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Ok but let’s talk about why “the other people have it worse than you” line is terrible:

Yes. I am aware of this. The logical part of my brain knows this. The empathetic part knows it too.


Then the rational part tries to soothe the irrational part and that awful anxiety logic of “yes. Other people do have it worse than me. Therefore I am even more of a failure than them because I can’t succeed/be a good human being/be happy and satisfied with my privileges” kicks in.

Then the anxious AND depressed parts start screaming even louder in unison.

  • *John and Sherlock having sex*
  • Lestrade: *calls Sherlock* I have a case
  • Sherlock: I am busy
  • Lestrade: It is a 9
  • Sherlock: Well I am busy doing a 10
  • *Sherlock hangs up, and the sex resumes*

my fav thing about durarara is that in a city with headless horsemen, demonic mind-controlling swords, dampyr serial killer idols, guys with superhuman strength and insane tempers, multiple gang factions, and the actual yakuza strolling around like there’s no big deal, the person you end up fearing the most is some ordinary high school student who turned 4chan into a street gang for funsies

Imagine Teddy Lupin’s teachers looking at the list of upcoming students and being like,

“Oh, Lupin! Remus was a good student, despite what he may have gotten into with his friends, his son should be no real trouble!”

Now imagine eleven-year-old Teddy jumping off of the stool after being Sorted and his hair turning his House colors and everyone simultaneously remembers who his mother was

i miss feeling safe in my country

i miss feeling represented in my government

i miss having a president with a soothing voice

i miss having a president that says rational things

i miss having a fatherly president

i miss the obama-biden memes

i miss michelle’s inspirational speeches

i miss constantly being updated on how goals the obamas are

i miss having a president that people all over the world weren’t ashamed of

i miss having a president(ial family) that kicks ass [in the good way]

i miss obama

  • Tom: and this alleged affair with Belle has been going on for...?
  • Gaston: Two years.
  • Tom: and your first name is...?
  • Gaston: Gaston.
  • Tom: and your boyfriend's name is...?
  • Gaston: Lefou... I'm sorry, I misunderstand! You say 'boyfriend', I thought you say 'best friend'! Lefou is my <b> best friend</b>
  • Lefou: You bastard! You lying bastard!

Fun mytho detail: My take on the Furies originally looked more like badass punk girls about to mercilessly trample ur soul into oblivion with high heels and devilishly sexy outfits.

but then i realized that they are older than any of the Olympians, including Zeus????  What’s more is that they’re such cranky old grandmas they even had a feud with Apollo and Athena about respecting ur seniors. 

So each time u see sexy Furies, you’d remember that they’re basically the soccer moms of the Greek pantheon 

You know what I find sad? The fact that in all The Lego Batman Movie reviews the critics are still fucking salty over the DCEU, taking cheap pot shots at Zack Synder and complaining about Batman’s character in BVS, even though anybody who knows anything about comics knows that the Batman we got in BVS was the most comic book accurate Batman ever. 

And another thing, there is no “definitive” version of these characters, the reason they lasted for as long as they have is because they change and evolve with the times. George Reeves’ cheesy silver age Superman wouldn’t work in this day and age, same goes for Adam West’s Batman. Those versions of those characters existed in a time when those characters were only seen as children’s characters and nothing more.

But as time when on, those characters evolved with it.

See the reason why a lot of people dislike Batman And Robin is because well, it devolved back to the cheesy 60′s route and at the time most people were familiar with the animated Batman, who was nothing like George Clooney’s Batman. He didn’t run around carrying Bat Credit Cards and saying cheesy shit like “Freeze, you’re mad!” because the character had outgrown the 60′s.

See the thing people need to understand is that, just because you dislike a certain incarnation of Batman, doesn’t mean the previous versions have ceased to exist!

Also (spoilers for The Lego Movie) the reason why the Batman character in the Lego movies is so wacky is because it has been established that this universe was created by a child. So all the weird shit happens because it’s the product of a child’s imagination.

So you honestly can’t compare the two because they’re vastly different incarnations of the character.

But critics still wanna act like spoiled little shits so fuck them.