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merry christmas @kageyamatobeeo!!! I was your hq secret santa >:)

I was happy to find out that we both like kagehinayachi and especially kags, so this is the result :D

Happy holidays 🎄🎉


Good Friday @ Calvary Hills

This wasn’t planned actually, neither will. It was my first time going to this place in which already I find extremely amazing because there’s a lot of people from different places went there to do the Penance. Yes, this was really the first time I had managed to climb up the hills just to do the every-year tradition. My parents didn’t let me to go there before because it really is far and it is located to the next city - plus the fact that I wanted to make it at dawn - which is the norm for everyone. Going there early at morning or perhaps dawn is a better idea than going there during daytime.

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Can I fluff your hair? (10th Doctor x fem!Reader)

Requested by @fandomsbooksmusicalways

Request: Tenth doctor. Reader is meeting him and gets him out of a sticky situation and therefore he takes her on one trip in the tardis 😊 reader asks if she can fluff his hair ;D

Fandom: Doctor Who

Pairing: 10th Doctor x fem!Reader

A/N: This is really lame. Sorry. >.

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They arrived from seemingly nowhere, appearing at random all-around town. Santa had lost his mind. Actually, all the Santas had lost their minds.

This very scene was familiar, so much so that I was pretty sure I remembered seeing it on the news when I was a child. Things dressed as Santa Claus with their plastic masks and destructive musical instruments had ravaged town, burning buildings and attacking people. As I saw them as an adult, I felt like I was the only one to remember the creatures that wreaked havoc. No one seemed bothered by the Santas as they passed by them on the streets.

Until the first one raised its instrument and sparks began shooting from the ends.

I remembered screaming and racing from the area. Darting down an alley, I found my escape route blocked, the way becoming a dead-end. Ready to turn on my heels and leave, one of the Santas had found me. It marched silently towards me.

“Shite.” I panicked. My eyes darted from side to side, searching for something to defend myself.

There was a broken mop to my left I leaped for and pointed it threateningly at the Santa.

“Alright, buddy. I am not going down without a fight,” I said trying to keep my voice even though I knew my weapon was feeble against this monster.

He stopped a few feet away, raising his trombone.

I started forward, brandishing the wood over my shoulder to strike him.

A buzzing noise, loud and piercing, halted my movements. The Santa stiffened, his body became rigid before toppling to the ground in a heap of red and white.

Though the buzzing had stopped, I could still hear it ringing in my ears. “What the devil is that obnoxious sound?”

I dragged my eyes from the crumbled heap and saw the figure standing in the entranceway to the alley. It was him, the man who stopped the Santa’s last time. He stood tall, a deep blue suit clinging to his lean form. His eyes were dark in the moonlight of the evening.

I couldn’t help staring at the silver object in his hand, the thing that had emitted the piercing noise to immobilize the creature.

“Much better,” he said, his Scottish accent strong as he seemed pleased with himself.

“Oi,” I started before I could stop myself. “I could have handled that myself!”

I flushed as he raised a brow, amused by my response.

“I’m sure you could have,” he admitted cheekily. He turned and left without another word.

It wasn’t until twenty or so minutes later that I saw him again.

One of the Santas had snuck up on him as he stopped another that had advanced to him.

I raised my mop stick and brought it down on the Santa’s head. The loud clunk that came from the contact made chills race through me. It barely made a difference, other than to turn its attention on me. The monster pivoted sharply, pointing its tuba at me.

“Oops,” I mumbled.

I went to smack the pole against him again but stopped when the buzzing sound returned. He crumpled as the other one had.

The man stared at me, his eyes lightening as he said, “Thanks for saving me.”

I snorted, laughing at his words. “I suppose I should be the one thanking you. Again. You’re him though, aren’t you?” It may have been phrased as a question, but it was one he didn’t need to answer because I knew.

“And who would that be?” he asked, scratching the back of his neck.

“The legend, the one they all talk about but no one truly wishes to acknowledge. You’re the Doctor.”

“Well,” he said, drawing out the word as if he were embarrassed. “I’ve heard a lot of things in my years, but I do enjoy that one. Perhaps I’ll have to keep that one.” The Doctor rambled to himself, enjoying the title.

“Can I fluff your hair?” I interrupted, staring at his brown locks.

The Doctor broke out into an awkward laugh. He grinned cheekily at me as he said, “All around new things today. Nine-hundred years and you’re the first one to ask that in a long while.”

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“So, are we supposed to sit here and ignore the fact that Bucky actually fooled Natasha Romanoff into wearing a silly Santa hat?” Steve and Sharon threw a New Years Eve Dinner and were kind enough to invite Bucky and Natasha to join them on the countdown. Everything was normal, they drank and enjoyed their evening together. You know, nonsense talk with the help of the booze was really helpful to make them ease up a bit. But the fact that Nat wore a Santa hat all night long with no complaining made Steve really nervous.
He knew his friends and he was sure Bucky somehow had to do something with this odd event. || for @missmorwen