random shit i gif

a/n: hello everyone! i’m sorry for including such an irrelevant gif but i love his smile so deal with it. this was an idea of a very lovely person and i loved it so i decided to make it public, so yeah. hope y'all like. xoxo

warnings: drunk!reader
summary: reader is drunk, dan takes care of them

edit: ok i know dan doesn’t drive but this is what you get

-you texting your boyfriend Dan to come pick you up from RandomClub™ as you’re drunk and can’t drive

-Dan sighing at the message which interrupted him from practicing the piano, but getting up immediately to come get you

-him trying to convince you to get in the car, as you suddenly don’t feel like doing anything else than kissing his entire face

-“come on baby, let me help you in the car.”

-you talking about random shit happening at the party the entire ride home, having Dan listen to it

-him having you say random shit like“I love your hair Dan. It’s so soft.” and answering you with “Thank you.”

-reaching to pet his hair, making him laugh

-Dan helping you out of the car when you’re home, carrying you to the bed, going to the kitchen and getting you a glass of water

-you trying to hide in behind the see-through glass door to scare him

-Dan rolling his eyes but still being kinda amused by this whole situation you got yourself into

-you going back to bed, being annoyed ‘cause you don’t feel sleepy at all

-him listening to your hiccups untill you fall asleep on his lap


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