random stills from the first ep

Its amusing when you get “umm..actually” poeple after the episode aired. Like, damn, you have some weird need to correct people. I made my “will Lapis trying to drown Connie be mentioned” discussion before seeing the ep, based on a short clip and some stills. And based on the show having a pattern of letting Lapis get away with stuff

I said I would happily be wrong. Hell, that’s part of speculating. You open yourself up to being wrong. Or you get lucky and end up being right.

The drowning was brought up and Connie was acting kinda uncomfortable. Good. But what struck me the most is Lapis saying “I’ve almost drowned a lot of people when stealing the ocean.”

It makes sense given her role as a terraformer. She moves oceans and I’m certain some people have gotten killed because of it. Which also implies that Lapis had killed people before. Because her trying to drown Connie was not an accident, it was deliberate. So for her to be so blazé about it…..yikes.

It also brings up another point: Lapis seems to only focus on how she was wronged and not on how she has wronged others. She remember being trapped in a mirror and being forced back to Earth, but conveniently forgets the human she almost killed when trying to escape the Earth. She did remember breaking Greg’s leg though, I’ll give her that. But that could be explained by how “breaking” might seem worse from a Gem POV. For them, that is death.

But I still like to think she’d remember the girl right next to Steven.

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I feel like SU would work better as an animated web series like Bravest Warriors or Bee and PuppyCat, not so strict deadlines so they can take there time on art and animation, no restrictions from a network(sorta) and just idk it can have all the filler it wants? The writers could talk to one another more often? Idk, I feel like it shouldn't be a kids show with how "deep" it trys to be

mmmm nah i dont think so. i know some people, like me, arent too crazy about bee and puppycat since the first episode showed a lot of promise and then completely dropped that for random filler-y eps. the criticism isnt as harsh tho since it was only the first episode, but still, disappointing.

bravest warriors was just goofy cartoon from the start that slowly began to expand the characters and its universe.

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tell me about how you fell facefirst into mary mcdonnell fangirl life, and i guess especially how/why you picked bsg as a good life choice

oh this is a good question

as many a roslin fan will tell you, it was janeway’s fault bc if you like one you’re gonna like the other so if you follow janeway fans on tumblr, you’re gonna have a lot of Laura on your dash (and Sharon, and before i started watching bsg i still thought they were the same character. i was a mess). then one day i turned on the syfy channel and they doing a rerun of bsg and i thought it was a sign, thats the mean looking lady from my dash, but the thing is… no one told me anything about bsg so i didnt know the first 2 eps were a miniseries and syfy didnt air those. so i started watching from the 3rd ep and i was sooooo confused. like most of the times if you start watching a show with a random ep after a while you kinda get it, eventually it makes sense but NOT BSG that shit made no sense and i hated it. i called my friend to tell her i really wanted to watch this show but it was such a stupid show where nothing made any sense. i hated it and i wanted to like it so much bc i liked Laura, even though i had no idea what her deal was

this took me a week of rewatching eps 3 and 4 and trying to make any sense of it, until suddenly it was on netflix!! (talk about the world giving me signs, every piece of technology i own was pushing bsg my way) and netflix had a different first episode!!! and i finally realized how fucking stupid i am

then i watched the first episode, and by Laura’s second scene where shes crying in the bathroom i was a goner. we’ve been together ever since ❤❤❤

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