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Dear RPers who have wanted to interact.

I feel like i need to address this because i find it’s an issue many people, especially newcomers, have in RP.


There’s no reason to be anxious or hesitant if you want to talk to me. I will happily accept a random starter, or a random tag, or an inbox message! Even if we’ve never interacted or even acknowledged one another, i will still HAPPILY interact with you!

You’re not bothering me. You’re not annoying. You’re not making me uncomfortable. I LIKE to interact with new people, it’s very exciting and fun!

Please, PLEASE, don’t be hesitant when sending in ANYTHING. I’m having a lot more fun than your anxiety tells you!


*sigh* I have. FINISHED.

Today’s prompt for this awesome week is Fusion, so here’s Larimar again 8D !

I slightly changed her palette because I didn’t like the old one. Not big changes, but it’ss till better I guess. And since I was not satisfied with one picture I decided I’d make several shitty doodles because why not - Now, I’m gonna tell you about my stupid headcanons about her ~ (I’ve already talked about some of them, but well.)

  • Larimar likes to tell jokes…and laugh at them. Yes. She likes to laugh at her own jokes. And then she tries to stay serious and usually fails. Yes. She does like fart jokes.
  • Lapis and Peridot’s laughs fused too :^) So as you can see in the last sketch, she snorts, but also have Peridot’s “Nyehehehe !!!” (I’ll never get tired of this laugh)
  • When she feel bad, stressed, or threatened, Peridot’s side will show. It means that she will , by reflex… grab her own arms. And then she’ll tell herself it’s okay. Sometimes she will let go, sometimes not.
  • She’s usually kinda calm. If someones makes her angry, she will *cough* resolves the problem with an authentic Lapis Idon’tgiveashit Lazuli’s face™.
  • Her theme would be electro-swing. Electro because Peridot (I don’t have to explain I think) and swing for Lapis, because well…it fits her personnality tbh (seriously the first Larimar picture I made was while listening to Parov Stellar, Alice Francis and Caravan Palace. So yeah it’s visible on her XD)
  • Something like Alice Francis’ voice. Just…imagine. (Or go listen if you don’t know her because she’s  a m a z i n g)
  • Also she’s a good tapdancer. Just because Shelby said she’d like Peridot to tap dance to fuse. So boom tap dancer Larimar.
  • She loves Steven. Well, like all his family and friends. But I just needed to remind you because
  • If someone touches the child *angry Sr Pelo noises* she turns into the Giant Angry Woman ™. Don’t touch the child.
  • She likes to hug Steven or herself. She’s basically a giant mom/aunt/being that have plenty of love to give.
  • Again, don’t touch the child.

Aaaand I guess that’s all ? I don’t know actually, if you want to ask something go ahead lmao

Also the Larimar + Morganite picture was kinda random first but I found that fun. There was another one, but maybe another day, because now I’m just too lazy to finish it :v

(Also before I forget - boop @lapidot-anniversary-week / @jenhedgehog cuz‘ the tags don’t always work :| )

Okay, so random idea that crossed my mind

I don’t know if someone already came up with this idea, but today when I was working I just came up with something.
I was thinking about Big Fun and Halloween parities being some sort of joint-party (Somehow connected or at least two parties in one)

Martha Dunstock, after embarrassing herself in front of Ram, just runs off to the bathroom, shuts the door, and just lets it all out. She cries for at least 5 minutes before another figure in the bathtub coughs, and lets her know that someone else was in there. That person was just hidden due to the shower curtain there.
She’s embarrassed. And at this point ready to disappear at any moment. Before she can leave, the figure frantically apologizes for not saying anything while she was just dumping all her emotions out. She introduces herself, and he introduces himself as Michael, a junior who came in here just to wait everything out. (I’m pretty sure Jeremy and Michael are juniors)
While things were a little awkward at first, they eventually talk, and find out they they were in similar problems. Their best friend leaving them for popularity. Michael decides to leave out the Squip, and Martha rants about the Heathers. And they just going on talking about that, and other things about themselves until the party ends. Martha thinks that some of the stuff he likes was cool, and Michael likes that there was someone else who he could talk to about these kinds of stuff. They awkwardly thank the other for listening, and not being too weird, exchange phone numbers, and go their separate ways, hoping the other’s situation gets better.

It was just a random thought I came up with, and I like the idea.

how to make artsy geometric aesthetic thingies

today imma show u guys how to make these kinds of backgrounds

okay so ur gonna need two apps for this: Pixlr and Toolwiz (i provided the links there, well for android users anyway, sry if ur on something else)

imma put this on a read more bc this is gonna be kind of long and I’m a Mess

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listen to me!! the girls (and eskild) trying to get isak to rate guys with them (i took my liberties with my tags on this post and then an anon asked me to make a separate post so!)

  • let’s say eva and eskild take isak out for coffee one day, bc eva has actually really missed him, and now that things aren’t weird anymore and they’re both over what happened in first year it just came bak to her how nice it is to spend time with isak. eskild comes along bc he was free (”my grindr date cancelled on me, can you believe it? if we can’t trust random guys on grindr then who can we trust?”) and also he’s just fun to be around, and eva knows how much isak trusts him, so
  • anyway, they’re sitting by the window especifically so they can watch guys walk past and rate them from one to ten (it’s fun okay, and noora won’t do it with her bc it’s “gross an superficial eva, we don’t even know them” and eva just wants to have fun okay, sue her)
  • “okay that’s a six”
    “a six? he’s a nine at least”
    sigh “eva, girls have such low standars when it comes to boys, it’s a tragedy, really”
    “okay bullshit, that guy is super hot, right isak? way more than a six
  • isak looks up (from where he was probably texting even about how ridiculous eva and eskild were being). and he looks at the guy, all dark hair and green eyes and perfectly symmetrical face and he’s actually pretty good looking. but. “not my type” is all he says
  • and eskild is all “DAMN it isak you still don’t want to say if a guy is hot or not?? all my guru advising to the TRASH can”
  • but eva doesn’t say anything, just smiles fondly at isak. bc she gets it
  • after all, next to vilde any model is probably a six as well

anonymous asked:

sorry, strange question and youre probably a pretty random person to ask, but i saw your tag about it. just curious - what is "DaMGtMaNSF self-portrait" :? thank you!

Anon, I’m glad you asked, and you can ask me pretty much anything and I promise I will try to answer even if (especially if?) it’s totally random. I love random facts; I am a trivia addict, and I love pretending to be knowledgeable.

DaMGtMaNSF is Dipper’s and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun which is a cute little book that’s basically “Dipper and Mabel write their own journal.” More of a kids’ book but super cute, well-written, and worth getting ahold of.

In it, Stan provides this delightful self-portrait (seriously, Stan drew this? Check out his initials on it, “$P,” I’m dyyyyying):

Oisuga week - day 3: outer space/mistakes

Gullible baby Oikawa was easily convinced that Suga was a real alien because of his light hair and the glowing antenna headband. Suga just played along and pointed at random stars, telling Oikawa about ‘the star he was originally from’ and made-up facts about the outer space. Oikawa wished he had a telescope instead of his dad’s binocular so he could get to see the rad alien spaceship station Suga told him about. Little nerds.


Looks like someone found a random scenario generator!!! (thank you @butterapplego!!!!)

I have so much fun generating different scenarios… and this was one that caught my eye…

Consider this as part 1 of ??? cause I really want to continue this idea…

And I will later explain why PJ is wearing a dress.

But yeah… drew this a few days ago and I’m still busy with work stuff… just wanted to put this out for you guys!

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What kind of boyfriend would each got7 member be?

Sorry for the long wait, anon! Here’s a little summary of each boy and what kind of boyfriend they’ll be. Enjoy! <3

Originally posted by jaesbum


  • Honestly, the most chillest boyfriend ever.
  • He may be quiet at first when you both meet but once he gets to know you, he’ll talk more.
  • Hug and cuddles are the #1 thing this boy will do daily.
  • Even if you’re cooking, studying, or even just watching TV, he’ll want to cuddle every moment.
  • You two will also have so many random moments but it all turns into inside jokes you two share.
  • Also kisses from Mark Tuan??!?! THE MOST SWEETEST THING EVER!
  • You’ll melt in his kiss tbh.
  • Dates will be super chill and fun at the same time.
  • Jackson would most likely tag along just to annoy you both.
  • Not a big fan of PDA but huge when you two are alone.
  • Sex with Mark Tuan ahhaha uh… hot and sexy. HIS DEEP HOARSE VOICE WILL TURN YOU ON OKAY? okay.

Originally posted by defsouljb


  • He’ll either be really cold or really sweet to you when you both meet.
  • But once he realizes you’re the one, he’ll definitely be a man and confess right away.
  • Back hugs and kisses on the cheek
  • damn… that boy will know how to treat you right.
  • He’ll spoil you left and right.
  • He’ll even act cute whenever you request for it. Just for you only.
  • PROTECTIVE AF, I’m telling you.
  • Have you seen the way he gets angry easily?
  • Damn son, he’ll beat anyone that touches you, even if it’s Jackson.
  • Dates with him will be sweet, like a walk in a park or ice skating.
  • Sex with Jaebum… well y’all know full well what that man can do. I’ll just let you imagine it. (dominate, rough and overall the best sex you’ll ever had. Hot damn i need holy water)

Originally posted by i-got7s


  • THIS BOY OMG. He’ll be so touchy but secretly inside, you’ll enjoy it.
  • He’ll made you cry out of laughter and literally be the person that you can joke around with all day.
  • He will tell you about his past, like fencing or his life as a trainee, and you basically remember every detail of each story because he’s told it to you many times.
  • He’ll be such a gentleman towards you.
  • He will spoil you.
  • Kisses every second and hugs you all the time.
  • He’ll basically never let go of you because he’s touchy af.
  • Dates with him will be adventurous and fun.
  • It’ll be something memorable like skydiving or something.
  • Sex with Jackson… oh man..  Don’t even get me started… so many orgasm denials and sometimes can be rough in bed…
  • enough said

Originally posted by gotsolucky


  • You’ll be dating a man who’s a complete savage but also a sweetheart as well.
  • Just like Mark, he’ll need to know you before he’ll decide if he’ll confess.
  • This boy will be the death of you… seriously.
  • He’s sweet, caring and overall a traditional Korean boyfriend.
  • He’ll love to hold your hand, constantly keeping you by his side because he wants to show you off.
  • He’ll read you to sleep or even just read to you in general.
  • Dates with him will be sentimental, peaceful and fun.
  • He’s not a big fan of PDA but will kiss you just to make the other members jealous.
  • Sex with Jinyoung… boy he can be rough if you ask for it but will always be sweet and loving (unless you’re both thirsty af)

Originally posted by markjin


  • Dating him will be like dating a man that radiants happiness everywhere he goes. 
  • His laugh is music to your ears and his funny faces always kills you with laughter. 
  • He’ll be a caring and sweet boyfriend. 
  • You’re first meeting may be shy and awkward but he’ll warm up to you once he knows you better. 
  • Him, constantly singing at the top of his lungs but you enjoy it so much that you sing along with him. 
  • Whines just to get your kisses. 
  • PDA wouldn’t be that much be he’ll enjoy it. 
  • Sex with Youngjae… damn.. He’s too innocent but gurl he’ll make you feel so good if he wanted too. I JUST CAN’T. YOUNGJAE IS TOO PRECIOUS.

Originally posted by ohparkjimin


  • oh boy… you better be prepare to deal with this boy… 
  • He’s a major fashionista
  • Meaning he’ll go on shopping sprees with you, buy you expensive brands of clothing and even pick out your outfit
  • He will spoil you TO THE MAX because this boy claims to be rich af
  • Just imagine him in the kitchen while you walk up to him and give him a back hug  
  • So many dance parties in your living room which will mainly consist of dabbing 
  • Him, rapping to you in Thai, Korean and English (an attempt to)
  • He’s not the type of guy that will be into PDA but will kiss you in front of members
  • “How do you know I’m not big?” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Dates with him will be super sweet, fun and exciting because he knows how to have fun 
  • Sex with Bambam.. Oh boy… this boy can go from cute to hot in an instant… wild and sexy. 

Originally posted by busanplayboy


  • He’ll be really shy at first when meeting you 
  • After you give him your number, he’ll call you everyday and ask how was your day
  • He’ll be the sweetest boyfriend you’ll ever have
  • Like he’ll clean up the house, clean the dishes or even try to cook just for you
  • Watching him put on dance shows for you
  • Him, teaching you how to dance so you two can dance together
  • It wouldn’t be even a peck on the lips, it’ll be a full makeout
  • The only PDA he’ll do in public will hold your hands but boy… he’ll kiss you every time he’ll get the chance to in front of his members.
  • Dates with him with be thoughtful and meaningful. He’ll also make it really fun because you both like to be adventurous sometimes. 
  • Sex with Yugyeom… those dancing hips will make you feel so good… damn that boy can be rough and sweet at the same time. 

“Cat adams didn’t count on one thing….spencer had…an ace so to speak…cat has her game…but what if someone else had a game…a better game…one she couldn’t win…a game of psychological….mind games…..cat wats spencer…she thinks she won…but…the game ends…..with her…”

“Lets play another game cat….now i can’t play this time but…someone very close to me can”

“So cat…lets play….new rules…new player…same game”

“You counted every thing down to spencer being in mexico…down to having lindsay say she was maeve….everything to make spencer give in…but you didn’t count one thing….lets set the time to…2 minutes…2 minutes before i start my game…lets play cat”

*so dumb story idea i will one day let spill from my brain. So cat is a psychopath, games are fun…what if the spencer has his own game…in the form of the reader….an ace if you will…someone to match or beat cats game…any way tagging my favs to see what they think all pf them you should follow and love cause they be the best. @dontshootmespence @just-a-random-fandom-24 @maybe-mikala *

Ninjago Would You Rather

So I decided to do each question as an individual post (I know I’m insane) but If you think about it it makes you more likely to get tagged.

Tag at least three.

So here we go.

@regaltempo asks: Would you rather be stuck in a room with Pyhtor for one hour, or Nadakhan?

I tag: @rainbow-kandi-korn22 @eyeofthewolfe @ultrawhalnar @silverflame15 @random-ninjago @rideofthevalkyrjur @zane-julian @answer-carrotcupjuster

@musafox @onlyninjago

P.S. Feel free to make more questions on your own for everyone. You don’t need to submit one for me to post I just wanted something fun for everyone to do.

Shitty picture I’m sorry but little haul from todayyyyyyy

These are all from a thrift store near me (NOT A GOOD THRIFT STORE LOL ITS RUN BY HIPSTERS FOR HIPSTERS, V OVERPRICED, 0/10)

Chunky boots: $40 (I actually got these a couple of days ago but they’re from the same place so whatever lol also when I walked out in these my friend called me her role model Im cry)

Doc martens: $36 (FUN FACT these had an ink tag on the laces and I couldn’t break it so I just cut the fucking laces LMFAO I hate myself)

Nikes: $30

Random book of matches lol: $5 fuck outta here

“Feel high” breath spray: $8 (for my friend hehe)

Total: $119

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ayo I know u a strong lady but how do you deal with ship haters in general?

I think the first thing that makes me not care is that I’m 23; I have so many other actual stressful or annoying things to worry about at this point in my life. 

HOWEVER, i would be lying if I said it doesn’t get under my skin once in a while. So this is my line of thinking during hate escapades:

I follow a very simple way of life, and that’s to be positive; make everything a positive! Someone is hating on my ship?? My ship must be really strong that they feel threatened. This is also a psych tactic on people who actually do worry if their notp actually has a chance; they will bombard it with negative posts to make it seem less likely. 

Another thing that I follow is the idea of attention; cross tagging and random hate posts are only attention seekers to start drama, so that the one side trying to defend that ship can be painted in a bad picture. So helpful tip, when you see hate in the tags? Don’t even bother responding to them. Just throw in some more love in the tags! Every time there’s hate in my favorite tags, I tend to post something, even if it’s just a simple little text post. 

And lastly; shipping is just in good fun, yes? Why should I let some random person who has no effect on my life be the one to ruin that fun? you do not allow some random blogger make you feel guilty for a fictional ship. Especially when that person doesn’t even have the cojones to say it off of anonymous. You’re not hurting anybody for thinking A and B look cute together instead of A and C, and what makes you happy is the most important. If it bothers that person so much, there’s blacklisting and even a handy block button. 

It’s a bit to read, sorry haha! But I hope my small tips can help you when you feel upset about shipping drama! 

demonlucy-chan  asked:

I have a bit of a family dynamic headcanon. The team is split into the Mum squad, the children and the Uncles. The Mum squad is heavy sniper and spy (though spy will deny it) demo and Solly are probably the weird uncles and engine is most likely team Dad. The children are scout medic and pyro, many because of their inability to look out for themselves (like medics sleeping habits) The Mum squad spends most of the time making sure the children don't die.

Ok here is my idea.

Team Mum: Spy and Heavy

Team Dad: Sniper and Engi

Weird Uncle: Demo

Kids: Pyro, Solly, Scout and Medic.

Sniper and Spy are chill with the the team do. If you at least clean up the mess you made it’s all good with them. Also as long as you don’t kill yourself. Both men don’t give a shit, they care for the team but their kids need to learn responsibility.

Heavy and Engi are a power house together, they can heal wounds quite quick and are stern with what the team can and can not do. It’s impossible to say no to Heavy and Engi. It’s the worse feeling in the world when either one are lecturing you. If the team want something they will usual go to Sniper or Spy.

Medic, Scout, Solly and Pyro are 24/7 trying to kill themselves without even knowing it. Solly trying out new rocket launches and getting into fights with the random animals around base. Pyro forgetting to eat or drink and setting everything on fire. Scout playing chicken with the roads in town and Medic injecting random shit into his veins.

Demoman just sits back, what the hell can he do?? Except tell them scary stories. Still the kids of the team have much fun with Deom, having him tag along with the shit they get up to

IT'S BLACKOUT!! That means it's time to show out and connect with your Black tumblr fam!! In honor of that we should bring back that anonymous texting game! ! ✊🏿✊🏿

If you forgot how it works it’s simple.

You anonymously send a ask with your number and you text for a week and vibe and whatnot without seeing them. That way you actually vibe with them for they personally not because shawty thicker than that big kindergarten pencil, or because buddy got a beard filled the hopes and dreams of barbers world wide. 😂

But also If yall don’t vibe no harm no foul just be respectful and cut it. ✂️✂️

I’ve played before and met some great people! Don’t miss out and don’t be shy! Step out of your comfort zone! It’s black out, today’s your day! Reblog and check the tags and notes, check who you reblogged from, who they reblogged from etc and pick random folks to connect with. New people are always fun!

Good luck!

RULES: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours. When you are done, tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you.

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I tag @thesightlesssniper @eglentyne-mcqueen @kuronezushi @umiisa @lovemyciel @queenofsebaciel

Biggest fear: I’m Scoleciphobic so anything that resembles a worm

Current time: 1:25 PM

Drink you last had: Water

Everyday starts with: A glass of water (I’m usually parched every morning)

Favourite song at the moment: Angels by Within Temptation

Hometown: Wolvo, UK

In love with: Someone special, and SebaCiel lol

Jealous of: people who actually enjoys college like @reiiciel‘s brother :(

Killed someone: None.. thus far.. :D

Last time you cried: WHEN AGNI DIED

Middle name: Leigh

Siblings: One older sister and a younger brother

One wish: For me to earn my degree whilst somehow retaining my sanity

Person you last text/called: One of my groupmates

Questions you’re always asked: “Are you sure you’re not 15?” and “Why are you always so sodding happy?”

Reason to smile: I’m basically Lizzy Midford so you should probably get the point

Song last sung: Thank you for my love- VIXX

Time you woke up: 6:00 AM per usual


X-Ray you’ve had: quarterly overall check ups so i’m not sure

Favourite food: Anything sweet, preferably with strawberries

Zodiac sign: Pisces

With all the celebrations that go around for characters and ships, this year I thought it would be cool to focus on one day for Drew! Everyone’s favorite cool, cute, and classy Hoenn coordinator. B)

Why June 12th? At first it was a bit of a joke with it being one of those random holidays in the United States…National Red Rose Day to be exact. But then @cynpai pointed out it’s also Mitsuki Saiga’s birthday, who is Drew’s amazing Japanese voice actress! That’s too good of a coincidence to pass up. ;D

So Drew Day is just…well, a day of Drew stuff! Do you like to create art or headcanons? Edit gifs or videos? Just want to bring up some fun content from the past? It’s all welcome! You can tag your posts with ‘#drew day’ so everyone can easily find each other’s content. 

See you on June 12th! :D