random things

oscar wilde
  • had three middle names
  • spoke five languages
  • was sentenced to prison for sodomy
  • was 16 when he had his first kiss
  • loved to travel
  • had an eidetic memory
  • lied about his age on his marriage certificate
  • held seances at his house
  • spoke with his hand in front of his mouth bc he was embarrassed by how supernaturally white his teeth were
  • kept a vase of flowers on his writing desk to neutralize the smell of his ashtray
  • had a passion for interior design and aesthetics—his drawing room was painted blue and covered in dragons, he even pressed feathers into the plaster to make it look cool
  • the kids at his school called him “grey crow”
  • one of the reasons he didn’t commit suicide was bc he was afraid he would go to hell for it
  • his favorite word was ivory
  • his last words were “i am in a duel to the death with this wallpaper, one of us has got to go”
  • his grave, in paris, has become the target of mass quantities of lipstick kisses. no lie. it’s literally covered in lipstick stains. and a sphinx. he also asked to be buried with his former lover’s ashes
Random things I associate with the signs

Aries: setting off fire crackers in a parking lot, jumping off trains, water skiing, midnight walks

Taurus: flowers blooming, valentines day cards, a blank canvas, your favourite snack

Gemini: colourful balloons, laughing till you cry, sharing the same interest with someone, intense cardio workouts

Cancer: ocean waves, small town churches, reading diary entries from 5 years ago, your favourite blanket

Leo: waking up with perfect hair, planning your travels, Halloween parties, expensive Perfume

Virgo: a memory board, finally texting your crush, sharing ambitions and life goals, star gazing

Libra: classic 90s diners, throwing a surprise party, cheek kisses, feeling happy

Scorpio: massive unorganized book collections, over 1000 songs on iTunes , black clothing, hard rum

Sagittarius: rock climbing, a messy bed, broken mirror, trying on lots of clothes without buying anything

Capricorn: resting bitch face, sandy beaches, texting two boys at once, harry potter

Aquarius: alternative music, bean bag chairs, messy but clean rooms, really good speakers

Pisces: cotton candy, shy smiles, butterflies, homemade sweets

Gillian Anderson’s 30 Fav. X-Files Moments (2002 Edition)

I’d never have expected for the above to make GA’s “Most Memorable X-Files Moments” when she was asked to list them in 2002.An anon directed me to track these down and as I’ve never seen this on tumblr I thought I’d share - thanks nonny! Originally posted to her website it’s interesting to note that she doesn’t remember much more in 2002 than she does in 2016 and detail she does go into are mostly cute and personal. The Duane Barry crawling and notes on David Nutter and Beyond the Sea are my favourites!

Answer: Some of my favorite memories of working on the show (and not necessarily in order of importance or weight or much of anything but the order in which I remembered them.)

1. Directing “All Things.”

2. Singing Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog to Mulder in Detour.

3. Shooting “Triangle.”

4. Shooting “Cops.”

5. Shooting the kiss/bee scene in the movie.

6. Shooting the scene where Mulder shows Scully how to hit a baseball in
“The Unnatural.”

7. Shooting “Bad Blood” but especially the autopsy scene.

8. Doing the elephant autopsy in “Fearful Symmetry.”

9. In the first season the crew used to crowd around a t.v. screen on Friday nights and watch the show over lunch. That was fun and exciting for us.

10. I remember when the casting director told me I had the job after the final network audition and I had to drive a fellow auditioning actress that I knew back to her hotel knowing that I had the job and not letting on or being able to talk about it.

11. Shooting the graveside scene in the pilot in forced freezing rain at some ungodly hour in the morning and trying to remember my name let alone whole paragraphs of dialogue.

12. Shooting scenes in the snow in Vancouver wearing a skirt and high heals and trying not to slide down hill.. .or having to use an umbrella so that my hair did not have to be blown out before every take.

13. Telling David in his trailer that I was pregnant and him telling me that he felt his knees buckle. Blue, as a puppy was lying sick on his bed behind him having just been spayed.

14. Watching Jim Rose do his famous genital tricks in his trailer during the shooting of Humbug.

15. In one of the very first episodes, Mulder and Scully are to look at red lights in the sky that may be UFOs and follow their flying path. David and I were standing on a windy hilltop looking out onto the pitch black heavens with the cameras on our faces and being directed where to look in EXACTLY the same place at the same time (up down left right).. .but with NOTHING TO LOOK AT AS A GUIDE! It was absurd.

16. Shooting Scully and Mulder’s final kiss scene at the end of “Existence.”

17. Shooting the dance sequence at the end of “The Post-Modern Prometheus.”

18. I remember sitting at a wooden table with David on the set when Pendrell was shot and David telling me about this date he had with a woman whose name he would not tell me but it was kind of like the tea that you drink.

19. Sitting in a luncheon booth on the North Vancouver lot with David Nutter and for the very first time going over a script with a director beat by beat and how exhilarating that was to be creative that way and have someone care what my feedback and impressions and instincts were. The script was “Beyond The Sea.”

20. Shooting the scene where Scully’s stomach is pumped with air in an abduction sequence and trying not to reveal that it was actually a pregnant belly being shot. I’ll have to show that scene to Piper one of these years.

21. Lying in a hospital bed on set ten days after giving birth to Piper. Hooked up to tubes and wires and drifting in and out of sleep while they shot around me and being wheeled to and from the bed in a wheelchair. Surreal. I’d just been there!

22. Shooting a scene in a rowboat in the middle of a lake all by myself for hours and my lactating breasts getting so swollen that I thought I might explode.

23. Shooting a scene in an episode about cats where Scully has to be attacked in the face by a cat but I am allergic so they built a cat on a stick covered in bunny für whose arms could be operated by some poor special effects guy. So here I am “struggling” with this fake bunny/cat in my face pretending to get scratched and be terrified when the fake fur keeps sticking to my lipstick and going up my nose and Kim Manners and I cannot stop cracking up at the ludicrousness of it all.

24. Lying on the floor eight months pregnant and being pushed by someone across the floor to simulate me “crawling” because I was so big and my belly was in the way and 1 could not do it myself. I think it was “Duane Barry.”

25. Sitting in the back of a jeep on one of the stages pretending to be attacked by imaginary (CGI) green bugs who are going to cocoon us and suck our life out of us… flailing away at them with all my might and then whenever we cut, turning to a big garbage can to my left and throwing up because I had horrible morning sickness.

26. When Chris Carter walked into my hospital room a day or two after Piper was born and was stopped in his tracks by the sight of this living being propped up beside me. We sat in silence for a long time.

27. Talking to Chris on some payphone outside some restaurant a couple nights before I was to go back to Network for the final audition and him giving me notes on how to dress more ‘streamlined’ for the Network Execs… I borrowed a suit.

28. Talking to David for the very first time outside the audition as he chatted up the girls and commenting on the fact that I was from N.Y. and not really meaning FROM FROM but the disappointment which flashed across his face when I qualified that I had only actually lived there a couple years. He moved on to someone else.

29. Experiencing Rob Bowman directing for the first time, setting up elaborate shots and the crew standing around thinking what is this new guy doing spending all this time with these fancy angles.. .cut to.. .the established norm. And thank God.

30. The last day of shooting in Vancouver when the make-up artist had to redo my make-up three and four times before every take cause I was crying so much. I imagine the same will be said in a little over a month. We won’t get anything shot.

the signs as random things
  • check your rising sign too
  • Aries: sneaking out after dark, the feeling of the sun on your face, the smell of freshly mowed grass, stargazing
  • Taurus: treating yourself to nice dinner, the scent of musky cologne, when you feel really great about your body,
  • Gemini: making a joke and everyone laughs, rainbows, when your eyebrows are killer, the dog snapchat filter
  • Cancer: the sound of rain against your window, the smell and feel of clean laundry, hair scrunchies, worn out journals
  • Leo: perfect winged eyeliner, the type of summer day when you just stay in your swimsuit, multiple rings on each hand, mild sunburns
  • Virgo: getting an A on a really hard test, the way your breath smells right after you brush your teeth, finding the perfect parking spot, jeans that fit just right
  • Libra: children’s laughter, the way you feel when someone gives you a flower, freckles, a sunflower field
  • Scorpio: the ocean on a stormy day, a bright full moon, staying up late and telling secrets, a beautiful dark lip color
  • Sagittarius: going somewhere you’ve never been before, the way grass feels under barefeet, the smell of pavement after a good rain, natural beauty
  • Capricorn: getting a promotion, snuggly winter nights drinking hot cocoa by a fire, a book full of poems no one will ever get to read, the perfect pair of ankle boots
  • Aquarius: the feeling of finishing an essay you’re really proud of, lava lamps, feeling confident in a crop top, crystal jewelry
  • Pisces: being barefoot in sand, hands covered in paint stains, messy hair and glasses, the last day of school

my face is asymmetrical and i have an old habit of letting fear take over. i rarely eat breakfast, but it’s my favorite kind of food. i sometimes choose solitude over spending time with others. i sleep on top of my comforter with two blankets over me. i always have a glass of water on my nightstand when i go to bed and i don’t always remember to bring it to the kitchen in the morning. when i really love a song, i’ll listen to it on repeat when i’m by myself. i’m barefoot any chance i get. i’m indecisive and i’m worried it’ll drive loved ones away. sometimes i need people to fight for me harder than i’m fighting for them. i forgive very easily and get hurt just as fast. i kinda like going to bed before 10:00p. i’m an open book. i’m pretty sure candles and flowers bring life to any setting. i talk about coffee too much. i drive way faster when i’m by myself than when there are other people in the car. i get unreasonably upset (internally, and sometimes externally) when assumptions and generalizations are made (about me or anyone else). i’m a sucker for good lighting. i wish others were bolder and more honest. i will always and forever be a ‘dogs rule, cats drool’ person.


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The Signs and Random Things They Remind ME Of

Aries: Baby dragons.

Taurus: Kinky sex.

Gemini: Those people who agree with you because they think youll like it when really I just want to hear their honest opinion.

Cancer: Heart eyes, motherfucker.

Leo: Dramatic explosions that whine when you dont look at them.

Virgo: Goddess. With a flower crown.

Libra: A missing key.

Scorpio: Dark emo hair.

Sagittarius: A picnic date.

Capricorn: Wanting to control things you can’t.

Aquarius: A kid that pokes you and runs away giggling.

Pisces: Chaos. The word “epiphany”.

Collection of Random Headcanons

Today’s topic:

I’M PISSED! How do different races show their anger with each other?

These are just my thoughts on how different Warcraft races would display their anger without actually going into violence. Short and sweet, doesn’t include all races, I haven’t fully developed them yet, and of course they’re always open to interpretation/input.

  • Draenei: When draenei males are tense and aggresive, such as in a battle stance, they’ll slam their tails against the ground as hard as they can to show their strength. The louder the thud of impact, the better. This can also be combined with hoof stomping. Other displays may include a quick toss of the head to show off their horns/crest - though in a more lighthearted context head tossing can also be a part of flirting.
  • Trolls: Troll males can make a big deal about tusks. Especially their size and length. Troll males trying to intimidate each other will engage in tusk tapping where both will touch tusks with snarling, open mouths to try and intimidate the other. The tappings can start with light touching, but end up bashing tusks together, trying to ‘push’ the other back just with their tusks. Usually the male with the biggest tusks/strongest shove wins.
  • Orcs: Similar to trolls, large tusks are a big deal as well. Orcs, both male and females, will intimidate a rival or opponent by coming up close, touching (more like slamming) foreheads and snarling as wide as possible, pushing their lips back to show the most white of their teeth and tusks to make them seem bigger.
  • Worgen: Much like their wolven counterparts, worgen will display teeth and snarl when upset or angry at anything/anyone. Some more brazen ones will lift their heads, showing their neck, to show they are not afraid of the other.
  • Tauren: Much like tusks are to trolls, a tauren horns are the first thing a rival or opponent may notice about a tauren so they’d want to show it off. Slowly head swaying, to and fro, ensures that the attention remains on the horns. Lots of snorting, too, coupled with the occasional braying to see who charges first.

Scott and Stiles are at a party drunk off their asses and Everybody Rock Your Body comes on and they jump up and start screaming along excitedly and it turns out they have a choreographed dance that they made up to it when they were twelve and they just start freaking out on the dance floor and everyone’s really weirded out at first but then some 13 going on 30 shit happens and everyone’s doing this stupid dance and it is legitimately the best night ever

  • Me: Aw, this diner guy is so nice to Eleven. Awwww, Benny's so nice! Hope he becomes like a constant awesome supporting character and meet up later with the other kids or something.
  • Connie: Hi, you must be Benny Hammond.
  • Me: No. No, please don't do the thing. Don't kill him, please don't kill h- FUCK. WHY. NOOOOOOO.