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House of the Rising Sun. Part II

I reached out to touch his back piece tattoo, moving my fingers through the lines and living for the moments of calmness next to him. I feel him start stirring but I don’t remove my fingers until he turns around making me drop my hand.

“Morning baby” he whispered and I approached him giving him a small peck “Slept good?”

“I always sleep good next to you” I said and he smiled “Do you really have to go?” I said touching his face with the tips of my fingers.

“Yeah, baby. The Irish won’t speak to anyone else but me”

“But why out of Charming?” I whined a bit and he just laughed. Holding me closer to him and putting his head against my neck.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’ll make my way back to you sooner than you expect” not long after that he got up to get ready while I made some coffee and breakfast for both of us, we sat in silence just stealing glances and smiling at random points like teenagers.

I was playing around with my rings while watching a movie when I heard the familiar sound of motorcycles getting closer, I immediately jumped off the couch when I heard them pull over and ran to open the door. There he stood, a black eye and a few cuts but healthy overall smiling at me with that wicked little smile that only he had, I waved at Chibs and Tig that were waiting outside and Jax looked at me.

“I’ll talk to them for a second, darling” he said and I nodded stepping back. For some reason he asked them to come all the way over here and I just couldn’t interfere. And I wish I had. I wish I had known about the retaliation, I wish I had known I had to be careful and maybe I wouldn’t be in this situation right now.

All my right side hurt, I could feel the bruises forming all over my body but I couldn’t open my eyes completely, too swollen from the hits and the tears that have been running down my face for how long? Two days, three? And Jackson was still nowhere to be seen. I had lost hope completely, my body too tired to keep fighting and I just didn’t care anymore. I should have thought about it before. After Wendy, after Tara I should have seen destruction comes with the package. I heard rustling outside of the room and then screaming, shots were not missing and I heard the door opening, they were either going to kill me right this moment or it was Jackson. The person I love the most but also the person I want to see last.

“Hey, Lass.” Said a voice next to me, Chibs hovering over me trying to check if I was still conscious “Stay with me, lass. Your old man is coming in a minute” he said but I couldn’t last the minute.

I open myself and was hit with white light everywhere, the strong smell of alcohol and medicine made me realize I had made it to a hospital. I slowly open my eyes to find Juice seating on a chair at the other side of the room, I tried to speak but my throat was too sore so I just tried to wave at him. He was concentrated on his phone but probably sensed the movement because he looked up after a couple tries.

“Holy shit, YN” he said coming closer to me “I’m glad you are awake. Do you need anything?” he said and I pointed at my throat. “Can’t talk, huh. I’ll bring you some water and I’ll call Jax”

Two weeks I was at the hospital waiting for Jackson to come and see me and he never made an appearance, I asked around to the prospects taking care of me but all of them said he was “sorry” his favorite phrase “I’m sorry” “I’m sorry”. The day I got home I expected to see him there, maybe the hospitals reminded him of Tara, maybe he was afraid of hurting me furthermore, something he was actually doing with his absence.

“He’ll be home soon, lass” said Chibs while he helped me feel comfortable in my bed “He was fixing everything up with the people that did this to you, he’ll be back” and I tried to understand because I loved him, because I understood the demons going inside his head but I also needed him to understand that I was hurting too.

“I need him here, Chibs” I said with pleading eyes “Please tell my man I need him here” I said and he just nodded before kissing my head softly.

“Will do lass” two days after that Jax came home, life drained out of him.

“Hello, darling” he said from the door and I smiled at him, inmediatly wanting to put him close to me “Don’t get up baby, I’ll get there” he said before taking off his shoes and jumping next to me. So close but so far away, my man came back to me but he was not the same person I fell in love with, he had distanced himself from me even when my bruises healed and my migraines where gone, even when not only weeks but months passed he spent less and less time next to me. It changed us, it made me stronger, made me more independent and careful but it destroyed my old man.

“I’m sorry” I said one of the few nights he actually spent home “I’m so sorry baby” I said looking at him and I saw in his eyes that he knew what was about to happen and I saw the tears but I still saw calmness, this was for the best at the end of the day. The horrible things I lived for that short period of time where too much, he couldn’t bury another woman, he couldn’t lose another person. He was in for being alone for the rest of his life.

Hello, I’m currently working on three requests I have for Happy and Jax but I wanted to finish my first imagine first. I hope you like it.

“Can’t let go” - Jimin story - Part 8 

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— 2 days before Christmas —

“Come on” Chris took Jimin’s hand and dragged him around the mall
“I don’t know what to buy” Jimin laughs in frustration
“Really? Like did you think about ANYTHING?” he looks at him
“I thought about like buying a necklace or a bracelet?” Jimin raised his eyebrwos

Chris and Jimin stare at each other for few seconds
“Necklace” both of them said at the same time and walked towards the jewelry shop

Jimin was looking around to see if there is anything he likes..He sees a silver necklace with a silver heart.
“That one Chris” he points
“Yes,that one..It is beautiful” Chris smiled 

They walked out of the shop and stood 
“Now what do I buy to Olivia?” Chris laughs
Jimin laughs remembering those two kissing outside.
“Hey!” Chris knew what he was thinking about and pushes him slightly
“I’m sorry…*laughs* *Chris looks at him* Okay,I’ll stop..” Jimin made a serious face
“She is…Crazy..So” Jimin added 
“Would she like a big teddy bear?” he looks at Jimin
“Well I don’t know..Who is her favorite singer?” Jimin smiled looking at Chris
“OH RIGHT! SHe been talking how she wants to get this new perfume of Christina Aguilera” 
“There you goooo” both of them were happy to finish shopping gifts for their girlfriends

While walking back,snow was falling really bad and wind,it seemed like the weather is getting worse.
“Jesus Christ like weather is so cooooold” Chris walked inside of their room
“Turn on the TV so we see the weather report” Jimin said and Chris takes the remote turning on the TV.

“Will we be able to go home for Christmas even?” Jimin said laying down on hs bed
“I don’t know man…Weather will choose”

On other side Olivia and you went later to the shopping for the boys.
At the mall first thing you guys did was McDonald’s.
“Yes” both of you said as you sat down and started to eat the burgers.
“I gotta tell you something” Olivia was nervous of your reaction
“Mhhm?” you looked at her taking your juice 
“Chris and I are a thing…..” 
“YOU WHAT?” you almost spit the juice out of the mouth
“I was going to tell you yesterday,buuut you were at your date and stuff” she bit her lip
“Chris and you…..Like…A boyfriend,girlfriend thing?” you move your fingers
“Yes” she smiled
“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” you smiled and stood up hugging her
“Okay people are staring at us” Olivia laughs
“Oh right” you laugh and sit down again
“Wow…Just…WOw” you laughed thinking about Olivia and Chris kissing 
“Same reaction camed from Jimin” Olivia smiled
“He saw you guys?” 
“Well that is just….Thank God I didn’t see that” 
“I am just kidding” you laughed 
“I am happy for you guys seriously” adding you smiled 

Rest of the time you guys spend in the random shops looking for dresses for New Year’s party.
“FINALLY!” you shout as you exit the dress shop where you bought the dress
“YES…NOW…The gifts for boys” Olivia smiled
“I know…Jimin likes to wear like rings,bracelets,necklaces and stuff like that…SO I decided to buy him a bracelet” you smiled biting your lip
“WOOOOOW that is an great gift” Olivia nodded her head

You guys got to the same jewelry shop where Jimin bought you your necklace.
“This one?” Olivia points
“Naaah..” you said looking for more 

Then you found it.A silver bracelet with touch of black..
“Thisss onee Olivia,this one” you smiled 
“That one is beautiful,I like it” Olivia smiled looking at you 

Olivia bought to Chris a hoodie that he always wanted but never bought it.

Christmas shopping was over and you girl headed back to your room.


Jimin texted you later that you come over.So you brought Olivia with you too since all of you are like in a girlfriend/boyfriend club.
“Hiiii” you smiled opening the door 
“Y/N” Jimin smiled getting off his bed and hugged you,and kissed your head
“I’m so happy to see you” he whispers trough your hair
“I am happy to see you too Jimin” you smiled and kissed his cheek

Jimin and you sat down on his bed looking at Olivia and Chris.
“What?” Chris laughs
“I can’t believe you guys are together” Jimin smiled
“Well we always thought since you guys always “argued” and pick on each other” you laugh

“SHHHHHHHH” Chris shouts and turns the volume of the TV.

The weather report said you can’t go home,because of the big storm and snow.
“Oh wow” you said feeling down for not being able to go see your family.
“What will we do now?” Olivia said
Jimin looked at you,noticing you’re little bit upset because you can’t go home for holidays.
He took your hand in his,searching for you eyes.
“I’m sorry” you sigh and look up at him
“Y/N It is gonna be okay,you’ll see your family…” 
“I know…Ughh I just feel..I mean” 
“You have us! We’ll spend Christmas and New Year togetheer…We are like best friends” Olivia smiled and sat beside you

You smiled at all of them
“Then let’s make this Christmas the best one” you said
“That’s the spirittttt!” Chris smiled and you guys gave each other high five

You wrap your arms around Jimin’s body and he pulled you closer to him.
“It is okay babe” he smiled kissing your head
“Thank you for being here for me” 
“Always gonna be Y/N….I promise..No matter what I am here” Jimin said and you pull away from a hug and stare at his eyes.
He smiled which made you smile right away because he makes you happy,just even by smiling at you.
You bit your lip and lean in to kiss him,the space between you too was filled by Jimin fully pressing his lips on yours,putting his hands on your cheeks.

He made your heart skip a beat since day one.His orange hair,plump lips,those cute eyes.
Being in his arms makes you feel safe and warm.When he holds your hand,pokes your cheek,shows off his abs like that he’s the strongest..
You loved every part of him,he was perfect in his own way.
His kind and sweet,happy personality is what got your heart.

You smiled pulling away.
“I…Yeah” some serious words were about to slip out of your mouth but you think it is too early to be saying them.
Jimin smiled giving you one more kiss.

“SO..Love birds…” Chris said and you two look at him
“We need to buy a Christmas tree,decorations…Like tomorrow is Christmas eve.” he said
“So we go tomorrow to buy everything?” 
“I think we should go now” Olivia said
“Yeah…Because maybe stores will be closed..Which they probably will” you smiled
“Let’s goo then” Chris points at the door 

All of you put on your coats and jackets,beanies,scarves and winter glowes and you were ready to go.

You guys went to the nearest shop and bought a lot of Christmas decorations for the tree.
“THIS ONE” Jimin shouts and points at the Christmas tree
“It is cuteee..” all of you said and took that one.

Jimin and Chris were carrying the tree and you and Olivia the decorations.
“Our room or yours?” Chris asked 
“Your” you said
“OKAY” he shouts in happiness and Jimin laughs because of his face expressions

— Christmas eve —

“Playing them Christmas soooongs!” Jimin smiled and played random Christmas songs while you guys were preparng the tree
“In the corner Chris” you point
“Is it good?” he moves it
“Naah in that corner” you laugh to tease Chris
“Naaah put it that corner before”
“Y/N don’t fuck with me pleaseee!” Chris laughs 
YOu laughed and gave him a hug.

Olivia and Jimin took the decorations out of the bags and put them on a coffee table.
First Chris puts the Christmas lights around the tree and then you guys started to decorate the tree.

“No put it there” you slap Jimin hand 
“Why not here?” he laughs
“Because there it will look better” you smiled 
Jimin laughs and puts the Christmas ornaments .

Finally after finishing with the decorating,Olivia plugs in the lights.
“Now” Olivia smiled and it lights up with random colors
“WAAAA” you smiled and all of you clapped hands
“This is amazing” you smiled 
“Our tree is the most beautiful one EVER!” Jimin laughs

Later you guys sat around on the beds and just talked about childhood,till when you guys believed into Santa,when did you realise Santa isn’t real and such stuff like that.

You cuddle up next to Jimin,he puts his hands around you pulling your closer to him.
“Goodnight everyone” you smiled
“Goodnight” rest of them said

You turn around towards Jimin.You run your index finger down his jaw and lips.
He just stared at you with a small smile.
“WHy don’t you go sleep?” he whispers
“Because I can’t wait till midnight” you whisper back
“YOu love Christmas?” he smiled
“Yes,a lot…And I got to spend it with people I love so much” you smiled 

Jimin moves his head closer to you and gives you a kiss.His hand travels down to your waist pulling your body closer to his.
Your lips danced together for few minutes.
“Goodnight Y/N” he kisses your nose 
“Night” you smiled closing your eyes

— Christmas —

You woke up.Right away you took your phone to see what time is it.
5AM sharp.
You got out of the bed and stand between two beds.
“WAKEEEEEEEE UPPPPP” you started to shout
“Yaaaaaah” Chris waves his hands
“MERRY CHRISTMAAAAS” you shout being excited
All of them open their eyes and stare at you.
“Because it is Christmas” you laughed

They all got up and all of you hugged each other and gave kisses on the cheeks.
Jimin and you kissed,and you guys waited for Chris and Olivia to kiss too.
“We ain’t doing it” Olivia laughs
“Ahh come on,seriouslyyyy” Jimin said
“Do it…Do it…DO it….” Jimin and you smiled 

Chris and Olivia finally kiss.
“YEEEES IT IS A MIRACLEEE” Jimin puts his hands in the air
“Oh shut up” they acted shy

Finally gift time came up.
“I am gonna open first” Chris smiled taking his gifts
“Ahhhhhh ma man” Jimin and he hug each other
“You knew what I wanteed” Chris was so happy he got two new masks for his iPhone
“This gift is from me and Y/N” Olivia smiled
“Okay…Okay…” he opens it

Chris looks at you then at Olivia
“Really guuuys” he was so happy and emotional
“Mhhhmmm” you nodded your head
“Thank you! I love you so much!” he smiled and hugged you guys at the same time

Olivia saw her gifts,now Jimin smiled biting his lip and handed you a medium size,red box.
“I hope you’ll like it” he smiled
YOu open it and it was necklace.
“Ahhh Jiminn” you look at him
“Do you like it?” he bites his lips
“Of coursee I do,you didn’t have to” you smiled and kiss his lips
“I am glad you liked it” he smiled and you hand him the necklace and he puts it around your neck
“Woooow that is so pretty on you” Olivia smiled
“Thank you” you blushed

Jimin took your gift in his hands..He looks at you and then opens the gift.
“Really?!” he smiled
“WOOOOOOOOW” Chris was in shock
“Y/N” Jimin smiled 
“Thank you,it is so beautiful” he added and kissed you 

You put it around his wrist.
“It fits you perfectly” you smiled
“I loveee it” Jimin smiled and hugs you this time

Days passed..Everything was going really well.You didn’t take off Jimin’s gift so didn’t he took off your bracelet you gave him.
He was just in love with it.

All of you were preparing for the New Year.
There will be a party organised by the college people who run it.
You just couldn’t wait for that night.

There will be music,dancing,food,drinks..You never had a New years kiss,now you’ll have it,which you are so excited about.

— New Year’s eve —

“DO I look good?” Jimin smiled posing for Chris
“A-mazing brooo” he smiled and showed him thumbs up 
“And I?” Chris smiled
“A-mazing” Jimin smiled and both of them laugh
“I can’t wait to see Y/N” he added 
“I can’t wait to see Olivia” 
“I think they’ll be looking so good I might go blind” Chris added and Jimin falls on bed laughing
“Seriously?” he cathes a breath
“Well you know….Girls” Chris laughs
“Oh God…..” Jimin wipes off the tears who were almost falling because of his laughing

“Ready guuuuurl?” Olivia said
“Okay,I am coming out” you said and open the bathroom door and walk out
“OH GOD!” Olivia puts her hand over her mouth
“Do I look..Good?” you smiled
“You ask me do I look good? YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL LIKE I CANT” 
“Ahh stooop” you laughed
“You look amazing tonight Olivia” you smiled adding
“Seriously I think boys will die when they see us” Olivia puts on her red lipstick
“Sure thing” you smiled fixing your hair

Jimin and Chris arrived there around 10PM…Already there was a lot of people.
“YES” Chris started to dance 

“JIMIN!” Jimin hears hisname being called
“What no WAY!” he was in shock 

His friends V,Suga,Jungkook,Rap Monster,J-Hope,Jin and Jaebum,Jackson and few others were smiling at him.
“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GUYS ARE HEREEE” Jimin smiled and jumps to hug everyone
“We wanted to suprisee you” Jaebum smiled
“Waaa! I love you guyssss” Jimin was so excited and happy to see his friends
“LET’S DANCEEEEE” Chris smiled to the guys because he knew them already 

All of them went to the dance floor and started to dance and have fun.
Watch this video—-

You and Olivia entered the hall around 30 minutes 11PM, hearing a song “Uptown funk” playing
“MY JAAAAAM” Olivia puts her hands in the air

You notice Jimin,and two more guys dancing..
“Look” you point at them
“They so funny” you laughed 

Finally you two walk trought the crowd.
“Hii Jimin” you smiled biting your lip

Jimin couldn’t say anything.You were just so beautiful that you left him speachless.
“You…Wow” he smiled
You smiled and kiss his cheek
“GUYS this is Y/N….MY girlfrieeend” Jimin smiled and all the boys waved at you and said hi

Jimin and you had some moments where you just can’t pull away from kissing.
“AHH COME ON!” V laughs looking at you two
“Jimin I need you” V added 
“I’ll be there…” Jimin smiled at V,then looked back at you.
“God you are so beautiful” he puts his hands on your cheeks
Jimin leans in again kissing you few times
“Go to your boys” you laughed and tap his chest
“I’ll be back” Jimin smiled kissing your cheek and letting go of your hand

You stayed on the dance floor dancing by yourself until Olivia camed and joined in.
“What time is it?” you shout to Olivia’s ear
“Like 15 minutes till midnight” she said
“ALREADY!” you laughed 
“MHMMM!” Olivia smiled and just hugged you tight
“I love you Y/N! I am so happy to have you as a best friend!” 
“Awww I love you too Olivia” you tear up a little
“Ahhh don’t cryyy” she laughed 
“Breatheee”Olivia added
YOu nodded your head smiling and continued to dance and sing along the songs.

That guy,one of Jimin’s friends camed up on the stage smiling.
“What is his naame?” you asked Olivia
“Ahh I don’t know…I think J..Jackson!” she nodded her head
“Whaaaaat’s upppp everyoneeeee!” he shouted smiling and everyone started clapping
“OKAY so there is 2 MINUTES till new year! I just wanna say hope 2016 will bring you more exciting moments,love,happiness and so much MORE!”
“NOOOOW find your partner to kiss! No matter if you don’t know them! Come onnn boys pull the girl close to you and get prepared” he laughs

YOu turn around to see where Jimin is.Your eyes meet as he wlked towards you.He had a small smile on his face.
“I am here babe” he smiled and kissed your cheek

“OKAY 10…………5,4,.3…” Jackson di dthe countdown

Jimin turns around towards you,pulling your body close to his,holding you tightly.
“HAPPY NEEEW YEAR!” Jackson shouts and all the fireworks go on and the stuff

Jimin leans and presses his lips against yours,kissing your he licked your bottom lip asking for a permission to enter your mouth.You slightly open your mouth and his tongue enter your mouth.
This was the hottest kissing with Jimin you’ve ever done.

Your tongues danced together.Jimin kissed you slowly but very sexy.
Pulling away to catch breath,Jimin caressed your cheek with his thumb
“I love you Y/N” Jimin’s forehead was against yours
Your heart melts,you were so happy to hear those words coming from Jimin.
“I love you too” you smiled pressing your lips against his again