random the l word post by me

i’ve literally started to determine if i should do kanej aus based on if i can include her canon first words to him as first words in my fics h e l p

  • coffeeshop au: the cafe is so busy they have to open up another register. inej takes post behind the counter and waves the next person in line, kaz, over and says “i can help you”

  • high school au: kaz is wandering aimlessly, inej assumes he’s lost. she stops and says to him, “i can help you.”

  • random au: inej, a traveling acrobat in the barrel for a performance, passes by an alleyway where kaz brekker (pre-dirtyhands) is bleeding out after being jumped and she rushes to his aid but he’s all “don’t you dare touch me!” and inej, not understanding replies, “but i can help you!”

no more for now pls, will do again in the future!

blogrates & compliments (+mini aesthetics)! ♡

Hey guys, I’ve wanted to do blogrates for a while but never had the chance and since I’ve hit my followers goal this month, I thought I’d give it a go now! I’m really in the mood for some positivity so I figured why not compliment some of my amazing friends & followers? (p/s: i’m also looking for more hp blogs to follow!)

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