rumors from Gotham. It was years before she found out who it was and that’s only because Dick was struggling with a guilty conscience for putting 'Jason’ into Arkham Asylum. When this 'Red Hood’ turned out to be the young Robin who had her action figure and always ran to say hello to her, she gave Dick a look that could kill a chimera. For the first time, he realized why Bruce could fear her so much.
  • She sat down and started to write a letter to Jason but didn’t know where to start.
  • It hasn’t happened yet. She’s often run ragged with all her duties, and she hasn’t figured out how to tell Bruce she wants to see Jason for reasons too many and complicated to put into words without seeming rude to the other fine boys he’s mentored.
  • But when she does finally meet her favorite Robin she’ll hug him and not let go for a long time. Then they’ll spend the whole night talking about everything, and for tonight, crime and missions and duty can wait. She’ll tell him about the countless women that have fended off their abusers because of the ideas he came up with so many years ago. And he’ll be confused at first because doesn’t she know he’s insane? A killer? A psychopath? Well, she’s killed too and she knows why he’s doing what he’s doing. There are as many battlefields as there are battles, in the mind, in the streets, in the long history of a life. She knows that this is his battle. She’s proud of him for fighting what he believes in because that’s what he’s always done. His methods may not be her own but that’s okay. Life has given him the tools and insight to do what he does and she must respect that. War is never pretty.
  • For a while, Jason is so damn unbalanced by all this, he can’t really speak because there’s a knot in his throat.
  • Then she drops another bomb on him by apologizing. For not being there for him, for not realizing that he needed more than a pen pal and for neglecting to tell him all these things before it was too late. There’s tears in her eyes and he starts to panic a little.
  • The next day, she gets a letter from Jason.

So there. There you have it you ugly heathens, feels headcanon train! I think this is why Diana has Jason as her favorite Robin and why he has always looked up to her. I think the fandom somehow recognizes the neat and fitting parallels here. Maybe not ever put down in words like this (or if it has been, I haven’t found it yet) but definitely there in the back of the brain. You don’t see fanart with Jason wearing a Wonder Woman shirt, or pajamas, or coffee mug for no reason. It’s not just because it’s funny that the bad boy punk of the BatFamily is a huge Wonder Woman fan. It’s because she means something to him that the other Robins never needed in their lives like he did. She was a role model early in his life and still is today. 

Jason likes Wonder Woman because she’s overcome and proven herself in a world stacked against her. Women can’t fight? Wrong. Women can’t be strong? So wrong. Women can’t hold important positions in government? She’s an ambassador. Women must be sexual, they must defer to their male compatriots, if they do fight they’re butch and can’t be feminine and beautiful, and if they don’t fight they have to stand back and sit in the kitchen…. You might wanna shut up now.

Wonder Woman has defied every single unwritten rule the world tried to put on her and she’s broken every single barrier that her 'superiors’ have put in front of her. She gives society’s expectations an amused little smirk before she breaks them in half. She doesn’t let anyone define her. She does what is needed and she doesn’t apologize for it. She’s a rebel like that. She’s powerful but feminine, she’s a warrior but also motherly, she fights for peace, but she will fucking kill to protect her loved ones.

Diana’s story and Jason’s story are so much alike and that is why these two have this unspoken, undefined bond. They know the gritty realities, they know that ideals won’t stop hunger and abuse and exploitation, they know fire sometimes can only be fought with fire. I think the fandom understands that, even vaguely. They recognize she would naturally be his #1 role model. And it would genuinely put me on cloud 9 if DC recognized that too and decided, 'Know what? Let’s go for it. Let’s make this happen.’

'Let’s make this impossible and bizarre idea seem wonderfully human.’

Isn’t that what comics are really about?

u ever sometimes have a genuinely innocent curious question but u can’t ask anyone cuz you know exactly the presumption they’ll make as soon as u do even tho it’s wrong because you’re just … fucken…. curious?

anonymous asked:

I gotta q for you about your fic (which I loved so fucking much by the way). Did you learn anything random or new from it? Did it involve research of any kind?

ahhhhh this is so sweet and omg when i read this through the first time i kinda glazed over the second part and i thought you were asking if i learned something in general from writing this and i was like oh shit i need to draw some profound lesson out of this story don’t i … but hahahah im glad its a bit lighter than that. honestly YES though??? i had to google so many random things including: 

  • manchester uni law course curriculum. the class dan mentions is a real one and i spent way too long reading about it and all the tracks people can take within the law course at the university
  • spring-blooming perennial flowers 
  • pool cleaning equipment. there’s appaz a whole section on that on the walmart website so i surfed that for a while
  • blueberry mojito recipe bc i was scared i got it wrong 
  • manchester film festival
  • superman ice cream. i s2g,, bc i wanted to include a reference to phil getting superman ice cream in florida and dan thinking of him bc it was superhero-themed until i then realized that superman ice cream is a FLAVOR not something packaged that u usually find in ice cream trucks but i was like fuck it im just gonna go with it anyway
  • types of expensive marble 
  • types of expensive bubble bath. the one dan picks is also real and its from dyptique and i read the description and i was immediately dead bc it sounds like so perfect for irl dan’s tastes
  • la nouvelle vague. i wanted to give teddy the most obscure/academic interests ever, and i had some arty film friends in college so i heard this era of cinema tossed around a lot and decided to google it so i could loosely base teddy off of these uni friends (but obvi much richer and cuter and obsessed w phil hahah). i eventually had a whole paragraph of notes on french cinema in the 50s and the use of surrealism as a form of protest and lowkey/coded portrayals of lgbt themes which, tbh, is pretentious but way more interesting that i was expecting
  • manchester public transport and geography generally. i just google mapped the campus and kind of looked around the city and the outskirts to see if it was viable for dan to live in city center and come to phil’s place so often) 

uhhh hahah so i might be super extra, but none of this was really that heavy, it was mostly just like googling things as they came up in the natural story i wanted to tell and double checking that they were accurate and feasible hahah 

(read le fic here if u missed it hashtag spon) 

The Definition of Impossible Update #1


*dies of joy*

*resurrects of joy*

I’ve had this book ready to outline for…um…two years. And I’m finally writing it. #bless I’ve been wanting to write this for such a long time, it’s a story that’s so important to me, characters that mean so much to me, but I’ve been busy working on other things that I was prioritizing. But now I finally get to write TDOI. BLESSS. 

This was kind of spontaneous, actually. I knew I was planning on starting this book soon and that it would be my next project, but I hadn’t yet, so today I was like well, what am I waiting for? 

Time: 1:00pm-1:30pm (started the book impromptu before leaving for class), 10:15pm-11:40pm. 

Word Goal: 800 

Words written: 1001 / 1001 (yeeeeeeeee)

Random thing I had to google: PTSD medication, followed by: how long does paroxetine take to start working? (these are things you’d think I’d have researched before writing, but I only decided now that I would have Alice take anti-depressants and you’ll see why in my excerpt)

Music: Burn It Down by Daughter (and all of this album because it is #lit and I am #blessed), Caterpillar by Mountains of the Moon, Pensees by Laguna, Fossa by Daughter, Claude’s Girl by Marika Hackman, Trust by Half Moon Run, The Antagonist by Amarante.

Unedited excerpt of the day:

This is a rewrite, and I wrote draft one in 2013, but my understanding of voice wasn’t as strong back then. I know there will be a bit of a feeling out period to find Alice’s new voice, and I can’t wait to find it since she’s my favourite character. 

(TW: PTSD, mentions of suicide) 

My suitcase is my grandfather’s, wrapped in fading, tearing tweed. Compact, but I could only bring what’s on the list. No phones. No laptops. No electronics at all. No shoes. No matches, lighters, or cigarettes (but I never smoked, no, I like my lungs cold). No keys. No razors. No knives. No sharp objects of any kind. No heavy objects, either. No rope—they are very afraid of us committing suicide. No liquids, chemicals, or syringes. No gum. Many other things I’d never think to bring but was not allowed: no firecrackers, explosives, condoms, weapons, scissors, or makeup. No medication, except with a doctor’s note, that means no ibuprofen, no naproxen, no acetaminophen—how will I kill pain? No vitamins, because we might be lying and they might not be vitamins. I have a doctor’s note, so I am allowed anti-depressants; recently prescribed, paroxetine, but they will run out quickly and I will not be given more. A quick search before I forfeited my phone told me stopping abruptly will cause withdrawal. Perhaps I shouldn’t start taking them at all, but alone in the hallway, I spiral into my mind like the floor falls out from under me, and all I want is chemical security to ward the flashes behind my eyes. Chemical balance. Paroxetine takes six to eight weeks to take full effect, and I will run out by then, and my mind will never find clean, chemical equilibrium.

Not a fan of those parentheses, but other than that, I found this passage kind of neato.

Goals for tomorrow:

My daily word goal is 800. I’m trying for something short and fairly doable since I know I’ll be busy, and I’d rather small daily output and consistency than pushing myself to write a ton in a way I can’t keep up. Normally I write with a 1500 per day goal, but I don’t know how intense my semester will be, and I have lots of writing to do for school. It’s still early in the semester, though, so hopefully I’ll have a fair amount of time to work on this tomorrow. But, I also have to finish up an exercise for my fiction class and I’d like to chip away at my next short story, and work on that consistently as well. 

That’s all for now, folks!


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1. Name/nickname: Call me Cynthia. Or Hya. Whichever you prefer ^_^

2. Gender: Female 

3. Star sign: Aquarius (aquarius sun/ virgo moon/ scorpio rising)

4. Height: 5′3″ (I’m short, yeah T_T)

5. Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw!

6. Favourite animal: Dogs 

7. Hours of sleep: What is sleep? It depends. On non-busy weekdays, I get around 4-6 hours of sleep. 2 weeks before exams, 3-4 hours of sleep. During exam week, 1-2 hours of sleep (life is tough, my friends T_T)

8. Dogs or cats: Dogs, yay! :D

9. Number of blankets: One. But I like using duvets more  

10. Dream trip: Czech, Hungary, Italy, Iceland (also Japan, but I’ve already been there twice so…) ^_^

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15. Favourite Solo Artists: Sara Bareilles, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Roxette (well, technically they’re a duo, but I HAD to mention them haha)

16. Song Stuck In My Head: that Despacito science spin-off sung by acapellascience. Lately, I think about evo-devo even on random times xD

17. Last Movie I Watched: It (2017)

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19. When Did I Create My Blog: This blog existed ever since summer of 2011, but I only began actively using it around February 2017 xD

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21. Last Thing I Googled: stuff about Glycogen metabolism :((

22. Other Blogs: I have this non-Naruto sideblog ( @theshadowfire ) but lately, I haven’t been posting much stuff on there :/ 

23. Do I Get Asks: Sometimes yeah (please feel free to raid my inbox! I love getting asks and stuff ^_^)

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32. Favorite Song: It’s hard to choose! But currently, my favorites are LA Devotee by Panic! at the Disco and Unconditionally by Katy Perry 

33. Last Book Read: I don’t remember the last non-medical book I read :( The last thing I read was Medical Physiology (microvasculature). The last non-medical things I read were KakaIru and SasuNaruSasu fanfics on AO3 xD

34. Top Three Fictional Universes I’d Like To Join: Naruto, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings xD


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  1. nicknames: bothy, both, thyy, xiuting
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  26. favourite food: massaman curry
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  29. last book i read: either fahrenheit 451 or dracula
  30. top three fictional universes i’d want to join: hp, shadowhunters, riverdale

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ID #55827

Name: Kei
Age: 20
Country: USA

My intentions for entering a submission:

1. To connect with and learn from people outside of my home country because language, culture, and perspectives interests and inspire me to travel.

2. I wish and hope to develop and maintain strong and healthy long lasting relationships.

Interesting labels:

1. My MBTI personality is INFJ.

2. My astrological sun sign is in Scorpio while my moon sign is in Libra.

What type of person am I?

1. Someone who loves a good laugh, and laughing in general. It makes me feel alive. Can’t live without it or I’m definitely out of balance.

2. A friend who is loyal, supportive, loving, generous, considerate, gentle, kind, affectionate and thoughtful.

3. Somewhat of an ambivert who really enjoys my solitude, peace and tranquility but craves deep and meaningful bonds as well as making memories with others.

4. Never bored, there’s always something to do. I have a lot of interests and hobbies.

Music. Culture. Food. Fashion. Language. Art. Philosophy. Psychology. Poetry. Photography Spirituality. Fictional content. Travel. Technology.

Main Hobbies:

1. Cosplaying

2. Drawing. (Digital and Traditional)

3. Absorbing fictional content.

Fictional Content of choice?

Books & Novels: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Supernatural, Horror, Mystery. (Haven’t ready a decent book in along time though. Developed a poor attention span. Now I mainly read articles of random things I look up on Google or the occasional fan fiction.)

Games: Nintendo & Sony Console games. Mainly a single player type of person. I prefer story heavy games, but the classics are fun to play with family and friends at gatherings.

Favorites include:
The Wolf Among Us. The last of Us. The walking Dead. Bioshock Infinite. Resident Evil. Kingdom Hearts. Final Fantasy.

Other: DDR. Taiko Drums.
Spyro. Sonic. Mario. Pokemon. Katamari Hamtaro. Animal Crossing. Cooking Mama. Zero Escape Series.

Anime: Usually series that deviate from the tons of recycled stories and plots floating around.

Faves include:
(Shoujo) Kurage Hime, Kimi ni todoke, Kare Kano, Mai Hime & Mai Otome.

(Shounen) Eureka Seven, Hunter X Hunter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Other: GTO

I’m pretty open. I’ve dabbled through many genres over the years.
Language doesn’t matter me. If it sounds good to my ears it’s as simple as that.

Preferences: 18-24.
As most people usually state, preferably people who are good natured and lack discrimnative mindsets or values.

Rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

I was tagged by @paperandvanilla

1. Nicknames: Vina, BD

2. Gender: female

3. Star sign: virgo (this tells you absolutely nothing)

4. Height: 5'7" - 5'8"

5. Time: 134AM

6. Birthday: September

7. Favorite bands: Poets of the Fall, Linkin Park

8. Favorite solo artist: Ed Sheeran, Dermot Kennedy

9. Song stuck in my head: I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

10. Last movie I watched: the Happy Elf (I think that’s what it was called anyway)

11. Last Show I watched: Broad City (I think)

12. When did I create my blog: years ago, I don’t know, I created it and then forgot about it for like a year or so

13. What do I post: personal stuff, grad school stuff, random tidbits

14. Last thing I googled: Key Food

15. Do I have any other blogs: no

16. Do I get asks: very rarely

17. Why did I chose my url: it’s one of two user names I use for everything so I don’t forget them

18. Following: I have to look this and the next up and I’m too lazy


20. This question is missing.

21: Lucky number: I don’t consider it lucky but I like the number 27

22. Instruments: NO, I’m very musically illiterate

23. What I’m wearing: sweats and the sweater I’m going to wear tomorrow

24. Dream job. This actually just changed! I want to be a substance abuse counselor, but also a teacher at a community college

25. Dream trip. Hiking in Ireland with my sister

26. Favorite food. A lot of the food I’m allergic too

27. Nationality: American

28. Favorite song right now: Pills by Denim Blue and somebody else, I’d have to look it up

29. Last book I read. If Audiobooks count it was His Last Bow by Sir Conan Arthur Doyle (I honestly don’t know if I got his name right). Physical book was Dinner with Buddha by I don’t know who (I think, I might have read another after that)

30. Tip Three fictional verses: none?

I tag @consequential-stranger and @praisethegains and anyone else who wants to do it