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DOUBLE WHAM-O! double post for this self-indulgent fantasy au? heck!!! yes!!! and with 50% more self-indulgence!!! is that kenma yes it is

these are out of context panels from a comic wip! which may or may not end up being in the final thing (sweats) the scene takes place before this one!

the good news is im being a good soup and trying to draw the comic better like I did this comic (no more poorly done comic layout….i traumatized myself lmao) the bad news is it wont be done in a while and no more daily posting /sob i really drove myself to a corner trying to do fight scenes. i just wanna finish it & do other things but..FIGHT SCENES.

*points at kenma* to those wondering, that’s how you normally invoke spells in this au! with incantations, and lots of squiggly lines runes! (oikawa uses runes too!)

and finally, thank you to everyone who’s been digging the au so far along with me, your feedback/reblogs/likes mean a lot! ♡♡♡

anonymous asked:

Do you draw on one layer or multiple? :)

Just one.  Having a bunch of layers kinda weirds me out, cause it makes the whole painting process feel less natural.  When I used to try painting on different layers, I kept forgetting which layer I was on and I’d end up drawing on the wrong one (which was infuriating).  Best to just leave out the stress and simplify everything by keeping to one layer.

i raised you from perdition
to be god’s ammunition
and now you need some rest
so i will do what’s best