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Nightbeat in concept is a very silly character but in forming that character mtmte has taken an archetype, turned it up to eleven, and then used its possibilities to give Nightbeat some amazing nuance. Nightbeat loves mystery, sure. He is obsessed with mystery to the point of valuing puzzles over others’ interests and wellbeing. There’s the archetypical noir detective character, who you’d think couldn’t possibly be written without being redundant in the 2010s. Not so! Nightbeat uses mystery as a coping mechanism to deal with life’s myriad difficulties, he actively tries to remedy his lack of social skills in the moments where he’s stable enough to be able to, he manages to use his obsession to break a psychic hold someone has over him, and he is tortured by the concept of the afterlife, both because of the mystery inherent in it and because of his own near-death experience. Nightbeat is obnoxious as all heck but he’s still managed to become one of my favorite characters in the series.


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Random photos sometimes are the best ones.
These two are completely random, especially the first one. And I love them, cause these two brings me all the good memories from that day in the forest ♥

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  • Me: *wants to talk to someone*
  • Me: But they are so cool! I mean they seem super nice but I can't just message them randomly!
  • Me: *continues to want to talk and get to know them but is too nervous to do anything more than reply to stuff*

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TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go,to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it! *-*

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  1. I’m a scatterbrain. I can’t concentrate on anything for too long and I change my mind all the time.
  2. When I decide on something I’ll always get it done… even if it takes me a year or two…
  3. I hate leaving home, I don’t like it anywhere but home. I’m one of those few people who hates any form of travelling
  4. I like so many things, so various different things, too many in fact. That’s why it’s so complicated for me to have a style when I can’t stick to one thing
  5. I feel a squeeze in my chest that is like the feeling of love when I hear/see creatively written literature (in English)

So I’m in this weird place right now.

I’ve never really contributed to a fandom like this before.  I tend to stay out on the periphery.  But honestly, everyone has been so supportive of the Bendy stuff, and it feels really nice to actually be a contributor.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is thanks.  Thanks for the support.  Working on the Toon Henry stuff has been immensely fun.


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Rules: You must answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people!

The last:
1. Drink - Fanta exotic
2. Phone call - My friend Naemi
3. Text message - My friend Nicklas
4. Song you listend too - VAV - No doubt
5. Time you cried - When the incident with T.O.P came out
6. Dated someone twice - No
7. Kissed someone and regretted it - Yes :’)
8. Been cheated on - No
9. Lost someone special - Yeah
10. Been depressed - Yup
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up - No

List three favorite colors:
12. Black
13. Every shade of blue
14. Red

In the last year have you:
15. Made new friends - Yup, plenty
16. Fallen out of love - No
17. Laughed until you cried - Yesh, a lot of times lol
18. Found someone who talked about you- Yeah
19. Met someone who changed you - Yup
20. Found out who your friends are - Yes
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list - No

22. How many of your facebook friends do you know in real life - More than half I think
23. Do you have any pets - No
24. Do you want to change your name - Nah, I like my name. Tho I have this internationall name that I use everywhere
25. What did you do for your last birthday - Had fun with some friends
26. What time did you wake up - Around 11 I think?
27. What were you doing at midnight last night - Talking to Nicklas
28. Name something you cant wait for - My stuff that I ordered online lol
29. When was the last time you saw your mom - A few hours ago
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life - Sigh, idk :/
31. What are you listening to right now - G Dragon - Runaway
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom - Yep, I’m even close to him lmao
33. Something that is getting on your nerves - A person
34. Most visited website - Youtube
35. Elementary - Done
36. Middle school - Still there
37. High school - Kind of?? Theres a different system in Sweden. If I lived in America I would be a freshman
38. Collage - nope
39. Hair color - Maroon-ish
40. Long or short hair - Short
41. Do you have a crush on someone - No
42. What do you like about yourself - Dunno, my eyes or personality I guess xD
43. Piercings - One in each ear (Gonna pierce them all the way up tho)
44. Blood type - O
45. Nickname - Ivana Matata, Eli, Liz, Beth, Lizzie, Bethie, Lizzy, Lizard, Lizzania, Bebis, Bebo, Iva, Ivanica & Banana
46. Relationship status - Single ready to mingle ;) lol
47. Pronouns - She/her
48. Favorite tv show - Grimm & Hannibal
49. Tattoos - Sadly none :’(
50. Right or left hand - Right
51. Surgery - None
52. Sport - Dancing, I also really like volleyball
53. Vacation - I’m going to Serbia this year, like always. I’m gonna fly back after a week or two alone tho :’)
54. Pair of trainers - ?
55. Eating - I eat like two/three times a day? Only when I’m hungry. I love chicken and carbonara
56. Drinking - i.c.e t.e.a
57. Im about to - Fall asleep
58. Waiting for - Nicklas to answer
59. Want - Hugs and cuddles
60. Get married - One day
61. Career - Idk man

Which is better:
62. Hugs or kisses - both
63. Lips or eyes - Eyes
64. Shorter or taller - Taller
65. Older or younger - Older
66. Nice arms or nice stomach - Nice arms
67. Sensitive or loud - Both kinda??
68. Hook up or relationship - Relationship
69. Troublemaker or hesitant - Both in one if you understand what I mean lol

Have you ever:
70. Kissed a stranger - No
71. Drank hard liquor - Yes
72. Lost glasses/contact lenses - Yeah
73. Turned someone down - Yes
74. Sex on first date - No
75. Broken someones heart - Yes (it was not my intention tho)
76. Had your heart broken - Once
77. Been arrested - No
78. Cried when someone died - Yes, twice
79. Fallen for a friend - No

Do you believe in
80. Yourself - Sometimes
81. Miracles - Yes
82. Love at first sight - Yup
83. Santa Claus - No
84. Kiss on the first date - Yeah
85. Angles - No
86. Fate - Yes
87. Ghosts - Yes
88. Supernatural - Yea

89. Current best friends name - Corin, Sam, David & Emilia. Oh and ofc Sams rottweiler Dalton :’) br> 90. Eye color - Blue
91. Favorite movie - Hmm dunno maybe The Conjuring? I really love horror and fantasy movies
92. People you can trust - Corin, Sam, Nicklas, Emilia & David

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Soulmate AU where:

When your soulmate is eating something you can taste it on your lips, just slightly. And maybe feel it on your lips too, like the powder of a cinnamon donut, except you can’t lick it away, so you’re just stuck with it like ‘damn you asshole, lick your goddamn lips! This is annoying!’

If they’re having cravings you do too. Sometimes you’ll get cravings for what you’ve just eaten.

If you taste something like strawberry lip gloss you know their either getting ready for a night out or kissing someone. Or maybe they just like the taste.

You constantly lick your lips when they’re eating something you like because 'oh gods this taste so good, what is it?’ or 'I haven’t had that in ages!’

You get jealous of the fact that they have such nice food ALL THE DAMN TIME.

When they’re eating something you don’t like you try to not lick your lips for so long. It gets annoying and is hard to do for a while so you just put on lip gloss. Then you think 'awe, man. What if they don’t like… And that’s why they put on lip gloss the other week?’

One day you try to send them a recipe. So you just, like, munch on a piece of toast, then lick some honey, then eat some banana so they’ll try your favourite meal and you’ll have that taste on your lips without actually eating it.

One day you think 'what kind of idiot eats peanut butter with jam - holy shit it’s an American! Or someone in America… Maybe they just like it? Oh god will I have to take 20-something hour flight to find them? Uuuhhhggghhh!’

You’re in the middle of a test but just can’t stop licking your lips because 'oh god glazed donuts…’

You can’t place a taste but you know you’ve tasted it before.

After going to Harry Potter world you realise 'it’s butterbeer!’ and then you try a butterbeer cappuccino or whatever and are just - 'goddamn it you jerk you ruined all my experiences!’

You start craving a signature dish from your town that is only served there. You go to the restaurant and see three people eating the meal, so you just walk up to the counter, order something that is nothing like the dish or something that you know that person hates because every time after you eat it you taste mouthwash.

You calmly sit down and just watch the people as you eat your meal. The person you least expected it to be - oh god it can’t be - looks up and is just like 'fuck’ and has that expression on their face.

They look around and see you. Their eyes widen at what you’re eating. You’re the only one eating it. You smirk and wave at them because 'haha sucker you laughed when I was teased about my soulmate and it’s you!’

Or one day you turn to your best friend like 'hey, can you see if anyone is eating -’ your eyes widened as you see they’re eating the EXACT MEAL you can taste.

Or a different ending where you follow a celebrity on Instagram and just see a picture of a steak with the caption being 'why the hell do I taste banana and honey… I’m eating a steak!’

And you just drop your toast. Your family stares at you as you squeal. Then you realise 'shit. That could be anyone.’ But you do taste steak… 'But anyone can be eating steak!’ You rush to the kitchen and pull out dark chocolate and go to the bathroom and start brushing your teeth.

Soon you see another picture of a steak and a caption of 'okay, now I’m tasting ANOTHER thing that clashes with my meal. Soulmate, please let me eat in peace… AND WHO HAS DARK CHOCOLATE AND TOOTHPASTE?!?! Will my future babies eat like this too? God save me…’

Something like that.

Just because a ship has little to no probability of becoming canon doesn’t mean you can’t ship it ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

  • luke skywalker is terrifying. 
  • no, shut up, come back.
  • you have to understand:
  •  to you or me he may not be; he may be all sunshine smiles and corngold hair and the biggest eyes this side of the galaxy, but imagine you’re Dagger (stormtroopers don’t get proper names), firing at a boy, only the bolts never hit. They sing to the side. You think that there’s something wrong with your blaster, maybe, but none of your friends can hit him either. Finest shots in the Empire, you are, but you can’t hit this boy. And he cuts you down. He wields a weapon whose name you’ve never learned and he cuts you down into smoking bloodless bodies and your friends die before you – only he leaves you. Knocks you out with a blow of the Force – and isn’t that a nightmare of its own, unseen hands blotting out your thoughts – leaves you there in the cooling blood of your squadmates.
  •  Imagine that you’re Cara Ilhyre and you’re a dancer for the Hutt and you hate it, of course you do, but it is a living, a living, and this boy comes in, fresh-faced and young and he says surrender or be destroyed only he and you both know that the Hutt do not and never have surrendered and when he says destroy there’s this grin on his lips, thin and sharp, and he’s kind, of course he is, but –
    • so you’re Cara Ilhyre and you’re a native of tattooine and like many of your specis you are force-touched and you were a girl, once, a very little girl, and your mother told you tales of krayt dragons who slumbered beneath the sands and gentled their young to their pearl-heavy breasts. krayt dragons are tender mothers, she had said, and it was meant to teach you something of the duality of nature, or to fear those with young to protect, or something; but all you can think is this boy, how he smiles as kind as your mother did, once, but you’re convinced that if you were to cut him down the middle you would find dragon-pearls in his ribs and fire instead of a heart
    • the boy cuts downs jabba’s goons like they are nothing, nothing, and afterwards, afterwards, you sense his sorrow. and somehow that makes it worse.
    • because you say, later, to your mother’s ghost (maybe) or to the desert, he knows that killing people is hard and that weighs on him and he does it anyway and –
    • and, you say, it isn’t as simple as: he makes the hard choices. he knew the hutt would fight. he wanted to burn them down, oh he did, and that sister of his –