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redactedkondraki  asked:

What are your fave silly headcanons you have for the dmc cast?

Sorry for the late reply I had to write them all down! These area REALLY dumb. Tbh i just think of the DMC crew as an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode 

Perrie’s dumb Devil May Cry headcannons

  • None of these assholes can cook, except for Nero and Lady. Those two basically had to raise themselves so they know what they’re doing.
  • Vergil’s clapbacks are insane. Like he leaves everyone speechless. Dante- “I treat my body like a temple.” Vergil - “Yeah open to everyone, day and night.”
  • If a gate is locked Dante would climb over it rather than open the latch.
  • Nero loves Taco Bell. You can find him there at 1:45am eating crunchy tacos.
  • Vergil is so fucking hipster that this bitch would rather go to some random as coffee shop than step foot into name brand places like Starbucks and Peet’s coffee.
  • Trish shops at MAC a lot and always gets mistaken for an employee.
  • Patty records the stupid shit the dmc crew does and posts it on the internet where it becomes memes. “Guy in Red Coat eats 7 whole pizzas while sharpening giant sword shirtless.”
  • “I saw you hanging out with Dante the other day!” “Lady, it’s not what you think!”
  • Lady drinks Diet Mountain Dew.
  • Trish wears crocs at home. This gorgeous, tall model woman wears fucking crocs.
  • Vergil can be found at 3:18am in Denny’s eating pancakes and reading travel pamphlets and maps.
  • Trish gets her nails done only at NT Nails by Larry. She won’t let anyone else touch her hands.
  • Dante plays Africa by ToTo after missions.
  • Nero has an android. Someone get this kid an iPhone.
  • Dante doesn’t know how tf to use a computer, as well as a cellphone. “I’ll send you an email-” “A what.”
  • When stuff goes missing everyone blames Dante but Vergil’s the mf who steals everyone’s shit.
  • Dante once ate a whole can of Spaghetti-O’s. Raw. Straight out of the can.
  • Dante can be found sitting at 2:28am in a Walmart parking lot eating a strawberry flavored go-gurt.
  • Trish and Nero go on late night drives to burger joints. Sometimes Dante joins but makes them pay for him.
  • Vergil is super mysterious to everyone because he randomly disappears, but he’s actually somewhere where he can scream because he’s so fucking done with everything.
  • Lady and Dante were once trying to buy some demonic item so they go this alley to meet the merchant and they met with the wrong guy and ended up accidentally buying crack.
  • Trish can be found at 12:36am on the roof of a bar drinking straight vodka.
  • Vergil thrift shops, he likes to collect fancy coats, shoes, and shirts. But he acts like he only shops Gucci.
  • Dante steals a bunch of pool balls from bars because he constantly destroys all of his own.
  • Nero once road his motorcycle into a Panda Express drive through because he didn’t give a fuck. The employees were so intimidated they couldn’t say no.
  • Trish goes out during lightning storms and cackles and dance around.
  • Lady can be found at 11:57 inside a gas station buying Lime Hot Cheetos.

excuse my shitty edit, but i’ve decided to put together all the links into one place that i’ve found that i want to reference, mainly writing and food. (will be adding more constantly) (updated: 1/26/16)

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Some of you just be going out of your way to be rude to and insult people for retweets. You call that “woke” and being “savage,” but I know what you truly are. Bunch of bullies looking for attention and approval via strangers on the internet. Y’all will find a picture of some white girl posing in a bikini on a beach, and someone will caption, “Cracker with no ass!” And it’d be funny if it weren’t for the fact you know nothing about the girl, steal random pictures for your “white people ain’t shit” aesthetics, and just an outright cyber-bully. Like I can see if someone was saying something outright ignorant or problematic, but for you to go in on certain people for no reason at all makes you look bad, no one else. 

 I’m all for dragging and going in on people who deserve it. We all know I’m not above name-calling and getting nasty with people who constant harass, gaslight and abuse me. But I also don’t caption everything with something shady just to look “cute” and “savage.” 

Listen y’all, I don’t know BK. We’ve never talked. We’re not friends. 


I’m seeing some utter rubbish about her changing her url to something that isn’t CS related and I just cannot with that. Maybe it has something to do with my own feelings on the CS fandom at the moment. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that her new ship is also in a way my new ship. But mostly it has to do with the sense of utter fucking ridiculous entitlement certain people seem to have. 

If you’re reading this directly from my blog, I highly doubt it pertains to you. The people who I have interacted with from the CS fandom are for the most part quite lovely. You’ve made fandom fun, and I appreciate you for brightening many a shitty day. I also appreciate that many of you are tagging along for the ride on the new ship. Please, come play in the angsty sandbox. There is room for everyone. 


I don’t owe anyone anything. I am not obligated to write a single solitary word about CS ever again (though I likely will). BK doesn’t owe anyone anything. Yes, she wrote one of the most popular fics in the fandom. Put Me In Coach was actually my CS gateway drug. I’m sure it was for a lot of us. But she doesn’t owe the fandom shit. 

Writing is hard. I’ve reblogged all the silly gifs about it, but real talk. It. Is. Hard. It is - for me - battling self-doubt at every word. it is putting a piece of yourself out on the internet for people to say whatever the fuck they want about it, because you’re not a person to a lot of readers. You’re some random url that makes the words happen. (For the readers who don’t fall into this category, I know you exist, and I adore you.)

TL:DR: Back the fuck off people just trying to find some enjoyment in their hobby. It’s not about you. 

Dear Anon:

To the anon who left the asks last night. I’m not going to publish them because for some reason you felt the need to mention other people and they don’t deserve to be dragged into whatever you were trying to start.

But it seems you have some issues with my writing, and what I choose to put on my blog. Those things I’m more than happy to go over with you. To be fair, I don’t think they were mean asks - I think you feel entitled to more than just your opinion.

As for how I write Dean: I’m not about to make him perfect. He’s NOT. I’m not sure what show you’ve been watching, but Dean is far from perfect (and Sam isn’t always the villain) There are a lot of really incredible things about Dean, and some of those are his biggest downfall. Especially, in my opinion, when he takes them too far.

You mentioned Go Ahead and Drown. How, Dean would never abandon the reader like that. Well, first of all, nowhere does it say they were in a relationship. Part of this may be my fault, because in the pairings I did say Dean x Reader BUT in my head it was a platonic relationship. I didn’t think I needed to explicitly state that. Furthermore if you think about it he abandoned Bobby after Sam. At least it could be seen that way. You can’t really blame him for wanting to detach from all things Sam, which would’ve meant people who he considered to be family.

The point is, Dean isn't always some knight in shining armor, which is good! It makes him a person, not some one dimensional Stepford tv character. If he, or any of the other characters were, this show wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long as it has.

As for Safe Here. The reader gets to yell at Dean, she gets to have opinions. She’s not there to placate to him. She gets to be super pissed at him when he does things that affect her without so much as a head’s up. Every once in awhile we all need a swift kick in the ass. That’s life. She also gets to have her very own relationship with Sam.

If you do not like how I write the characters, do not read. It’s not that hard.

Now to the part that got me pretty heated tbh. How I run my blog, who I choose to reblog, the comments I leave, what fandoms I'm in how I interact with friends, followers, whatever, is quite frankly none of your fucking business. You have literally no say in it. I’m damn near 31 years old. I ain’t changing for some random person on the internet just because they don’t like it. Sorry. If you don’t like it hit that handy unfollow button. I promise you aren’t hurting my feelings. I understand my personality isn’t for everyone, shit, sometimes my personality isn’t even for me. I’ve unfollowed people before, for a number of different reasons. Because at a certain point you have to take what you want into your own hands.

It is not an individual blogger’s responsibility to change their space to please you. There are plenty of options. Go find them.

anonymous asked:

(Sorry, I'll try to word it better) I know that you think it's stupid that people keep treating fiction like reality (aka the ks situation) and was wondering what your opinion of the media should do when confronted with situations like it. If I'm not mistaken, you want representation like poc, lgbt, etc, however it put the media in an odd spot if it's simultaneously fiction isn't reality and should be treated as such, and also show more etc, because if that representation matters doesn't it all?

Okay now I see what you’re getting at.

I have totally different expectations of responsibility for a piece of media based on how mainstream that thing is. And the level of mainstream-ness is only one factor. For an example, let’s look at Stranger Things. Netflix is a H U G E company and they aren’t just a streaming service anymore, they’re in the business of producing some of the most-consumed media in the USA. So from them, I expect excellence. Stranger Things had so much problematic shit going on, I’m not even gonna get into all of it - I still liked it, and I’m gonna hope for better in season 2, but I don’t let them off the hook for all the problematic elements in that show.

Then on the other side of the spectrum is stuff like fanfiction. For fanfiction authors, the level of responsibility I anticipate is basically zero. I expect them to tag everything correctly and beyond that, I don’t care what fucked up stuff they wanna write. What is the average hits per fic on AO3? A few hundred, maybe? That’s not a huge audience. Fanfiction is such a niche culture with even smaller niches inside it, and fanfiction writers are usually really good about tagging everything correctly. For me to click on something labeled “snuff” and then loudly complain “I find this distasteful!” is like that comic of the guy who says he hates sharks and then jumps in the shark infested waters. I have no right to complain because I knew exactly what I signed on for. A mother who buys GTA for her ten year old kid has no right to complain, since the package warned her that it was not appropriate for her child and why. But something like Stranger Things, that didn’t come with a warning label of “oh by the way there’s an unnecessary, long sex scene with teenage characters and it also reeks of ‘no means yes’ rape culture elements that are in no way portrayed as negative”.

How different types of media are produced, packaged, sold and consumed makes a huge difference. There’s video games, visual novels, webcomics, books, movies, TV, they all have different standards for content warnings and different sizes and demographics of the audiences they’re made for, and they all have to jump through different hoops to get produced. Like, a bunch of people in hollywood had to decide to greenlight that fucking horror movie about the suicide forest in Japan. nobody in that entire creative process stopped and thought, hey maybe we shouldn’t take another country’s actual real ongoing crisis and turn it into a cheap horror flick? but they don’t care, because they can make money off of it. something like that I absolutely support boycotting. don’t reward them with your money for exploiting an actual tragedy.

but then if somebody wants to write a messed up fanfic with content i find distasteful, or post some fanart on their blog, they’re doing it for free and mostly for themselves. I have no right to tell them they can’t, as long as they label it all correctly and take measures to keep it away from people who don’t want to see it. moreover, my harassing them and getting angry won’t make the content I don’t like go away. they’re a random person on the internet, and they probably don’t need me to educate them about their shit being problematic, they probably know full well that it is. i have no power to make them stop and even if I did, I wouldn’t be helping anyone or accomplishing anything. i’d just be bullying someone i don’t know because i don’t understand the concept of blacklist, block and ignore.

So there’s some grey areas and complexities. It’s never a simple “this is ALWAYS okay” or “this is NEVER okay”.

as far as asking for more representation, mainstream media falls way behind in that area, consistently. it’s important to keep demanding better representation in media for people that aren’t white and straight. we’re getting there, slowly but surely.

so yesterday, my mom, dad, sister and i went to the house we were gonna move into soon. i saw several cups of salt and rice on random places around the house and i was just. confused. so i asked my mom what was up with the salt and rice cups. she said “i’ll tell you when you’re older.” and my sister (who is currently 17) goes “how about me?? am I old enough??” but my mom says the same thing

out of curiosity i searched it up on the internet “salt and rice” when i see google continue it to “salt and rice ritual” and i go “holy sHIT are my parents occult members??” when i find this

it was FengShui all along

alright, so I posted this video called *Your dating “preferences” are discriminatory* about how saying you would never date a trans person, a fat person, or a disabled person is probably discriminatory and based in prejudice rather than genuine preference.

the response has been overwhelming negative after several large anti-feminist youtubers made response videos.

my argument has been ignored, misconstrued, and strawmanned more than i ever thought possible. so i took some time to write out a response.

i tried posting that response on YouTube, but my comments kept disappearing even though I was just commenting on my own video??? I guess YouTube thought it was too long or something. So I’m posting it here as an image so that I can comment on the YouTube video with a link and direct people to the image.

so that image is what is above. you can right click on it and select Open image in new tab to read the full thing (sorry it’s low quality idk how to fix that), or click the Keep reading below, or read it on imgur.

Oh, one more thing that isn’t included in the image or below the Keep reading:  Another example that @queerqtpie brought up to me recently was the comparison of color preferences. If you survey people today, girls tend to prefer pink and boys tend to prefer blue. Does that mean that girls inherently have some innate drive to like pink, and boys for blue? Of course not. There are external culture and social factors that contribute to those preferences. Those preferences still exist, and they are obviously allowed to have them; it’s not bad for a girl to like pink or a boy to like blue. But it’s not inherent, innate, and unchanging. And it would be ridiculous to get offended at the idea that color preference might be externally influenced because we’ve seen through history that blue hasn’t always been associated with boys, nor pink for girls (they used to be reversed). Folks with these preferences may not be able to immediately control which color they prefer, but if they can be aware that their favorite color isn’t an innate unchanging thing (and in fact might have been influenced by very arbitrary societal gender rules), it might help them to enjoy other colors more at some point in the future.

Okay, now go ahead and read the thing if you want:

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

I can't believe there's wank about Avengers Assemble being a children's cartoon! The creator himself said that he aims for the show to be for PEOPLE of all ages! Lord gimme strength...

i think the criticism is coming from a really weirdly unnecessarily defensive place. as one of the original people to make the ‘this is a children’s show!’ joke on an edit that’s been fairly widely reblogged, i’d be the first to own up to inappropriate fandom behavior. but people making allusions to innuendo (most of which are a stretch except that one golden line from 1.06) on tumblr by giffing actual dialogue is hardly going to Corrupt The Youth.

it’s like being worried that the countless dirty jokes hidden in franchises targeted at children (billion-dollar award-winning disney & pixar, etc.) like frozen, toy story, aladdin, emperor’s new groove, justice league animated, is exposing children to hyper-sexualised content. these movies and cartoons are created by adults who know that their work is going to be viewed by other adults, i’m not going to comment on whether or not what they’ve done is appropriate but accusing people of appropriating cartoons simply for recognising the subtle dirty joke nod the text itself has given us is ???? ridiculous, imo.

the matter of fanfic is another issue entirely but again, a handful of scenes taken out of context with ‘ this is a children’s joke ’ is nothing compared to the actual websites out there dedicated to depicting disney / cartoon / pixar characters as erotica. like, sure, if you typed in ‘___ + sex’ or ‘___ + nsfw’ you’d come up with a shit ton of explicit results. (but honestly, in all reality, if it WERE that easy to find this nsfw cartoon pornography i’m 100% sure this would have become an issue already. i’m sure the campaigns that are so mad abt how violent video games are would’ve tried to burn the internet to the ground already if it were really that easy.)

i don’t, however, see hyper-sexualised nsfw Sin™ that some random kid could google and suddenly be Exposed to just wantonly littered across the Internet:

and frankly as someone who loves aa for copious reasons i’ve expounded upon already in those shady tags and a gazillion other posts throughout this blog, i’m pretty Offended that someone is going 2 accuse me of only liking aa because my gay otp exchanges a few inappropriate innuendos. 

i talk about aa ALL THE TIME, extolling the virtues of how the show demonstrates teamwork and camraderie and how amazing it is seeing the avengers work together in a team and sharing in each other’s strengths + weaknesses, how being flawed + imperfect is part of the human condition (and the 149839584 other feel-good didactic lessons they sneak into the plot of each episode). i am Constantly talking about aa as the one universe that truly represents the spirit of the avengers as a family, as people who are at their best and greatest together. all of the best parts of aa stevetony as a romantic dynamic revolves around the ‘mom & dad’ trope, their trust + support of each other, the utterly domestic vibe of their interactions, their ability to lead as a team (in a kid-friendly fun for all ages context) without resorting to the contrived shock factor twists and plot pitfalls that plague every other universe. it’s BECAUSE aa is targeted at kids and needs no ulterior motive other than keeping the avengers as a working family unit that trusts and loves each other in spite of everything that makes aa so enjoyable and such a reprieve from every single other thing marvel is doing atm.

‘dirty raunchy nsfw subtext’ wouldn’t even make the top 50 reasons i love aa if it existed.

anonymous asked:

You're disrespecting the founding fathers and you're all going to hell for queering up American history.

Oh, sweet. It’s my turn for this shit. Okay, anon. You got me in a bit of a mood. So. We’re gonna go through a couple of points together, so I want you to pull up your big kid pants if you can find them and let’s get started. [[READ MORE]]First of all, I really don’t think the founding fathers biggest priority, even if they weren’t dead as all heck, would be random ass people on the internet pretending to be them. Seriously, there’s so much more for them to be confused and offended by in this new fangled era you clearly haven’t transitioned into yet. Second off, you might notice something. Y'see how an awful lot of us post about the founding fucksticks and co. as if they were….characters? In some kind of…….musical??? Because yeah, maybe if you’d yanked your head out of your own shrivelled up anus you’d have noticed that an awful lot of us are basing at least our lil blogs on the musical, which probably doesn’t make that much of a difference in your bigoted mind, but hey, I just wanted to make the point that for a lot of us we’re doing this as if they’re fictional characters. Which brings me to point three, we don’t know jack shit about them. Sure, we get an idea of what they were like, but we’ll never really know because we weren’t fucking there. Although do correct me if I’m wrong on that one, because if you’re actually as old as your shitty opinion is you’re a medical miracle. What I’m trying to say which was phrased way better and more coherently in another post is that all we really have are interpretations of what the actual founding fathers were like, and nothing else. I say this because clearly we have some different interpretations going on. Bringing me to point four. These blogs are, for the most part (as far as I can tell) mostly focused on being funny rather than accurate. For example, we tend to swear a lot more, and we crack jokes they wouldn’t have made at the time (charles lee is a mouse furry) and yes, we tend to be significantly more casual about same sex couples than they likely would have been. That’s how we roll. Get the fuck over it or leave. Point five. Do you really have to do this? Do you get any satisfaction knowing that you typed this out and sent it? How the fuck did you think I’d react? Don’t bother replying or anything, I doubt you’ll bother reading this anyway, but if you do I’d recommend reconsidering your priorities. Finally, to address the suggestion that I’m going to hell. I highly fucking doubt it. As much as we joke about committing sins in our strange writing and all that fun stuff I do generally try to be a good person. Plus I don’t really believe in hell, but that’s a whole other thing. Besides, let’s give you the benefit of the doubt and say that leading a life where you aren’t exclusively attracted romantically and sexually to people of the “opposite” biological sex, for lack of a better phrase coming to mind. Let’s just pretend you’re right. I’ll tell you right now that any Heaven that refuses to accept for reasons beyond a persons control is no heaven I’d want my bisexual ass in anyways. In summation, kindly go fuck yourself. -AJ 

i hate pmvs because the artists are like never credited so if you ever make a picture music video using random pictures u find on the internet without crediting i will come to your house and reorganize all of your furniture in a really inconvenient way