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my fav thing about durarara is that in a city with headless horsemen, demonic mind-controlling swords, dampyr serial killer idols, guys with superhuman strength and insane tempers, multiple gang factions, and the actual yakuza strolling around like there’s no big deal, the person you end up fearing the most is some ordinary high school student who turned 4chan into a street gang for funsies

  • Alfred randomly sending Ivan Putin memes during World meetings.
  • Imagine. Everyone yelling and arguing with each other. Germany getting frustrated-- about to snap. When suddenly, over all the yelling, you hear "I AM GAY GAY GAY. I LIKE LONG BIG COCK. IM A SUPER SUPER GAY. I LIKE LONG BIG COCKS." Then all the nations turn to look at a frantic and flustered Ivan trying to quickly turn the video off, while Alfred is in the background slowly dying of laughter.

This particular scene was what 100% convinced me that he loves him. That much pure adoration in his eyes. That’s how my dad looks at my mom. . I wasn’t into Johnlock from the start. I am pretty slow at picking subtexts.. but this scene. I was just like.. God he loves him already..

This scene is pretty special to me. just wanted to share..❤

Lately I’ve been obsessing so bad about getting a goat and train it to pull a cart.  *–* 


I’d just ride around all day on country lanes and dirt roads, visit local markets and wave to my goat friendly neighbours (none of which of course exists IRL in this corner of the world) and be like an epic goatwitch with the wind running through my hair

Did you ever consider that Ravi, a grown man who’s helped come up with the Conception concepts, wanted to cut his hair the way he has it? That saying ugly things about it because you don’t like it adversely affects him? It’s Error all over again, and I for one am proud of him for still cutting his hair this way despite all the hate he got for his hair back then. I loved his buzzed hair then, I love it now, and I love Ravi no matter how he decides to cut, shave or style his hair.

I for one also cannot wait for all of VIXX to be petting Ravi’s freshly buzzed hair again! They did it nonstop during Error and it was so cute.