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honestly one of the best things grad school’s taught me so far is it’s okay to be wrong or admit you don’t know something. i used to be terrified and embarrassed to be wrong or not know the answer to a question. but now my boss says “i don’t know” all the time. i hear other professors go “huh that’s interesting i’ve never thought about that!” during lectures or seminars. i’ve witnessed nationally renowned speakers say “you know what, i have no idea” to hundreds of people in the audience. and when someone’s wrong they just go “i apologize. that’s my mistake” and it’s great. i have so much respect for people who can admit they don’t know or were wrong about something. because honestly any specialty in science is sooo huge and always changing and it’s just impossible to know everything about anything ya know? so not knowing something or admitting you’re wrong is a-ok and i love it. 

Prompto: *shivering* g-guys i’m kinda cold

Ignis, Gladiolus: *simultaneously hand over their coats*

Noctis: hey i’m kinda cold too

Ignis: well noct it’s not my fault you didn’t bring a jacket i told you to but you just never liste-

Gladiolus: BE A MAN.

every type of american cooking show contestant
  • the amateur chef that likes to cook for fun and doesn’t know how they made it that far into the show
  • the struggling chef with a tragic backstory
  • the loud italian that won’t stop making italian food and announcing that they’re italian every chance they get
  • the chef that’s only good at making desserts and panics when it’s an entrée
  • the southern chef that goes on about fried chicken, sweet potatoes, pies, corn, and their family of 40 all the time
  • the care-free charismatic chef that’s just there for the experience and is okay with going home
  • that one chef that always does everything last minute and can’t manage their time even if their life depended on it
  • the chef that’s always safe and never wins anything and then the one time they try and do something different they get eliminated
  • the one stressed-out chef that never knows what the hell they’re doing but manages to succeed and pull-through with their dish every time
  • the overconfident hardcore chef that wants to destroy everybody there and tries to cheat if they get the chance
  • the asian chef that makes delicious dishes and plates them in a gorgeous way every time
  • the edgy chef with tattoos up and down their arms that no one really has a problem with
  • an extremely experienced chef that shouldn’t even be there
  • the chef that won’t stop taking risks and putting twists on all of their dishes
  • the chef that we barely get to know and gets eliminated first and can barely remember that they ever existed by the end of the show
  • the hipster that always talks about their blog/food photography and gives an “urban” and “rustic” look to all of their dishes for aesthetic and sometimes names their dishes too
  • that one chef that’s a klutz, won’t stop messing up almost every single one of their dishes, always forgets ingredients, and completely doesn’t belong there yet somehow made it farther than most people for no reason whatsoever
  • the californian chef that won’t stop making mexican food and seafood
  • the foreign chef that’s just excited to be on the show
  • that one vegan/vegetarian chef that complains a lot
  • the mom that has kids at home and won’t stop mentioning how she’s cooking for them

concept: chief jim hopper anxiously sitting in a school hallway along with other parents waiting to go in and meet one of eleven’s teachers and discuss how she’s doing in school so far and ask questions like if she’s fitting in alright with the other kids and if she’s doing well with her homework and if she likes science class as much as mike, dustin, lucas, and will

alright time to learn

if you guys don’t know who “mad jack” churchill is then you’re really missing out on some pretty wild stuff here and I really wanna share this with you guys ok

let’s start with the fact that everyone was fighting with guns yet mad jack thought that only having a claymore sword, a longbow/barbed arrows, and bagpipes with him everywhere he went while wearing a kilt (despite not being scottish in any way) was a fucking grand idea and managed to make it through WW1 and WW2 alive without a scratch like a G

here’s a picture of him leading his crew with a sword in hand ready 2 fight like a bad ass

  • when he wasn’t fighting in the war he was a professional male model, a newspaper editor, a movie extra, and decided to devote a deep passion to playing bagpipes everywhere
  • he rode his motorcycle all over india and stopped when he crashed into a water buffalo
  • he rode a motorcycle while at war like it was no big deal or w/e
  • he gave 0 fucks
  • nothing got in the way of him and his bagpipes which he was constantly playing even during battle because mad jack’s pipes stop for no one
  • he lost his sword during a hand-to-hand fight and walked all the way back to that specific town to find it but ended up just getting pissed at a group of confused americans instead
  • he inadvertently saved a german commander’s life by inviting him to dinner with his wife after being released from capture like ??? 
  • the germans thought he was related to winston churchill so they put him in a VIP camp full of VIP people guarded by SS troops dear lord how is this guy still alive
  • and finally after the wars he retired to australia where he found a passion for surfing and scaring the shit out of australians every day just for a laugh because why the hell not

to conclude this long post this guy deserves his own movie by now so @ hollywood get on it