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I don’t remember you.

But I read our story and I need to find out what happens next. I need to know that your husband somehow made it back to you – that this sadness was not the end of the story. I need to know there is more than Book 34, that Book 35, 36, 37… they will tell the story of how he remembers you and you two fight the world together.

I need to find out so I refuse to turn myself in. Even though, every day, my name is slandered on the news and my friends don’t believe me and beg me to turn myself in. I pull out that bullet. I staple my wounds shut. I hide away from sight even though my name turns sour every day. I wait for you – you spoke as if you would return immediately why aren’t you here yet – I wait.

While I wait, I read and reread that comic. I thumb the pages with familiarity now. What did she want her husband to do? Ah yes. When I go to the market to buy food, I keep my head down but my eye catches on a dress that would look nice on you. At the market, I think about what I can buy you – I haven’t got much money now so maybe an ice-cream will do? I practise making something better than ramyun; day after day, I eat failed attempts at cabonara spaghetti until I get it right. I can almost see you smile when you eat it; no one can say I don’t give it my all to complete my given assignments.

I go for my daily drive. The bus stop is coming up on the horizon. Will you be there? You haven’t been the last 27 times I looked. I can hardly look. Do I even know how to speak to someone normally anymore? My hand flickers into transparency as I turn onto the main road. I gaze over my translucent fingertips, past the steering wheel and hope to see you standing on the curb.

I hope you appear before I disappear.

Random WWE Thoughts

Having spent the last three days sick as a dog (and thus been able to binge-watch the WWE Network), I’ve caught up on my storylines close enough to the current timeline and have, like, a LOT of thoughts, especially with NXT Takeover San Antonio being just wrapped up and Royal Rumble coming up in less than 24 hours:

• Dammit but the Usos are so much more groin-tinglingly attractive as heels. I don’t know why. Just, HOT DAMN.

• After this stunt at Takeover, I think I can finally buy into Seth as a babyface. A really aggressive, entitled, rabid mongrel of a babyface who still has a LOT of issues to resolve, but yeah.

• Triple H is always planning something. Always. Don’t be surprised if Balor comes back as the next Golden Boy and his animosity towards Seth for putting him on the shelf gets twisted into a revenge plot by the Cerebral Assassin.

• Please call up #DIY to RAW. We need more solid, hard-hitting, hard-kicking, babyface Tag Teams on the red brand.

• I wish they’d give Roman something to fight for instead of just belts. Imagine what it’d do for him if he had something like Seth’s vendetta against Hunter to light a fire under him.

• If Randy Orton wins the Rumble, we riot.

• I hope Luke Harper takes Orton out.

• Dammit but that Mojo Rawley kid is growing on me.

• My love for Sami Zayn knows no bounds. They need to stop screwing him around. Kevin’s held two titles (including the big red one) and Sami’s held none so far and it’s driving me nuts.


• Dolph Ziggler’s Satellite DDT is a thing of beauty.

• Johnny Gargano’s eyelashes are a thing of beauty.

• Shinsuke Nakamura’s….everything is a thing of beauty.

• I’d give an arm and a leg to see Samoa Joe beat the crap out of Brock Lesnar.

• Please dear Lord, just give us a Royal Rumble winner (and a Wrestlemania main event) that we can’t even predict right now, for fuck’s sake. Stop sticking to stubborn booking decisions and letting guys like Roman soak up the fan backlash for it.

Random bowls of fruity cereal rock my world🌟👅 here we have my favourite combo at the moment: bananas, nectarine, frozen raspberries + blueberries and rawnola, drowned in coco milk🍌🍌💦
Happy Sunday to all you wonderful souls!

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Pride aside

How the fuck are we so perfect
Yet so pathetic
Bullshit aside
Coming from a different perspective 
Imagine what life would be like 
Without one another 
At each others side
I don’t even want to think about it 
To be real
The good outweighs the bad
So why are we so quick to give it up
So quick to chuck the deuce up 
& quit looking back
Acting like it’s what we really want
Blinded by our pride
Why do we feel the need to always be right
Knowing we’re worth the fight

I’m tired of being the one before the one
The one you’re not ready for
The one who preps you for bliss with her
The one who makes you the better man
Only for you to not find happiness with me
I’m tired of being the one before the one
Without me you wouldn’t know how to treat her
My rough seas made you a skilled sailor
The sea is smooth with her
I’m tired of being the one before the one
The one who gets the broken you
The one who gets the ill prepared you
You came to me flawed
You came to her whole and complete
All at my expense
I created that ideal man
I’m tired of being the one before the one
My love was too overwhelming
My pain too distracting
My needs too demanding
I fucked you too good
I demanded your best
I’m tired of being the one before the one
You learned how to love her through me
I’m still there in your memories
The one at the back of your mind
The glimpse of me as you make love to her
The one thought you can’t escape
The one before the one

i don’t wanna complain cause that was a fucking amazing match and im obviously so fucking happy about the result but i really feel like they should’ve saved bayley’s first championship win for wrestlemania and have her break charlotte’s PPV streak to do it like that’d put so much meaning and weight into it. obviously im really happy that it came after that hell of a match but having it happen on just some random Raw kinda takes away from it for me… i feel like the way to go tonight would’ve been to finally pull the trigger on that sasha heel turn by having her come out and attack bayley causing a DQ cause that sets up a storyline you can easily ride out until wrestlemania… i don’t know that’s kinda just my stream of thoughts and how i feel about all this

Meme Monday on Sunday

Just consolidating all the ones that have been posted/requested over the weekend. Should I post on his page for Meme Monday? I don’t know which ones to post. Thanks for all the love and support, guys! And sorry about reposting everything, It’s just my OCD kicking in. I want it organized.

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