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Even though we knew it would happen because fuck jd I'm still extremy irritated about the show shitting all over derek again,, but anyway I'm also losing my mind at stiles' reaction because the rest of that room probably thinks he just reacted like that to a random shirtless guy. (also someone brought up the point that the FBI has years old footage of Derek but doesn't know him & stiles know each other? OK sure)

This is such a good point!! So, ok, aforementioned Supernatural Task Force decides it needs to take Derek down, and realizes they have the perfect way to get close to him right on hand. So they bring Stiles in, act like they want him on the team, and sure his insight into this wolf might come in handy if Stiles decides to stay loyal, but in truth what they’re really waiting for is for Stiles to break and go running to save Hale the way they’ve seen him do time and time again.

Wait for Stiles’ love for this man to lead them right to him.


Random Hot Super Heroes!

They Are All Around Us!

There’s A Guy I Know Who Would Love To Have Captain America Capture His Heart. Here’s To You, Baby!

Sexy As Hell!

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36 marichat? :D

36: “I sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong number and you responded back with another selfie. Holy shit you’re really attractive.” au.

oh boy. not sure how to do marichat with this, and i don’t think adrien would do this ever, but i tried. aged up obviously (why do you guys always want aged up stuff wtf)
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Marinette stared at her phone disbelievingly. There was no way this was happening there’s no way.
Oh but it was. Marinette, in a temporary fit of bravery, had decided to send a picture of her in the tub to Adrien. Nothing too risqué of course, just the length of her legs amongst the bubbles of her bath. Then she would apologize for ‘accidentally’ sending it to him. It was perfect.
As her best friend, of course Alya had to approve of the picture. But because of her clumsiness she had dropped her phone, and apparently in catching it she had touched something that made the picture send to some random number instead.
Don’t ask her. She didn’t know how that was possible.
She had started typing out a message as soon as she saw her mistake.
I’m so sorry for sending that it was not meant for you-
Her typing was interrupted by a picture showing up in the chat. And not just any picture. A picture of a very attractive shirtless guy’s abs.
So there she was. Sitting there in the tub. Staring at a picture of some random shirtless guy. What had her life come to.
She responded without thinking.
[21:26] wtf are you a model or something
Marinette regretted it as soon as she pressed send. She didn’t know who this guy was, she could’ve just not responded and ended the conversation easily. But no. Life was not so kind.
Before she knew it her phone was beeping was an incoming message. She closed her eyes, willing her strength to not leave her. She grabbed her phone from the edge of the tub and opened the message.
[21:27] i dont even know your name, i don’t think I’m comfortable sharing personal info
Marinette rolled her eyes. So this guy could send a shirtless pic but not tell her if he was a model? Come on. That’s ridiculous.
[21:27] fine then what’s your name
She had responded without thinking again. What was she doing? That was her chance to end the conversation.
[21:27] I’m C.N. princess
[21:27] and C.N. stands for…
[21:28] also don’t call me princess

[21:28] Wouldn’t you like to know ;)
[21:28] sorry. wont do that again.

Well at least this guy is respectable, Marinette thought.
[21:29] anyway I’m sorry for sending that pic, it was supposed to go to someone else
[21:29] i kinda figured
[21:29] then why did you send a pic back
[21:30] i thought it would be fun ;)
[21:30] whats with all the winky faces
[21:30] it fits the mood. i could do cat faces if you want
[21:30] :3

[21:31] that’s not any better
[21:31] whats your prob with cat faces
[21:31] cats are awesome

[21:32] eh they’re alright
[21:32] THEYRE ALRIGHT????
[21:32] yeah see you agree with me
[21:32] ;)

[21:33] i cannot believe
[21:33] i sent a shirtless pic
[21:33] to someone who hates cats

[21:33] i never said i hated them
[21:34] and what do you have standards of who you send pics to
[21:34] bc it sure doesn’t seem like it

[21:34] rude.
[21:34] ya know idk if i wanna talk to a cat hater anymore
[21:34] even if they do have nice legs

[21:35] im not forcing you to talk to me
[21:35] you’re an adult you can do whatever you want
[21:35] wait you are an adult right
[21:35] bc otherwise this is weird

[21:36] well I’m 19 so I’m technically an adult
[21:36] but being an adult is boring so i don’t like it

[21:36] i feel that
[21:36] adulting is HARD
[21:36] and if you make a dick joke i stg

[21:37] wouldn’t dream of it :3
Marinette rolled her eyes again. This guy was ridiculous. But he was also considerate so he was alright in her mind
And if she stayed up talking to him all night instead of Alya or Adrien, that was just fine with her.