random pic on my phone

Kim Rhodes & Brianna Buckmaster - Karaoke Night


PittCon2016, Karaoke night. Brianna was having a wardrobe issue and Kim was trying to help her fix it, it ended up with them almost falling over laughing.  My sister happened to be snapping random phone pics and this little gem came up and they looked so happy I just had to draw it.  

It took forever and several restarts (I stopped counting after 6), the original photo is so tiny I had to blow it up then it was pixelated….So honestly half of this detail is made up.

I hate my scanner with a firey passion becasue I put so much time into the embroidery of Bri’s corset (I found a detailed pic on her twitter) and you cant see any of it after it’s scanned.

Anyway, this is the 2nd new piece that I finished during this weeks @weekendartmarathon studio sessions. It’s going to SPN PittCon 2017 with me tomorrow for autographs.

It’s been 1000 years and mobile finally let’s u add pics to text posts on mobile

Have a random low res pic of Budo that I have in my phone for some reason


     I was tagged by @ingirll to post randoms from my phone. Here’s 10 pics all made with an iPhone 6s:

     1. Cornered. Hammond, IN 2. Head Scratcher. Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, IL. 3. Pops (Diner Series). Highland, IN 4. Selfie. Anyone who says they don’t have any phone selfies is a god damned liar! 5. Abandoned Sears Auto. Calumet City, IL 6. Bussing. Highland, IN 7. Popcorn and Consolation. Schererville, IN 8. Outside View (Pop’s House). East Chicago, IN 9. Jacob as Goalie. Crown Point, IN 10. Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Highland, IN