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*curtsies* this isn't book related at all, but do you have any show recs? I've just finished supernatural, the office, and parks & rec . I don't know what I should watch next...

*Curtsies* Honestly I’m so horribly behind everyone else with TV that I’m really not the best person to answer this. (It takes me like a year to finish a series that’s ten episodes, literally. I’m still trying to get through Season 2 of Narcos and if you look through the TV tag you can have a laugh at how long I’ve been saying that.) But at random if you’ve never seen Slings & Arrows I recommend that to everyone because it’s (1) Shakespeare (2) Paul Gross and (3) delightful.

Simblr Follower Train

So, a LOT of fandoms have this and I thought that the Simblr community in general needed one too. (Examples: xx / xx / xx / xx)
Basically, it works as following:

  • Reblog this ‘train’, if you post/reblog over 75% sims stuff
  • Follow 3-10 rebloggers of this post. They should be simblrs, so you’re good. (I will delete this post if it doesn’t get a lot of response)
  • Most ‘trains’ include a “follow me too!” but that’s totally optional. (TBH, I’m only making this post because I feel like we deserve a train too xD)
  • If everything goes as planned, you’ll get more followers, and maybe a few new friends too :D

The ‘Cowch’ by Hans Zimmer (from The Holiday BSO)

(yes, I listen to very random music)

@slothsimmer tagged me, thank you so much love! ✨


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(omg I tagged so many people I just enjoyed this tag so much)

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This might be an odd request but do you have suggestions for fics that have the characters most.. in character? Hah it's a weird way to ask but I've ended up reading a lot lately where Dean and Cas are just not quite themselves, you know? I'm not really picky about AU or canon or anything. Anyway, thank you!

This is not an odd request at all! In fact, it is the most popular ask right after  “do you have any good fic about X?” And we get it. We all want to read a fic that reminds us of Dean and Cas and not just two random dudes. But here is the problem: characterization is in the eye of reader. We’ve seen the same fic praised for great characterization and criticized for being totally OOC. So be warned, characterization is definitely YMMV and our blog is not some kind of authority on what a good fic or characterization is. With our disclaimer made - onto the question!!

We get asked about fics with good characterization pretty regularly. So, the first place for you to look is our Characterization tag. Most fics on the tag are canon verse with some AU fics and the mod who read it felt the characters were really on point. The decision to tag fic with the “characterization” tag is only made by the mod that reviewed the fic. Since most of our official reviews are tagged with the name of the mod who wrote it, this can give you a sense of each mod’s taste. Sometimes, in the review, the mod will also mention if they thought the characters acted OOC.

The next place to look is our Personal favorites tag and in particular the Favorite Fic lists by mod (recent fics are tagged individually, older faves are listed by year - 2013, 2014, 2015). If the mods put a fic on the list, it means they liked characters as well as the story.  

Another way for you to find a fic which you think has good characterization is to check other fics from an author you already like. Usually it means that your ideas about Dean and Cas are similar and you will like their other fics as well.

If our blog is your main source of destiel fic rec, please know that we rec mostly longer fics and try to cover as many authors as we can as a way to introduce them to readers. Which means that some prolific authors, especially canon verse,  who have a lot of shorter fics may have only one or two reviews on our site. This doesn’t mean that we didn’t like their other fics, it just means that we trust the readers to explore the author on their own.

And last but not least. When you find a fic you loved for its characterization, let the author know in comments. That is the highest praise and they’ll be thrilled to receive it. 

Happy Reading!


I’ve seen a bunch or random character generators floating around, so I decided to make one myself! This is a FANTASY GIRL GENERATOR!, based of all those cute posts about diverse elves and mermaids and whatnot. Make a character, draw the character, and post it to the tag #fantasy girls. Just drag and drop, and get drawing!

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this is super random but omg i've always lowkey loved the idea of dirk/estevez too, i'm glad i'm not the only one skdfjchdjskx

Haha, hi! Random asks are always welcome; especially when they imply that someone’s been reading my tag rambling. :D 

And yeah, I’ve seen the ship thrown around a couple times, kinda in a crackish capacity which I get but… at the same time there was such a cute feel about the few scenes they interacted?? Which I guess is kudos to Samuel and Neil for their acting because it could have been totally unnoteworthy… also, I’m unbelievably capable of seeing anything and everything wherever I cast my ship goggles, so. There will probably be bits of gentlevez surfacing on my blog henceforward… and submissions/asks are, of course, encouraged. Anyyyway, I’ll shut up now. 

“you never post […] anymore!” yeah you see… i follow 4,410 blogs as of right now and i have a tendency to just follow more as they appear on my dash… which means i see a lot of content. a lot.

and since i literally never go into any tags, i only reblog whatever comes across my dash as i scroll down~ so if i haven’t been reblogging […] anymore that’s simply bc it doesn’t really show up on my dash lately! if that changes my blogging will change too don’t worry~

Am I the only Shamy Shipper who watches the show for… more than just Shamy?

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Do you think Soldier Boy will ever be finished? It's genuinely my favorite Otayuri fic and I would probably wait patiently for a hundred years to read more of it (not to be dramatic)


I’ve been working on chapter 6 on and off for a week. I’m trying to finish the companion piece to ‘every time I try, every time I win’ over the next few days and then updating soldier boy soon after.

My best guess is the first week of July, if not earlier (I’m on vacation next week but I might get some writing done).

I’ve posted random scenes, outlines, timelines for the story under my soldier boy tag these past few months, in case you haven’t seen it :)

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hey just a heads up you should probably not tag your personal posts as "don't reblog" because there are assholes on tumblr who run blogs solely to reblog posts tagged "don't reblog" or "do not reblog". try inserting random slashes in between the letters so that way you can get your point across to people who read the tags but the post won't appear when the assholes search for posts.

Omg thank you! I’ve seen those asshole blogs rb my personal posts and I’ve been trying to figure out how to stop it

I am so proud that my Gene and Piper screenshot has a lot of notes. I mean it’s not a lot, but just for a random screenshot like that it is. And I’m GLAD because it was like I worked through blood, sweat, and tears to get a pic like that.

What’s even better are the responses in people’s tags. Thank you so much!! ☺️

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Any advice for artists just starting out on tumblr?

1) Don’t worry about the notes.

Seriously, don’t. I see so many people fall victim to letting that rule their attitude about creating and submitting art. But that will really hold you back and often destroy your confidence when you’re first starting out, if that’s what you focus on. But focus instead on your art, your imagination, your creativity. Explore your style! Work on your skills. Your art will only get better and better.

2) Tag appropriately

Okay now that I’ve gotten my note speech out of the way, I know you do still want people to notice you. That’s much of the point of sharing. So make sure you make the most of those first 5 tags, only those 5 will get sorted into the public tumblr tags. If it’s fanart, make sure you tag the fandom, characters, and ship, if it’s original art, go for things such as “artists on tumblr” and “illustration” besides whatever keyword you might need to describe what’s in the picture “fox” “greek mythology”, etc. I know this sounds obvious but I’ve definitely seen many people waste their first five tags on random comments instead of capitalizing on them. And MAKE SURE, PLEASE, that you have a universal tag for all the art posts on your blog (for example, every piece of art on my blog is tagged “artings”.) Especially if you are blogging more than just art, make sure your art is easily found and sorted, and there is a link to it in your sidebar. I’ve visited many a blog where it was a chore to find an artist’s art, and that’s no fun at all! We want to see your art!

3) Don’t be afraid to post ‘bad’ art.

It can often feel like you’re on a stage every time you post, knowing that people are going to see, but in reality, this is your blog, this is your personal space. Don’t be scared to post sketches that are unfinished or experimental. This is even me reminding myself now, because this is often a struggle for me, the idea that something needs to be perfect before I can show it to people. But I’ve found sometimes that people enjoy seeing those posts, so much so that sometimes they outperform posts I’ve spent hours on. You never know what people will enjoy seeing, so don’t be afraid to put anything you want out there. This is your space to make your own.

4) Talk to other artists.

Making friends can really help you feel at home. When I was first starting out in my fandom, I reached out to other fandom artists, sending asks of support and introducing myself. I often reach out to artists nowadays to ask them about technique or brushes or any sort of tips I’m curious about, and that really helps to grow my own knowledge base. And of course, I will always add nice comments to art on my dash in the replies. Artists always appreciate praise on their hard work and I’m never shy about providing it. Of course, remember to be appropriate and polite, and don’t force yourself upon anybody, but with natural progression you might find yourself gathering mutuals and becoming good friends with some. Finding someone that is around your same skill level will definitely be beneficial to both of you, because you can help each other grow together. Nothing beats finding a good crit buddy.

5) Make the art that you truly want to make.

Of course, the short answer that people might say when someone asks about starting out on tumblr is “make fanart.” But I am of the opinion that working for popularity alone will not make you happy. So make sure the art that you make is the art that you want to make. If that is fanart, then great! But too often I have met people, had friends that draw for fandoms they don’t even necessarily like just because they feel they have to. Never do that to yourself. Let your heart guide you. That’s when the art really shines, when you see the artist’s love within the art. If your passion lies in a tiny fandom or original art, then draw it and don’t worry about how well that post will perform. This is about your own experiences as an artist, so make sure you are the person you draw for first and foremost.. (I think we’ve circled back to tip #1 again.)

That’s all I can think of for now, but I have an advice tag if you want to explore more of my other nonsense. Hopefully that helps you feel a little more grounded!

Cricket 101 for the Janet King watcher


Cricket fan, Janet King fan and lesbian here ☺ (and tumblr hater)
I put together a post this morning (uk time) that provided a little bit of cricket help for anyone who finds themselves knowing as little about Cricket as Janet does but without a Bianca to take them to a game and explain the game.

It is tagged with janet king, janet x bianca and so on, but you won’t have seen it because tumblr is blocking posts from tags (new and old posts) that contain links to any sites they’re not sure about (which is about 99.9% of the internet).

If you’d like to see a post from one of your local fandom cricket fans to get you going on show relevant cricket stuff (including a really cool random fact about cricket, match fixing enquiries and our favourite lesbian legal legend), please drop by my tumblr.

I would include a link, but that’s what started this in the first place 🙁

(Links in my original cricket post that were too scary for tumblr (owned by yahoo) to cope with ‘promoting’ in the tags were a link to a yahoo sports blog…..)

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ok ok im going to try but i think ill get like 2 first name: vassilena nickname: maybe lena? vas? (sorry!) age: 15 gender: female sexual orientation: gay (i think i read that in a tag once? sorry if these are completely wrong btw!!) nationality: Bulgarian? relationship status: not too sure about this one, single?? likes: harry potter, hunger games (i think ive seen you reblog that a few times) dislikes: o yeah no idea for this one! random fact: youre a ravenclaw (so sorry if these are all wrong)

Oh my god you got so much of them right!!! I’m so honored!!! This is an 8/10 and I cannot believe anyone would get this much! (you only got the sexual orientation wrong, im bi + the dislikes) Thank you for taking of your time to send me an ask I will love you forever! 💕💕

So like I know people do it to get their posts seen by more people which I get.. But like??? Don’t??
Don’t tag stuff with literally every character in the thing as a whole if your post isn’t about them??
Like it’s just annoying ‘cause then those posts turn up in the tags and people who track them invariably get shit that didn’t ask for on their dash..
(And no “well just unfollow the tag or dismiss the posts” isn’t a solution I should have to resort to)
Like ngl with the frequency this happens in some fandoms it’s almost on par with how rude/annoying it is considered to tag hate with the tags for the things you’re hating on.
Like people don’t necessarily wanna see that? They’re not tracking the tags for whoever/whatever your post is about for a reason and you should respect that bruh.
Your post getting a few more views a little quicker isn’t really a valid reason for filling tags with irrelevant content.

hey neotag i have a question

so looks like i’m going to be living overseas in asia for at least 3 months, possibly longer and in multiple cities. 

i’ve heard of people who play that travel and have gotten their accounts frozen because tnt or something in the system assumes “oh hey they’re logged in in an unfamiliar location, they’re getting hacked or cheating” side note: i’ll be using my own personal computer, not a random one in a hotel (if that makes a difference)

i’ve seen people put on their lookup “hey tnt my siblings and i share a computer” but would a disclaimer like that do me any good? is there anything i can do to avoid my account getting terminated? or should i avoid playing all together when i’m over there? 

Kin and ID shit because idk how to code haha oops

I don’t really care what pronouns you use for me just no it/its or xe/xer/xis
(These are in no particular order just kinda random)

Ell - Eddsworld
I’m okay with doubles, however I feel a little uncomfortable. But don’t worry because that just a thing I’ll have to get over!!!

Demencia - Villainous

Yeah I’m 100% with doubles here. I mean, I haven’t seen anyone else who’s fictionkin with her yet so I don’t know how I really feel about it? I’ll find out soon, though!

Jacob Mason (there’s no pics of him so I just made a lazy drawing)

I will never be okay with any doubles, ever. I know for a fact I am the only one who’s kin with Jake. Why? Because he’s literally a person I made up and pretended to be for like 2 years and then I realized I actually am him.

Tag me in fanart of any of the characters above and I will love you forever

You can call me Jake, Jakey, Jakeass, Jacob, Snoot, Snooty, Snoozin. Snoozy, Demencia, Ell, and any other nicknames you think of!

I love nicknames they make me very happy.


so here’s a little random info about rainbows: they always come after a heavy thunderstorm. i’ve seen people think so highly about, and i get this vibe you’re like the rainbow that comes after bad times; like you come out and make people feel brighter and that’s a good thing. i have never talked to you, but i can just sense that vibe to be true like you seem like you seem like a great person, with a sense of amazing humor and not so amazing things to say about your bias as one can tell from some of your tags. your blog is wonderful like please run my kpop blog it’s not as multifandom as yours and it’s a nice variety it’s very nice. i hope you know that people love you so much you amazing person i hope you have a nice day ~

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This is random(but not really cause I've seen it a bit on the Liam tag) but I hate when people make Liam out to be this dumb kid who doesn't know anything and just sits around all day with his chain and all, idk if that made sense but they make him out to be so stupid, and they compare him to Harry and say "this is why lirry don't get on, this is why Harry always shakes his head at Liam" as if Harry is perfect????? It's so frustrating cause I think (c)

© Liam and Harry are so similar in some ways like yeah they have different music taste and different approaches to some things but this who stigma that Liam is dumb and doesn’t know what he’s doing or saying ever has got to go it’s so frustrating cause I think he’s so smart like even if he can be a bit uneducated I’m not gonna act like Harry or Niall or Louis aren’t and say “Liam’s so stupid unlike the others they’re so smart and get annoyed of Liam constantly cause he’s so stupid" I hope that all made sense, sorry for the rant but I go through the Liam tag sometimes on here and I really should stop cause some of the things I’ve seen on there are so dumb….

hi looove, it makes total sense and i get why it’s frustrating cos it frustrates me too. liam is actually a lot smarter than people seem to assume and/or think, and i think a lot of that has to do with the sense of aloofness he has? like he’ll say something so silly and you’ll be like oh my god did he really just- alkdkf but it’s in an endearing way where you kinda just wanna protect him HAHA. i don’t think that liam, harry, niall or louis don’t get along because of their intelligence levels (they’re all fairly smart from what i can see?) but i also don’t think that they just don’t get along at all, so… like i said before, liam speaks so highly of them that i just find it near impossible that they don’t get along anymore. people will just look for any and every reason to make liam seem like lesser than he is and the only thing we can really do is opt to ignore it and hope they eventually get so bored with preaching to the public without any reaction that they move on and waste their time actually putting the spotlight of their attention onto things that they like