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starter call for the following muses :    james moriarty  ( sherlock holmes ) ,   james  ( twilight ) ,   emmett cullen  ( twilight ) ,   psyche  ( greek myth ) ,   adonis  ( greek myth ) ,   monica geller  ( friends ) ,   morgan le fay  ( arthurian legend reincarnation ) ,   tim canterbury  ( the office uk ) ,   kristoff bjorgman  ( frozen ) ,   rapunzel  ( tangled ) ,   mickey milkovich  ( shameless us ) ,    veronica  ‘ v ‘  fisher  ( shameless us )   and  satine  ( moulin rouge ) .    specify  what  muse  u ’ d  like,   or  i ’ ll  randomize it. 

I can’t wait to start playing ranked again. My wifi tends to be unstable so I have to play normal draft pick and I’m on a week long win streak with the enemy team almost always surrendering. It’s getting very boring honestly, and I would really like a challenge.

Artwork by @thefallenstarchild

okay but have you considered these aus
  • “ur on my skype contacts as "suspicious looking plant” who the fuck are u"
  • “ur my secret santa n i got u a rubiks cube buT I DIDN’T KNOW U WERE COLOURBLIND”
  • “i’m taking photos of the school for the website why are u in all of these wtf”
  • “I need a duet and i heard u played the piano???/?”
  • "i saw u cited fox news as a source in ur paper and im here to tell u no”
  • “i was playing kesha in my room nd i heard u playing a violin version of it next door”
  • “hey buddy u need a lil help prefecting these 11 year olds u sure look like it”
  • ”!!!! excuse me sir we’re watching a marvel film and the credits are rolling and ur about to leave and im here to tell u no”
  • “im starving and my microwave is broken but i need to eat these leftovers if u dont let me use ur microwave i will stab a bitch”
  • “hey… psst… i know we have to be silent in this library but what the fuck does this captcha say”

I’m an asshole!
Sorry! I really wanted to get more writing done, but theme fixing, character additions and general random blogging got the better of me.
I am not even the least bit tired either!
I just have to take something so I can sleep, because work comes real fucking early for someone who makes a living by selling coffee in the mornings.
Anyway— I’ll be lurking while I wait for this shit to kick in, but no more drafts are gonna happen.

I’ve got some memes coming up you can send in if you want.
That and there is now an actual link on my sidebar to memes as well.
G’night folks.


//I’m feelin pretty sick atm so I’m gonna peace out. Might pop in later to send asks, reply to asks, and draft replies. Wont work on drafts tonight. Might tomorrow depends how im doin. 

//Gonna do sign off posts like these whenever i’m logging out for the night to help keep myself grounded. I’ll put a checklist under the read more each time of things I’ve done that day as well as things I have yet to do. Replies I’ve drafted to do later will be in my todo list so if you dont see your name you’re likely in the queue. As I have memory loss this is helpful to me to keep organized and you are welcome to ignore it.

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Kitten ~MC smut

WARNING: v bad smut,strong language,a bit of daddy kink..

a/n: i apologise if this is shit but i had this lying around in my drafts and i promised you guys a smut so here u have daddy! michael going down on his kitten aka you… Enjoy

  His hands traveled from the back of her neck to her breasts. Lightly rolling her nipples between his fingers and then pinching them hard. His mouth leaving random bruises along her colarbones before moving lower and soothing the tender area his fingers were abusing just seconds ago. Her head resting against a pillow and her mouth sightly open a quiet sigh of content leaving it every so often. Both in their underwear,clothes long forgotten in random corners of the room. He  lightly the tips of his fingers over her covered slit. “Mikey pleaseee…” she begged, he removed his hands,glaring at her “What did you just call me?” he growled “S-sorry Daddy” she said between breaths fighting the urge to scream at him to just fuck her already. “That’s a good girl” he laughed slightly before finnaly moving her underwear to the side and sliding his finger into her already wet heat. His mouth came in contact with her clit alternating between licking and sucking every so often. More and more moans slipped from her mouth along with the occasional curse or a muffled sigh of content. He aded another finger and went faster and harder trying to curl his fingers just right to find her sweet spot. “fuck just like that i’m gonna come daddy please let me cum” she begged between moans and he thrusted his fingers in and out faster,his tounge once again finding her clit. “Come,I got you kitten” he said lifting his head to look at the beautiful girl that was falling apart infront of him. He slowed down his pace helping her ride out her high. After her breathing got back to normal,she looked at Michael her eyebrows raised “Want me to return the favor daddy?”