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Did you ever stop to think that perhaps Voldemort was looking to make another Horcrux? (Which he DID end up doing, but unintentionally.) What better “murder” to use than the kid who was “prophesied” to kill you? THAT’s why he used the killing curse (or tried to) instead of chucking baby Harry out the window.

Here’s the thing about GamerGate it started out as a consumer revolt against corrupt gaming sites and journalists but as the months went on it became something more.

It became a way for people to stand up to bigots in the media, it became this huge culture war because the game journalists would not stop trying to make the whole thing about sexism in gaming and most importantly it became it’s own community. 

What started out as a simple hashtag coined by Adam Baldwin became a community of people who went up against the media narrative and fought back against those that hated them with a passion.  

Before GamerGate I was just another guy on the internet who had no voice and his opinions were ignored by the general public but after GamerGate happened I felt like I was part of something bigger.

I mean I log onto Tumblr and I see people reblogging my posts and having a back and forth discussion! And because of Tim Shafer making an ass of himself with his stupid joke, Doug TenNapel followed me on Twitter! I grew up playing Earthworm Jim as a kid and never in a million years would I have thought Doug TenNapel would follow me on Twitter. 

GamerGate is not perfect it does have it’s fair share of people who I am not found of and I do wish the infighting on Twitter would stop but it keeps moving forward despite all the shit the media throws at it. 

I know some people are disappointed that GamerGate is no longer about ethics in video game journalism but you gotta understand after the shit that went down in DC we’ve gone past this whole thing being about ethics in game journalism. The sites that wanted to update their ethics polices did and the sites that didn’t lost a shit ton of traffic. 

That’s not to say the fight isn’t over because trust me shit’s only getting started. The anti gamers are in full damage control now and their narrative is crumbling slowly everyday.

Point is GamerGate evolved from being a simple consumer revolt into a full blown culture war between people and the mainstream media.

Okay but...

When you think about it, when Kubo finally does seal the deal between Ichigo and Rukia just think about how big it’ll be. Not only is IchiRuki majorly loved in the Eastern fandom, but the Western one as well. Ichigo and Rukia have a relationship that really no other shonen couple can transcend or even compare to, and they’re not even married yet! They’ve got so much development it’s crazy, the connection between them surpasses both space and time, while tying them together by destiny. Ichigo and Rukia will go down as one of the most legendary canon pairings in anime history. And it’s going to be glorious.

Why the world needs a game like Hatred.

Now hear me before you say anything okay?

Hatred might not look like the most appealing game gameplay wise and it might not bring anything new to the table but it’s a game that should exist and we need it now more than ever.

Because if GamerGate has taught us anything in the past nine months it’s that anti gamers hate creative freedom and freedom of expression that’s why whenever they see something like Hatred they quickly spill their spaghetti and cry about it because it’s a game that doesn’t cater to them and their bullshit ideology.  

These people claim to not be like Jack Thompson yet when the first teaser trailer for Hatred came out they quickly ran to their computers and wrote a bunch of hit piece articles calling the game a “murder simulator” yeah I’m sorry but how are you guys not like Jack Thompson again?

Also don’t even get me fucking started on that awful Extra Credits video in which they claim the game promotes sadism and has no real value (dispute the fact that they haven’t even played the fucking game and are just claiming it promotes sadism because they wanna get it banned or censored)

I applaud Destructive Creations for making the game that they wanted to make instead of pandering to a bunch of whiny progressive retards who only like games that pander to them and them alone.

And that’s why the world needs a game like Hatred because it’s living proof that game developers don’t have to cater to moronic anti gamers to get good review scores.

Also big shout out to everyone who got Hatred back on Steam because that showed the anti gamers that they have no say in what games get green lit on Steam and they’re still mad about it to this day! 

Like I said before Hatred might not be a good game gameplay wise but I’m happy that it’s coming out because if nothing else it proves that game journalists and feminists don’t matter and that they shouldn’t be your target audience when making the game you want to make.