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When you’ve already launched and realized you forgot your water on land.
his reaction to lingerie// brad imagine


a/n: im going to hell for this

You and your boyfriend brad have been living together recently which made your sex life a little more active as you’re together more often.  When you first moved in you and your friend went shopping at Victoria’s Secret and got some different pieces of lingerie to switch things up a bit with you and brad. You decided to surprise him when he comes home from the studio tonight. You put on you’re black lace thong along with your cheetah print bra lined with lace. You let your long brown curly hair fall down your back also applying some dark eye makeup to your face.

You heard the front door open and close signaling brad had just got home. “Babe where are you?” He said genuinely confused. “In the bedroom baby” you said trying to sound as sexual as you could. He raised his eyebrows and smirked to his self before heading upstairs to your shared bedroom. You were facing the mirror raking you fingers through your hair preparing for brad to open the door. Brad soon opening the door had a shocked expression that you could see through the mirror. “Holy shit baby you look so hot” you looked down with a giggle, not being the most confident no matter how many times you and brad had sex, you never have done anything slightly dominant in the bed room.

Brad approached you from behind running his fingers from your ass around to your waist rubbing circles above your underwear line. “Did my baby miss me while I was gone” he said in your ear with a raspy tone. “So much baby” you said peppering kisses from his jawline down to his neck. Your fingers reached underneath his flannel to feel his slightly toned torso, causing brad to grab the bottom of his shirt and throw it over his head. He brought your head to face him and crashed your lips together his tongue tracing the inside of your mouth. He always had that effect on you making your mind cloudy only caught up in the kiss losing the tiny bit of dominance you were trying to have. “nice try princess, but I’m calling the shots tonight. Even with you looking hot as ever” this caused you to laugh a little fumbling with his belt.

He threw his pants off and pushed them to the side with his shirt. You could see the prominent bulge formed in his boxers. You ran your fingers over his underwear palming him through his boxers. “Babeeee please don’t tease me right now” he whined. You trailed your hands just underneath the waistband of his underwear and then stopped and held him by the back. The look on his face was priceless, “oh I’m gonna get you for that” he said before pushing your back onto the soft bed. His crotch on top of your thong covered clit,making you want him even more. He sucked harshly at your collar bone making you let out a whimpering sound. And that was the start to a very good night in your newly shared home.


Title: Happy Birthday

Pairing: Akashi/Kuroko

Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke

Happy Birthday,Kuroko bby im sorry i suppose to publish this early and now its 10 minutes before 1 feb..im late again =.=

warning: bakashi

also,this is for dear chii who patiently wait for this ilu \(*T▽T*)/

Oh look I contributed to a fandom for once. Transparent version

Feferi | Damara

Credits time: The planets are from Homestuck Volume 8 soundtrack and the background is the Mac screensaver cosmos

long time no see mah tablet! xD
I’ve been in a major art block and trying to get me grades up (i have succeeded) Also i changed my dA name to Jaymeri- kun so ya
tried a new style xP
Little does Gray know, it was Juvia who introduced Gajeel to trash metal, with her being a fan of it herself, but knowing how much of a weenie Gajeel is, he’ll never admit to that. lol