random stones in water

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I'm not in the Avenger's fandom at all and know nothing about the series but I am sensing a lot of bitterness and anger from that fandom lately, would you explain to me like I'm 5 and clueless just what is going on there?

  • the movie had the weakest plot (villain goes on internet for 5 min and decides to destroy humanity.okay)
  • the subplots that didnt mesh together at all (aka the romance, wtf clint’s family, infinity stone/vision in water whatever the fuck that was)
  • random romance out of nowhere when it was never hinted in previous movies (super cringeworthy)
  • the only female avenger aka natasha’s character was ruined. (only a beast tamer?? srsly??)
  • all fight no substance
  • everyone was sucking tony stark’s dick
  • everyone else faded in the background/characterization ruined (whedon cannot write cap to save his life lmao)