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i get that they wanted to make the belle dress simple to allow more movement and how emma wanted it to be more modern without too many hoops, a corset, etc. but honestly if i were cast to play a character with an iconic dress from a beautiful historical time period i would be geeking out too much to even care about movement or freedom or any of that i’d have such mad respect for the costume designer and i’d be excited to be suffering in corsets and hoops lmao like how many people get to have fun and get paid to wear amazingly designed baroque ballgowns? not me that’s for sure but i’d do it in a heartbeat

i am so. exhausted! a full day of back to back experiments and a;lksdjalsdjf. idk how people continue to function. like going to gym and taking care of family, etc. you’re all the real mvp’s bc man i’m beat. i’m gonna just… go become a puddle and vegetate. 

Prompto: *shivering* g-guys i’m kinda cold

Ignis, Gladiolus: *simultaneously hand over their coats*

Noctis: hey i’m kinda cold too

Ignis: well noct it’s not my fault you didn’t bring a jacket i told you to but you just never listen-

Gladiolus: BE A MAN.

concept: chief jim hopper anxiously sitting in a school hallway along with other parents waiting to go in and meet one of eleven’s teachers and discuss how she’s doing in school so far and ask questions like if she’s fitting in alright with the other kids and if she’s doing well with her homework and if she likes science class as much as mike, dustin, lucas, and will

Me: Aww, Jimin is so short. Small, fluffy, tiny baby that needs to be protected at all costs. So, so cute. I will fight anyone who hurts Jimin

Jimin: *is normal height for a man and could probably beat someone up if he wanted*

Me: *has trouble walking up the stairs without dying,looks 8 and is 0% intimidating with hight of 5'0* JIMIN PROTECTION SQUAD