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i really enjoyed watching jack play paradigm! so here’s a little tribute to the game~ (paradigm in jack form!) and of course in the style of the sean sensual steen album~ I don’t know whether the portrait or square looked better so I just made them both.

also a random extra poster type of thing selling irish potatoes! I dont know where that idea came up to be honest but i thought it looked neat.

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credit to ea for the mesh and to all the amazing artists for their artworks (Miranda Lorikeet, Ryo Takemasa, Bees Ants, Picomodi, Francisco Valle, Hypathie Aswang, Rui Faria, Brigitte Huynh).


Random posters have been popping up on London bus-stops speaking the truth about our fucked up police forces. Lmao @ the police officer calling it in (3rd picture), the truth hurts!

(The riots mentioned are the London riots of August 2011 which happened after the police shot dead, Mark Duggan, an unarmed black man in Tottenham. The shooting was later ruled to be ‘lawful’ hence how they ‘got away with it’.)

anonymous asked:

HIHIHIHI I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THE NEIGHBOR!WONHO AU can u plsplspls write one for changkyun when u have some free time?? i love you thank you!! 💝💝💝

find wonho (here) , jooheon (here), kihyun (here) & shownu (here)

  • has,,,,,,,,,,a lot of weird stuff in his apartment
  • like there isn’t a coherent thing going on,,,,,,movie posters,,,,,anime posters,,,,,,random photos of him and his friends,,,,,a dart board???? a do-it-yourself science kit??? random candles everywhere???,,,,,,are those his headphones,,,,,,ontop of a teddy bear,,,,,ontop of the tv,,,,,,, that’s not on a stand but balancing on a pile of old phonebooks,,,,,what
  • but like???? aside from the fact that his place looks like the inside of a thrift shop it’s not like ???? weird it fits changkyun’s personality 
  • he always has cool stories behind everything he owns and he’s like “oh yeah i got that stuffed bunny foot from my dad when he was abroad in-” 
  • he’s a very,,,,interesting person
  • plays music and dances with his whole body to it and the neighbors can see through the window and they’re just like,,,,,that one is so full of energy,,,,,,
  • probably hangs upside down off his couch when playing games and eating chips which never ends up good,,,,,,,shownu has told him three hundred times eating upside down is : a bad idea
  • owns a neon orange track suit he wears at home, slides on his floors in his socks, barely cooks his ramen through who knows how he’s lived this long
  • and you know changkyun because,,,,,,you’re both part of a weekly board game club that meets at his place
  • you guys started off playing monoply but it changes every week ,,,,, and it’s not even like a club you’re all just neighbors who like playing games so why not
  • and by you all,,,,it’s you, changkyun, minhyuk, and kihyun
  • and you meet on thursday nights and as you’re waiting with changkyun for the other two changkyun gets a text about minhyuk needing to take kihyun to the ER because of a nose bleed
  • and ur like holy hell??? should we go with him????
  • and changkyun is about to ask when minhyuk sends a texts that’s like “kihyun said don’t come because he’s embarrassed”
  • and you and changkyun are like that’s a bit Dramatic but ok and you’re like “well we can’t play operation with just two people that’d be boring” and changkyun is like true,,,,,,,,,,but i even ordered pizza already ,,,,
  • and you’re like “alright let’s pick something else,,, something for two people,,,,?” and changkyun’s like what about would you rather and you’re like deal 
  • and it’s the usual you know,,,,would you rather eat disgusting thing a or disgusting thing b,,,,,,,would you rather tell kihyun he can’t sing or minhyuk he can’t dance,,,,,,,,,,would you rather get to see ur favorite idol and spend the whole day with them but then never see them again or never get to be alone with your idol but still get to see them
  • you know,,,,,the basics of stuff like that
  • and when the pizza comes you go to open the door but you’re like right changkyun !!!!! do you have the money????
  • and you’re like “one sec!!” and the delivery guy is like “your boyfriend’s paying for tonights pizza date i see?” and you’re like doing a double take because woah what
  • and changkyun comes over, in his freaking neon orange tracksuit, and is like “here you go!” and the delivery guy is like “you two make a cute couple”
  • and you look up at changkyun who looks down at you
  • and the dude hands back your change is like “have a good date!”
  • and is off and you’re standing there about to drop this damn pizza box
  • and changkyun is like uh,,,,,oh,,,,,,i,,,,,,,uh,,,,,,
  • and you guys ends up sitting on his living room, the box separating you two 
  • and it’s just,,,,,,,,,,,Quiet,,,,,,,
  • but in your head it’s 4435234 thoughts racing because ok what do you like changkyun? he’s cool and funny? you both joke around with each other and are sarcastic? he looks pretty freaking adorable even in crazy, bright orange 
  • and changkyun’s thinking the same thing like does he like you? you’re so cute when you laugh? did he just notice that or has he been thinking that for a long time?
  • and finally you swallow and you’re like “changkyun,,,,,would you rather-”
  • and he looks up and you’re like putting a hand on the pizza box and you’re like “would you rather eat this pizza and i get out of here before this gets awkward or ,,,,,,,,,,,, would you rather,,,,,,,,,kiss me?”
  • and he’s like wide eyes, open mouth staring at you and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just pick one alreaDY
  • and he moves the box out of the way, and literally takes you up on the latter with a kiss that seems way  W AAAAA Y overdue
  • and it’s,,,,,somehow,,,,,,,,,,,right like it should be odd, but it’s not,,,,,
  • and you’re kissing him back and it’s,,,nice you  know
  • until he pulls back and is like “this is great, but the pizza is going to get cold-”
  • and you’re like hitting his arm like WOW i love your priorities,,,but also he’s right let’s eat the pizza
  • a couple of days later, as you and changkyun get settled into well,,,,,dating
  • you see a photo minhyuk posted on thursday night on insta and???? he’s not at the ER what the hell???? him and kihyun went to the pc bang???????????
  • minhyuk: yeah, we thought leaving you and changkyun alone would do good. and it did. high five me kihyun
When there’s a Les Mis poster in one of your classrooms

In one of our classrooms, a Les Mis movie poster hangs on the wall. So, when I saw that it was there, I literally freaked out and everyone was looking at me like ‘WHY are you freaking out?!’ and then I said ‘It’s just that guys hair.’ (I couldn’t say Enjolras’ name out loud without freaking out more XD, but it wasn’t even only the hair but it’s not like they care)  but then they were like ‘Yeah, that looks ridiculous.’ SO THEY THOUGHT I WAS INSULTING HIM OR SOMETHING. NO WAY THAT I INSULT THE HAIR.

Okay sorry for this random story but I just wanted to say it :’) 



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- Photobook (92 pages) 15x21cm
- 1 of the 8 Individual Posters (random) 61cmx92cm
- Photocards: 1 of the 8 Photocards

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- 1 of the 8 Individual Posters (random) 61cmx92cm
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- Production notes
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