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Tumblrs Fucked

Like always, Tumblrs decided to be a fuck up today. A bunch of posts created today have broken notes and trust me its a lot of posts so if any artists or editors see no notes on their posts, check your activity page constantly.

People will have noticed your posts but Tumblr is being a fuck up right now and wont show you any total notes. Don’t let it get to you, just know that we will have seen it and maybe the actual activity page notes may have gotten buried but they are there!

Is there something else you guys want to see? I’ve noticed I haven’t been getting nearly as many notes on my art lately, and while I know I shouldn’t judge myself based on that, it also kind of sucks. I’ll pour hours of my time into a piece and no one seems to care. 

Is there any other kind of art you guys want to see? Maybe other fandoms I should explore?


Hey guys I’m opening up commissions for the first time! Limited slots available!

Slots available:









Big Nonos:

  • No NSFW/KINKY STUFF (Though I’m up for slight gore + suggestive things)
  • No animals (Certain furries are ok)
  • No complex machinery/mechs/robots
  • No realistic people (Self Inserts are fine)
  • No hate or vent art (Stuff that I feel like would harm others)

*I do reserve the right to decline any and all commissions, so please do not send any payment until I have confirmed that I am ready and willing to take your commission! 

*Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the character and pose requested. Many of the examples are slightly more/less than the price above them. Feel free to discuss prices with me beforehand so we can work something out!

*Please note that commission payments are non-refundable 24 hours after confirmation email (from me) of payment received is sent out.

*PLEASE send a reference if you’d like me to follow a specific style in my gallery, aka thicker/thinner lines or a certain type of color pallet 

Random facts game

I was tagged by the wonderful and talented sweethearts: @malazuzu22 and @purple-possibilities to say 5 random facts about myself. Thanks for tagging me!

1. I make my animals talk back to me. It’s this weird thing that my family does. We’ve done it as far back as I can remember and I never thought it was strange until someone pointed it out to me. Like, I have different voices for each of them. If people come over or stay long enough at our house, they start doing it too and it’s hilarious.

2. I used to collect animal bones as a child. My parents would take us hiking up in the Rocky Mountains and we’d pick up deer bones and beaver skulls. We had garbage bags full of them, until my parents got sick of storing it and threw it over our back fence. Not that long after, some people were walking out there and we could hear them getting freaked out over all the bones they found and thought they might be human.

3. I’m usually the one making jokes. I don’t think I’m very funny on here, but irl I’m always making people laugh. I have a real sick and perverted sense of humor.

4. I was late to my own wedding. About 45 minutes late. Everything took longer than I thought it would, which put me behind. Someone went and told my husband that I wasn’t there yet and he started to panic. Maybe I just got lost on the path of life.

5. I’m allergic to sugar gliders. It’s the only animal I’ve ever found that I’m allergic to and they make me itch like crazy. I’m allergic to the artificial sweetener aspartame too, so much that if my husband drinks diet drinks and kisses me even 3 hours later I’ll break out in hives. Fun stuff. 

they’re something else alright

Honest to god Wade is me

Do you ever just…. think about Victor and Yuuri holding each other, in complete silence, simply listening to each other’s heartbeat.


It’s Sunday and now Sunday means spitpaint uploading day.

hey, you.

hey, yes, i’m talking to you. i know you’re probably scrolling right now but this post wont take too long to read.

i just wanted to give you a quick reminder that you’re beautiful. yes, i know what you’re thinking, wow what an idiot they cant even see me, but that isn’t the case.

regardless of your looks, how long your hair is, how white your teeth are, how skinny you are, how tall you are, the colour of your skin, how big your butt is, you are beautiful. because you’ve made it this far. you have gotten through every fucking day in this shitty universe, and you are here right now, looking at this post. you have survived heartbreak, sadness, loneliness, trauma, and just all the general ups and down of life, and you are alive right now to tell the tale of it. you’ve pushed on through everything.

sometimes it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it, like you’re worth it, but you are. one day, that’ll make sense. you’ll be sitting somewhere nice, watching something, maybe someone, and you’ll remember all of the things you had to get through, and it’ll all make sense. 

congratulate yourself on getting this far. it’s a big thing, yet you’ve done it. if you ever feel like you aren’t worth it, i want you to know that it’s all going to be okay. you impact so many people’s lives, and you are some people’s entire worlds. people love you, they look up to you, they admire you. don’t give anyone the ‘life would go on without me’ excuse, because you know it wouldn’t. no one recovers from that.

you, my friend, are beautiful. dont you dare ever forget it.

hey guys, i got a tattoo, i think it really expresses who i am and how i feel

  • tumblr: "He thrust in slowly with a low groan..."
  • ao3: "His hands splayed across my chest as he whispered my name..."
  • wattpad: tHEN I woKe UP WITH a BonER AND WaS lIke WoW LETS Go mAke bReakFASt