some things i’ve learned about adulthood that no one warns you about
  • you will in fact continue to have acne past the age of twenty
  • you will eventually hit a point where you start to feel icky inside if you go too long without eating some sort of vegetables
  • depending on your current level of athleticism/physical activity as well as the kind of activities you did as a kid/teenager, your joints may start acting whack in your twenties, despite what everyone says about that not happening until middle age
  • eventually you will reach a point where you wonder how you were able to stay up until 3am nearly every night and be perfectly fine the next day (and this moment will come much younger than you expect)
  • it is much harder to meet new people after you’re done with school than sitcoms would have you believe
  • don’t let society tell you shit: it is perfectly acceptable to live with your parents after you graduate, there’s no need to be broke and miserable just so you can have some misguided attempt at independence straight out of school
Ya know what I want?

I want for the Paladins to a “spring cleaning” in the Castle and the Lions and that they find all sort of stuff, especially from the paladins before them that once piloted their lions.

I want Lance to find a small heavy box filled with small squares that resemble photos and in all of them a young happy ex-Blue Paladin is smiling bright and big at the camera. I want him to go through all the photos of their adventures where they are on with blue paladin armor along with the rest team and photos of the planets and people they saved. I want him to be motivated of that and push himself to do as good as his senior Paladin did; to help, save and care.

I want Hunk to find video clips of the old paladin of his lion where he’s almost video blogging and he’s narrating the adventures. The videos start as a formal report but then slowly turn into a journal and Hunk is mesmerized by the story telling. The stories become more personal as the videos go on and then, in one of them, there’s a second tiny person besides the old yellow paladin, cradled in his arms and Hunk gasps out when Alfor whispers Allura’s name as he stares fondly at the small Altean baby.

I want Pidge to find all kind of dry plants and flowers in one of her lion’s compartments and for her to being curious enough to look their meaning and components, to see if they were related to the nature back in Olkari, but turns out they are just harmless simple silly plants/leaves/flowers/petals from different planets. I want her to find the old Green Paladin notebook with the characteristics of each plant and it’s enough for Pidge to search and wonder why they were so important to the past paladin. I want her to feel this soothing calm breeze inside her as she learns more and more about nature and feels a better connection with her Lion.

I want Keith to find sketches. I want him to find sketches of aliens, planets, explosions, Red, all the lions together, Voltron itself, the castle. I want him to see through the old red Paladin’s eyes and see their reality, to see the calling and good and belonging they had and wishing he could be part of that. I want him to pick up that extra empty journal he finds, covered in dust and falling blank pages, and start doing his own sketches, making up his mind and starts portraying his home, his team, his family he has found and creating his own path slowly.

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Okay, but like, Dreamworks really likes inter-species relationships.

Just at the top of my head you got couples such as…

Melman and Gloria

Roxanne and Megamind

The freaking dragon and Donkey

Kowalwski and Eva

Fiona and Shrek (I mean she becomes an ogre too by the end of the film but still)

Barry and Vanessa. A bee, you guys. A bee.

Concept: Lance and Keith find a lost Galra child on a mission

Keith: Wait, sh, do you hear that crying Lance?

Lance: Come to think of it, yeah.

*They both go searching for the source of the sound and find a small, Galran child, crying alone in the nearby forest*

Lance: Holy shit, it’s a Galra baby!

Keith: We shouldn’t just leave him here.

Lance: Well, we can’t take him either, it’s too risky. And what if his parents are around?

Keith glances around: I don’t see anyone, you think they might have abandoned him?

Lance: I don’t know, that’s what it seems like. 

Keith picks up the child and smiles softly at him: I feel bad for him, he must be really scared.

Lance frowns: Um…Since when did you care about people’s feelings?

Keith: Shut up. 

Keith: And anyways, I’m part Galra too, but I’m also human. We can’t just leave him here alone like this, it’s not civil or right. 

Lance: We’re going to get in trouble if we bring him on the castle Keith.

Keith smiles mischievously: Then we’ll just have to do it secretly won’t we? 

Part 2?? I don’t know…

do you guys have those blogs that you follow that you really wish followed you back because you see them on your dash talking to their mutuals over anon asks and you wish you could be their mutual because they run such a great blog and they just seem so nice to talk to because me too

random [class 1a] hcs #3
  • Aoyama Yuuga wears spanks, and would spontaneously combust if anyone ever knew.
  • Ashido Mina mixes up Bath and Body Works with Bed, Bath and Beyond regularly.
  • Asui Tsuyu calls people out on their bullshit and will go out of her way to check facts. “No Mineta, you aren’t in a relationship, and the likelihood of a woman willingly dating you is unlikely.”
  • Iida Tenya once got his leg stuck in a pothole while out assisting pro-heroes. His self-confidence went down just a smidge.
  • Uraraka Ochako is the person who poses for a picture the exact same way, every single time.
  • Ojiro Mashirao once got so drunk he tripped over his own tail.
  • Kaminari Denki crashed his car while playing pokemon go. He is a proud member of team instinct.
  • Kirishima Eijiro says “netflix and chill” all the time, though is unaware that it has become a euphemism for sex.
  • Kouda Kouji’s phone ringtone is Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit”.
  • Satou Rikidou believes WWE isn’t scripted.
  • Shouji Mezou attends meditation classes every sunday, and has lowkey tried to convince Bakugou he needs them.
  • Jirou Kyoka loves K-pop. Her favorite group is BTS.
  • Sero Hanta is that guy who always does viral internet challenges for no inexplicable reason. He is currently bothering asking Todoroki to do the cinnamon challenge with him.
  • Tokoyami Fumikage’s current obsession is latte art.
  • Todoroki Shouto does not understand the point of viral challenges. “The internet is a strange place.”
  • Hagakure Tooru sneaks into amusement parks and concerts so she doesn’t have to pay.
  • Bakugou Katsuki was forced by his mother to take up a part-time job in customer service. Within the first 30 minutes of working, he blew up the help desk and punched a customer in the face.
  • Midoriya Izuku trips on uneven sidewalks sometimes and prays religiously in his mind that no one saw.
  • Mineta Minoru catalogs Midoriya’s trips and posts them on U.A.’s subreddit.
  • Yaoyorozu Momo was introduced to Urban Dictionary recently. She proclaims that it is for illiterate people, but secretly reads it during lunch periods.

me at first: hmm… maybe i do ship sheith…….

me later: omfg hance is so cute, and shallura! oh god look at that amazing klance fanart


every once in a while i see a post on here making fun of hoodwinked and i get just slightly offended cuz i completely unironically love that movie. 

like yeah it’s a bit ridiculous and the animation isn’t great but like. there are so many gems in that movie. 

red’s a black belt. granny does extreme sports. the big bad wolf is an investigative journalist and he’s voiced by kronk. a totally random goat that was cursed by a witch for unknown reasons to sing everything he says and has many sets of multifunctional detachable horns and gets an entire musical number despite being only vaguely important to the movement of the plot.

seriously this movie is fantastic and y’all are sleepin on it.