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First Meeting
  • Damian: Another one of fathers sluts I see.
  • Dick: (Y/n): 1 Damian: 0

I loved watching her. Everything about her was perfect. And I do mean it. Every little detail, every little fraction of her body. All of that. Perfect.

In my eyes, there was not a single flaw visible on her body. All I did day by day now was thinking about her. Slowly, but drastically I have become obsessed with her. All of her.

Her. Y/N.

I found out her name just recently; after listening to the conversation she was having with her best friend, while walking back from college. I can remember perfectly the way her name was said and the way she reacted to it immediately. He, her friend, was a boy and at first the thought of her hanging out with him angered me to the maximum, but I quickly after found out that he is interested in nothing else but men, which calmed my reckless mind.

I had no right to be jealous, nor had a reason to. It was 21st century, I guess women and men can spend time with each other without wanting to fuck one another senseless. However, that was not truly the point. The fact that she was with anyone who was not me made me angry. Everytime I deeply thought about how blessed the people who she loves are, I went mad - I should be the one around her, receiving the love.

Fucking hell, I’m in love with her.

I’m so fucking in love with her. All I want is for us two to start being with each other. She is my midnight fantasy and she is my first morning thought.

Oh, God. I make no sense now. Do I make sense? I’m pretty sure I don’t, I feel like I’m just talking random shit. You probably don’t even understand what is going on by now. Trust me. I do not as well, it’s alright. All I know is that I love the girl and I dream about her constantly, with no break. I don’t really get it, I mean, it just happened. Shit, it’s not my fault, get off my dick.

Anyways, I got to have her. If I won’t, that means I lose. And Jason Mccann can’t lose. He doesn’t lose. So, How am I going to get her, that is the question. Well, I will! I will. Even if that means taking her against her will and putting her on the back of my truck, driving off away from here. I don’t care. I will get her. Or this obsession will be the death of me.


Obssesion: Jason Mccann

The Series Coming Soon.

BTS as mental breakdowns I have after midnight (ft. @fanvergent712)

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Somehow ended up doing a “Which Disney princess are you?” Buzzfeed quiz At 2:30 am

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Casually burning shit with matches at 2 am

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Eating peanut butter with a knife at midnight.

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Solving puzzles at 3 am while eating Doritos

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Shaving his legs at 3 am bc why not?

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Showering at 2 am for no reason, listening to the cyphers while texting Jungkook who is also showering

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Learning girls group dances at 1 am

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anonymous asked:

hi cutie. we miss u over @ /r/kotakuinaction - wanna be my cum bucket u sassy little minx? would fill u up good n proper

what’s it like having to anonymously throw yourself at someone who wouldn’t even notice you if you did it irl?

I think by American Gods rules you weirdos have made me into a demigod by now but I don’t even know your name.

Weird. I’m not even trolling, y'all are legitimately a weird following to have when you send me what, I’m guessing, is supposed to unnerve me or whatever, but also hit on me like that’s supposed to mean something bad for me. But honestly, if you think *your* interest in someone means something horrifying about them, isn’t that kind of the ultimate dunk on you, not me? Like your thirst is the actually bad thing being framed here? That some indifferent nerd with a life and shit to do doesn’t even know your name and barely cares outside a morbid existential fascination and abstract pity, but you’ve shadowed to varying degrees of accuracy for *years* and occupies your mind enough to send random sexually tinged messages to?

I’m not sure which is more desperate - people like you or Milo, who texted me this month after midnight to brag about his inaccurate book sales while I was out with friends. He had some area code that was the same as mine so I mistook him for a friend I hadn’t added to my phone yet instead of some pathetic little dude who can’t send me weird tweets anymore so he had to dig up my new phone number some how.

Like, damn. Dropping all the elements of how fucked up either of you are, how is that anything other than a series of extremely sad self-owns?

we’re about to hit the 1 year mark for bvs

And I wanted to write something deep, but lol who am I kidding. Here’s me waxing poetic about the DCEU

I think a lot about this universe. A LOT. I rewatch MOS constantly. There’s not a day that goes by I don’t listen to at least one song  of the ost (Launch and Terraforming at my faves). Since 2013 when MOS was released, I’ve listened to it. MOS/BVS and now SuSq are on all my devices. I know I won’t watch them EVERY day, but I like knowing they’re there. I have a very random work schedule that sometimes sees me in the subway pass the midnight mark when I either get home in 20 minutes or 2 hours. Most times, I’ll put on one of those movies. Do I want contemplative smol superpowered child in an alien invasion with some romance thrown in? MOS. Do I want visual mind fuck and intertextual superhero madness with some romance thrown in? BVS. Do I want to have introspective fun with weirdos fucking shit up together with some romance thrown in? SuSq. This is on top of the movies/tv shows I also have in all my devices. The stuff that I return to constantly for peace of mind. Sometimes I need it for brain juice. Sometimes I just need something that my eyes will follow for those 20 min or 2 hours. In these movies every frame matters, every choice on the screen adds to the overall construction of the universe. My migraines come to at random with a bunch of triggers. Flashing lights and shaky camera? Almost always can’t fucking take it. Yet I can see the Bruce vs. Clark fight and not gage at all that there are constant flashing lights, because that light is not simply flare for aesthetic tastes. I know I can handle it there, it matters there. I can work pass that trigger there. 

I was going to talk about the critics and the haters, but overall my reaction to that is the same. OK U DON’T LIKE THESE MOVIES THAT’S AWESOME! Because ultimately what matters to me is that a) I LOVE THESE MOVIES and b) THERE’S A FANDOM WHO LOVES THEM AS MUCH AS I DO. Here we are, a year after BVS, four since MOS and just over six months post SuSq, and WE’RE STILL UNPACKING THESE MOVIES. Just the other day I rewatched one of my favorite alien invasion movies, Day the Earth Stood Still, a movie I’d seen a dozen times, and I caught a reference MOS made to it. THIS IS HOW MUCH THIS UNIVERSE CARES ABOUT MY SCI FI LOVING ASS and how subtle and sublime their dedication to building it. I’ve seen MOS and Day OVER AND OVER and I JUST caught that.  I always saw MOS as a hybrid sci-fi/horror movie (in that Znyder uses horror techniques [like Hide the Monster for Clark’s powers] to tell the familiar Supes story, and Day the Earth Stood Still always felt like it influenced it. Is it reaching? Fuck no because it isn’t isolated. There are so many moments in BVS that are pure movie homage, and it’s done to EXPAND on the current story, not just as a cameo (now, this is not a dig at Stan Lee, but what is the purpose beyond OH IT’S STAN LEE!) or a brief har-har look. Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz? 2001: A Space Odyssey? King Kong? Frankenstein? These are all literary and movies powerhouses that changed the course of movie making, that SHOULD be acknowledged and copied, over and over (if you think copying is bad then go back in time and tell that to Shakespeare). Stories make other stories stronger. Watch Day the Earth Stood Still and you’ll understand more about MOS/BVS. Watch Metropolis, you’ll understand more about SuSq (where the fuck did this wants to be Tarantino/Ccorsese rap influence come from lol?) ALMOST CERTAINLY Seven Samurai will be a HUGE influence over Justice League because HEY SO HAS EVERY FUCKING TEAM MASH UP SINCE 1957. The strongest stories are those built on the ones before, the ones that use the best and more favored pieces and tell the same story differently to get varied versions. And you’d think comic book movies would embrace this because sequels are a given? But they just don’t. Marvel discovered their formula and COPIED IT ENDLESSLY to enormous success. But I don’t care about that formula almost as much as I don’t care talking about the MC lol so moving on!

Every time I rewatch MOS/BVS/SuSq it never feels the same. I wonder about moments, question them, reassess and reconsider and wonder about them. There’s just SO FUCKING MUCH. And I’m still not tired. I’m still not done. AND  IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING. Think about this DCEU fam. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. And what do we have? Just at the top of my head: eugenics vs. freedom of choice. Exploration of diaspora. Media affecting mass perception. Depiction of PTSD in a hero. Exploitation of prisoners by the state. Responsibility of a hero, the mass destructive consequences and accountability for those actions. How power manifests itself, from the extreme physical impossibilities of Superman to Lex Luthor’s economical and social power to the extreme governmental authority of Amanda Waller. These are explored to varying degrees IN ALL THESE MOVIES, built upon the other, reflective of the issues and never with a bow that explains it all. The audience is not a passive participant. We are engaged to ask and consider these incredibly important, universal questions and philosophies.


it's a sleepover, nerds

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A New Years Eve to Remember

Shawn Mendes x reader



“Oh is that champagne?” I ask my boyfriend of three and a half years just as he is lifting the glass to his lips. His eyebrows raise in surprise as as you take the glass from his hand. You smile, take a sip, and give him a wink. He takes the glass back from you, gives it a swirl, and takes a sip himself. 

He then places a kiss on your temple before reaching to the table behind him and picking up a glass and says, “If you really want champagne, you can have this one.” Shawn hands you a glass while taking a sip of his own. His lips linger on the glass as he tries to hide his smile. 

You bring the glass up to  your lips and at the last second you notice the faint grey color of the liquid with black specs floating in it. “Shawn!” You exclaim.

“Yeah (y/n)?” He asks innocently.

“Did you give me the fucking Champagne that is filled with Geoff’s spit and pepper?” You ask.

“What if I did?” Shawn asks, “You should try it, its honestly not that bad.” He tries to force it toward you.

“Shawn no!” You laugh, “I swear to God Shawn if you put that shit in my mouth I swear to God we are breaking up for a week.” 

Oh yeah, you and Shawn are currently at the LA New Years Rockin Eve Pre-Recording show. You have done this before, twice actually. You tell him you are going to ‘break up’, but really you are still together. You just treat him as if he is isn’t your boyfriend so no kisses, no cuddles, and especially no sex. 

“Shawn don’t!” You yell while he continues to forcefully, but playfully, shove the drink your throat. He catches you mid laughing pours some of the drink into your mouth. 

“That’s it Mendes, we’re done!” You laugh. 

“Come on baby, you love me.” Shawn says as he gently places his hand only your lower back. 

You quickly remove his hand and say, “I don’t let men I’m not dating touch me.”

He pouts and says, “Just tell me you love me.”

“I love my best friend Shawn.” You smile and take a sip of Shawn’s glass of champagne. 

“Do you love your boyfriend Shawn?” He asks partially serious. 

“I don’t have a boyfriend.” You whisper and then you walk away with a wink and  Shawn’s drink. 

The next night is the real New Years Eve and to be honest it has only been 24 hours and you are already missing Shawn’s lips among other things of course, but you find yourselves at a party Cam Dallas was throwing. Usually you simply stay home and cuddle on the couch with a bottle of champagne, but you felt obligated to show up at Cam’s house. 

“You look gorgeous.” Shawn whispers in your ear as you enter through the door of the party.

“Thank you, friend.” You smile. “Damn I need a drink!”

“SHAWN!” Cameron yells the second you two arrive inside. Shawn immediately gets swept away with old friends and you find Madison Beer to chat with. 

“So you two are technically not together?” Mads asks. 

“Well… I guess not. Obviously Shawn and I are still together, this is just my way of punishing him for pouring that shit down my throat” you laugh. 

“So who are you going to kiss at midnight?” Mads asks. 

“Oh Shawn of course, I’m just going to drag it out a little bit.” You say.

“You sly bitch.” She laughs, “Well, I’ve gotta find my man.”

“Oh shit three minutes to midnight.” You say. You search the crowd for Shawn. You find him in the kitchen leaning against the counter talking to Jack Johnson.

“Hi.” You whisper.

“Uh, I’m gonna go man.” Jack says.

“Sure we’ll be in in a minute.” Shawn says. 

“So…” Shawn begins pulling you close, “Do I get to kiss my beautiful girl at midnight?” 

“I don’t usually kiss random men,” You begin, “But, I think I can make an exception tonight.”

“I think we better get with everyone else for the countdown.” Shawn says. 

“Mhmm why can’t we just stay here for a minute and…” You lean in and you can assume Shawn gets what you mean. You are centimeters from touching when you here everyone counting down. 

You quickly run into the other room with everyone else when Shawn grabs a couple glasses of champagne. 

“11, 10, 9!” You all cheer. Shawn joins you and hands you a glass of champagne. 

“8, 7, 6, 5!” Shawn wraps his arm around your lower back and pulls you in close. 

“4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Everyone cheers and takes a sip of their drink. You then look at Shawn with a smile. He leans down and kisses you. First kiss of 2017!

“Come out on the balcony with me.” Shawn whispers to you as he takes your hand. You follow him out to the balcony. It has beautiful string lights wrapped around the railings. 

“Whats your New Year Resolution?” Shawn asks as you take a sip of your Champagne. 

“I want to strengthen the relationships I already have and make new ones so I can say the same thing about them next year.” You smile. 

“Thats sweet.” Shawn kisses your cheeks. “Almost as sweet as you!” He says as he continues to rapidly peck your cheek. 

“Whats yours?” You ask him. 

“Funny you say that because I think I’m gonna complete mine.” He says.

“What do you mean?” You ask. Shawn takes both of your hands. 

“Mine is kind of like yours but focused on one person.” Shawn smiles, “I want to further our relationship. I love you more than you could ever imagine (Y/N) and I think about my future a lot and honestly, I can’t think about my future without seeing you. So… my resolution this year is ask the woman I love to marry me and I know we are young but I think we are more than ready.”


“So (Y/N)?” Shawn says as he gets down on one knee. At this point there are about 20 people looking at you both through the window. “Will you marry me?”

You can’t even believe that this is happening right now. You in no way expected this. “Yes, Yes!” You say with tears streaming down your cheeks. He places the ring on your finger and you bring him into a kiss immediately. You can’t even believe you are going to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. 2017 is going to be an amazing year!

It’s me again!

I was tagged by wonderful @dracodormit to do this answer-stuff-tag-people thing, thank you! 😊

Name: Sarah

Nicknames: Not really…

Gender: Female.

Zodiac sign/Starsign: Gemini (which is funny, since I’m a twin!)

Height: 165cm I think


Sexual orientation: Bi

Favourite Colour: Pastel pink and yellow!

Favourite animal: Foxes and giraffes, but I really like cats.

Average hours of sleep: 7-8 I think, less in the weekends because I go to bed at midnight and wake up at six.

Cat or dog person: Cats.

Favourite fictional character: Probably Luna Lovegood, but another favourite is Nombeko Mayeki from “the girl who saved the king of Sweden”

Bands/Songs: I’m not really fan of any bands, but I listen to some MCR, p!atd, and some of Muse’s music as well. Current favourite song is “professional grievers” by deadmau5 and Gerard Way!

Dream Trip: Dunno… probably the US, you hear a lot about it but I’d like to see how it is IRL

Dream Job: History teacher or children’s book author!

Current number of followers: 141, which is absolutely amazing.

When did you blog reach its peak: Now…

Time right now: 16.58

Song stuck in my head: “Nearly Witches (Ever since we met)” by Panic! At the disco.

Last movie I watched: Zombieland!

Last TV show I watched: Probably Voltron

What am I wearing now: A tight black shirt, blue soft trousers and black boots.

What kinda stuff I post: Mostly Harry Potter stuff, but also nice art I see!

Any other blogs on Tumblr: yes! I have @sarahthehufflepuffer which is my Hufflepuff aestethic blog and @alex-iris-corner which is a blog for my teddy bear… no I’m not grown up!

Do I get asks regularly?: nah, not really.

Why did I choose my URL: Sarah is my middle name, I’m pretty happy, and is like a giraffe. And it was easy to find a matching icon.

Lucky numbers: 27, dunno why…

Following: 657

I can’t recall how many I was supposed to tag, so I’ll just tag a bunch! (No press or stress to do it lovelies! 😊 Do it if you feel like it, otherwise it’s totally okay just to ignore it!): @leejordan @abeareatingpopcorn @melthewriterchick @justanotherbeliver

Feel free answer this and tag me so I can see it even if I didn’t tag you to begin with! I’m always eager to learn more about you! ☺️

Hope you have a wonderful afternoon!


TAGGED  BY  : @herotten​ oops miles i stole
TAGGING  :  any of nya’ll

NAME:  doopy
BIRTHDAY:  june 22
ZODIAC:  imma crab
HEIGHT:  5′5′’
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: im just gay i guess
FAVORITE COLOR: pastels, black, and greens
FAVORITE BOOK:  uh shit, probs the 6th HP book, the dunwich horror, and probs absolute midnight by clive barker
FAVORITE ARTIST/BANDS:  im a dumb fuck who likes b/ts, but i also enjoy video game osts, the hush sound, n/inja sex party, and g/orillaz
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED:  t/hor ragnarok
HOGWARTS HOUSE: slytherin, hiss hiss
RANDOM FACT: i’ve been subtly telling my mother that i ain’t interested in men without trying to come out to her.
DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS? yee but all aren’t active lmao
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR? …i blame g/lee, those were dark times for me. the reason why i don’t bash ships tbh.
DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASIS? not really? but i do get a few asks
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL? he’s a hacker boi, so i thought eh httpboi. here come dat boi, oh shit waddup
BONUS FACT: i get bitter over little things? but i try my best to be positive.


Urban Decay Full Spectrum!

I feel like I don’t hear much about this palette! Maybe people don’t like it–I can think of some reasons.

Which shades are matte, shimmer, or glitter matte (why are we still doing glitter mattes? I haven’t met one that worked well) seems random. Most of the brights (center row) are matte, except like 2 aren’t, etc.

Midnight Blaze and Hundred are only dubiously yellow or green. The silver is shit. The reds are, as you can see, not reds. They are berries.

The packaging is gorgeous but also extremely bulky.

BUT! I like it. It’s like the multivitamin of eyeshadow. It supplements other palettes, coordinating with other shadows of almost any color, creating a base for glitters and duochromes, and filling out monochromatic looks. It vastly expands my options.

So it’s weird…but good.

Thin Walls

Prompt/Request: neighbor!au where you guys are next door neighbor and you have super thin walls

Requested: Nopeee

A/N: this is super adorable i love my prince so much THIS JUST WROTE ITSELF. tell me if you want a part two??? 

Category: Fluff. A tad of angst.

Word Count: 1499 

Triggers: break ups??? cheating.

Boy: Cal!!!

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Jesus Christ. You weren’t exactly planning on staying up until three in the morning, but it kind of just happened. Yawning, and pulling yourself off the couch, you sighed. Goddamn Tumblr and it’s addictive tendencies. You had work in the morning. Stalking your way into your room, you flopped down onto the bed when you heard three sharp knocks on your bedroom wall. Your neighbor, Calum, had his bedroom on the opposite side of yours, and after a few days, you two discovered that the walls were paper thin. You two had started to have conversations through the wall, and now you two talked almost constantly, whether it was for advice, or just a random conversation about how you both wanted a dog. You had never really seen his face, since he worked at night, and came home early in the morning. Most of your conversations took place past midnight.

“(Y/N)?” Calum called, and you couldn’t help but smile. “Um, do you know how to make pasta taste better? Because every time I make it, it tastes pretty bland.”

“I’m really hoping you put sauce on it.” You responded, and you could hear a chuckle on the other side.

“No shit. Of course I put sauce. I meant like the physical noodles themselves, does that make sense?” He explained, and you nodded to yourself.

“Yeah, yeah, that makes sense. Just put oil and salt in the water before you boil the noodles. That’s what I do,” You said, pursing you lips. “It helps. Kind of.”

“Nice! Thanks (Y/N), I owe you one.” He said, and you could hear footsteps leaving the room. You rolled over and plugged you phone in, when the screen lit up.

One new text.

You grinned when you noticed it was your boyfriend.

I think we should go out for dinner tomorrow. Somewhere fancy?

If possible, your smile grew wider. He had been your boyfriend for almost two years now, and he loved to pamper you, all the time. It would be a lie to say that it makes you feel bad, because it really doesn’t.

Sure! I’m down.

Much too tired to really do anything else, you rolled over and knocked out.

Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you sat up. Why do you feel good for someone who just had three hours of sleep? Your eyebrows furrowing, you reached for your phone.

Oh shit.

7:50 am

You were screwed. There was no way that you were going it make it to work in ten minutes. It took you twenty minutes to drive there!

“Fuck, oh shit, I’m so screwed.” You muttered, throwing on a clean pencil skirt and a button up that were lying on the floor. Pulling on a pair of heels, you bolted out the door.

“Right. Once, again, I’m so sorry for being late Mr. Smith.” You said sheepishly, folding you hands in front of you.

“Ah, as my receptionist, you need to be here before everyone else. But, since this is your first offence, I’ll let you go.”

“Scot-free?” You asked hopefully.

“Not exactly,” He said before checking his watch. “But I have a meeting in five minutes, so I’ll e-mail you your punishment.”

“Of course.” You said, leaving his office and sitting down at your desk. Logging into your computer, you noticed that he had already sent you an e-mail. Holding your breath, you opened it, and almost gasped out loud. He had sent you loads of paperwork to do, all due in three days. There was no way you were getting more then three hours of sleep now. Taking a deep breath, you started on your work. At least you have a dinner to look forward to.

“Holy crap Ethan! This place is really expensive. You really didn’t have to do this.” You gasped as you sat down at the table. It was on of the better places he had taken you. The table cloth was white and silky, and the lighting fixtures hung low and provided the perfect amount of light. There might have been a piano playing in the background too.

“You know that I love doing things for you.” That’s what he usually said, but this time it sounded slightly forced.

“You okay?” You asked, concern lacing itself onto your features.

“Of course I am. Let’s eat.” He said, giving you a small smile. The dinner passed by fast, and soon you were digging into a white chocolate cheesecake as your boyfriend ate a small tart.

“Hey, (Y/N). You know how you asked me if something was wrong?” He started, and you nodded. “So, I’ve been talking to my therapist and..” He had been seeing a therapist for a while, just to get things off his chest. “And she said I should tell you something.”

“You know you can tell me anything.” You said, raising your eyebrows.

“No interruptions either,” He took a deep breath. “I need to get through this.”


“I think we need to break up. I’ve been with other girls the two years we’ve been together, and to be honest, I kind of miss them more then I’m going to miss you. I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore. I know you’re mad, so you can get up and leave, and I won’t call you again.” He said, anticipating your reaction.

“You better not.” Was all you said, before standing up abruptly and leaving the table. There was so much more you wanted to say, but you stopped. There was no way you were going to cry in front of all those people, or your petty ex. You climbed into your car and began to drive, tears threatening to spill as they blurred your vision. You wiped at them angrily as you stepped into the elevator, and into your apartment. That’s when the tears came. It seemed never ending, and sobs escaped occasionally. You felt like an idiot. There was a reason that he always treated you. It was because he felt bad. Throwing off your heels, you clomped into your room and sat on the bed, letting the tears fall more, when you heard knocking.

“(Y/N)? You okay?” Asked a soft voice. You completely forgot about Cal. Wiping the tears, you attempted to compose yourself.

“Y-Yeah.” You sniffled, controlling your breathing.

“Are you sure? Because, we can talk about it. If you want. Obviously.” He said, his voice still soft.

“I had a horrible day at work and my boyfriend just broke up with me,” You blurted, but continued. “Said he missed the girls he cheated on with me more then he was going to miss me. Can you believe that?” You shrilled, letting your head hit the wall behind you. “I’m such an idiot.

“You’re not the idiot. He’s the idiot. For letting you go. (Y/N/N), you’re a great girl, and any guy would be lucky to have you.” Calum replied, and you chuckled.

“How would you know? You don’t even know what I look like. I could be part troll, for all you know.” You said, crossing your arms over your chest.

“True. Alright, give me a minute.” He said, and you heard footsteps leave the room. Did he just walk out in the middle of your conversation? Your thoughts were cut short as you heard three sharp knocks at your front door. Sighing, you went to open it. There’s a boy standing at your door, and you groan internally. He’s cute, with his curly brown hair and his chocolate brown eyes, and his fantastic jawline, but you don’t have the time for him right now.

“Look, This isn’t really-” You start, but he cuts you off.

“It’s me. Calum.” He say, and you have to double take.

“Seriously?” You ask, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes. Can I come in?”

“Uh, sure.” You say, stepping out of the doorway to make room. He makes a beeline for the bedroom, and you follow.

“Take me out to dinner first.” You chuckle as he makes himself comfortable on your bed and beckons you to join him.

“Cuddle with me.” He says, throwing you a pair a puppy eyes. Smiling, you oblige, and rest your head on his chest.

“Even though we technically haven’t met, I think I know you well enough to cuddle.” He says, draping an arm around your shoulder. He’s exerting warmth, and he smells like coffee.


“But really, don’t cry. A better guy will come along, begging you to take him out,” Cal said, as your eyelids begin to feel heavy. “You’re the total package. Smart. witty, and the newly learned, hot.” He said, earning a tired chuckle from you as you closed your eyes. “You’ll rise above this, and next month, we can laugh about it through the wall.” He may have continued, but you had fallen asleep at that point.

You let the warmth of his body tingle through you, as you drifted to sleep.


Well, it’s hellatus now, and to break up the heartbreak and monotony, I’ve decided to do a giveaway!!!!!!! (BOTH SUPERNATURAL AND GAME OF THRONES ARE GOING AWAY OH NO WHAT AM I GONNA DO???)

NOTE: This post must get at least 10 notes or I’ll delete it in shame

What are the prizes?

—> Choose a tote bag (any size and design!!) from this store! It’s one of my personal favorites, and there is a wide variety of designs to choose from! It doesn’t have to be Supernatural/Game of Thrones/etc. related!

—> Pick anything you want from this store! (It has to be $15 or less though, what do I look like, some kind of rich person??)

—> Your choice of any single Funko pop doll! (as long as I can actually get it, and it’s not some kind of special edition and/or it’s not more expensive than the ~$10 ones)

—> One of these cool bullet necklaces from this store!! (I won’t order it until the winner has been selected so you can choose a custom engraving if you so choose!!)

How it’s Going to Work

—> There are going to be TWO winners!

—> FIRST place gets their choice of three of the above prizes

—> SECOND place gets the prize not selected by the first place winner

[[If that wasn’t very clear, here’s an example: the first place winner is selected and they choose the tote bag, the pop doll, and the bullet necklace; this means that the second place winner gets the $15 prize from the Geek Studio etsy store. This applies to any combination of prizes!]]

How to Win

—> Firstly, you must be following me (I WILL be checking so don’t pull any shenanigans)

—> No giveaway blogs!

—> You must have a shipping address in the continental US! (International shipping is just too expensive, sorry!!) 

—>You must reblog this post (you can like it if you want to, I suppose, but I won’t enter your name in the drawing if you don’t reblog!)

—> The first place winner will be selected from my top followers, provided that said winner has reblogged this post; that means that if you reblog the shit out of all of my other posts and you’re in my top followers, you have a really good chance of winning (don’t just spam this post though ok, I’ll disqualify you for that shit)

—> The second place winner will simply be chosen with a random number generator

When does it end?

The contest will end at midnight MST on the last Sunday of the GoT season, or June 15th, 2014 because that is the true moment that this hellatus will begin fml


Message me!

EDIT: you can reblog this post as much as you want! That will increase the chances for you to win the second place prize! However, it won’t really increase your chances of wining first place unless you spam this post a whole lot, which I already mentioned that you shouldn’t do












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AND THANKS AGAIN FOR HELPING ME GET THIS FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I need more modern Au SebaCiel


Never using master unless it’s sarcastic or in bed

Going from “omfg why do I have to be stuck with you for eternity?!” to “I love you so much I’m so glad we can spend forever together.”

Ciel wanting to cuddle but cat idiot wont get off his phone so he has to hear the Neko Atsume song for the bajillionith time

Trying to keep up with technology and pop culture

Sebastian being really bored because cleaning takes a fraction of the time it used to

Starting a “When is this queen gonna die” betting pool

Having to move all the fucking time so no one will notice that they don’t age

Blogging random shit after midnight because what the fuck else are they going to do?

Ciel complaining about the somehow still existing Funtom Corp being run by a new idiot CEO and criticizing everything he does

Only making friends with other demons via the internet and playing CAH

Resisting the urge to tell people “We saw The Beatles before they were cool.”

anonymous asked:

He explained why he broke them up in the NYCC panel.

I don’t know if it’s the same interview but I saw some interview with him saying he broke up Midnighter and Apollo because “Often gay males are shown in mainstream media, but they’re coupled, they’re safe and chastened.” which is weird because I didn’t know it was still legal to say something that wrong, he goes on to defend breaking up one of the longest running canonical gay marriages in comics by saying “We need to embrace gay male sexuality instead of ignoring or sweeping it under the rug.” because we all know there’s no sex after marriage am I right guys (wink wink nudge nudge how bout them bears) I really don’t get why he doesn’t understand how much more positive a loving, healthy, monogamous gay relationship is and while I’ve only read 3 issues of the new Midnighter run as far as I can remember I’ve seen him with a different guy every time which is coming dangerously close to feeding into the “promiscuous male gay” stereotype which is weirdly what it seems stevie thinks is under represented? like yes I would love more gay representation in comics among other things and I even semi agree with what he said but this is 100% the wrong character to do it with, look Midnighter and Apollo met in 1998 and got married in 2002 in the first ever gay marriage in main stream comics (beating Northstar & Kyle by 10 years) and even semi adopted a child together and have some of the most sickeninly mushy love scenes I’ve ever seen so some random writer with one issue under his belt tearing that all apart in some weird misguided attempt at representation just isn’t really my shit

A word of advice if you’re going to a Sun/Moon midnight release, or any video game event in general.

Don’t be that guy.

Don’t be that guy who thinks he/she’s hilarious and tries to talk loud so everyone in line can get a taste of how “funny” your memes and jokes that date all the way back from elementary school are.

Don’t reply to random peoples’ small talk with shit like “Yeah, it is cold out here… like my soul.” then have the most punchable grin on your face because you think you’re so fucking hilarious by saying shit some chubby fuck who bragged about his Pokémon cards in 3rd grade said while making that same, punchable face.

Because I WILL fight you.

Yes, this has everything to do with the fact that “that guy” exists in my area and attends just about every Nintendo-related midnight launch since Brawl.  His antics date back to 2008 where me and a friend were first in line and he attempted to subtly cut in front of us by making it look like him and his weird friend who wouldn’t stop staring at me were just kind of surveying the line, then inched closer to it as midnight approached.

They ended up behind us because we guarded that door with our life, but nobody else called them out for cutting.

Basically, if you don’t see me after the 18th, I’m either playing Sun or in jail.