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I’ve had a great week at work, but I still can’t shake the blues. So it was a treat to remember I’d been tagged by @rayonthego. I’ve done something like this recently, but I think some of the questions are different.

Name: Rebecca
Nickname: Beka. Never, never, never Becky.
Gender: Yes
Star Sign: Libra
Height: 5′ 6″
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Hogwarts: Gryffindor
Favorite Color: Greens and blues
Favorite Animal: Tree Frog
Average Hours of Sleep: Never enough
Time Right Now: 9:25 A.M.
Cat or Dog Person: Both

A Favorite Fictional Character: I could never choose a favorite, but the two that spring to mind first are Hermione Granger and Marion Stone (half of a pair of formerly conjoined twins in Cutting for Stone).
Number of Blankets: One
Favorite Singer/Band: Again, impossible. But when I look at my music, I apparently have almost every song The Kinks ever put out.
Dream Trip: A long tour of Italy. Florence is my favorite of any city I’ve ever visited.
Dream Job: Working at a charitable foundation.
When Was This Blog Created: 2009, but I only reblogged for the first couple of years.
Current Number of Followers: More than I deserve.
When Did Your Account Peak: I would probably gauge the success of my blog by how therapeutic it was for me. So on a purely personal level, I think 2013 to 2014 was when I really exorcised a lot of demons.
What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: All the pretty pictures.
Why Did You Pick Your URL: My name is Beka, and it was available.
Last Thing I Googled: succubus and incubus

Fictional Character You’d Like as a Sibling: Christopher Robin
How Many Blogs I Follow: Way too many. I feel guilty, because I can’t keep up with all of you. But I can’t quit you.
What Do I Post About: My daily life, my face, phone pictures, and random thoughts.
Do You Get Asks On a Regular Basis: Yes. I have been so supported here, that it’s ridiculous. It feels unmerited, but I appreciate the kind words from my friends here more than you know.
Aesthetic: Pre-hoarder

Thank you, Ray!!

I will tag @lipstickspice, @drethecajun, @officeslave6, @jeffwcpa, and @mindfullofnothingness .

i swear to god these tumblr ads just look more and more like a shitpost every single day


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Sorry this took forever to do, but my phone just has SO MANY PICTURES I had to plug it to my pc so I could sort through them for a meager 9 that represent me because damn the img ammount limit (sorry I’m this kind of person)

I have… no one to tag? @dibtm? @wanderingsofalice? Whoever wants to do it, it’s really fun!


Sorry for the lack of activity around here but I’ve been so caught up with work that I haven’t had the to do anything else… I’m also working out : D I wanna get beefy

I’ve been learning how to sculp fondant and here are some WIP Mario and Luigi that I made a week ago and I forgot to take a pic of the final product

I’ve been making fun things and I have a cool teacher and I feel like I can use all this knowledge to improve my drawing skills as well 

I’m sort of more active on Twitter  If you guys care about silly comments or random pictures of my every daily life

Anyway Thankyou for keeping up with me and I promise I will make more cool stuff soon


I found this hat in a donation bin a while ago, of course its been stolen by now but fuck everything else I own is gone too. The cops took mine and my babies tent today along with all of our belongings. I’d say I’m most pissed about all the dope back packs and bags I had and the antiques I had collected (over $1000 worth). But that’s life on the streets can’t love materials, can’t love the bums around you, can’t love yourself, and that’s why it’s all about how to get your next shot(or sac)… Anyways, I decided I’m gonna post pictures and random updates about my life throughout the day because fuck I have no pictures of myself from the past few years since I’ve been a homeless junkie and I have to accomplishments or really anything at all to show for my time so I may as well write shit about my tine down so I know it actually happened.


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There probably should be more yoi on here but like I have 2 many random pictures on my phone I want to share because that’s my life. Just a stock picture of a many throwing up words onto a computer. A cat that’s not mine but I want to steal from my friend even tho it isn’t even her’s. True crime shit because that my life.

The mood board is from @lgbt-moodboard so y'all should give them a follow and some reblogs.

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anonymous asked:

How come you never post body pics

because the size my smile is more important than the size of my thighs