random things found in a house

Yo, any ARG fans out there: Have you heard of Daisy Brown?

It’s this weird twitter account that popped up recently of a girl named Daisy Brown. She tweets weird things about having a monster named Alan in her house. Apparently she just found a laptop in her attic and has never heard of the internet before.

She tweets several times a day about weird random things that make it seem like she’s living a very strange life. 

She also talks about her Dad sometimes, I don’t know if her Dad is dead or missing or what, but he apparently “created” Alan.

I originally thought that this was a challenged person that people were messing with online. I even tweeted at her and she responded!

I had stopped paying attention to Daisy’s twitter for a while but when I looked back at it today I saw THIS.


Anyway I just wanted to spread the word because not many people know about this weird situation. I’m not sure exactly where it’s gonna go but I am definitely curious and excited.


so hey guys i’m doing a giveaway!! because i’m not really that interested in haikyuu!! anymore and i’d rather these go to good homes where people can u know. enjoy them. also i don’t have the boxes for a lot of them because they either got thrown away or i lost them in the hellpit of my house or i left them because too big for luggage, though the buttons that aren’t the bigger lev button i just found on ebay so i’m not sure where those come from. basically the moral of the story is keep ur merch boxes my friends.

so there’s no point in me selling them. so i’m giving them away! 

i’ll just. u know. throw everybody’s name in a randomizer and pick two winners. woohoo.

1st prize winner gets to pick 3 figures, one mini figure, two straps, a choice of the oikawa squishable thing whose name i cant remember or the kenma plush pin, and 4 buttons!

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i have some rules too! be sure to read them before entering the giveaway.

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3. no giveaway blogs!
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5. uhh just be nice play fair and we’ll be all good i guess?
6. also ill cover shipping costs so dw about that this is about getting free stuff not paying for shipping and handling

i’ll pick the winners of this giveaway on april fools day because i am a fool for losing my boxes so have fun? hooray

It’s hard to pin down what’s most striking to me about The Misha Files.

At times he has been chubby, depressed, homeless, introverted and sad, a procrastinator and a terrible speller faced with a world of indifference and cruelty and greed, yet somehow also an adventurous, thoughtful, wildly optimistic and full of ideas reckless boy in love with his high school sweetheart. 

He remembers people, and is that not an act of kindness itself? He remembers a woman giving his mother a hundred dollars at Christmastime and he remembers Mr. Haiggis and he remembers Peter Ward and he remembers Aisha, the cutest girl in the world who stood on his deck and “declared, ‘I can’t believe I am on a real deck!’ with such enthusiasm and sincerity, it crushed [him].”

Maybe it’s his self-deprecation, his eccentricity, or his storytelling.

There is this dedication to service, which is not news to any of us yet seeing every phase of his life infused with this core ideal is still…remarkable? How fascinating it is to read through his life as he grapples with how best to serve the world, and boy howdy! does he wander, throwing hundreds of darts at the board. As a four-year-old he remembers wanting to help make things better for his mother, help his father with carpentry. He teams up with Vicki and they start a summer camp for urban youth, travel overseas to shoot documentaries in India, Nepal, and Haiti, start a non-profit. He studies social theory and political science to go into public service and goes on to become an intern at the White House, an intern at NPR. He goes to law school to become a lawyer and seek justice for others via the law - Okay, I’m glad he didn’t go through with this one.

He founds Random Acts and they build an orphanage in Haiti, a high school in Nicaragua, a hotline for mental health support. He starts his own radical, insane international scavenger hunt. He trains as an EMT, and of course he does, because it’s all part of this (very extensive!!!) journey in saving and helping others - in what would come to be simply, and beautifully, ‘acts of kindness.’ He writes poetry letters about how to find happiness and he encourages others to practice mindfulness and he works so hard to inspire millions of people to steadfastly choose kindness even as these days grow ostensibly darker and harder; he does not quit and that might be what I find most striking.

Wind, gales, and Tornados

The outer bands have been causing quite a stir with sudden wind gusts, heavy rains then eerie silence. Tornados warnings left and right, here and there near by. Sleeping will be difficult tonight. I’ve been binge watching the Weather Channel keeping track of everything.

This tuxedo kitty, I’ve seen around and this kitty along with other random kitties and my late kitty would hang around my porch and backyard. I opened my door during a tornado warning ( don’t do that btw) to see the wind force and this kitty was just sitting outside wanting food. Since i would leave cat food outside (prior to storm and pet loss) it seemed all the cats had owners. This tuxedo kitty was completely alone. I managed to get ‘im inside. This kitty is so skittish, but is the sweetest thing. I would have been devasted if I found this one lifeless in the after math.

Then theres this chicken, who built her nest by my house. Completely exposed to the elements. I managed to cage her and bring her in. I honestly don’t think her babies will not make it through this storm. Mama ain’t happy though.

The wind is picking up over time as it goes on, stay safe Florida.

God bless.


i think we’re all tired of having our characters have the same dirty little secrets. so here are some realistic secrets you can use for your characters. i am putting an overall trigger and mature warning on this. they’re in the sections of: lighthearted, hardcore, family, involving others, criminal, embarrassing, sexual, romantic, and other..

scared your secret isn’t creative - change it up! it mentions drugs? change it to sex or alcohol. something mentions family? turn that into a romantic secret! the options are endless if you change details.

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Autistic!Luna Lovegood headcanons
  • Creates spells to help with sensory overloads, such as charming a pair of glasses to dim bright colours that hurt her eyes and charming a pair of earmuffs and earrings so it muffles loud noises 
  • Creates a spell to instantly make all her clothes soft to stop them from scratching against her skin
  • Has trouble concentrating 
  • Prefers being bare foot
  • Wears long necklaces with beads and small charms to fidget with
  • Has an agreement with the kitchen House elves who make her food that isn’t as flavourful/spicy as every one elses, and also her plate has an enchantment on it so the different foods don’t touch. In exchange for this she visits the kitchens once a week and shows them all the pretty things she’s found while walking
  • Collects random things she finds pretty, shells, rocks, sticks, leaves, feathers etc
  • Finds rocking soothing
  • Can stare into the Ravenclaw common room fireplace for hours on end looking for shapes in the flames
  • Likes clothing and fabric with tassels 
  • Runs fingers and toes through the folds in fabric for comfort
  • Doesn’t like eye contact
  • No sense of direction and often gets lost on the Hogwarts stairwells so Ginny or other DA members accompany her from class to class so she’s not late
  • Stares into space and gets lost in her thoughts a lot
  • Special interest is magical creatures and can memorise a large number of interesting facts about them 
  • Paints with her fingers and likes using many layers of paint so it creates a 3D effect to her art
  • Places her wand behind her ear or in her hair bun because she often misplaces it 
  • Likes spinning and twirling as a form of stimming
  • Cuts the labels off all of her clothing
  • Writing is hard and hurts her hand when she grips the quill, so she uses an enchanted quill to take notes for her during classes, and to write her homework (this is allowed by Dumbledore to any disabled students in Hogwarts with similar issues) 
Moving Day (Tom x Reader HC)

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Summary: Finally you and your longtime boyfriend Tom are moving in together and here’s every step of the process.

Author’s Note: Hey guys, here’s my second completed request (I know I’m getting request, I’m shook). And it was fun to do. I love the idea of moving in with Tom ughhhh I need this to happen in my life.

Requested: “How about you do a reader x tom moving in together? Like the whole process? How it was brought up, apartment shopping, furniture shopping, and the actual moving, etc. I think that would be pretty cute!”


Wordcount: 2029

Warnings: Fluff, sexual things, swearing (probably)

Taglist: @tbholland @stephie-senpai @cersei-lannister @i-love-superhero @chinalois @behxndthemask

The Question:

  • After dating Tom for 4 years, your lovely boyfriend decided now was appropriate to ask the move in question.
  • Both of you had sleepovers at each others place all the time but he wanted to make things official, now that you completed your desired degrees he wanted to make sure his girl was with him at all times.
  • You and Tom would be out for brunch one Sunday morning.
    • The restaurant sat you in a private corner so no one could fawn over Tom.
    • Your eyes would skim over the menu while Tom’s eyes stayed focused on you. 
      • “Something wrong babe?”
      • “What? No, why would you think that?”
      • “As much as I love your beautiful brown eyes, they haven’t glanced away from me for the past 10 minutes.”
      • “Just drinking in your beauty.”
      • “Thank you, poet laureate. Seriously tell me what’s up?”
    • Tom couldn’t help the nerves he was feeling but he finally decided to spill. 
      • “I want us to move in together…because I love you.”
    • For a moment you would sit there quietly in shock, which would make Tom think you were mad at the suggestion.
    • Suddenly, your arms would reach out around him across the table, pulling him into a hug.
    • The squeal that escaped your lips caused some attention but Tom didn’t really care.
    • He chuckled, pulling you into a kiss
      • “I’ll take that as a yes angel pie.”
  • For the rest of brunch, you couldn’t help but start rambling off ideas.
    • “Apartments are great or we could get a house! ooh what if we got a houseboat so we could travel. Speaking of boats we could move somewhere close to the water and have a boat, not that I know how to drive one but still it could be cool. Where are you thinking about staying? I know London’s home but I also know you love New York and then L.A. is good for business. How are we ever going to decide? I need to start searching for a job and oh my God there’s just so much to do.”
    • “Love, I just asked you two seconds ago.”
    • “Moving is a big deal, Tommy!”

The Hunt:

  • The two of you would decide on a place in NYC.
    • Tom said in interviews he prefers New York over Los Angeles
    • Since he normally filmed in North America New York was just an easy flight for him to take.
    • It was also an area of opportunity for you to build your career
  • You settled on wanting a townhome.
    • Apartment’s just seemed unsafe, you worried about random fans finding your complex and hounding you.
  • While you had a budget it was pretty flexible because Tom wanted you to be happy.
    • Those Sony paychecks were really coming through
  • Even though you knew you could have whatever place you desired you tried to keep things under budget, not wanting to feel like you’re taking advantage of him.
  • The first place you saw was…old and not in a cute vintage way.
  • The second place was unbearably small
    • While you loved Tom you didn’t want to be that close to him.
  • There was about a month of unsuccessful house hunting until you found the place. Your home.
    • Tom had to leave 2 weeks prior to filming in Montreal, leaving you to do the house hunting by yourself which was daunting, to say the least.
    • He trusted you and said you had final say on wherever your new home would be. 
    • You had lost hope in finding anywhere, so you weren’t exactly enthused to go on this trip with your perky realtor. 
    • “I think this is the one.”
    • “You’ve said that three times.”
    • “No, but this time I’ve found the perfect place. It screams you and Tom.”
    • The home’s location was in Greenwich Village.
    • You couldn’t help but smile at the charming brick exterior with green plant life on the windowsill and around the front entrance.
    • Like most townhomes in the city, it was built higher than wider.
    • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, and a spare room that the current owners use as an office.
    • There was also a gorgeous balcony with a stunning outlook of the city skyline. 
    • “Do you love it or do you love it?” Your realtor asked. 
    • “It’s stunning, in a nice area. We can take Tessa for walks. Now, what’s the price?”
    • Your heart stopped hearing the price tag
    • It should be illegal to have so many zeros in anything being sold.
    • You started second guessing yourself thinking the price was just way too outrageous. 
    • “Maybe this isn’t the right place we can’t afford this.”
    • Your realtor took it into her own hands to make a quick call to Tom, begging him to talk some sense into you.
    • A few minutes later you received a Facetime call from your darling boyfriend.
      • “Aren’t you supposed to be working?”
      • “Hello to you too darling. Just checking to see how you’re feeling about the house.”
      • “It’s…alright.”
      • Tom quirked his fluffy eyebrow, seeing right through your lie. 
      • “A little birdy told me you love this place.”
      • Your realtor quickly dipped out of the room.
      • “It’s nice but expensive, we’ll find somewhere better.”
      • “Baby-y-y-y, don’t worry about the money.” 
      • “Tom, I don’t want to feel like I’m using you.”
      • “You’re not using me, just sign off on the place. Think about how happy we’ll be. She even said there’s room for Tess and we’re close to a cafe where we can have our infamous brunch sessions. If you don’t say yes, then I’ll go ahead and get it anyways.”
    • And with that, the two of you were now homeowners of a 4 story townhouse in Manhattan. 

The Decorating:

  • You and Tom were pretty hopeless on actually furnishing the house.
  • Both of you always had furniture that was picked out by your parents or came included with the apartments you stayed in.
  • Now you both had to start from scratch and it was terrifying.
  • Every weekend Tom flew down from Montreal, to go furniture shopping with you. 
  • “Do we like espresso wood?”
  • “Can we turn the espresso into a latte?”
  • “No my caffeinated King.”
  • Tom would insist on tons of mirrors around the house
    • “Sometimes I wonder how I can stand your vain ass.”
    • “Mmm, true but I like being able to watch myself when I make you scream.”
    • Suddenly, you would be on board with this mirror idea.
  • The general style you decided to go with was chic and home-like.
  • You both weren’t really into the sleek minimalist style, instead preferring a comforting touch.
  • The color scheme you chose were calming earth tones. 
    • Off-whites, muted reds, natural greens, soft blues and warm browns.

The Move:

  • Moving day felt like a chaotic dream.
  • You arrived at your empty home at 5 am, cleaning up the floors and preparing for all the moving trucks. 
  • Tom arrived with your crew of movers, aka Harrison and the twins.
    • They were late but honestly, you couldn’t expect much more from them.
      • “Hollywood made Harrison go grab him his latte so we were late,” Harry explained.
      • “Stop calling me that!”
  • They arrived with two vans packed with personal items such as clothes, dishware, electronics, etc.
  • You had staggered the furniture companies to arrive with your larger pieces throughout the day so there wouldn’t be a backup of trucks.
  • Tom and Harrison were assigned to unpacking clothes.
  • Harry and Sam began to unpack cooking/dining supplies since the kitchen didn’t have any new units coming in.
  • You were in charge of bossing everyone around and were doing a pretty good job.
  • Every once in a while Tom slipped away from his task at hand and snuck off to come to you. 
  • His large arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you into his chest as he pressed soft kisses on your shoulder blade.
    • “Tommy, please we need to stay on schedule. You and Harrison need to finish so then you can come help get the living room stuff in.”
    • “My darling, you’re so tense everything is going to work out. There’s no need to rush.”
    • “Tom, I want to sleep here tonight instead of living out of a suitcase in a hotel like I have been for the past two months.”
    • “Y/N, everything is going to be fine. We’re going to be all moved in tonight I promise. Now let me help you blow off some steam.”
    • “Not with the guys here.”
    • “C’mon.”
  • Well, you had to break in the new house sometime.
  • You and Tom snuck away to what would be your future dining room and closed the sliding door so none of the guys would be scarred for life.
  • Tom’s lips practically attacked you, feverishly kissing all over your face and neck.
  • The doorbell began ringing, but you both ignored it.
    • Harrison ended up grabbing the door to be met with movers.
      • “We’re here with the dining set for the Hollands.”
      • “Oh yeah, I’m Tom’s assistant I can show you where it needs to go.”
    • Poor Haz slides that door open and is exposed the movers to you and Tom.
    • With Tom’s hands all over you, you forgot that one of the furniture companies were coming in with your dining set.
    • You buried your head in your boyfriend’s chest in embarrassment.
    • The movers couldn’t look away, making Tom a bit pissed.
      • “Hey, need me to sign some shit. Stop looking at my girlfriend.”
      • And then he takes his sweatshirt and covers your body with it.
      • The movers cautiously came over and gave him the paperwork to sign off on.
      • “That’s enough looking, we’ll get out and you’ll bring our stuff in.”
      • With that, Tom picked you up and carried you out of the room.”
  • You were embarrassed beyond belief.
    • “I want to die-e-e-e.”
    • “Just take over closet duty love, Haz and I will handle the rest of the moving.”
  • So you switched off tasks while you let your embarrassment calm down. 
  • The rest of the day went pretty smoothly with all of your furniture arriving safely.
  • Everyone worked tirelessly attempting to dust, unpack and decorate the whole place.
  • Tom’s attention span ran out around 8 pm, tired from unpacking books and DVDs for the shelves you had in your living room/entertainment room.
  • He walked over and came to sit in your lap, as you unpacked pictures.
    • “Ow! Spiderman muscles hurt babe!”
    • “Oh stop being a baby, you sit in my lap all the time.”
    • You dramatically sprawled out on the floor pretending to be crushed by him.
    • He chuckled and laid on top of you, giving you soft kisses.
    • You gently push him off.
    • “We don’t need a repeat of earlier, back to your job Thomas.”
    • “But I’m hungry. I’m a grown man.”
    • “Fine, I’ll let you off your duties to go retrieve our dinner.”
    • He licked your cheek (knowing it drove you crazy) and got off of you.
    • “Just like a dog,” You say wiping off your slimy cheek.
    • “Nah, you just taste sweet.”
  • Tom returned 45 minutes later with two large bags full of food.
    • “I thought we were getting dinner not groceries.
    • “Um this is dinner, I need to feed my muscles.”
    • You scoff and take the bags, placing them on the table. 
    • He went to a Mediterranean place and returned with gyros, souvlaki, tabouli, and baklava.
  • You, Tom, Haz, and the twins ended up feasting in front of the TV, watching some UFC fight.
    • Tom’s arm was wrapped tightly around you, while his other focused on his food.
    • The guys yelled during the fights, and you just smiled lovingly up at Tom.
    • You could imagine doing this every weekend in your new shared home.
    • He noticed your eyes and looked down at you smiling before pulling you in for a kiss.
      • “This is our home angel.”


 You know, whenever I watch the first episode of SVTFOE, I would wonder how Star found the Diaz residence before Marco made it home. Did she teleport there with her wand? Maybe she hitched a ride and picked a random house? Or maybe the principal came back and offered her tour guide’s address in exchange of putting the fire out?

Either way, I imagine the same thing happens with Tom in this page. I’m crossing my fingers we get pretty deep into this whole shabang by the time it’s November. : P

Art © The Blood Moon Commission

Star Vs The Forces of Evil © @daronnefcy & Disney

that feels good ~ short jack avery imagine

you waltzed into the small bedroom that you shared with jack in the hotel that you were staying at with the why don’t we boys in london. you opened your mouth to begin a sentence but cut yourself off when you saw the beautiful, curly haired boy sleeping peacefully on top of the sheets of the bed. 

he always did this thing, and you never knew why, where he refused to get under the sheets on the bed until you were there with him. this meant that even on tour he would never once sleep under the sheets, he would only layer on mountains of clothes to keep him warm. 

you smiled slightly at the sight in front of you, taking it in for a moment before joining him on the bed. he was lying on his stomach which his arms folded underneath his head, his hair flopping every which way. his glasses were also on the bed right next to him, telling you that he was wearing them just before he had fallen asleep. he was only in white clavins and no shirt, and lemme tell you it was definitely a sight to see.

you slowly kneeled on the bed, easing into a lying down position in an attempt to make the littlest movement possible as to not wake the sleepy head right next to you. when he had no reaction to you climbing onto the bed, you took that as he was still sound asleep. 

his head was turned towards the wall so you couldn’t admire his beautiful features, but you did take in the perfection that is his hair. it is always flopped so perfectly, and you would never understand how. 

after a few minutes of nothing, you reached your arm outwards and lightly began to draw mindless shapes on his bare back. you drew circles, rectangles, triangles, all with your fingernails, and after a few minutes you trailed your hand up to the base of his neck, still allowing your fingertips to graze his skin. you brought your fingers up through his hair and he shrunk his head down into his shoulders and you took note of the goosebumps rising on his skin. he was awake. 

“sorry, love. i didn’t mean to wake you,” you mumbled, still swirling your fingertips on his back. he just hummed in response and you took that as an ‘it’s okay.’ 

you continued to draw random things, but soon enough found yourself drawing out what you saw for your future with jack. your kids, your house, your pets, everything you had ever wanted you were tracing into his skin. 

“that feels good, baby,” he mumbled as he flipped his head over to face you, his eyes just barely open. you flashed him a slight smile before sneaking under the covers, and he did so as well now that you were there. he engulfed you in his warmth and you practically melted into his chest. 

“can you keep doing that, please?” he whispered, causing you to chuckle but you obliged. 

“of course,” you replied, beginning to run your nails up and down the back of his neck and through his hair. 

before you knew it, the only sound that could be heard was the soft snores coming from your boyfriend, the ones that he refused to making, but you loved them. 

unedited as fuuuuuq

We’re Not Together? {Tom Holland}

Summary : Tom went Live and his fans were asking if you guys were together.

Words : 900+

Warning :  Fluff?

Pairings : Tom Holland x Reader

A/n : Unedited, this might sound super boring and maybe it is.

“Tom, please shut the fuck up.” You heard Haz said from the other room in the house in Montreal. You looked up from your phone and looked into the kitchen. Harrison was trying to make his lunch and Tom being himself was saying the most random things to him.

Haz looked up from his plate of food and glared at Tom giving him a warning look. As you looked at them a smile found its way to your face as you giggled at their cuteness. Tom shut up and stumbled out of the kitchen and into his room. You just sit in your spot on the couch and looked down on your phone.

For the rest of the days you just sat around in the house with Harrison because Tom loved his privacy.

“Y/n?” Harrison called out. Your head turned to him.

“Can you please go and tell Tom that dinner’s ready?” He asked politely. You nodded your head up and down, you stood up from the couch.

Step by step the music from Tom’s room got louder and louder. You knocked on his door with one of your knuckles.

“Tom?” You said loudly, just enough for him to hear you. The music from his room got turned off as he jogged to his door and opened in. He leaned against the door on his right shoulder, crossing his arms, looking at you.

“Y/n,” he said.

“Dinner’s ready,” you said as you glanced into his room, it was quite messy so you pushed his chest a bit, walking past him and into his room. You started collecting the clothes on the floor.

“Your room is very messy, at least clean it up.” You threw his worn clothes into a small basket in the corner of his bathroom and walked out.

“I will, Y/n.” He walked up behind you, placing his hands on your waists and spun you around. You made eye contact with him, staring deeply into his brown eyes as he stared into yours.

You guys weren’t official, you guys confessed your feelings to each other, but you guys are too scared to ask each other the question.

“What are you doing?” You finally asked, placing each hands on his triceps.

“I don’t know,” he whispered. He leaned down slowly waiting for your reaction. When his lip was an inch away, you pulled away from his grip. Your back was facing him as you balled your hands into fists, your heart beating like a drum.

You heard him sigh in sadness, this was your third time pulling away before he could kiss you.

“Come on, Y/n. You know we like each other.” He said, he was not trying to forced you but he needed to kiss you. He wanted you.

“And what does that make us?” You asked, still facing away from him.

“I don’t know. A-are we together?” He asked hesitantly. You turned your body so that you were facing him.  

“Is that your way of asking me to be your girlfriend?” You smiled at him, he nodded his head.

You smirked at him and walked out of his room, leaving him alone and confused.

When you guys were your eating dinner, things weren’t awkward for you two, but questions were flying around like dust in your guys’ minds. After you guys were done, you went to the couch once again.

“Guys, I’m going live.” Tom announced, walking into the living room where Harrison and you were.

When he started the live, he started greeting his fans kindly. He talked about his day and Chaos Walking.

“Tom’s cheating on Tessa guys!” You said as Tom sat next to you.

“That is not true.” Tom said, looking at you.

“It’s true! Harrison agrees too. Right Haz?” You looked across the room as Harrison grinned at you guys, putting his thumb up.

“See?” You teased, putting your tongue out at Tom.

He began reading the comments, answering fans questions.

“How are you? I’m great, thank you.” Tom read the comment.

“Are you and Y/n together?” He read out. For a second both of you froze. You guys were looking at each other, asking the question silently.

Tom smirked before he asked, “Yeah, Y/n are we together?”

“Nope, we’re not.” You smiled at his phone, liking your answer since he put you on the spot. For a second you saw sadness flashing in his eyes. He looked away from you for a second before he looked at you again.

“We’re not together?” He asked you, you could hear the pain in his voice and in his eyes. Obviously he didn’t get that you were just joking. Your smile faded slightly. Your lips parted slightly as you kept quiet.

Tom swallowed he lumps in his throat, feeling hurt not knowing that you were just joking. He glanced at his phone was again.

Damn friend zone

The pain in his eyes

Poor Tommy

You stared at him with sadness in your eyes, you knew he had a lot of hope to be with you and you just hurt him. You don’t know why you were scared to be in a relationship. Maybe it’s because you’ve never been in one or maybe it’s because people said that it’s painful.

Tom continued to read the comments, being very quiet. It broke you to see him in pain. You stood up from your spot, planning on going into your room. You glanced at Harrison as he nodded his head in Tom’s direction, telling you to comfort him.

Tom slumped into the couch, talking into the phone, still sad. You walked over to him once again, looking down at him.

“Tom, I was just kidding. And to answer your question from earlier. Of course we’re together,” you leaned down, grabbing both side of his face with both of your hands. You placed your lip on his for a few seconds as he kissed you back, both of your eyes closed. You pulled back and walked to your room, leaving him once again but this time he wasn’t confused. He was happy.

His eyes widened as he turned his head to his phone looking into the camera, “That did not just happened.” He smiled. He looked up at Haz and he was just laughing at Tom.

Tom took one last look in the comment, his fans were freaking out.





that was so cute!!!




tinypawarts  asked:

How about MC moving in with RFA?

Sure thing, Cinny!


  • He’s super excited when the time comes
  • He gets to see you everyday…go to sleep with you…wake up with you
  • Doesn’t realize how much stuff you actually own
  • He doesn’t have a lot of “essentials” in his house
  • So he’s really confused at things like towel sets
  • “Why do you need so many towels of different sizes?”
  • You two don’t really argue about anything while unpacking
  • He likes your touch adding life to the house
  • But he is relieved when the last box is unpacked


  • He’s really happy about you moving on
  • But he’s a little daunted by the process of it
  • There’s so many boxes…and figuring out where things would go…and rearranging
  • There’s quite a few smaller arguments
  • Just because nerves are strung and it’s both new for you both
  • But at the end of the day, he does get playful when he realizes all the domestic stuff you two will do together
  • Like cooking, spring cleaning, nightly routines
  • Once you’re fully moved in, he’s the happiest little bean


  • You two decided to move into a new place close to the cafe together
  • At first, everything went smoothly
  • You two merged your things together, and you both had practical tastes in organization
  • It’s the shared spaces like the living room and kitchen that got a bit heated
  • She had one taste of design and you had another
  • You tried to solve them through compromise, but the hours of packing got to you both
  • But it also meant you got silly near the end, which ended in a lot of crooked pictures and random photos around the house
  • You two look back and don’t remember the fights
  • You just remember laughing so hard those few weeks


  • At first, the problem wasn’t that he didn’t like your stuff
  • But that he didn’t know why you needed them
  • He wanted to provide everything for you, so he didn’t understand why you needed to bring it over
  • But a short discussion, and he agreed to your wishes
  • Actually turned out loving it
  • He found a little bit of you in each decoration you brought
  • And seeing your things around the house or your clothes in the drawers made everything feel more homey
  • His favorite part was going to bed at night…and you being right there


  • He was expecting you to have a thousand boxes
  • But when he sees how many you actually have, he feels a little at ease
  • The whole process was easier than you expected
  • Like Zen, he didn’t have too many essentials in his house
  • So you filled in a lot of those touches
  • The biggest problem was his nosiness
  • He would go through your boxes cuz he liked seeing your stuff
  • But then you couldn’t find everything because he kept messing up your organized boxes
  • You would find some things weeks later because he tried to help but he didn’t know what things were
  • “Why is my jewelry holder in the kitchen?”
  • “I thought it was a spice rack!”

Check out our other headcanons~ Masterlist

Fall time with your boyfriend Peter Parker...
  • When Halloween time comes around, this boy would totally be down to wear matching costumes
  • Like he’d be planning ideas for outfits since July
  • Mario and Peach, Gomez and Morticia Addams, Jack and Sally, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, etc.
  • You’d end up going to Liz’s Halloween party as Princess Leia and Han Solo
  • Because the nerd inside of Peter couldn’t deny the fact that he wanted to see you as dressed up as his childhood crush
  • “You look so… hot.”
    “Watch it, Solo. I’m a princess of a freaking galaxy. I can kick your ass.”

  • The week leading up to Halloween would be filled with all those cheesy autumn festivities
  • Like Peter and you would take a trip, courtesy of Mr. Stark, out of the city and to a pumpkin patch out in the farmlands. 
  • “Peter, this is the perfect pumpkin! It’s round, fat and looks exactly like the one in Cinderella!”
    “Babe that pumpkin is at least forty pounds and we both know I’m the one who’s gonna have to carry it all around and hold it for the whole car ride.”
    “Yeah I know, that’s why I’m dating a superhero. You have the big strong muscles so you get to carry my pumpkin!” 
  • Cue eye roll from Peter
  • But he’d agree nonetheless because he wants to see you happy and smile even more

  • So you’d go back to his house and begin your new tradition of a carving contest
  • Peter would carve his pumpkin into the pie symbol, which he found hilarious
  • You, on the other hand, would steal the win with your spider symbol carving
  • “Get it? I carved my pumpkin after you! Cause you’re Spider-man and all…”
    “That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. Y/n.”
  • With that being said, your pumpkin won.

  • You can bet your ass the two of you would stay up all night Saturday binge watching all the new horror movies on Netflix and making random Halloween themed treats
  • Baking pumpkin seeds !!!
  • Pinterest would aid in your baking
    “Sweetheart look! Pumpkin spice waffles! Can you believe that? I bet they taste like heaven…”
    “Peter you’re more basic than I am in fall.”

  • You’d also watch Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown b/c those are classics
  • And binge watching Stranger Things 2 since you two had count down going for it since August

  • On random mornings, Peter would swing by a local starbucks (or whatever coffeehouse you enjoy) and pick you up your favorite fall themed drink for you to sip on as you two walk to school together
  • He’d also buy you small gifts throughout the months just for the heck of it
  • Like some yellow/orange flowers
  • Some pumpkin shaped Reese’s (b/c I swear for some reason those taste better than the regular ones)
  • Different horror movies
  • Cozy blankets
  • Halloween themed chocolates
  • And more

  • Peter would be the best boyfriend and be willing to take all those cheesy fall shots of you on his phone and camera
  • “Okay Y/n, now sit criss cross on the grass and when I say go, throw those leaves in the air and smile okay?”
  • “Perfect, you look so perfect. Keep smiling like that, babe.”
  • “Now I want you to sit on the ground and lean up against that pumpkin and pretend like I told a really funny joke and start laughing-”
    “You want to get the perfect picture, right? I promise it’ll look great- even if it doesn’t, you’re in it so it’s bound to be a beautiful picture.”

  • Being that cliche couple that posts fall themed pictures together with captions like “FALL in love” and stuff like that

  • Going to haunted houses together and clinging to Peter the whole time
  • But then after the first house you’d realized it wasn’t so bad
  • “Hey, this is actually kind of fun. There not as scary as they are funn- hey babe, are you okay?”
  • Peter’s face was as white as a sheet
  • He look beyond terrified
  • “W-what uh, what time do you want to go home? Like, like how long should we stay? This is dumb don’t you think?”
  • This boy looked ready to sprint out of there
  • “Peter… are you scared?”
  • His eyes would get wide as he’d shake his head rapidly
  • “No! No, I’m not! They’re just- I don’t like people jumping out at me and getting all up in my face. Makes me uncomfortable.” 
  • He was scared
  • But you chose not to embarrass him but rather so ditch the rest of the houses for a shared cup of hot apple cider and cuddles in the back of his- scratch that- Mr. Stark’s car at a local drive-in watching ‘The Shining’.

  • Actually buying bags upon bags of candy
  • May questioning the unhealthy side effects bound to follow
  • “You kids are gonna get a stomach ache.”
  • Peter would laugh at this shake her comment off,
  • “It’s only candy, May. What’s the worse that can happen?”
  • You’d end up spending the night sleeping on Peter’s bed as he took the couch b/c you stomach hurt too much to even attempt the walk home.
  • May would pass by Peter laying on the couch as he groaned about the sickening feeling settling in
  • A small smirk would line her lips as she would comment while passing by,
    “Told you so.”

  • You’d end your favorite holiday/season by looking forward to what the rest of the year holds
  • Peter would dream about the snowy season approaching 
  • “I can’t wait for Christmas, I’m so happy it’s almost here.”
    “Peter we still have Thanksgiving…”
    “Oh yeah, forgot about that one.”

- Daizy xx

The Adventure of Cengiz getting his • Strong Women • squad

It started a month ago, I was bored and spontaneously decided that sending Cengiz a package to Norway would be nice. 

Yes, to Cengiz Al. Yes, to Cengiz Al, the Yousef Acar. Yes, that’s him.

The thing was, I didn’t want to send a letter. Or a drawing. Or a bandana. I wanted to be EXTRA. So that day I decided to go for it, Cengiz gave us the shocking news about his new hairstyle, so I did what every sane normal person would do when their idol changes their hair colour - went to the closest grocery shop and bought a hairdye so he can redye his hair back to black.

The next step was easy, take desperate to another level. I went to Ikea, bought a frame, printed memes and put it together. Easy, right? 

Shitty quality of a shitty DIY, what can I say.

The other thing was not intentional, it wasn’t about Cengiz reading notes from his fans, it was my way to contact people and to make some friends. But, I’m a socially awkward person so what should we do? YES! Tell these people that they can send a note to the one and only Cengiz Al and befriend them meanwhile in the process.

Sidenote: Worked, would recommend 10/10

And then I put it together and created a DIY book called “Kjære Cengiz” and did a profile on each fan and added their note while including some random posts about Cengiz I found on Tumblr.

So once I was done, I also decided to step up game of promoting my videos and what’s the closest thing to forcing him to watch this by breaking into his house? Exactly! Send him a USB with all of them with “Watch this” written on top of it (to make sure, you know). 

So I bought a USB, I called it “Strong Man” to give it the Cengiz vibe and uploaded here my videos with Cengiz (Yousana/Yousef/SKAM crack) And included our memes with Cengiz in HQ & explanation to the hairdye so he wouldn’t take it as a cyberbullying. 

And then, I wrapped it all in Christmas wrapping paper because I didn’t have anything else and had to came up with a lame “Merry Cengzmas” inside joke to somehow explain this.

And then I sent it and waited 14 days. After 14 days I decided that it’s the right time to panic and have a mental breakdown. And while I freaked out, I wrote Cengiz a mail, he never replied so I guessed that me and Cengiz would stick to our ignoring relationship and expected no outcome.

It was 9pm, I was in my bed, decided to look at my mail to avoid another existentional crisis to see how no one commented on my new video I uploaded on my Youtube channel, to see that there’s a mail written by the one and only Cengiz Al.

A three sentences long email saying he didn’t get the package, asking for a code of it, ending with a norwegian sentence “ Sendt fra min iPhone”. He had this in every email he sent to me, so many times that I even thought: Maybe “ Sendt fra min iPhone” will be our always. 

But this wasn’t a John Green book where someone dies after an epic love story - This was a desperate act of a desperate woman who was desperate for a notice by one norwegian guy who works in an electronics store. And it wasn’t some epic love story, I just wanted to get out of this “ignored for half a year” zone to be honoured to be friendzoned by this man. And no one died. He just broke a wall with his leg.

And then things got interesting, we mailed. We exchanged addresses. We made clear we’re not stalkers. And the morning after I told him the code of our package, he got it. And posted it on his InstaStory. 

But in that moment I was in the middle of Prague, in subway and when I turned on my LTE data in middle of ZARA, I had 240 messages on different social platforms and no matter how much my high expectations™ self imagined the situation of how he would get it, this was like 10 times worse. And I thought my expectations were unrealistic. 

I thanked him, he thanked me back, turning this into a neverending compliment battle between us. I enjoyed the adrenaline. I enjoyed the moment of glory I had. I enjoyed the attention Cengiz was giving me after giving me none for 6 freaking months. 

And then, this happened. 

Cengiz Al, the man, the icon, the legend itself created a groupchat. Bitch, I was SHOOK. I was completely, absolutely, uterly SHOOK. He did THAT. He thanked us all and TALKED to us. Like I will never forget this. 

He promised me to act in my debut movie and so many other things. From the man I had named on Snapchat “ignorant imposer” he turned into the nicest, most genuine guy I’ve ever met. He was honestly grateful and I was honestly screaming and as bizzare as this story is, I hope that he honestly considers me as a friend or AT LEAST remembers my name because as much as he added “Sendt fra min iPhone” to the end fo his mails I kept repeating “Love, Simone” everytime just so he would remember my name. 

And I hope he does. 

And he also sent us 3 videos I didn’t see because I had turned off sound so I’m dumb and the only thing thing I remember is Cengiz holding a black hairdye, talking. 

From what I heard, he promised to go back to black, as one wise woman once said in a song.

And this, lads, is how I got noticed by the one and only Cengiz Al. 

Thanks to these amazing people that became my friends in progress of this weird twisted somehow beautiful experiment. I own you a lot.

@stressedoutteenager, @nothesc, @smoothyousef, @sana-bakkoush, @sanaflowers, @mrspaaadfoots, @slytherino, @cheekyeven, @iamacolor @thickskinandelasticheart, @yossiacar and @savedbythespell @rumaan

This wouldn’t be possible without you and your support. (And drag.) 



Not Sendt fra min iPhone


Hello there!

So you guys might have noticed it’s been a hot minute since my last masterpost. Well, worry no more… I’m back and finally here with yet another dose of some Evak fanfiction recs that y’all have been waiting and asking for! I’m keeping the rant short today, so without further ado - all the recs can be found under the cut & I hope you enjoy!

As always, the list is divided into oneshots and chaptered fics.
My personal favorites are tagged with a “ ★ ”.
Completed chaptered fics are tagged with a “ ✓ ”.

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Hogwarts Houses' Camera Rolls
  • for anon
  • Gryffindor: videos of them and their friends having fun, a few selfies, pictures of animals they found cute, school notes and homework answers
  • Slytherin: screenshots of text conversations and other things, the occasional selfie, pictures of things they want (photographed in stores/screenshotted from online)
  • Ravenclaw: random aesthetic photos they found online, screenshots of posts they want to show people, photos they took of things they found pretty
  • Hufflepuff: actual photos they took themselves- of their friends, their meals, themselves. Things they don't want to forget- schedules, addresses, etc

anonymous asked:

I have a small request. How would the RFA react to an MC who was just trying to get them to watch their favourite anime(s)??? (All I'm imaging is Seven watching FMA and just going 'wth??')

I’m late, but is that really new :’)) 

hope you like it!💛

..might have used this one to,,,self insert a little. Spare me, self care is self insert


  • see, mc was in A Mood for a while. where they were really bored and uninspired and as much as zen tried to help out, nothing was really working 
  • but then they came across this old anime that used to be one of their favorites
  • “zen, i need to borrow the laptop…I also need you to come with me. and with some snacks” 
  • “can i ask..why?” he said, but followed them to the couch anyways
  • “it’s time for some Self Care, hyun.” and he laughed in response, but followed 
  • mc promptly put on some shojo anime called Lovely Complex :’))))
  • they were cuddling him the whole time so he kind of had no choice but to watch
  • he found himself laughing along with mc halfway through the first episode
  • by the end of the second one, he asked “babe..how many episodes are there?” 
  • “24…why?” “…we can get through this whole thing today”
  • and so they did. mc has to tell him that there’s more in the manga cause he was sad it ended
  • he liked it, he thought it was funny but also really cute. and mc was glad that he did! they watch it whenever one of them is in a slump now
  • ok but his favorite part is the basketball game and he was so mad when risa was asleep dgjbad
  • unironically uses some lines from it just to make mc either laugh or blush


  • mc watched all of the show he wanted them to watch, so it was in return for that
  • they decided to make him watch OHSHC, one of their favorites
  • he was…kind of confused during the first episode 
  • “so they…they run a ‘host club’ to just…play around?” 
  • frankly scared of the twins cause they kind of remind him of the chois 
  • “mc, is that jumin in an anime?” - referring to kyoya 
  • mc was laughing the entire time, especially when he asked if he was like Honey
  • they did, however, finish the whole series in a day
  • but he ended up liking it a lot! he thought it was adorable!
  • still confused as to what was a host club at the end of the anime, but he still loves it
  • his favorite episode was the beach episode 
  • mc had to tell him about the manga cause there’s more 
  • and he was like “oh, here’s more content!” “yeah, it’s too bad there’s only one season in the anime…”


  • jaehee said she would watch anything mc wanted…
  • and recently, they’ve been pretty obsessed with haikyuu!! - they needed to get to the s3
  • so…It Began
  • if she was completely honest, she didn’t really like it at first
  • there was so much,,Yelling. and they were really overhyping volleyball, weren’t they?
  • oh well, she was going to watch at least one season with mc
  • however, started liking it at the aoba josai practice match 
  • and really liked it when they got to the practice match with nekoma 
  • she ended up catching up to mc at the end of the day
  • the next day, they watched season 3 for the first time together
  • hooked it up to the tv and had a whole cheering session during the whole season
  • the amount of screaming they did when tsukki did The Thing was Insane  
  • singing the theme songs at the most random times happen all the time
  • she ends up having a blast 
  • her favorite characters are either daichi or saeko, though she has a soft spot for yamaguchi


  • mc had been trying to get him to watch soul eater for a while now
  • just to see what his opinion would be. they thought it would be fun~
  • finally got the chance to sit him down and play it, so they did!
  • poor jumin was so confused at first….and didn’t really like it either
  • “why is that boy turning into a weapon, mc? those two girls turned into guns??” “what’s with all the boobs?”
  • but he did watch the whole thing
  • found it..interesting. not one of his favorites, but he’d watch it again
  • really liked the part with Soul and Maka and the little devil thing (god its been a long time spare me)
  • also the part with tsubaki and her brother
  • thinks its cute how excited mc gets when they get to certain parts
  • death the kid lowkey reminds him of his high school phase and he’s embarrassed to admit that to mc
  • it also takes them a while to finish, since he’s so busy
  • at first, mc thinks he just really doesn’t like it and tries to avoid it
  • but he does want to finish it! he doesn’t like seeing things halfway through
  • is really glad when they do finish it. he thinks it was a nice ending to the anime (but then he found the manga…)

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • mc was determined to make saeyoung watch fullmetal
  • he just didn’t want to because there were so many parts to it and he didn’t know where to start
  • so they started from the beginning. the first series
  • and he was so confused at first!
  • not cause of the alchemy thing but because of where this was going to go plot wise
  • but then he was sucked into it
  • really likes edward because part of him relates
  • says he’s edward and alphonse is saeran
  • was surprised when it started getting..really deep
  • and at this point, begged mc to show him all the other parts
  • so it was a whole binge watch session. they didn’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary
  • loved it even more when they found the outtakes and brings them up at the most random times
  • mc and 707, casually eating cereal: “let’s look at the door.” | every time saeyoung has to stop saeran from doing something: “i’m trying to save your life, asshole!” 
  • and his favorite(that saeran actually participates in) - him: “mc wanted me to tell you they’re making stew tonight!” saeran: “Fuck yeah!”

v / jihyun

  • jihyun asked them to watch something heartwarming and cute
  • and the first thing that popped into their head was yuri!!! on ice
  • plus it was short, so it seemed like a good choice
  • he automatically thought the ice skating was astounding. like, victor’s first performance alone got him hooked
  • “wait, is he that character everyone thought i looked like at one point?” he asks 
  • but anyways, he really likes yuuri. but also likes guang hong 
  • the small gasp he made when Episode 7 Happened was the most amazing thing mc has ever heard
  • the ‘yuri on ice’ performance really is his favorite one. agape comes at a close second
  • actually clapped when The Rings came into play
  • “is that it? is there only 12 episodes?” he asks, mc nods sadly
  • “next level?? mc what is ‘next level’?” they don’t even know
  • “…if people think that I look like victor, should i cosplay him?” “jihyun-”
  • it was exactly what he needed though. something cute and heartwarming
  • he’s super excited for next season

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips or ideas for how to set up/organize bones/remains? i'm starting a collection soon but still have no idea on how to go about it o':

It’s your collection, Anon, so organize it however you like best! <3

I’m afraid my own collection isn’t super organized. I’ve got skulls all over the house and all over the farm too, hanging on barns and sheds and decorating flower beds. I’ve got boxes and plastic totes full of bones stored all over the place and jars and jars and more jars of odds and ends.

The majority of my skulls are in my bedroom though, on this Wall of Skulls, haha.

So shelves are definitely a good option for organizing your collection. You can mount some simple ones right on to the wall (just make sure they are mounted with screws into studs and are sturdy, especially if you are displaying large, heavy skulls or specimens) or you can buy a nice curio cabinet or other display cabinet to house them.

I try to tag a lot of my specimens and write on the tag what species the skull is from, when I found or bought it, if I bought it what I paid for it, and where it originated from. More often than not though I’ll just write that info on the underside of the skull in pencil (which will erase off bone in case I decide to sell the specimen later). You can also compile a written/typed list of what you have, where it came from, etc to catalog your collection too if you like!

For organizing smaller things you can get a few of these plastic organizers with little dividers. I use them to house random bits and pieces I plan on using for future projects. 

Jars are pretty cool ways to store and display things too! And you can always create neat labels for them if you like!

Or do you mean how to organize stuff that you are still cleaning? If I’m macerating a specimen then I’ll usually use a sharpie to write when/where the specimen came from on the outside of the bucket so I’ll remember those details. If you have multiple carcasses or skulls in the same container then it’s a good idea to put individual ones inside a fine mesh bag or in some cheap pantyhose to keep all those tiny teeth and bones from getting mixed up. You can always get colored plastic tags to wrap around those bags so you’ll remember what’s what if you want!

Anyway, hope that helps get you started, Anon! Best of luck and happy collecting!

fourth of july 01 | jjk

Originally posted by lose-yourself-in-trips

pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: fluff, angst, and slight smut
word count: 9k+
description: you and i were fireworks that went off too soon.

A/N: this is the first part out of two! this is based off the song fourth of july by fall out boy. also, a break symbolizes a new season and italics are a flashback!


It started 5 years ago. Your infatuation was peaked when your eyes came across the boy that is Jeon Jungkook. You were only 14 years old, 2 months younger than him, and your whole world changed ever since you met it.

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markhyuck au where

mark is a real estate agent trying to sell a house that has been unoccupied for years but donghyuck (the ghost who haunts it) won’t let him.

: very long post / aged up!markhyuck 

i wrote this bc i had to get this out of my system - yall can keep scrolling if u dont like markhyuck !! ALSO i have z e r o clue how the real estate industry works so this is probably super inaccurate

ok so:

  • no one wants to buy this property bc its apparently haunted by a ghost
  • mark thinks thats just stupid
  • hes just trying his very best n rly wants a promotion !!
  • so his boss (obviously taeil bc we love a moon taeil managing a real estate business) offers to give a raise n promotion to anyone that can sell the house bc the last dude that tried to got so close but the couple pulled out last min after hearing abt the rumours
  • mark thinks he is aBSOLUTELY FULLY CAPABLE of selling this house so he tells his boss he wants to give it a shot
  • taeils like r u sure you’ve only been working here for 6 months
  • n mark lee’s all hell yea i got this thats why rumours around the world are saying mark is abs-
  • so boss man’s like aight ill leave this task to you 
  • everyone else in the office is all :000000
  • sicheng the cute intern is all ARE YOU SURE ABT THIS MARK in his broken chinese n he’s all cute and worried and its the first time the others have heard him speak this much
  • jaehyun his bff in the office is like good luck man bc he once tried selling it too but whimped out after encountering so called ghost
  • so anyways mark has to go inspect the property the next day
  • he gets given the keys yadda yadda
  • when he turns up to the house (which, mind you, is a very nice house located on the outskirts of town by a little lake) and opens the door he hears a loud “WHO GOES THERE”
  • like he legit jumps n he’s pretty sure he almost peed himself n hes sso oso scared but then he remembers his mission and that he’s not going to turn out like the rest and he w I L L sell this house 
  • so he loosens his tie with a d e t er m i n e d face and enters the home
  • “whos there!! show yourself!” 
  • he thinks he sounds pretty fierce but it actually came out a quiet squeak
  • anyways it’s silent for a bit and mark’s like super wary as he closes the door behind him
  • “LEAVE THIS HOUSE IMMEDIATELY!!!” and suddenly theres a picture frame thrown at the wall
  • mark panics again and he’s so close to running out but he stays determined!!! bc!! fully capable mark!!
  • “no i have to sell this house and i won’t leave until i do so!!”
  • and it just goes silent again until the voice speaks up again
  • “who are you”
  • “i, um. mark?”
  • “you sound unsure”
  • “well. i mean, would you kill me for being a little nervous? jheesh”
  • he looks around. where is the voice even coming from? it projects through the entire house like its on speaker
  • mark’s not sure where he got this sudden confidence from but he feels a lot less scared than before so he just loosens his tie and walks around the house with his clipboard, doing his lil inspection
  • the ghost? spirit? whatever it is doesn’t say anything and mark just shrugs and carries on with his business and before he knows it an hour has already passed
  • “hey spirit” he calls out
  • and it’s like silent for ages
  • so he just shrugs and he’s about to leave when
  • “you can’t sell this house. it’s mine”
  • and mark just stops at the door and he can’t help but feel a lil sad at the spirit’s sad tone bc it probably has like so many memories in the house and it probably hasn’t crossed over or whatever (he’s not sure how the whole supernatural thing works but he’s watched ghost whisperer before)
  • the last thing mark says before he leaves is “i’ll be back tomorrow and you better be gone”
  • he thinks he hears the spirit scoff but maybe its just his ears
  • honestly mark has a hard time believing all of this and he goes to bed that night wondering h o w he’s going to deal with this situation
  • anyway mark turns up the next day and this time the spirit doesn’t seem as hostile 
  • that being said it continues to threaten mark and starts moving objects around
  • but honestly mark (and his newfound confidence) only rolls his eyes as makes a list of the repairs that need to be done (bc deep down he doesnt believe any of this is actually happening)
  • so they fall into a routine
  • mark keeps coming back and the spirit keeps threatening him
  • sometimes it tries to sabotage his work by moving things around 
  • mark’s gotten so used to it that he literally just sighs like “give it back”
  • the spirit actually listens to him and does
  • eventually they start talking more 
  • mark’s found out the spirit’s name is donghyuck but that’s all the information he knows 
  • he thinks it’d be inappropriate to ask stuff like “oh so how did u die” so they just end up having the most random conversations
  • “make sure you paint the hallway walls blue. the mustard yellow is so outdated”
  • “you’ll leave and let me sell the house if i paint them blue?”
  • “i never said that”
  • and mark ends up spending more time at the house than necessary
  • so one day jaehyun pulls him aside at work n he’s all “dude??? are u ok? you’re hardly in the office these days”
  • and mark’s like “yeah man u know its just the repairs for the house they’re taking ages”
  • jaehyun is suspicious but shrugs it off and tells him to be careful
  • taeil asks how the task is going and mark suddenly gets all nervous for no reason bc HOW IS THE TASK GOING??? he doesnt even know

  • he just gives another casual response n says the house should be ready soon for him to start bringing in clients
  • taeil just pats his back and wishes him good luck
  • when mark finishes work that evening he literally feels so down bc he literally had one j o b but here he is being all chummy with a ghost that haunts this house and its all just so messed up in his head
  • he doesnt know what makes him do it but that evening he ends up going to the house
  • “someone’s working the night shift”
  • mark just blinks in confusion at the words because what the heck. he’s meant to be here for work and this isn’t work so w h y is he here at 7pm on a friday???
  • instead he just takes a seat on the floor by the wall in the empty living area and sighs like a sad puppy
  • “what’s the matter?” donghyuck asks and his voice sounds genuinely concerned??? if anything it scares mark a bit
  • “who - no. what are you?” he finally asks
  • and then there’s silence
  • it’s literally like that for almost an hour before mark asks again
  • “are you like some kind of ghost? spirit? do you need help crossing over? i just. i really need you to leave and you’re not making my job any easier and i’m so confused and half of me doesn’t even believe any of this is real”
  • silence
  • it almost convinces mark that he really is going mad because there’s no such thing as ghosts and he’s just talking to an empty house
  • until a quiet voice says
  • “i’m neither of those”
  • mark feels so, so confused and he just ruffles his hair in frustration
  • “then what are you?”
  • “what’s your favorite color?”
  • he’s taken aback by the question 
  • nonetheless, he responds with a quiet “green”
  • “green is disgusting. red is better”
  • “red is literally the color of the devil i’m guessing thats what you are”
  • he’s expecting an angry remark but instead he’s met with soft laughter and all mark can do is smile in return
  • he ends up spending the night at the house talking to donghyuck all night
  • it’s a saturday the next day and mark is so co n f u s  e d when he wakes up to the smell of pancakes?
  • he follows the smell and finds a plate of pancakes sitting at the table with a note “i’m assuming you never ate dinner last night. eat up - D”
  • mark thinks he’s living in a dream bc did a ghost just?? COOK for him??
  • reality at this point has become so warped in his mind that he doesn’t care anymore and he starts eating
  • he hears laughter 
  • “calm down youre eating as if its your last day on earth” 
  • he sticks up a middle finger at no one in particular, hoping donghyuck will see it from wherever he is, and he’s only met with more laughter
  • when he’s finished eating and rinses his plate (which he has no idea where it came from) he’s thinking about what donghyuck said to him last night about not being a ghost
  • “donghyuck”
  • “mark”
  • for a brief moment he’s startled. it’s the first time donghyuck’s said his name and he’s not sure how he feels about it. if anything, the tips of his ears growing red must indicate a positive sign 
  • “what ar- i mean. how do yo- no. what do you look like?”
  • silence
  • he runs a hand through his hair with a frustrated sigh before leaving the house again
  • he doesn’t return for another week
  • when mark comes back, he’s with a client
  • mr johnny seo and his boyfriend chittaphon seem extremely keen in the property and want to move in despite hearing rumors about a ghost
  • mark doesn’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing
  • johnny and chittaphon are into that buzzfeed unsolved kind of shit and run their own vlog series on youtube and theyre just e c s t a t i c that they might be moving into a haunted house
  • mark thinks theyre weird as shit but he wants that promo
  • donghyuck probably doesn’t mind sharing anyway
  • when he thinks back to donghyuck he feels a pang in his chest and dare he say it, he misses them? 
  • anyways
  • mark takes the couple back to the house and he feels weird
  • he can’t pinpoint what’s wrong but he just feels strange inside his chest
  • there are two things he’s learnt about johnny and chittapon:
  • one, they cant keep their hands off each other
  • and two, they can’t stop filming every waking moment of their lives
  • so when they’re following him to the house with their giant ass camera and chittaphon’s giggles, mark can only roll his eyes as he inserts the key 
  • but the door won’t open
  • mark’s confused - he hadn’t come back to change the locks so why won’t the key fit?
  • he feels slightly flustered in the presence of the couple and their camera and he laughs nervously
  • they must feel pretty bad for him because they laugh nervously too
  • mark tries again but to no avail and sighs in frustration when it hits him: donghyuck - this was clearly his doing 
  • mark clears his throat awkwardly before turning back to the couple “i’m sor-”
  • johnny and chittaphon jump back, eyes wider than saucers while mark has to c o n t a i n himself from rolling his eyes at donghyuck’s ~scary voice~
  • he half expects the couple to run away but instead johnny only begins to roll the camera once again and there’s a look of nervous excitement on chittaphon’s face
  • mark turns to the door once again and hisses “donghyuck open the door”
  • he hopes the couple haven’t heard him but judging by the looks on their faces, they have
  • and mark can only snort
  • johnny looks absolutely f a s c i nat e d by this point and mark groans internally before beginning to knock on the door
  • “donghyuck not cool just open the damn d o o r before i break it down”
  • there’s silence and mark takes it as his cue to try unlocking the door with his set of keys again 
  • it works and he allows the couple to enter
  • donghyuck attempts to scare the trio a few times during mark’s tour of the house by moving things around - causing johnny to drop his camera at one point and chittaphon to curse at him for bringing it because its probably broken now
  • anyway the tour goes t e rr i b ly 
  • mark is pissed
  • he’s not sure what johnny and chittaphon are feeling
  • when he sees the couple off he just shuts the door angrily and donghyuck just g i g g le s 
  • “what the fuck man did u have to do that?”
  • “i told you to leave”
  • “and i told you to leave. what is even your problem???” 
  • at this point mark’s just yelling and donghyuck doesnt seem to care tbh
  • there are a few more clients he tries to bring that week and the week after
  • they all go awfully thanks to donghyuck and by the end of the fourth week mark is on the verge of giving up
  • donghyuck on the other hand seems to be having way too much fun 
  • “can you just like, stop?” mark sighs 
  • he’s very very tired at this point and he’s considering giving the keys back to taeil and telling him he can’t do it
  • he’s picks up his blazer that he’d taken off earlier and is about to leave when he hears a 
  • “where are you going?”
  • mark just releases the loudest snort before turning to the empty walls of the house and raising a brow at nothing in particular
  • “are you kidding me? i’m done. congrats donghyuck you get to keep your damn house”
  • donghyuck doesn’t say anything 
  • - when mark shakes his head and turns to open the front door 
  • it won’t open
  • “very funny, donghyuck. open it so i can leave”
  • he’s met with silence a g a i n so he pulls the keys out of his pocket 
  • “wait!”
  • he whips his head around in confusion bc its the first time he’s heard donghyuck speak in such a desperate tone
  • he feels his ears growing red again
  • “uh.. yes?”
  • there’s a couple seconds of silence before donghyuck speaks in a quiet voice
  • “you asked me what i was right?”
  • mark just scoffs bc why is he even having this conversation at this point
  • he decides to answer anyway 
  • “like every day but sure”
  • “go to the loft” 
  • mark spends a few seconds contemplating whether he really should or not
  • he follows his gut instinct and makes his way to the loft
  • he’s only actually been up to the loft once just because it takes forever to get up there 
  • when he climbs up the ladder and looks around at the empty space he shrugs
  • “well?”
  • “go up to the bookshelf on the far left”
  • mark feels like a child being directed right now but he follows the instructions anyway
  • he feels slightly nervous and a part of him wants to escape
  • its congested up here and he can feel the back of his neck grow sweaty like he’s been waiting for this moment for ages!!!
  • a part of him wants to run out of the house as quick as possible he’s not even sure what hes expecting
  • “now um.. move that red book on the end”
  • mark’s hand is s h a k i ng at this point and he slowly does what hes been told
  • suddenly????? the bookshelf starts moving 
  • and then it hits mark
  • its a fake bookshelf thats actually meant to be a revolving door
  • mark is literally about to collapse bc he doesnt know whats waiting for him on the other side 
  • when the door finally reaches the other side all he can do is stare
  • he feels like he’s in a different world, standing in the loft which resembles an open space apartment, with a tiny window and a mini kitchen on the side, a door which leads to what he assumes is a bathroom and a small bed
  • but that’s not what catches mark’s attention
  • standing in front of him is the most b e a u t i f u l boy he’s ever seen in his entire life
  • he doesn’t look much younger than mark himself, slightly shorter with dark red hair, golden skin and the biggest chocolate brown eyes he’s seen on a person
  • mark doesn’t know how to react 
  • his mouth goes dry and the boy looks so frightened standing there in his own vicinity that mark’s afraid he’ll disappear if he touches him
  • donghyuck?
  • clearing his throat in an all too familiar voice, the boy speaks
  • “that would be me”
  • mark passes out
  • when he wakes up a while later, he’s on an unfamiliar bed and he looks around with narrowed eyes - realising that it wasn’t a dream and donghyuck is in fact a human living in a loft
  • mark looks around at the place and his jaw drops when he sees the wall opposite the bed is fULL of screens capturing cctv like images of almost every corner of the house
  • there are about three computer screens at the desk and mark is baffled
  • it looks like the bedroom of a teenage hacker 
  • “oh good you’re up. i thought you were dead” donghyuck says, walking over to him from the kitchen with a plate of food
  • mark sits up slowly, his head is aching and hearing donghyuck’s voice like this, so clear, so close to him, so soft - he thinks he’ll pass out again
  • he feels himself growing warm when donghyuck takes a seat beside him on the bed, putting the plate on his lap before getting up
  • before he can, mark grabs his wrist “wait”
  • “you probably have a lot of questions” donghyuck speaks over him
  • “well, yeah”
  • “eat up we’ve got all night” donghyuck says
  • mark hasn’t even made eye contact with the other boy yet because he can’t bring himself to
  • donghyuck is intimidatingly beautiful 
  • “i- what time is it?”
  • “9. you were out for hours”
  • “it’s been a long day” mark shrugs, taking a bite of the surprisingly good food donghyuck managed to cook up
  • so it turns out donghyuck’s family were the owners of the house but he’d been left an orphan as a teenager
  • in order to avoid being taken into social care, he made his own living space up in the loft so no one would find him - once he’d turned 18 they stopped looking for him and using his intelligent brain, he’d conjured up all the right devices to make it seem like the home was haunted by the ghosts of his family members
  • mark is baffled by the end of the explanation
  • “but the things moving around the house..”
  • “ever heard of remote controlled toys and simple physics?”
  • mark nods slowly and donghyuck just shrugs casually 
  • later on donghyuck shows mark how he’d managed to keep up this strange lifestyle of his
  • he also finds out that donghyuck is not much younger than himself like he’d predicted - there are only a few months separating them
  • mark ends up spending the weekend at donghyuck’s place
  • when it’s sunday night and mark’s getting ready to leave, donghyuck actually walks him up the front door
  • it feels weird to say the least - hearing donghyuck’s voice like this and not projecting through the speakers he had hidden behind the walls
  • he doesn’t want to admit it to himself, but donghyuck’s voice is sweeter than honey and he feels like melting every time the younger speaks to him in a quieter tone
  • “hey donghyuck” he says, once he reaches the door and turns to the younger
  • “hm?”
  • “you ever thought about just.. buying the house?”
  • donghyuck lets out a laugh
  • mark finds it condescending
  • “do you think i have the money to do that?”
  • “well since you’ve managed to maintain it so well - yeah” it turns out donghyuck does weird internet jobs from home where he gets paid a shit ton of cash through his online services - mark thinks its illegal but doesn’t want to say anything
  • donghyuck shoots him an amused smile and shakes his head 
  • just as mark pulls the handle of the door, there’s a warm hand on his and all he can do is gulp as he meets donghyuck’s nervous eyes
  • “you won’t still try to sell it.. right?”
  • mark remembers his outburst a few days ago and he sends the younger a sympathetic smile, shaking his head slowly “i won’t”
  • “thanks” and then donghyuck’s hand is gone
  • mark lowkey feels sad at the loss of warmth but it returns when donghyuck asks him in the most v u l ne r a b l e voice
  • “will you be back?”
  • “i don’t know”
  • mark tries to ignore the heartbroken expression on donghyuck’s face while he’s driving home that night
  • the next morning at work mark feels miserable 
  • mainly because it’s a monday but also bc of donghyuck
  • he’s just so conflicted and he doesnt know what to do
  • when he’s on his break and passes by taeil’s office, he hears taeil talking to one of his co-workers nakamoto yuta, a guy who transferred to the company a few months before mark joined
  • they’re talking about the house and most importantly they’re talking about mark
  • “boss just give me the house i’ll do it - i’ve already got a couple people i know who would be willing it purchase it despite the current situation”
  • “yuta you very well know this is mark’s-”
  • “boss it’s been over a month now and he’s scared off all his clients. please?”
  • there’s a pause before he hears a “alright. i’ll talk to mark tomorrow”
  • mark just p a n i c s because all he can think about is donghyuck
  • that night mark drives back to donghyuck’s place and the door is already open for him
  • “you came back” donghyuck sounds breathless - like he just ran down from the loft 
  • - mark sees sparkles in his eyes and his stomach does a backflip
  • “i came back” he repeats, the smile on his face growing
  • when he’s later sat down on donghyuck’s bed, eating the leftovers from the dinner donghyuck’s just made, mark explains his work situation to him
  • the younger boy nods, trying desperately not to let the sadness show on his face but fails
  • “hey” mark says, bringing a hand to the younger’s cheek
  • it’s weird but neither of them say anything
  • donghyuck thinks mark has the softest!! hands
  • “i won’t let them sell it” he says in the s o f t e s t voice and donghyuck wants to melt
  • instead he just scoffs and shrugs mark’s hand away
  • “if anything, i won’t let them sell it” he says and mark laughs
  • deep down they both know it’s not selling the house that’s the issue at hand; it’s mark not having an excuse to keep coming back
  • the atmosphere is weird and tense when mark leaves that evening
  • donghyuck walks him down to the door again and mark has the urge to hold has hand and tell him it’ll b ok 
  • just as mark’s about to get into his car donghyuck calls for him 
  • when mark turns around donghyuck is suddenly !! in his arms!! and wow! soft and warm donghyuck!! 
  • about a hundred alarm bells go off in mark’s head and his heart is POUNDING but all he does is bring his arms around the younger boy and tighten the hug
  • when mark arrives at his own place he thinks that donghyuck doesn’t just sound like honey, but smells sweet like it too
  • he decides honey is his favorite smell
  • the next day at work mark isn’t surprised when yuta greets him enthusiastically in the morning
  • he also isn’t surprised when both he and yuta are called into taeil’s office
  • mark has to act fast - he can’t let yuta take this from him
  • he’s been up all night thinking about this, thinking about donghyuck
  • so when taeil’s about to speak up, mark cuts him off:
  • “boss i want to purchase the property for myself”
  • both taeil and yuta’s jaws drop and he’s pretty sure he hears jaehyun gasp from outside the door - the office wasn’t exactly a large place
  •  “you want to do what”
  • yes. i’ve thought this through and yeah. as a customer, i want to buy it. i’ve already spent so much time at it it practically already feels like home” donghyuck feels like home
  • i’ve already thought about selling my place for a while now anyway - and i don’t think anyone else would be more willing to buy this house more than i am”
  • taeil and yuta stay silent 
  • eventually taeil agrees but hands over the property to yuta to sell to mark
  • when they all come to a deal or whatever mark is dragged aside by jaehyun
  • “is this why you spent so long there? you wanted it for yourself?” poor bb he is so confused 
  • mark just smiles and nods “yeah, guess i did”
  • mark doesn’t return to the house for another few days - he’s gotta tell his parents about his abrupt decision to sell his place and purchase a new one
  • since he lives in a different town from his parents, they offer to come with his younger brother jisung to help with the move out - he tells them its ok and that he has lots of helping hands here and he’ll call them over when he’s settled in
  • mark heads to the house towards the end of the week, the contract behind his back as he unlocks the door with his keys
  • “hey spirit - come out wherever you are!” he calls out playfully
  • to his surprise donghyuck’s already on his way down - trying not to smile at the sight of the man in front of him
  • “mark lee”
  • “donghyuck” he says, unable to contain his excitement as he holds up the paper in front of the younger 
  • donghyuck squints at it, confused for a moment before his eyes widen
  • “YOU DID WHAT?????////”
  • “i bought this house!” 
  • donghyuck doesn’t know whether he should laugh or cry
  • “what the hell you just bought my house?!”
  • mark’s slightly confused bc he thought donghyuck would be happy
  • donghyuck looks like he’s abt to burst into tears and mark the awkward turtle starts panicking again
  • “i - i thought it would be better than a random person buying it??” 
  • “nO because a random person would never buy this house for as long as im alive and now yOU just came out of nowhere and TOOK POSSESSION OF IT??!?!?” 
  • donghyuck’s a lil mad bc he feels like the house is all he’s got and now its gone and he’s mad at himself for letting his guard down in front of mark and getting so attached to mark and falling for mark and he doesn’t even realise he’s saying this all aloud until mark stares at him with wide eyes
  • “you what?”
  • silence
  • “you do realise not saying anything won’t work anymore since i can actually see you now, right?” 
  • silence
  • donghyuck”
  • there’s a quiet mumble “sowhatifilikeyou”
  • mark feels like he’s about to comBUST
  • donghyuck’s face is literally the color of a tomato and he just shrinks and he’s so cute mark wants to kiss him
  • so he does
  • donghyuck’s lips taste like the warmth of the summer, the confused and nervousness of their feelings, but most importantly they taste sweet - just like honey, just like donghyuck
  • when mark parts from the kiss first, donghyuck’s fingers curl softly into the material of his shirt, he presses his forehead against the younger’s 
  • “i’m sorry i did this all without telling you - i just. i did what i felt was right. this feels right, donghyuck. being with you feels right.” mark’s just so nERVOUS and half of what he says comes out so shaky until donghyuck responds quietly
  • “i want to be with you”
  • mark wants to pass out
  • this time however, he doesn’t
  • anyways~~
  • time skip a couple of weeks 
  • donghyuck moves out from the loft and they settle into the house properly
  • after much insistence donghyuck removes the cameras from around the house except for the exterior and they turn one of the spare bedrooms into a little study for donghyuck where he can do his “illegal business” 
  • mark suggests him getting out a bit more and donghyuck reluctantly agrees 
  • mark takes donghyuck out on dates to the movie theatre and out for breakfast
  • donghyuck is so nervous in public and is practically glued to mark’s side the whole time it’s adorable
  • they’re both living so d om e s t i ca l ly its sickening
  • at mark’s housewarming he tells his family and friends that he met donghyuck through tinder
  • jaehyun doesn’t believe him bc donghyuck’s voice sounds so familiar but he doesn’t know where from - he chooses to drop it though bc the couple in front of him look so happy so he goes to bother sicheng
  • ~~ 
  • “hey loser” donghyuck walks out from his study room one sunday afternoon when mark’s on the couch watching tv
  • “yeah??” mark lowers the volume
  • “cough up your rent for the month - we gotta pay the water bill cause your fatass won’t stop showering every two minutes”
  • mark almost chokes on his spit
  • me?” 
  • donghyuck nods, flopping down to take a seat beside him
  • “idk if you’ve noticed but im the owner of this house if anything you should be coughing up rent”
  • donghyuck snorts “owner in name. we all know who this house rly belongs to”
  • mark gives him the stink eye “listen you little shi-mph”
  • before he can begin his string of insults donghyuck’s already climbed onto his lap and his lips are on mark’s
  • and they live happily ever after !!!!
The peculiar children as things I've done

Horace- got on the wrong bus and didn’t want to inconvenience anyone so I got off at a random stop and walked home (which took like two hours) uphill with no sidewalks in a skirt and ballet flats

 Emma- lit a lighter and got so transfixed by the fire I almost burned down the house when I dropped it on the carpet because ~it was hot~ 

 Hugh- Found a bee’s nest in the tree I was sitting in while reading, continued to sit there but read my book aloud for the bees 

 Fiona- Was too lazy to stand up and throw out the pumpkin seeds from the jack o'lantern I was carving so I threw them out of the window and grew a full pumpkin patch in my side garden 

 Olive- Rollerbladed in my house, fell down the stairs, and had to go to the hospital because I almost broke my wrist 

 Claire- Woke up at two in the morning to buy ice-cream at a Girl Scout overnight, got lost, and wandered around the Museum of Natural History in NYC in a giraffe onesie eating an ice cream sandwich and crying 

 Millard- Cut my leg really deep and almost passed out from blood loss (did not tell my mom), didn’t drink water for a week and a half and almost passed out in choir (did not tell my teacher), hit my elbow on the door frame and sobbed for like a full 20 minutes

Bronwyn- Thought a girl was cute at the gym, but was too shy to say hi so I tried to impress her by running really fast on the treadmill, forgot I had the incline of the highest setting, fell face first and lost my shoe, unplugging my earbuds in the process so the RENT soundtrack blasted out of my phone

Enoch- Loudly chanted ‘I AM A DARK RUTHLESS BADASS DON’T MESS WITH ME’ as I sprinted away from my dark basement with my arms full of craft supplies (there was nothing in there I was just scared of the dark) 

 Jacob- Fell asleep at a diner with my entire theater class, woke up, freaked out, and launched my milkshake all over my friend while screaming 'FUcK’

Bonus: Victor- Was babysitting a 6 year old and got way to invested in an episode of My Little Pony, yelled at the screen, and the six year old patted my leg while turning off the tv and said 'That’s enough of the ponies.’