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여러분, looks can be deceiving. 

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last night as I was getting ready for bed, I was hit with the most awesome epic crossover idea:

What if: Veronica Mars, Agent of SHIELD.

What if the reason she comes back to Neptune is not law school/Piz/whatever in the movie, but that SHIELD is exposed as HYDRA? And Veronica is furious and betrayed! For once she thought she was serving something that, while not an unalloyed good, was more good than bad, but no, once again, she discovers that the powerful are always looking for ways to grind the powerless down under their heels.

So she goes back to Neptune and puts all those SHIELD-trained fighting skills and Neptune-honed investigative skills towards being a PI, but also on the side with sifting through the leaked SHIELD files and tracking down HYDRA.

And what if the rumor of a tiny blonde ball of righteous fury reaches the Winter Soldier, who is absolutely confused and bewildered when he meets Veronica because 1. not his tiny blond ball of fury (whom he now remembers is a large blond ball of righteous fury), and 2. what the fuck, how is this sleepy beach town a HYDRA cell?

And then three, just for shits and giggles, what if 3. Keith Mars comes home and discovers that American icon Bucky Barnes is 1a. the Winter Soldier, and 2a. sitting in his kitchen plotting glorious revenge with his daughter?

What then, I ask you? WHAT THEN?

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Exo Scenario: Secret Photos with Sehun ~

Because you really need it, and you know who you are <3 I really hope things get better for you sweetheart and know that I am always here for you when things get tough. Always here, and will always try to be in the future. No matter what.

That goes for the rest of you, too. If you’re ever having a hard time, my inbox and IMs are always open. Whether it’s just you need someone to talk to or you need advice on something (though I warn you now, my advice is either okay or really horrible). I’m always here to talk to you guys, and it means the world to me that you read my scenarios. Thank you all for being here and I promise I’ll be here for you all, as well <3

You chuckled low to yourself as you slipped out of bed, finding your phone and trying to get the right lighting as you snapped picture after picture of Sehun sleeping. He never caught you taking pictures of him, and that seemed to make it even more fun, though he knew that you took them in general. All of these random pictures saved in your albums, organized by dates and what kind of position he was in. 

You had a whole album dedicated to pictures of him sleeping.

And it wasn’t creepy, not when you knew that he did it to you, too. It become sort of like a game at the end of the day, to see which one had taken the most pictures of the other without them noticing. You had giggled seeing all the strange pictures he had managed to get of you. Whether it was when you were brushing your hair, putting makeup on, or just eating. And they weren’t bad pictures either.

Sehun didn’t ever seem to take a bad picture of you.

There were also those pictures that he shared on social media, with these insanely cute captions that told you how much he absolutely adored you. It was more than just the captions that told you that, though. Whenever you looked through his phone there were little hints and reminders. The fact that both of his screen savers were of you told you that clearly enough, but then there were also the messenger app backgrounds that he had changed, as well as his icons on every social media - whether they were just of you now, or of the two of you together.

When Sehun woke up, you leaned in to kiss his nose and your smile spread wide against your lips as he hummed, still a bit exhausted, rubbing at his eyes and trying to focus on what was in front of him.

“Did you take more pictures of me?” he asked, still half asleep. This had you laughing.

“When don’t I?” you replied.

And that had him laughing despite the grogginess in his voice. He cuddled up close to your side, letting his eyes close again and then, just as you reached for you phone, he whispered, “Take a picture of me.”

You shook your head, “It doesn’t count if you tell me to do it.” you half-scolded him, shoving him a little, but not too hard. You laughed and shook your head at his silly request, but still took a picture of him as he fell back into your lap. Your hands and fingers wove through his hair and you leaned down closer to him, once you finished taking the pictures, to kiss his forehead, moving his hair out of the way. You saw his lips turn up ever so slightly at the sensation of your lips on his skin.

“I really love you, baby.” he murmured, his words slow yet meaningful. He always whispered the words to you, and you felt warm and safe when he said them. He said them just for you - not anyone else - and just for you to hear, as if it were some sort of secret. 

And yet, he let everyone know by the cute actions he did for you, posting the pictures of you and adding sweet captions that said things like “my entire world in one picture” or “how does life get better when you already have everything?” 

You brushed his hair away from his face and he sighed into your touch, eyes still shut as he seemed to almost purr in your lap, steadily going back to sleep with your soft, warm touches. It was always like this in the mornings, with you having to wake him up several times before he actually got up for the day. You supposed you were half to blame for that, as your soothing touch only made him get comfortable and fall back asleep.

Either way, you smiled lightly at the echo of his words, sounding through your mind.

You loved him, too, but just as he said the words for only you to hear, you did something else. Leaning down and kissing his eyelids, his cheeks, his nose, and then finally his lips, your hair falling down like a curtain to cover the two of you, you whispered the words back.

“I love you, too, my love.”