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It ended up being a really beautiful day! I actually took this picture to show how crazy my hair looked after I took it down from having it in a bun for dance…but in the picture it doesn’t look so bad. 🤷‍♀️

Dance was fun–I’m not used to such a small class; there was nowhere to hide! (I’m definitely a back-of-the-class girl.) But, the teacher gave me a really nice compliment about my posture and “lines” while dancing. 😁And, before class my friend and I had absolutely delicious sushi and discussed All the Ugly and Wonderful Things in our own mini book club. I didn’t know that today would be her first sushi in America (since moving here from South Africa several months ago), so I’m glad I picked a good place!

I backed out of happy hour–I still had laundry and grocery shopping to do and I am socialed out. We’re going on Wednesday instead. I’m currently trying to read more of Dark Money. It is interesting…but it’s like a very depressing dystopian novel (only it’s non-fiction) in which all the characters are dreadfully unlikeable. 😳😐😞 I’m only 100 pages in. I think I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing and reading a chapter before or after I read my other books.

1-A Dorm Headcanons
  • Midoriya has an All Might alarm clock that says something along the lines of “Wake up! Why…because I am here!” and he accidentally set it really loud so it wakes everyone up on the first morning.
  • The next day they have a special early hero lesson and of course All Might bursts in with the same line only to be met with everyone yelling at Midoriya and going back to sleep.
  • Shouji cooking massive breakfasts every weekend in about 15 minutes because he can do 8 different things at once
  • “Yaoyorozu I forgot to pack this can you make one?”
  • There are not enough plug sockets in the lounge area so Kaminari gets plugged in and has to sit in the middle with chargers in his mouth.
  • Sometimes people shove extra chargers and wires in his mouth just to shut him up.
  • Tokoyami and Jirou blasting screamo/heavy metal at 3am
  • At least one or two people fall asleep on the sofas everyday and it’s an unwritten rule that you tuck them in and don’t disturb them.
  • One morning everyone finds Kirishima and Bakugou snuggled up together, fast asleep and everyone takes pictures. The dorm nearly gets destroyed after Kaminari’s snickering wakes Bakugou up.
  • Hagakure gets dared to hide in the suit of armour in Aoyama’s room and move around a lot.
  • Items get stolen from everyone’s rooms and hidden in Bakugou’s although nobody tells him. Take them back if you dare.
  • Todoroki falls asleep literally everywhere but still gets blankets and cushions thrown over him even if he’s somehow standing up
  • They take lots of cute candid photos and hang them on the walls and put them on their individual fridges. However this also results in a lot of terrible photos
  • This turns into a game where pictures of Kaminari’s ‘stupid face’ are hidden in random places all over the school.
  • Compulsory friday night get together and sleepover in the living room and I mean compulsory. But everyone loves it even Bakugou…secretly though of course.
Kevin Khatchadourian x Reader


Kevin Khatchadourian was… something else. 

Maybe it was the way he looked at you messed with your mind. His dark brown eyes would always find yours; every time, causing a shiver down your spine. He would smirk and continue looking at you until you were forced to look away. The way he looked at you made you both uncomfortable and slightly aroused. He made you feel like prey; something be hunted. A prize. 

At school, he kept to himself. No friends; from what you could tell, no one wanted to be his friend. He was weird. A freak. But to you, he was mysterious and attractive, and maybe borderline sexy. You could tell he loved science; primarily pushing his focus onto human anatomy and blood, which was both terrifying and interesting to say the least. 

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anonymous asked:

It seemed popular with kd blogs. So. What are your top 13 kd moments..i cant be satisfied with only 5 :( That was why i asked 13 because 13 is kd number for me. Can you also explain why did you choose those? I know its hard since youve been

2. Following them since 2012.

Hey anon,

Wow 13 is a lot :o But since I haven’t done KD spam for quite a while, this is the right moment to do one! And it’s indeed hard to choose only 13 out of so many precious KD’s moments u.u

So, let’s begin!

[[Do keep in mind that body languages can convey more than one meaning. However, to interpret a person behaviour depends on the situation. I don’t claim all of my analysis as facts. It’s an analysis from one pov - my pov.  If you have something to say or a different opinion than mine, please be constructive. I can’t help you unless you help yourself first :)]]

1. I found this very interesting because JI was staring at KS when KS wasn’t even talking. This leads to my conclusion that this was an act from JI’s subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind mostly consists of implicit memory - things you do spontaneously or automatically. The act of staring at KS already registered into JI’s mind that it becomes a habit for him OR KS became his subject of interest that his eyes tend to gravitate towards him. A guy tends to maintain his eye contact at the person they attracted to.

KS’s reaction was even more interesting. He was blinking his eyes twice consecutively. Then, he swallowed followed by his eyes moving downwards. Rapid eyes blinking is a sign of nervous or under pressure while gulping is a sign of stress or embarrassment. The movement of his eyes downwards in this situation could be a sign of submission.

Please don’t get be wrong. I don’t mean being submissive in that way. JI’s gaze was dominant which got KS nervous and embarrassed. It’s a natural reaction or stimuli when you got flustered. Your first response is lowered your gaze because you’re at your vulnerable state. It’s like telling the other person ‘please stop looking at me because I can’t look back at you’.

If you noticed, JI also blinked his eyes after KS did. He was mirroring KS. It also happened unconsciously. Mirroring could mean similarity or likeness.

So many things happened in just one gif…. or am I just looking things into deep? But that’s the thing about humans. They think they can hide with their words but their movements betrayed them. I believe that the more person moves, the more their body tell us. The more it appears implicit, the more truth in it.

2. This is a part of the gif set where JI tried to get KS’s attention but he got ignored. I like this moment because JI used his upper body to express his displeasures. He moved his body away from facing KS, turning his head around, patting his hand on his chest to calm himself down (internal emotions debate) and his mouth was moving that doesn’t form any words. The movement of mouth could indicate that he was thinking to say something. The words were already in his mind but he wasn’t planning to say it out loud. However, his mouth moved along with his thoughts.

This moment is cute because angry JI is cute. Lol.

3. The first time I saw this gif set was only the 2nd and the 3rd one. Then, I watched the video. I was shocked when JI called KS in that manner when KS was obviously older than him. JI was showing his dominance when his body leaned to the back, creating a space in front of him; meaning he’s not afraid if you’re near him. The slight nod of his head also a sign of power/dominance in that situation.

Don’t get me wrong what I meant by dominance in this context. You have to understand that dominance doesn’t imply one is more dominant than the other. It’s more like showing during this situation, I’m more confident than you are.

Then, the neck grabbing. According to study, besides the private region for an obvious reason, nape of the neck is the 3rd intimate/sensitive part to touch for men. The neck itself is a sensitive area for all humans.

Both of them extended their hands to reach out for the other person - JI for KS’s neck and KS for JI’s waist. This an act of welcoming the person, offering or seeking affection. It’s like the opposite of crossing your arms.

This moment really warms my heart. It shows that despite the fact that they are not the same age, they actually treat each other like they are the same age when SK really emphasize to treat the older appropriately.

4. According to expertise, head is a very personal area that only reserved for close relatives and intimate partners to touch. Head touching is a sign that you trust the other person and you shared a strong bond with them. It can be between friends too!

It’s like when your father, mother or friend patted your head. Usually, you don’t do it to people that are older than you. You don’t do it to your father or mother out of respect. I mean like, I don’t do it to them but I like it when my mom caressed my head. It also happens between athletes. When they scored, they touched each other head. But that’s in a different environment because it becomes a habit and a normal practice for them.

However, I find JI touching KS’s head very special because I repeat, KS is older than JI. They must share a very deep bond for KS to allow JI to touch his head.

5. I love the smile on KS’s face and the way they don’t look at each other when their hands touched. IMO, KS seems like he was trying to hide his smile when he pressed his lips together. His face muscles reacted unconsciously to smile but then he tried to hide it which resulted in a stiff looking expression - not natural.

But KD has always been subtlely obvious anyway. lol.

6. The famous jagi moment. Never forget guys!!

7. A person might see this picture and go aww. But whenever I see this picture I’ll be like they’re in love. This picture speaks louder than those KD shippers’ haters. Sorry, not sorry.

Anyway, last year, I read articles about how a picture can define a couple/two people relationship. It states that when two people body curves toward each other, forming a circle or even love, it shows that their relationship is good and intimate. When I saw that picture, it reminded me of the articles I read.

It’s like when you were taking a family picture and your parents just gravitated their upper body inwards to face each other. Even in a random picture of your friends and his/her partner, you can see how their bodies just move inwards - the gravitation is strong. You can never deny the pull of your body. Your body knows you more than you think you know yourself.

I find this picture very intimate. I believe if we look at the moment from the front, their heads probably formed a heart <3

8. I find this moment very intimate. JI’s nose touching KS’s ear is one thing but look at how their bodies moved inwards/towards each other. At the 2nd and last gif, even tho JI already leaned in so close, KS still turned his body around to get closer, it’s like close is not close enough to him.

In the 2nd gif as well, both of their hands moved towards each other and touched. Their hands actually remained in that position instead of pulling away.

The fact they kept on moving from just staying in one position really amplifies the pull of their body towards each other. It’s like you’re sitting next to your partner. It’s close but to you it’s not close enough.

9. I think in this moment, it was very unnecessary for KS to hold JI’s hand like that. You can see KS actually jerked JI’s hands towards his direction from the way he pulled his elbow and the slight halt of JI’s body before he turned around to face KS.

It’s like ‘babe you’re not going anywhere without me’. haha.

10. This random touches never fail to warm my heart.  It could be accidental or otherwise. But the way JI slides his arm downwards is a sign of intimacy because it lingers more than necessary. Intimacy can define between family, friends or partner.

However, look at the way KS moved his eyes. I remember reading a text about eyes movement. It states that when your eyes move from one side to the other side once, it means you’re being aware of the surrounding. You wanted to appear subtle and not suspicious. The verbal meaning is ‘I hope no one saw that’.

Anyway, as I was saying, KS’s eyes moved from one side to the other side right after JI touched his shoulder. You can see how his eyes paused at a certain point before he moved to the other point. He subconsciously observing the surrounding.

We also have caught KS looking around a few times when JI initiated skinship. Why are you being so suspicious KS? Is there something you’re hiding from us? ehem.

11. The famous pepero CF. I love this moment too. The part where JI doesn’t mind when his fingers touched KS’s lips. He even pressed it close to KS’s lips and look at the way JI smiled and munched. He might be eating pepero too but he only moved his lips after KS moved his lips too. Another gesture of mirroring.

12. The loving stares JI sent to KS. His eyes just screamed love. The way he tilted his head while watching KS talking. When a person exposed their neck it means they are not threatened by the other person or feels comfortable. It’s the opposite of touching/covering your neck which is a sign of nervous or timid. The area of the neck is very sensitive. During that moment, JI seems to be very comfortable and relax. It means that KS makes him feel comfortable.

The way KS turned his head and looked at JI while laughing then JI laughed too is so endearing to watch. KS gravitated towards JI, turning his head while laughing because he was seeking for that similarity/like-ness. ‘Do you find this funny too?’. JI mirrored KS again, laughing. If you pay attention to the 5th gif, after KS turned his head towards JI then faced the front again, he stopped laughing. Then, he laughed again after JI laughed.

JI also slide his hand across KS’s back (unnecessary touches) and caressing it. I really like this moment a lot. JI barely do anything but his eyes spoke volume.

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Jul 7, 2016 at 2:15am PDT

13. Who doesn’t love this moment? How they can just relate to each other with just one gesture and it straight away reminded KS of the subject JI talked about. The way they laughed together like a domino effect. It was said that a couple that laughed together a lot has a higher quality relationship. Laughing together shows that you share a strong or deep bond with someone. It can be between family and friends too.

Look at how in sync their body were. Laughing –> body fell forward –> looking at each other –> reaching their hands –> sat straight. It was like JI was mirroring KS.

And La_y’s reaction is fun to watch as well. I never see him so obvious like this before. He always had that neutral face (no changes. just one expression throughout one moment). La_y touched his chin. Touching/stroking your chin is a sign that someone is thinking hard OR judging/evaluating something. He also moved his head to face KS then JI before he touched his chin. It indicates he was actually thinking/judging them.

Then, his head and body were more dominant on his right side. He moved his head from right, downwards to the right. The right side is the constructive side. It’s a sign that he was having internal thoughts/emotions. Like he was thinking of something.

I just love how genuine this moment was.

Well that’s my top 13 I guess.

Anyway, KD is real ;)

Keep calm and support KD. Take care anon!

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Mavis from Hotel Transylvania! :D I do think that her original face really fits her (one of those times when a baby-face on an adult works IMO), but it will most likely look really out of place in the second movie when she is older and a mother (as far as I know they have not changed her design at all). :o 

PS: Changed the tilt of her head in my edit.

More animated ladies with “realistic” proportions (because why not):

Elsa (GIF)ElsaAnnaRapunzelMother GothelHoney LemonAunt CassColetteMeridaRoxanneSusanLinda

OBS: These edits were created simply to give me a chance to practice my manipulation/anatomy skills. Nothing more, nothing less. They are NOT meant to be “better than the original” or “what it should have looked like”, or serve as a general negative critique on the respective movies’ animation styles.

I’ve had a great week at work, but I still can’t shake the blues. So it was a treat to remember I’d been tagged by @rayonthego. I’ve done something like this recently, but I think some of the questions are different.

Name: Rebecca
Nickname: Beka. Never, never, never Becky.
Gender: Yes
Star Sign: Libra
Height: 5′ 6″
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Hogwarts: Gryffindor
Favorite Color: Greens and blues
Favorite Animal: Tree Frog
Average Hours of Sleep: Never enough
Time Right Now: 9:25 A.M.
Cat or Dog Person: Both

A Favorite Fictional Character: I could never choose a favorite, but the two that spring to mind first are Hermione Granger and Marion Stone (half of a pair of formerly conjoined twins in Cutting for Stone).
Number of Blankets: One
Favorite Singer/Band: Again, impossible. But when I look at my music, I apparently have almost every song The Kinks ever put out.
Dream Trip: A long tour of Italy. Florence is my favorite of any city I’ve ever visited.
Dream Job: Working at a charitable foundation.
When Was This Blog Created: 2009, but I only reblogged for the first couple of years.
Current Number of Followers: More than I deserve.
When Did Your Account Peak: I would probably gauge the success of my blog by how therapeutic it was for me. So on a purely personal level, I think 2013 to 2014 was when I really exorcised a lot of demons.
What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: All the pretty pictures.
Why Did You Pick Your URL: My name is Beka, and it was available.
Last Thing I Googled: succubus and incubus

Fictional Character You’d Like as a Sibling: Christopher Robin
How Many Blogs I Follow: Way too many. I feel guilty, because I can’t keep up with all of you. But I can’t quit you.
What Do I Post About: My daily life, my face, phone pictures, and random thoughts.
Do You Get Asks On a Regular Basis: Yes. I have been so supported here, that it’s ridiculous. It feels unmerited, but I appreciate the kind words from my friends here more than you know.
Aesthetic: Pre-hoarder

Thank you, Ray!!

I will tag @lipstickspice, @drethecajun, @officeslave6, @jeffwcpa, and @mindfullofnothingness .

Unspoken Rule

The unspoken rule between the boys was that when one of them was dating someone, they were to be teased.

Whether it be about them leaving early, talking about them, finding a random picture on their phone, or getting that little lovey smile on their face, the others had to tease.

So when Joe and Jack announced to their group that they were dating, each other at that, the boys made no exception.

If anything, it got worse, because they could tease both of them, and at the same time.

Which was why when they were all gathered around Joe’s one night, the teasing was in full force.

“Hey babe,” Jack tilts his head back to look at Joe over the edge of the couch as the older man walks to the fridge, “Can you grab me a drink too?”

The pet name slipped out, even though the couple had been trying to be more careful around the others, not wanting to fuel the fire.

“Yeah babe,” Josh snickers, “Can you get me something too?”

“Don’t forget me, babe!” Conor waves over at Joe.

“You guys are really mature,” The older man snorts, grabbing a few drinks for everyone, tossing Conor and Josh’s over with a little more force than necessary before taking his seat by Jack once again.

“And you two are adorable.” Caspar points over at them as Jack wraps his arm around Joe.

“Jealous that I have someone to cuddle with, Casp?” Joe asks his former roommate, settling against Jack.

“I have someone!”

“Maddie isn’t here mate, you can’t use her.” Oli tells him, shaking his head.

“Then I guess I’ll just have to cuddle you,” Caspar replies, leaning against Oli, “Hold me like Jack holds Joe!”

“Piss off!” Jack throws a pillow over at the two laughing boys.

“Just ignore them,” Joe tells his boyfriend, “They’re jealous.”

“No, they’re just assholes.”

“Well, yes, but that’s besides the point.”

“Its entirely the point.”

“I thought the point was them teasing us.”

“And we’re still here,” Josh interrupts, “Or have you two already forgotten about us?”

“Probably too lost in their own little world,” Conor comments, “Where only they exist.”

“Will you just pick your players?” Jack rolls his eyes, gesturing towards the paused game of Fifa.

“Not all of us have a boyfriend to pick them for us, sorry.” Conor grins, picking up the forgotten controller.

“I didn’t pick them!” Joe sits up, “I just recommended ones!”

“Again, adorable. First it’s picking players for a simple game of Fifa, and before you know it, they’ll be picking out which china to have in their house.” Oli wipes away an imaginary tear, “They grow up so fast.”

“I hate you all so much.” Joe groans, flopping back against Jack, burying his face into the younger mans shoulder.

“I thought we were ignoring them?” Jack asks, his fingers automatically moving to brush through Joe’s hair.

“Yeah, babe,” Josh snickers again, “Thought you were ignoring us.”

“I’ll kick you out!” Joe’s words are muffled against Jack’s hoodie, and it only causes the rest of the boys to burst out in laughter.

“No you won’t,” Caspar grins, “You love us being here.”

“I’m sure he’d love being alone with Jack more, though.” Oli nods towards the couple, who are still pressed tightly together.

“And that means I am definitely not leaving,” Conor wrinkles his nose, “Because then I don’t have to think about that.”

“Until they start making out.” Josh points over at the couple, the boys noticing that Joe has lifted his head, talking quietly with Jack, who’s laughing softly at whatever was said, their faces close together.

“Oi! No making out!” Conor grabs the pillow that was thrown at Caspar earlier, tossing it at his younger brother, “Making out comes after Fifa!”

“Way to ruin a mood,” Jack groans as Joe throws the pillow right back.

“You and babe can rekindle your mood later,” Caspar grabs the pillow from Conor, wrapping his arms around it, “No making out.”

“No teasing then.” Joe shoots back.

“No promises.” Josh replies, grinning widely, “Babe.”

“You are all banned from ever coming over again!” Joe groans as Conor starts up the game.

The night is still young, and there’s plenty more teasing to come, no doubt about that.


“ 👀👀 ”

Just got on and took some random pictures for y’all right quick, just to show some face before I tell y’all some news i been planning on telling…. Reasons of why I been so happy. Today I just did a random day of shopping and found some cute ass outfits for the week. (not the news just thought y’all should know. My wardrobe finna get like @helloitskeetz). I’m gonna just say, Watch my pics for the news 😊 Hey Babies!!!